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    I have left the building.....but I'm back doing an encore. Now on my 3rd encore,.
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  1. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Death List Convention

    Fucking hell, you are still about then!!
  2. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Fucking good, that one, eh, Toastie!!
  3. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Yep, somebody else for you to go and like every one of his fucking posts. That will please him no end.
  4. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Joss Ackland

    She was 96 and had dementia. How the fuck is her death a shock.
  5. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Bobby Charlton

    I was thinking about him the other day. I pondered the thought that, when he finally died, football would die with him. At this moment, that is how it feels to me, a man that sat at the same table as Pele as one of the greatest footballers to have ever walked this earth. Dramatic? Maybe. To those of us of a certain age his loss truly is the end of a chapter, a man the like of which we will never see again.☹️
  6. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    A Joke

    I see the environmental activist, Swampy died of a heart attack. He refused to have a bypass.
  7. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    We seem to be going through a phase of UFO, Bigfoot, See Monsters, et, al sightings & recordings. While most of it is utter bollocks, with a large dollop of CGI thrown in, there are some that do make you think. I mean, we live in an age where most people have mobile phones which can take video recordings and photo's. At some point, certainly, somebody will record the real thing, should the real thing exist, of course. The thing is who is going to believe them?
  8. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Dead Pop Stars

    Well, I will be in and out etc.
  9. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    1. Jimmy Carter

    If anybody can sniff out their corpses, you can!
  10. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Dead Pop Stars

  11. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    John F. Kennedy

    It has already been established that the gun Oswald used could not have been fired in quick succession at the speed it needed to be done to be the murder weapon. It also lacked the accuracy required to be certain of a hit that would be fatal. These tests were carried out by expert marksmen. Soooooo. A documentary, quite some time back, focussed on the grassy knoll and a car parking area, secluded, at the top of it. It was secluded enough and close enough to have fired the bullets to the FRONT of Kennedys head. They even found a photo and using, at the time, up to date technology, traced a shadowy figure at the top of the knoll at the time Kennedy was shot. There is no doubt that Oswald, a decent marksman, fired his gun and he may even have hit Kennedy, but not the volume of shots. It wasn't possible. . Whether he believed that he was the sole assassin or was aware that he was the decoy, we shall never know. Who killed him? The Mafia? I don't see it. If it had come out that they had, the law enforcement agencies would have gone to war with them in a way they had not done since, well, Al Capone. Why kill him and then live under the prospect of being unable to do what you were doing before? Doesn't make sense. Was it his own security services? Probably.
  12. Lord Fellatio Nelson


    Yeah, we will now be putting the ENIC OUT banners away and stop chanting 'Levy Out' on the terraces. That is the c**ts 12th appointment, seriously, I am all out of fucks to give now. They may as well put Schofield in charge for all I care.
  13. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Phillip Schofield

  14. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Rolf Harris

    See? Lardy was bang on!

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