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  1. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Fernando Ricksen

    A change of scenery did me good.
  2. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Fernando Ricksen

    Oh really?? You some sort of fucking expert now?
  3. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    The Osmonds

    FFS Mary!! Get yer coat!!
  4. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    The Poppy Thread.

    Just need to get hold of some bread slices that are shaped like bullets.
  5. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Crew Of USS Enterprise

    If that one was to hold any water, maybe, people will soon be seeing Hampstead Heath regular Terry Jones singing 'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah' at the top of his voice.
  6. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Crew Of USS Enterprise

    Well, if her son is correct and the first story is accurate, how the fucking hell is this film gonna happen? Will she actually remember that she actually has a project?
  7. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Leslie Ash

    Eh? I read that as she was the Landlady of the shop, in other words, the owner?
  8. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Ducks? I think it would be your balls that need protecting...assuming that anybody actually gave a shit. Life is too short so lets celebrate the rich diversity of the forum or summat.
  9. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    John McCririck

    He looks like shit, like he did before without the 'Flu diet' he has been on.... His face looks awfully long now and I cannot help but think that, with some fettling of his attire, he would be the spit of Postman Pat.
  10. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    One thing to point out and that is Jodie Whittaker is a full blown PROPER actress who has done a shit load of stuff ( much of it very good) before getting this role. I've watched Who from Pertwee onwards and, honestly, it's 2018 and hammy shit with crap scripts and actors looking amateurish should be long gone. There are whole film franchises out there from Predator to The Avengers and they have moved Sci Fi on to another level. That's not suggesting that it's better but it does say this century more than the last. Yes, there will always be an offbeat and jokey element to The Doctor but, maybe, there will be a more harder edge to the character and the actress chosen knows how to play a character or three. Anyway, Capaldi had zero redeeming qualities and you really did not give a shit if The Dr lived or died. We need to care to believe or summat.
  11. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    Gladys Knight

    She is magnificent.
  12. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Well, I watched the new Dr Who. I liked it. Don't shoot me.
  13. Lord Fellatio Nelson

    H-h-h-h-hancock's Half Hour

    I remember him!! He was on 'Who do you do? and did Albert Steptoe too much.
  14. https://news.sky.com/story/father-ted-co-creator-graham-linehan-warned-by-police-over-transphobia-twitter-row-11520340 This sent me to a nice jaunt through twitter and some of the 'debate' surrounding the above story. Makes me want to have a tw'a'tter account.

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