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  1. Cropsy


    A couple of great Sheikie stories
  2. You win again - Bee Gees.
  3. His eyes - Pseudo echo.
  4. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Don't you think she looks good in that pic?
  5. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Being judgemental there, aren't you?
  6. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    It ended tragically. I just hope KP isn't passed the stage of no return. I wouldn't wish misery on anyone.
  7. Cropsy

    Katie Price

    Katie does look good in shorts Katie really needs to stop with the surgery though.
  8. Cropsy

    Is Julian Sands still alive?

    Maybe he got bitten by a poisonous spider . In all seriousness I hope he is still alive and found safe.
  9. Cropsy


    Was never a fan of Nash in wrestling, but damn I wouldn't wish what he's going through on anyone. Hopefully he can pull himself out of the darkness.
  10. Cropsy

    World Cup 2022 (Qatar)

    The decline of world class football is unbelievable. There's not one side in that tournoment that you would bet money on, no dominant nation. The last ture powerhouse or dominant side was the Spain side that won 2 back to back Euro's and a world cup in between. I'm glad Englnd are out, their media, pundits and ex players are insufferable when they win, they seem to think the whole of Britian wants them to win.
  11. Cropsy

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    I think he has input. He probably tells someone what to type, either way it cracks me up.
  12. Cropsy

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Former wwf champion and tag team champion The Iron Sheik is in her early 80's and due to his past of alcohol and heavy drugs abuse he could be a shout. He's funny as hell on Twitter.
  13. Cropsy

    Rishi Sunak

    To be fair mate, I think politicians make more money than pilots and don't have a dangerous job It's a tough one, I don't lean either left or right, there as bad as each other, so I'm not on here to bash the tories or labour or snp, I don't like nor trust any of them, but then if we all thought like me nothing would change. I guess I'm just sick of all the fearmongering and lying.
  14. Cropsy

    Rishi Sunak

    I'm not saying no government, I think what I mean is the ones in parliment or congress right now should be removed and a whole revamp of the government should be happening. No hangers on getting paid £1000's, no media turning a blind eye to possible corruption. I know I'm living in a world where none of this will ever happen, but surely there has to be a better system than the one we have now. Or at least make politicians accountable for their action, both good and bad.
  15. Cropsy

    Rishi Sunak

    What's that buddy?

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