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  1. GrumpyRabbit

    Liz Truss

    Maybe the Democrats hired her, bearing in mind her track record meeting elderly heads of state…
  2. GrumpyRabbit

    Michael Mosley

    Which is sensible practice regardless of your age.
  3. GrumpyRabbit

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Stick with it - it gets interesting from episode 3 onwards.
  4. GrumpyRabbit

    Plants: The Other Life Form

    Two men charged over felling of the Sycamore Gap tree: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-68931202
  5. GrumpyRabbit

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Available from 1st May. Shame he didn’t get to see it broadcast.
  6. GrumpyRabbit

    James Hong

    The real secret ingredient in the noodle soup?
  7. GrumpyRabbit

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    Definitely - he was a star of the BAFTA-winning Colditz series, made when the BBC used to produce decent stuff.
  8. GrumpyRabbit

    Was this an actual thing circa 2010

    As John Bishop once said, they’re showing remarkable faith in their mother’s laundry abilities.
  9. GrumpyRabbit

    British Character Actors

    Melvyn Hayes is on the BBC’s Christmas edition of Would I Lie to You?. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/bbc-christmas-whats-on-tv-iplayer-2023/. Another chance to see how he’s holding up.
  10. GrumpyRabbit


    10 out of 12 British trains running on time is scarily unsettling though…
  11. GrumpyRabbit

    Peter Sutcliffe

    I watched the first episode last night and thought it looked very promising. The book it’s based on is very good too “Wicked Beyond Belief”. Looking forward to the rest of it.
  12. GrumpyRabbit

    Indiana Jones

    Pat Roach (1937-2004) Mechanic Indy fights under the plane (ROTLA), chief Thuggee guard (TOD), Gestapo officer (TLC)
  13. GrumpyRabbit

    35. Esther Rantzen

    Just to be clear, she hasn’t got mesothelioma she has lung cancer. Mesothelioma is in the lining around organs, particularly the lungs, and its only known cause is asbestos exposure. Lung cancer can be caused by a number of things including just bad luck. Mesothelioma is very aggressive and expected lifespan after onset of symptoms is usually about a year. My uncle died of it this week, about 10 months after being diagnosed, and I’ve learnt more about it in that time than I ever want to.
  14. GrumpyRabbit

    45. Buzz Aldrin

    Omega pay him to promote their watches - didn’t think it was on a per watch basis though…
  15. GrumpyRabbit

    35. Esther Rantzen

    It’s mainly extracts from her “My A-Z of Surviving Almost Anything” book, and how she was diagnosed. It does say it’s stage 4, not smoking-related lung cancer of a type that usually affects young Asian women. It can be treated and held back, but not cured.

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