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  1. HereIAm

    June Brown

    People who still think the importance of Ken Barlow in Corrie is as a character rather than as part of the furniture fail to see the point of his charachter. I'd honestly be surprised if the show lasts a year or two once he's gone, it'll be like closing the Rovers. (something that should probably explored for modernisation purposes but still...)
  2. HereIAm

    The 2022 Crowdsourced Deathlist

    50 from me and 50 from TQR!!! I'm disappointed in the rest of you - all it would have took is another 6 of you in on the joke Maybe we'll get there by the times he's a credible pick....
  3. HereIAm

    How many hits this year? (2022 Edition)

    8 - some absolutely shocking ommissions that will haunt the committee?
  4. HereIAm

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Brave of the committee to drop the Pope, in compiling the alt Deathlist we literally circled out a handful of too big to drop names thing the committee must have them too The Pope was one of them, (along with the Queen, Akihitio, Jimmy Carter) so hopefully gives us an advantage, between that and Field being left off the main list..
  5. HereIAm

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    The Kevorkian Clinic Tom Parker Rob Burrow Tom Smith Tim Bilton Shannen Doherty Doddie Weir Lenny Johnrose Vicky Phelan Russel Bishop John Pender Linda Nolan Jana Bennett Bill Turnbull Joe Exotic George Perez James Whale Tim Keller David Butler Ozzy Osbourne Frank Field Julie Goodyear Duke of Kent George Alagaih Shot in the Dark Johnny Rotten Alfie Templeman James Newman Olivia Rodrigo Carrie Johnson Boris Johnson Tom Hanks Samuel L Jackson Peter Jackson David Beckham Lauren Laverne Andy Murray Julie Goodyear June Brown Danny Boyle Frankie Boyle Mick Jagger Ray Reardon Ronnie O'Sullivan David Walliams Mary Berry Cole Sprouse Dylan Sprouse

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