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  1. The Doctor

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    No Vialli and no Napolitano... So sad about it.
  2. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Like I have already said, oldest living created cardinal, the last one created by Paul VI back in 1977.
  3. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Another hit form me... Another empty space for 2023!!!
  4. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I think he will have a funeral like a Pope one, and Pope Francis will hold the ceremony.
  5. The Doctor


    So sad to hear about him passing away... But so happy to have a new free spot for my 2023 list...
  6. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I can confirm it. ANSA and Corriere della Sera are focusing on other news.
  7. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I am sure that he has the best doctors 24/7 and all the equipment necessary to keep him alive...
  8. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Yes... I think the DL Commitee can be sure tu put him on the 2023 list.
  9. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is in serious but stable health conditions. "His situation hasn't changed compared to yesterday", sources in contact with the former Mater Ecclesiae monastery tell ANSA. The Pontiff emeritus spent the night continuously under the supervision of doctors and monitoring will continue in the next few hours. https://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/topnews/2022/12/29/condizioni-ratzinger-gravi-ma-stabili_8bb4cf16-d78f-4228-a78f-6d1e6cbebc64.html
  10. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    ANSA: Benedetto XVI's conditions are serious but stable. As soon I will have a link, I will post it.
  11. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Just an info: Benedict XVI is the last surviving individual to have been created a cardinal by Pope Paul VI back in 1977. The next after him are: Thai Michael Michai Kitbunchu; Angolan Alexandre do Nascimento (the oldest living cardinal); New Zelander Thomas Williams all created cardinal the 2nd of February 1983 by John Paul II.
  12. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I think so. He still holds a title as 'emeritus pope' so he is still a pope.
  13. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Absolutely no.
  14. The Doctor

    Alberto Fujimori

    But he is a former president more popular than Daniel arap Moi (another former president) who appeared on the 2019 DL.
  15. The Doctor

    Pope Benedict XVI

    https://video.corriere.it/cronaca/papa-francesco-pregate-benedetto-xvi-che-molto-ammalato/200907d8-869a-11ed-95ee-af8dc55ce986 Francis's speech about Benny XVI.

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