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  1. IKYWN

    George Best

    Just how many times has George Best been at death's door in the last few years? I think its high time a "three strikes and your're out" rule was introduced for such people.
  2. IKYWN

    Lemmy From Motörhead

    I think Lemmy is made of the same stuff as Ozzy, Keith Richards and Lou Reed. Hopefully Pete Doherty isn't as well constructed. If you've never seen Motorhead live, go get a ticket. Totally spiffing evening out.
  3. IKYWN

    Simon Wiesenthal

    I'm going to the dentist at 11am on 28th. Watch this space.
  4. IKYWN

    Simon Wiesenthal

    After the disappointment of no major celebrity deaths while I was on holiday last week, surely a first, this has come as a welcome relief. Its strange, but I suddenly thought of him the other day. I'll let you know if I have any similar thoughts regarding other celebrities.
  5. IKYWN

    Holiday Thread

    Yes, but that's a different holiday. Perhaps there ought to be a calender of when members go on holiday so we can look back and see if there is any correlation between vacations and a rise in celebrity deaths.
  6. IKYWN

    Holiday Thread

    I'm going away for a week next week. When I was away in August the uncanny ability of celebrities to curl up their toes produced three deaths. Mo Mowlem, Bill Moog and Jack Slipper all took advantage of the situation and joined the choir invisible. I urge all celebrities to look to the next week as an opportunity to see how good your pre-prepared obituries are. If you're feeling a bit peaky, now is the time to consider a wooden overcoat and to take up an occupation as a daisy pusher. And no dieing before I go, that cheating! My tips for the next week: Ronnie Biggs, my favourite Pete Doherty and an outside bet on Valerie Singleton.
  7. IKYWN

    Oldest Person On DL

    I'm old enough to know better.
  8. IKYWN

    Fats Domino

    If he's that fat he should float anyway
  9. IKYWN

    Bird Flu

    "I'm just going to choke t'chicken mother. I've 'eard that bird flu's on t'way"
  10. IKYWN

    Bird Flu

    The fact that one bird in Finland has bird flu means nothing. There's no chance a seagull can have contracted it as it won't have been in SE Asia any time recently. More likely that the unfortunate non-famous seagull had something similat to bird flu, which is actually quite common amongst birds everywhere. As for the chance of any DL candidates snuffing because of bird flu, they are quite slim in the short term at least. Only about sixty people from around a billion in Asia have died so far and they worked in direct contact with birds in conditions more unsanitory than our feather friends in the northern hemisphere. Additionally there's no evidence yet that bird flu has become transmissable between humans.
  11. IKYWN

    Slipper Of The Yard

    I was still on holiday when this happened. Mo Mowlem, Bob Moog and Jack Slipper. I've done pretty well this time, even by my own standards.
  12. IKYWN

    Mo Mowlam

    As I predicted before I went on holiday... Major political stiff. There's still nearly a week to go as well before I return home
  13. IKYWN

    Robin Cook

    For goodness sake, I haven't actually gone on holiday yet! Talk about jumping the gun!
  14. IKYWN

    Holiday Thread

    I'm going on holiday for two weeks at the end of next week. Usually when I'm away a major celebrity or two pops off. Pope John Paul 1st and Martin Borman are two prime examples of why celebrities quake in their boots when I'm off on vacation. This year I'd like to see a bumper crop of a least three. A major international film star, someone from the world of politics and Pete Doherty. Form an orderly queue please.
  15. IKYWN

    Mo Mowlam

    Sorry, that was me posting above. I didn't realise I wasn't logged in. Boy is my face red.
  16. IKYWN

    James Doohan

    Its worse than that he's dead Jim
  17. IKYWN

    John Tyndall & Nick Griffin

    Well he won't be missed, except by a few thugs who pine for the return of the 3rd Reich.
  18. IKYWN

    Edward Heath

    Summer weather can be lethal for old people. I wonder how Patrick Moore and Norman Wisdom are feeling?
  19. IKYWN

    Edward Heath

    Is Michael Foot still with us? He and Maggie T could have a run-off to see who orders a wooden overcoat first.
  20. IKYWN

    Colombian footballer shot dead

    I put money on the whole National squad, as it doesn't look as if they'll qualify for the next World Cup.
  21. I'd say Brian Jones, but he's already dead. And didn't their longtime keyboard player, dubbed the "6th Stone" curl up his toes a few years ago? My money is on Charlie Watts. I suspect Keef will outlive us all.
  22. IKYWN

    Brian Harvey - E17 to 6 Feet Under?

    I don't have much experience of falling out of cars, none to be exact, but I'd have thought that anyone doing so would have fallen away from the vehicle, followed by rapid deceleration of said vehicle due to the driver's foot no longer being on the accelerator. I suppose the car could have steered over him as it was supposedly out of control, but can't have been going that fast to cause such severe injuries. Maybe now Mr Harvey has regained conciousness he can explain himself, followed by a swift deterioration and a call to the Grim Reaper
  23. IKYWN

    Richard Whiteley

    "Stable" according ot the BBC now. That could mean stable before suddenly falling off his perch, or stable as in he's going to get better. Hopefully the former.
  24. IKYWN

    Jeremy Beadle

    BBC report here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4521469.stm Definately one to watch
  25. IKYWN

    John Mills

    Ice Cold in a Box. About time too.

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