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  1. Hartnell 1999

    James Whale

    Will be the biggest miss this year if he goes before New Year’s Day IMO
  2. Hartnell 1999

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    True, but there are a lot of names on this year’s list that had a much higher likelihood of passing on than him.
  3. Hartnell 1999

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    I believe that the 2023 list will end up as one of the most successful of all time, potentially surpassing 2020 and even reaching 23 hits. There is a lot of low hanging fruit this year, and having the unlikely candidates pass makes it all the more likely. Mohamed Al-Fayed was for me one of the more unlikely candidates on the list - I genuinely believed that he would not pass until sometime around 2028. He also wasn’t on my shadow list this year and I would have recommended dropping from next year’s official list had he survived this year - similar to Loretta Lynn from last year.
  4. Hartnell 1999

    Shadow Lists

    12/50 Gianluca Vialli Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Nigel Lawson Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Ted Kaczynski Silvio Berlusconi Winnie Ewing Tony Bennett George Alagiah Bob Barker
  5. Hartnell 1999


    Yes of course. I will delete the above post and move it to a new thread.
  6. Hartnell 1999


  7. Hartnell 1999

    Shadow Lists

    11/50 Gianluca Vialli Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Nigel Lawson Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Ted Kaczynski Silvio Berlusconi Winnie Ewing Tony Bennett George Alagiah
  8. Although in mass casualty events such as a natural disaster/terror attack, the event itself will receive more coverage than any celebrities involved, particularly if they aren’t A-listers. Car and plane crashes on the other hand are more likely to focus on the celebrities themselves if they make up most of the death toll.
  9. We’ve seen how huge an impact the death of a global A-list celebrity can be if they passed suddenly in tragic circumstances, from wall to wall media coverage to endless social media posts and masses mourning at once. The country practically shut down upon announcement that Princess Diana had died in a tragic car accident, while untimely deaths of superstars such as Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson have had a similar cultural impact on society. With this in mind, if you could pick any A-list celebrity alive today and one of them died suddenly tomorrow, who do you think would receive the most widespread media coverage and public outpouring?
  10. Hartnell 1999

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    The 2017 DL broke the all time record with 17 hits 2020 broke it again with 20 hits Lets see if 2023 can do the same with 23 hits
  11. Hartnell 1999

    Shadow Lists

    10/50 Gianluca Vialli Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Nigel Lawson Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Ted Kaczynski Silvio Berlusconi Winnie Ewing Tony Bennett 
  12. Hartnell 1999

    Shadow Lists

    9/50 Gianluca Vialli Pervez Musharraf Burt Bacharach Nigel Lawson Harry Belafonte Rolf Harris Ted Kaczynski Silvio Berlusconi Winnie Ewing
  13. Hartnell 1999

    Titanic Survivors

    And out of sheer coincidence this happened on the exact same day Netflix uploaded the movie 47 Metres Down onto their platform.
  14. Gonna post here as this forum allegedly has no filter on expletives. I’ve been wondering for ages when and how people learn their first swear words. I’m 25 now and I have an excellent recollection of circumstances which lead to me learning a particular swear word, most of which took place 10-15 years ago. Here are some examples (I have put asterisks in place of the second letter just so I’m not caught out by any secret swear filter). A*se Probably the first swear word I learned, not least because my parents were huge fans of The Fast Show. That sketch with the Morris dancers shouting the A word to the rhythm of the music was so catchy, my dad uploaded part of the clip as a track on a personalised CD in 2007. This also contained our favourite summer hits and we would often listen to it in the car. B*tch Sometime around 2007-2008, my mum gifted my aunt a personalised mug for her birthday featuring a photo of her dog and text below it reading “what a b*tch”. While mum explained that this word was a synonym for a female dog, she did mention that it was also a rude word not to be used in public. F*ck On a summer’s afternoon in 2008, me, my mum and sister were heading home from a holiday club session at a local school. My mum couldn’t drive so we had to walk into town and catch a bus back to our village from there. As we were walking down the hill with the town’s church in sight, the bus we were meant to catch whizzed straight past us. My mum, being a very neurotic person, cussed the F word in front of me for the first time. She immediately explained that this was a very rude word and I should not repeat it anywhere, but at the end of the day everyone is going to learn it at some point in their lives. Bizarrely though, I initially thought it was spelled as “Th*ck, not seeing the word in written form until a year later. F*nny One afternoon at home in 2011, the recently released song by Jessie J, Price Tag, came on the radio. Having a tendency for singing chords in a higher octave, I happened to change the chorus from “we don’t need your money money money” to “we don’t need your fa*ny fa*ny fa*ny”. I initially thought the real lyric was “funny” but apparently replacing the U with an A created a completely new word). My sister who was right next to me was completely shocked at what I had come out with, me completely unaware that what I had just belted out was a common slang word for what you call a woman down there. After that I never looked back. C*nt A friend of mine from school had a YouTube channel featuring covers of popular and rude songs. In 2012, he uploaded a cover of the London Underground song by Amateur Transplants (which itself is a cover of Going Underground by The Jam), known for its expletive chorus mocking the management and daily operations of the Tube in London (hence describing them as “lazy f*****g useless c****s). I actually showed my parents the clip to see what they thought of him, but turns out I had learned another rude phrase when mum mentioned “It contains the C Word”. They thought his singing was rubbish anyway and in hindsight it pretty much was. Can anyone else recall in that much detail how they learned their first swear words?

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