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  1. Insane

    Steve McMichael

    I believe that’s what happened
  2. Insane

    Steve McMichael

    He had a DNR but his wife ignored it.
  3. Insane

    1. Jimmy Carter

    No offense, no one is going to listen to you anymore, you are very unreliable for Carter news for this site, but most of us have been wrong about this but you are the most wrong out everyone here, get more reliable sources and we will start to respect you.
  4. Insane

    1. Jimmy Carter

    It’s about the same here.
  5. Insane

    Steve Harley

    I deadass thought that Steve Harvey was the one from Family Feud (thank god it wasn’t but I wish this one all good health)
  6. Insane

    Steve McMichael

    He has said he wanted to live to see his HOF induction so maybe things will change.
  7. Insane

    1. Jimmy Carter

    What’s funny about this is he’s Lithuanian not American
  8. Insane

    Pat Buchanan

  9. Insane

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Going to say this again (if someone from the committee saw it I’m sorry) I can’t find my main Team: Peter Falk’s Friends. Would I have to send it again because I sent it on the 8th of December but I never received a email confirming my main team is in but my theme team was. What do I have to do?
  10. Insane

    Magic Johnson, And Other Basketball Players

    Due to Heart Attack
  11. Insane

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

  12. Insane

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I can’t find my team do I send it again or do I have to fix some things? (my team name is Peter Falk’s Friends)
  13. Insane

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Doc, Arrow and Mango arguing (there all fucking acting like children)
  14. Insane

    World's Oldest

    This is why I hate this thread, then again it’s entertaining because of the shit that goes down here
  15. Insane

    Who are the immortals?

    This is why this is my favorite thread it’s you getting somewhat optimistic for a hit then it all comes crashing down
  16. Insane

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Just incase you didn’t see the last post
  17. Insane

    The 4th Death of 2024

    I don’t know anymore, Jimmy will outlive all of us this point ima just go with Chomsky
  18. Insane

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    Just put in Linda Nolan
  19. Insane

    Internet Celebrities

    Employees Giving there tributes
  20. Insane

    Internet Celebrities

    I hate to agree with you, I watched the video, he’s gasping for air and sounds frail and looks the part + he had a “few strokes”
  21. Insane

    42. Raul Castro

    Not disagreeing with that but she did vote the day before she died
  22. Insane

    42. Raul Castro

    I think he will be a Dianne Feinstein situation. Seeming ok but passing away out of the blue
  23. Insane

    The 3rd Death of 2024

  24. Insane

    15. Glynis Johns

    Technically yes and no, Gerry Rafferty had his debut in 2011 and died on January 4th as well
  25. Insane

    Derby Dead Pool 2024


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