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  1. Billy Bob 2424

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger will have a big party as they celebrate their 125th birthday together.....
  2. Billy Bob 2424

    Henry Kissinger

    I have s I will say it again...I am sure Kissinger is getting some of the same secret sauce that has repeatedly healed Carter again and again over the last decade...No telling how long Kissinger will live, as long as he keeps getting the juice...
  3. Billy Bob 2424

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I have not gone through this whole site so maybe these guys are already on some lists..... I have not seen a mention of.... Charles Munger who is a whopping 99 years old... Or Warren Buffett Who is no spring chicken at almost 93... But like I said I might have missed them....
  4. Billy Bob 2424

    Henry Kissinger

    Many of these political nasties seem to live forever....I bet they know some secrets about life extension...

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