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  1. VSBfromH

    Disc Jockeys

    I would have had Bruno Brookes down as a rank outsider with the likes of Alan Freeman and Jimmy Savile about, but you never know. Which long-in-the-tooth Radio 1 DJ would be your favourite to star on this site?
  2. Chrysogonus Waddell Any relation to Sid?
  3. VSBfromH


    To save the main thread from getting clogged up, I thought I'd start a thread for all those (mostly silly) rumours like the recent "Jeff Goldblum falls off a cliff in New Zealand" one. Latest is Rick Astley found dead in Berlin Hotel room Fer chrissake! They'll be claiming Michael Jackson's dead next!
  4. Homeless "Mr Butch" of Boston, has died in a scooter accident, aged 56: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/83095.html No, I'd not heard of him either, but I was interested to see that he is a "YouTube" celebrity and has a Wiki entry!: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...p;search=Search http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Butch
  5. Whitney Houston hits bus You're gonna have to try harder than that, Whitney! Ranks alongside the "Prince Charles cuts lip whilst shaving" type of headline!
  6. VSBfromH

    Marc Almond

    Waving goodbye?
  7. VSBfromH

    Gail Porter

  8. VSBfromH


    Tiswas favourites to reunite for TV "Original host Chris Tarrant will come back as its presenter for the 90 minute special mixing nostalgic clips with new sketches, according to the Sun. Members of the 1970s line-up will also return, including Sally James, Lenny Henry and Bob Carolgees with Spit The Dog" No mention of John Gorman (now 70) or Frank Carson. David Rappaport is unavailable for comment...
  9. VSBfromH

    Peter Andre

    I think it may be time we gave him his own thread: Andre 'too ill to notice wife' http://uk.news.yahoo.com/wenn/20070501/ten...fe-c60bd6d.html Mods: Please merge the stuff from the "Dead" thread if you feel necessary!
  10. VSBfromH

    Rick Parfitt

    Status Quo Star In Cancer Scare
  11. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/ap/20070604/img/p...d6a1ee5710.html Go on, you know you want to... Personally, I reckon it looks like something a mad Spaniard might come up with!
  12. VSBfromH

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Calcutta

    Paris Hilton to play Mother Theresa ... well at least that's what Mr. Rajeevnath would like! Isn't it a bit late for April Fools now? Anyone got any other suggestions for who they would like to play a particular Death List star? What do you think was the biggest mis-match where actors were playing dead "celebs"?
  13. VSBfromH

    Minimalists (and other classical composers/musicians)

    Karl Anton Rickenbacher The Swiss conductor, a protégé of von Karajan and Boulez, has died aged 73. Had a heart attack sitting at his piano.
  14. VSBfromH

    The Dead Of 2014

    ... better known as Raymond Weil
  15. VSBfromH

    Only Fools And Horses

    That would be the actor whom my family will always call Charlie, because he played a character called Charlie in Brookside. I dunno his real name though. He was also a psychiatrist in an episode of 'Nightingales', in which it was revealed that "Ding Dong" Bell (played by David Threlfall) was a serial horse rapist... Philip McGough The OFAH character was Arnie in the episode "Chain Gang" - the one with the gold chains and bogus ambulances.
  16. VSBfromH

    Time Added

    Ron Noades The former Crystal Palace chairman has died aged 76.
  17. VSBfromH

    The Welsh

    Stan Stennett dead
  18. VSBfromH

    Political Frailty

    Confirmed by BBC also Wikipedia states "At the time of his death, he was the oldest living former President of Cyprus" - not too many candidates for that title, I suspect. Not few enough to have a shining new oldest living former President of Cyprus, I guess. BTW, 94 ain't bad for a fat bloke. regards, Hein Clerides is the one on the right (if you ignore the chap in the blue Frank Spencer hat). The "fat bloke" you refer to is on the left and is Rauf Denktash who left us early last year, but he did reach 87, so not bad indeed!
  19. VSBfromH

    Political Frailty

    Confirmed by BBC also Wikipedia states "At the time of his death, he was the oldest living former President of Cyprus" - not too many candidates for that title, I suspect.
  20. VSBfromH

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    I think that leaves just Ray Reardon and Rex Williams still alive from the original eight Pot Black players. The others were Gary Owen, John Pulman, Fred Davis, Kingsley Kennerley and John Spencer.
  21. VSBfromH

    The Simpsons

    TMZ tweeted it too, sad loss. Wonder if they'll write out Mrs Krabappel? Confirmation
  22. VSBfromH

    Dead Pop Stars

    Please can you list all the people you have heard of so that we know only to post their deaths?
  23. VSBfromH

    Gangster, Gangster

    I read that earlier but I only just realised this on looking at it the 2nd time round - scroll down and look at the picture that supposed to be a graffiti of Chopper Read....... that's actually Merv Hughes the Australian cricket legend....... haha...... stupid. Dead (aplologies if posted elsewhere) - I now see it was (in the "Hooroo, Mate" thread, but only 1 minute before this!)
  24. VSBfromH

    Hooroo, Mate.

    John Hipwell The scrum half who played 36 tests for the Wallabies, 9 of them as captain, has died aged 65.
  25. VSBfromH

    The Dead Of 2013

    Elmore Leonard is out of sight. Please move to authors thread if desired.

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