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  1. IKYWN

    Andy Ripley and other boofheads

    He's dead. Definately doubtful for 2011 now
  2. IKYWN

    Ronnie James Dio

    There's more claims on teh interwebs that this is a hoax than confirmations from newsfeeds that it is real No sorry, he really is wormfood http://www.ronniejamesdio.com/
  3. IKYWN

    The Chequered Flag

    He shouldn't really be lift surfing at his age
  4. IKYWN

    Michael Foot

    Shouldn't that be Michael "Donkey Jacket" Foot? Both feet in the grave now
  5. IKYWN

    The Dead Of 2010

    You've got to say it Gone out of fashion
  6. IKYWN

    The Dead Of 2010

    Veteren rugby commentator Bill McLaren has called full time http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/south_...and/8468319.stm
  7. IKYWN

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Here's mine. A few favourites and Helen Baxendale added just because she is young and celebrities have a habit of dying when they're not meant to. Christian Bale is the Joker for much the same reason. If you see either of them crossing the road, don't brake. Team name: Death Stalks United Team members: 1) Abdelbaset Al Megrahi 2) Christian Bale (JOKER) 3) Trevor Bannister 4) Helen Baxendale 5) Pope Benedict XVI 6) Chuck Berry 7) Ronnie Biggs 8) Fidel Castro 9) Ronnie James Dio 10) Clive Dunn 11) Stephen Hawking 12) Steve Jobs 13) Sir Elton John 14) Mikhail Kalashnikov 15) B. B. King 16) Patrick Moore 17) Prince Philip 18) Ariel Sharon 19) Steven Spielberg 20) Sir Norman Wisdom
  8. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    Our Pete has cropped up again. Just after being banned from driving at Gloucester court, he was arrested for heroin possession. I wonder if he tried shooting up in the courtroom? Great picture on the report of him being marched off by the Old Bill http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/glouces...ire/8426097.stm Singer Pete Doherty charged over drugs Singer Pete Doherty has been charged with possessing heroin after an incident at Gloucester Crown Court. On Monday the Babyshambles frontman was fined and banned from driving after admitting careless and drink-driving following a gig in the city. Moments later he was arrested and officers escorted him from the court to a police station across the road. A Gloucestershire Police spokeswoman said Doherty had been charged and bailed to appear in court in January. The spokeswoman added: "The 30-year-old man from Wiltshire arrested in Gloucester yesterday has been charged with possession of heroin."
  9. IKYWN

    Golf: The 19th Hole

    Michael Jackson moment coming up?
  10. IKYWN

    The Dead Of 2009

    The guy who played Phil Archer in the long-running BBC Radio series has gone to the great silage heap in the sky http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8331558.stm
  11. IKYWN

    The Dead Of 2009

    Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke has done a Stephen Gately and been found dead in his hotel room. He was currently banned for drug abuse, so you can draw your own conclusions there. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_spor...ing/8304173.stm
  12. IKYWN

    Les Paul

    I'm off on holiday tomorrow and am expecting the usual avalanche of celebrity deaths that happen when I'm away. However, this one seems to have jumped the gun.
  13. IKYWN

    30. Pope Benedict XVI

    He's 82, lots of steps in the Vatican. Could be worth a punt for 2010
  14. IKYWN

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Former footballer John Hartson is n a bad way with cancer. He could be a useful pick for 2010, though he looks riddled with it, so might not last that long. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8151728.stm Hartson told cancer also in lungs Former Wales, Arsenal and Celtic striker John Hartson, who is battling cancer, has undergone emergency neurosurgery on his brain. Doctors have confirmed that the cancer which had already spread to his brain, has now been found in his lungs. The 34-year-old, capped by Wales 51 times, was diagnosed at the weekend. He was transferred to Morriston Hospital in Swansea from Singleton Hospital and is in a critical condition after his surgery. The former footballer underwent emergency neurosurgery to relieve pressure on his brain, a statement from the hospital trust said. "He is currently being cared for by the critical care team at Morriston and is receiving round-the-clock care aiming to stabilise his condition," the statement said. "He will resume radiotherapy and chemotherapy as soon as possible." Hartson was first diagnosed with testicular cancer on Sunday and admitted to Singleton Hospital in Swansea where further tests were carried out. The father-of-three retired from a glittering career in football in February 2008 and has since worked as a pundit. His family issued a statement on Tuesday saying that all his close family and friends "are continuing to support John in any way we can". "He is receiving outstanding care from all the medical and surgical staff and we would like to thank everyone at both Singleton and Morriston, as well as the excellent ambulance staff," the family said. "We have been overwhelmed by the support and goodwill from many thousands of football fans, players, clubs and sporting figures and we have drawn strength from this support." The family also requested that the star's privacy, and that of his family, is respected as he continues his hospital treatment. Officials at Arsenal have said the club is "deeply saddened" by news of his cancer. The former centre forward joined Arsenal as a teenager from Luton in January 1995 and, in two seasons at Highbury, made 62 appearances, scoring 16 goals. The player left Arsenal for West Ham United in February 1997 and continued his career with the Hammers, Wimbledon, Coventry City, Celtic, West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City. "Everyone at Arsenal Football Club would like to take this opportunity to wish John, together with his family and friends, all the very best in the challenging times that lie ahead. Our thoughts are with you," the statement added. During his international career, he scored 14 goals before stepping down in February 2006 to concentrate on his club football. Hartson made his Wales debut in March 1995 in an away match against Bulgaria, often leading the line as a lone striker, until his last game in November 2005 against Cyprus.
  15. IKYWN

    Michael Jackson

    Its Farrah Fawcett I feel sorry for. You work your way up to a Jade Goody-style passing, and a few hours later someone more famous carks it.
  16. IKYWN

    Michael Jackson

    Sky are reporting he wasn't breathing and his father has said he's "not doing well"
  17. IKYWN

    Pete Doherty

    He's back. Had his collar felt in Gloucester last night http://tinyurl.com/l93j59
  18. IKYWN

    The Dead Of 2009

    Sky New are reporting that British actress Lucy Gordon has been found dead in Paris. Suicide looks the likely cause
  19. IKYWN

    Stephen Hawking

    I can't help thinkg that statement should hve been worded differently. What next, Jade Goody to make a "full recovery"
  20. IKYWN

    Stephen Hawking

    Considering he's confined to a wheelchair and can only move one cheek muscle, "seriously ill" takes on a whole new meaning
  21. IKYWN

    Farrah Fawcett

    Sounds like within a week. I always liked Charlies Angles. Oh bugger not another near miss! Sweepstake anyone? (I'm going on holiday so not volunteering!) I'll request April 24th please. Unconcious? I'm going for April 11th
  22. IKYWN

    Jane Goodie

    Cynical manipulation of the nedia to the last. Will the Sun now start a campaign to have Mother's Day renamed Jade Goody Day? How long before we get a "Tweed parties with blond as Jade lies dying" headline?
  23. IKYWN

    Jane Goodie

    If she doesn't die, can we sue OK magazine under the Trade Descriptions Act?
  24. IKYWN

    Natasha Richardson

    It seems Natasha Richardson might be attempting a late coup here. Though as she's not a hideous, racist old slapper, even serious head injuries might not be good enough http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7947826.stm [moved to new topic]
  25. IKYWN

    Jane Goodie

    Make your own Jade Goody memorabilia - draw a face on a boiled egg. I was thinking of a range of Jade Goody Memorial haircare products

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