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  1. Saw this coming a mile away
  2. Even worse, how would you feel if your fave celebs were outed and predators or nonces? That's why I can't love any of them.
  3. Cropsy

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    I watched the 1980 Italian found footage movie Cannibal Holocaust the other night. Well made movie that probably paved the way for the Blair Witch etc, but a very rough watch due to sexual violence and very realistic looking gore effects.
  4. Cropsy

    Lucy Letby

    Rachel is bringing a book out.
  5. Cropsy

    Lucy Letby

    2077? Try 2027. Mankind won't see 2030
  6. Dwayne Johnson is worth a shout. Or Jobby De Niro
  7. Cropsy

    Why Are We Here?

    We're here to pay bills and mortgages and be controlled by crooks. Life is a crock of shit.
  8. Cropsy

    FIFA World Cup Players

    So sad to hear of Craig Brown passing away Great manager and good guy
  9. Cropsy


    A couple of great Sheikie stories
  10. You win again - Bee Gees.
  11. His eyes - Pseudo echo.
  12. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Don't you think she looks good in that pic?
  13. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Being judgemental there, aren't you?
  14. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    It ended tragically. I just hope KP isn't passed the stage of no return. I wouldn't wish misery on anyone.
  15. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Katie does look good in shorts Katie really needs to stop with the surgery though.

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