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  1. Manda the Dragon

    The 20th Death of 2023

    This thread is closed mods close the thread
  2. Manda the Dragon

    The 20th Death of 2023

    This thread is closed
  3. Manda the Dragon

    Centenarians Deadpool 2023

    Fusa Tatsumi FINALLY dead and is a hit on this Deadpool https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/734a68b1cbce9794f099f8ccc2d0764ad0563bbf
  4. Manda the Dragon

    The 15th Death of 2023

    This thread is now closed mods please lock this thread
  5. Manda the Dragon

    20/20 +3

    Finally congratulations Doorslammer
  6. Manda the Dragon

    20/20 +3

    John Habraken is a hit for Doorslammer but we have to wait for an qualifying obituary
  7. Manda the Dragon

    Life In Prison

    Vincent Asaro is Dead. https://nypost.com/2023/10/22/goodfellas-mobster-vinny-asaro-once-busted-in-6m-jfk-lufthansa-heist-dies/
  8. Manda the Dragon

    20/20 +3

  9. Manda the Dragon

    20/20 +3

  10. Manda the Dragon

    Internet Celebrities

  11. Manda the Dragon

    Giorgio Napolitano

    DEAD https://www.primapaginanews.it/articoli/e-morto-l-ex-capo-dello-stato-giorgio-napolitano-527917
  12. Manda the Dragon

    Barry Bennell

    Good riddance
  13. Manda the Dragon


    DEAD https://prowrestling.net/site/2023/09/06/the-sheik-adnan-al-kaissie-dead-at-age-84/
  14. Manda the Dragon

    American Football Players

    DEAD https://twitter.com/yep_henry/status/1698894388628488256?s=20

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