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Found 857 results

  1. Dying Probably

    Jiang Zemin

    Surprised to learn there wasn't a forum for Jiang Zemin, president of China from 1993 to 2003. He is already 93 years old and seems to be so frail that people were holding his arms to ensure he didn't fall at the funeral of Li Peng. Those images are a year old on Wednesday. He's got to be soon to kick the bucket!
  2. Senator Edward Kennedy has been hospitalised after suffering stroke-like symptoms.
  3. She's quadraplegic and she set off today to sail the channel single handed. Can you be 'handed' when nothing below the neck works? Anyway, it's brave to the point of suicidal since she's dependent on blowing through straws to steer herself. There's some damn big ships going up and down that sea lane, it'll be dark part of the time. Etc etc.
  4. Jimh

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Shameless cut and paste from the Popbitch mailout this morning: Don't believe a word of it myself.
  5. Sean

    Carol Channing

    The Tony and Golden Globe Winner and Oscar nominated actress singer and subject of regular impersonations by Ryan Stiles, Carol Channing turns 95 next January . She is best known for appearing in Hello Dolly!which earned her a Tony award. She also won a golden globe award and on Oscar nomination for Thoroughly Modern Millie.She is also a dancer and a stand up comedienne. So a pretty much all round performer who fits into several different threads. I definitely think she is a name that sounds very Death List worthy. Sir Creep also reckons she is on her way out so if he is right this thread gives him the perfect space to be as smug as he wishes to be Looks and sounds weak in this commercial last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mANJ9T_Bsaw Channing in action as a very creepy Queen in Alice in Wonderland.
  6. Vinegar Tits

    Wilko Johnson

    Apparently the print edition of the Southend Echo is reporting Canvey Island's finest Wilko Johnson has terminal cancer and is refusing chemo. He did have to cancel a hometown gig back in November last year due to being taken into hospital but that's the latest on the SE website at the moment. A statement should be on Wilko's website shortly. Really sad news, but obviously one to watch depending on what sort of cancer it is.
  7. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    29. Jerry Lee Lewis

    I know we're only supposed to start threads when so and so's attached to a drip, but hey, LG started a Dio thread whilst he was gambolling around like a spring lamb and within the year the poor chap had incurable cancer. Not that I'm wishing ill to either of these fine fellows (or drug-addled perv/paedo if you prefer), but they did a lot of hard living, let's not forget. Wish I could provide some news, but I've been told that the Little Richard forum is always worth keeping an eye on. I'm sure Anubis would approve, and we could always post some quality / action. (Edit: looks like the thread's becoming a one-stop shop for all things 50s-rockin', which may not be such a bad thing and might keep the cobwebs away).
  8. Spade_Cooley

    Tom Parker

    A thread for everyone's DDP joker in 2021, 31-year-old boybander Tom Parker and his inoperable brain tumour.
  9. Crispy

    Saddam Hussein

    Would there be a call to put Saddam on the list for next year? He may be executed for his past actions?
  10. Grim Reaper

    38. Bill Treacher

    The Bill Treacher thread.
  11. Spade_Cooley

    Aaron Carter

    Mentioned enough times on the forum before for his mental health issues, car crashes, eating disorders and alleged meth addiction, so why not give him his own thread? Latest in the world of Aaron: his brother, Nick Carter, has taken out a restraining order against him. Aaron has responded by buying a gun. Of course their sister Leslie, whose attempts at following in her brothers' pop footsteps bombed, died of a drug overdose a few years ago.
  12. Townie1488

    19. Leslie Phillips

    An aged actor. It could be this year he kicks the bucket. Mod approved [PB]
  13. themaninblack

    Lou Reed

    Lou Reed is recovering after a "life saving" liver transplant...
  14. Grim Reaper

    Nobby Stiles

    This is the Nobby Stiles thread.
  15. The Daredevil

    Robert Fyfe

    I thought it was about time for Last of The Summer Wine actor Robert Fyfe to receive his own forum. Many sources indicate Fyfe will be turning 96 next year but there seems to be some dispute over his year of birth. Nevertheless, I would suggest Fyfe for the 2021 DL. As Juliette Kaplan and Jean Fergusson both got BBC obits, I would expect Fyfe to get one too.
  16. godsbollox

    Barbara Windsor

    She's due to die soon, surely? I've got money on her snuffing it in December
  17. Guest

    Jo Stafford

    b. 1917, well-known during the war as a popular jazz singer. Read her husband died a few years ago and hasn't done much since then.
  18. Cowboy Ronnie

    Hosni Mubarak

    Must be a bad week for African quasi dictators with an M, u, a and b in their names, as Hosni Mubarak is apparently ill enough to be raising speculation over who might succeed him. Could be one to bear in mind for next year......
  19. sidburyman

    Robbie Coltrane

    Perhaps a good candidate for impending bucket-kicking is that overweight Scottish thespian Mr Robbie Coltrane. Robbie has always looked rather unhealthy, but in recent years his colour has been a little grey. I believe he's also a smoker who's had a lifetimes worth of lack of exercise and overindulgence. Add that to the dangerous middle age stage in his life and surely you get an an outside chance for pegging out next year? Comments anyone?.....
  20. Paul Bearer

    Paul Daniels

    Diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. http://www.itv.com/news/2016-02-20/paul-daniels-diagnosed-with-incurable-brain-tumour-family-say/
  21. ixion

    3. Angela Lansbury

    she looked 60 in the sixties anyone know of her
  22. Guest

    Charles Manson

    Is this sick SOB ready to burn in hell?
  23. DeathClock

    John Lewis

    One of the most famous and popular congressman, John Lewis, has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He is also a civil rights icon in America. I believe he is deserving to be on the list next year.
  24. Guest

    Luise Rainer

    i think Luise Rainier has to be on your list for next year http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luise_Rainer Luise Rainer (born January 12, 1910 in Düsseldorf, Germany) is a film actress. She became an American citizen in the 1940s, but has lived in the United Kingdom for many years now. Rainer acted in Max Reinhardt's Vienna theater and appeared in several German language films before being discovered by an MGM talent scout in 1935. She moved to Hollywood and made her first American film appearance opposite William Powell in Escapade (1935). Her next two films won her consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actress, first for her portrayal of actress Anna Held in The Great Ziegfeld (1936) and next as a Chinese peasant in The Good Earth (1937).
  25. Peter Falk is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

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