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  1. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    I'll stay awhile and see what unfolds but you've not endeared yourself to me in any way my friend. Jack
  2. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    I'm touched..... almost seems like a friendly voice in the wilderness...... There are different ways of expressing opinions - I found this offensive. I'll be there buddy Jack
  3. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    What I will say you're a rude, arrogant character. You've go to earn respect, and I've cetainly got none for you or your opinions. All I did was diss Hawking who (IMHO - if I'm allowed to have one) is a charlatan. I didn't attack you - learn some manners! Jack In answer to your question, please see the post quoted above. You state that you didn't attack Hein and then did just that! I hope that clarifies my previous post. (Please accept my apologies for previously highlighting the wrong bit.) At this rate, Hell is going to be quite a party! OK - where's the "Cancel Membership" Button? Get a grip Oatsie, Hein said "What you write, however, is drivel now" - this was needlessly obnoxious. I responded by saying that I thought this was rude and arrogant of him and he should get some manners. I aren't a sponge prepared to soak-up abuse from bullying and abusive moderators. What I say about my opinion of Hawking is not aimed at any member of this forum and I stand by my opinion of him and his theories. How would you feel if someone told you you talked drivel when you were expressing your honest opinion, albeit attempting to add a little humour to it? If I wanted a deep discussion I'd have done it in the Quantum Theory Forum and used a different style. I'm sorry I couldn't get on with people in this forum but there's obviously a closed-shop here and the feelings of dislike is mutual. Now where's that button....? Heinous - if you're there (I'm sure you are) please cancel my membership. Jack
  4. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    Fully prepared to take flack from individuals I hand it out to! Please indicate where I attacked Hein? If he IS a "respected clear thinker" that is a status he has yet to earn with me - at present I just see him as an unpleasant bully-boy (and that is not intended as an attack it's a first impression) I came along here prepared to enjoy what I thought was the spirit of this forum and have just encountered unpleasnatness. Yes - if I attack your heroes - retaliate on their behalf - but there was no need for personal sniping - well not in my opinion. Time to bail out I think - my sortee into your silly little world was not the fun I hoped it would be. See you in Hell Jack
  5. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    I'll look forward to it! Is there something wrong in trying to join in the spirit of this forum? I've not attacked other members I've expressed my opinions, I've not evaded anything despite what certain people say. and I've used language common to these pages. The bullies here know nothing or my qualifications to comment on Hawking, so get off my back, stop being personal, and maybe we can get along and accept one another's opinion without the snide personal stuff taking the fun out of t. Jack
  6. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    LOL!!! It's another of those forums where the "old-timers" think they own the place and enjoy giving new members a hard time for expressing an opinion different to theirs. Grow up. Jack
  7. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    Maybe, maybe not, but going by your own 'logic' the same applies to yourself and Hawking also! What I will say you're a rude, arrogant character. You've go to earn respect, and I've cetainly got none for you or your opinions. All I did was diss Hawking who (IMHO - if I'm allowed to have one) is a charlatan. I didn't attack you - learn some manners! Jack
  8. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    Hm. That may or may not be the case. But if it's a choice between his drivel and yours, I'll take his. Ask me if I care
  9. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    Not that I doubt your credentials or anything, but I do. Can you prove they don't transmit anything, or are you using someone else's argument to batter Hawking with? In which case, perhaps the fact there are disagreements in this field will get people to work on it more until some sort of scientific consensus starts to appear. As seems to happen in science, the current battles cause mass indignation and debunking of each other's work, whilst quietly in the background the more basic ideas gradually get kind of accepted. When I was a kid (only about 20 years ago) it still hadn't been accepted that black holes even existed, they seemed more like a convenient way to explain a certain amount of the (at the time) unexplainable to many scientists. I for one long for the day when the transmission/non-transmission of Black Holes debate that is currently raging across the planet calms down again, and science can once again be our friend. Doubt away Dude!!! I don't need to use other people's arguments I'm quite at ease with my own thankyou! Can u prove that black holes DO transmit anything? If they do HOW does this transmisison escape the pull of the black hole? is it made up of something unaffected by the mass of the black hole. Have you heard of some newly discovered energy source - please enlighten us! How come some people take Hawkins tripe as Gospel? The man relays conjecture as fact - he needs to go a long way to show that there is anything capable of escaping a black hole. Science based purely on mathematical models is not reality. In any case, time to pull the plug on his LSU before he spews out any more drivel. Jack
  10. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    This nobhead-on-wheels is a plagiarist of the worst kind. All he's done is rob Einstein's stuff and repackage it - and made it worse if you ask me. If he didn't have the illness, the electronic voice and hideous leer he'd be nowhere - and he soon will be literally nowhere if there's any justice. Ok he's come up with some new sh*t - but that's just what it is - sh*t: "black holes eventually transmit, in a garbled form, information about all matter they swallow" - bollocks!!! A black hole NEVER transmits anything - all it does is absorb until one day when it's absorbed EVERYTHING the f*cker explodes big-bang style and the whole cycle starts over again - if indeed there is a cycle. Hawkings tosh is like saying if a woman gives u a BJ and swallows it, eventually a corrupt printout of ur DNA strand will emerge from her jacksie. In fact that is probably more likely to happen than what old numnuts there is saying. Overrated tw*t. If you want a bloody good laugh at wheelchair-willy's expense look here: http://www2.b3ta.com/hawking/ it's effing hilarious. Jack His words sound familiar, but so do the first snake oil salesman's. My knowledge and understanding of calculus is insufficient to say whether this makes mathematical sense or not. I sort of understand what he's on about. Sort of as in: I understand it qualitatively, so I expect my understanding is completely wrong. If I try to apply that understanding to what Dr Hawking writes so tersely, I get this: we used to think that there's no way of deducing the past of a black hole from its current state, because every black hole with the same mass, angular momentum and electric charge looks the same, regardless of how it acquired those properties. If I understand the above correctly that thought is wrong for mathematical reasons. From the way a black hole produces Hawking radiation we can, in principle, deduce information about the black hole's past. I fail to see how this bombshell changes my life. This leaves the question of the use of his work. I have no idea. Cosmology isn't an applied science, but there's no way of knowing where applications may be found. regards, Hein
  11. Necro jack

    Stephen Hawking

    I think it's a clue - they're gonna jetison his ashes out of the space shuttle bog...
  12. Necro jack

    The Dead - 2007

    Lily Munster has passed on the 10th Jan 2007 without a mention here it seems. She was a bit tasty in her time, I'm sorry to see her go Jack [well, mentioned a few times in Near Misses, which is where this post is now going.... Teddy]
  13. Necro jack

    Margaret Thatcher

    Considering she single-handedly rescued the country from terminal decline, describing her as evil is rather inappropriate, unless you are one of those people who enjoyed going on strike all the time. I agree!!!! What a bloody hero Thatcher is/was!!!! Under her the rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and individuals were valued for their sum worth, not as human beings. What a wonderful woman. The sooner she dies the better, preferably of something nasty. Jack

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