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  1. MadMac


    Jim Ross Tweeted that he will begin the first of 22 radiation sessions on Monday for skin cancer.
  2. MadMac

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    It should be noted that bespoke corsetieres Rigby & Peller held the Royal Warrant as suppliers for many years.
  3. MadMac

    Lionel Blair

    The other one of the era that springs would be Jim Dale -he’s still around presumably?
  4. MadMac


    Latest word on Hacksaw Jim Duggan is that he has prostate cancer.
  5. MadMac


  6. MadMac

    Political Frailty

    Bill Clinton reportedly hospitalised with sepsis. Reportedly “recovering “ and “in good spirits”. Perhaps one to watch for 2022?
  7. MadMac

    Joe Biden

    I stated some time ago that he wouldn’t get through a year: I’m still of that view. There’s something seriously wrong with him - mixing up words, never takes questions. I believe the aim is to get him through two years by any means necessary, then Harris succeeds him and could, in theory, run twice more.
  8. MadMac

    UK Singles Chart

    I’m sure someone turned up, although the attraction of seeing an obscure ’boy band’ some 30+ years after the event is lost on me, personally…..
  9. MadMac

    UK Singles Chart

    For some reason, these folks popped into my head: Flintlock I was surprised to note that they actually made the Top 30. Another one that comes to mind in this vein is Stevenson’s Rocket. Something sticks in my mind about one of the members potentially going blind?
  10. MadMac

    UK Singles Chart

    I’ve just lost myself in here for several hours, seeing several “I didn’t know they’d croaked” and numerous “They’re still alive?”. One that jumped out was Sir Douglas Quintet, of “She’s About A Mover” fame, listed from San Antonio, California. I don’t know of a San Antonio out here, but in any event, they’re from the somewhat better known Texas one.
  11. MadMac

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    I was recently in a discussion about the classic “Hell Drivers” on the subject of “who’s left from the cast”, and he would appear to be the only one of note still standing. Vera Day, who had a minor role, is also apparently still around.
  12. MadMac

    The Dead of 2021

    Alexandra Bastedo shuffled off several years ago.
  13. MadMac

    Meat Loaf

    Well, he’s certainly a dead ringer now..... I’d have bet on him easily outlasting Mr. Loaf.
  14. MadMac

    reasons for ban

    I’ve seen Turkish porn, and I support this viewpoint.
  15. MadMac

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    Just saw the news, apparently going downhill quickly. If he gets to 2022, would he get a UK obit?

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