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    The 5th Death of 2020

  2. Death Impends

    The 4th death of 2020

    And thread closed before anyone votes him posthumously at that.
  3. Death Impends

    25. Hosni Mubarak

    Dead - BBC breaking notification on my phone
  4. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    And I see The Australian gets the ball rolling regarding Baby Peggy obits... With both now QOing there's no reason to wait. Watanabe delivers 20 base points and 8 unique points to DeathByArsenic. Pedro gets on the board with Diana Serra "Baby Peggy" Cary whose silence provides him with 30 base points and 12 unique points for 42. And so now it's a tie at the top! Exciting times with this cavalcade of collapsing centenarians... =1. RadGuy 179 =1. YorkshireBanker 179 3. maryportfuncity 168 =4. Book 125 =4. drol 125 6. Toast 122 =7. CaptainChorizo 110 =7. theoldlady 110 9. gcreptile 101 10. Banana 87 11. The Mad Hatter 86 12. time 85 13. Clorox Bleachman 73 =14. Etushispushingupdaisies 64 =14. Skinny kiltrunner 64 16. Prophet 60 17. DeathByArsenic 56 18. markb4 54 =19. the_engineer 50 =19. Torva Messor 50 21. Pedro67 42 22. John Key 40 23. The Old Crem 35 24. msc 30 25. Exu 5 =26. Everyone else 0
  5. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    That time of year again? One week until the new year, two weeks until we crown another Hartlepool Deadlypool champ. As we head into a new decade, Hartlepool's finest and most complex tradition marches on... As with last year, I will not read any PMs until I have submitted all of my entries for deadpools that start Jan 1. The rules are largely unchanged from last year, with one new addendum in blue. I also removed the Herald Scotland's individual mention from the QO list as its return to the DDP fold renders a separate mention redundant: Rules Points are scored according to the following highly complex scoring system: Competitors are awarded points according to the order in which their candidates die. The starting positions are as follows: Candidate 1: 50 points Candidate 2: 45 points Candidate 3: 40 points Candidate 4: 35 points Candidate 5: 30 points Candidate 6: 25 points Candidate 7: 20 points Candidate 8: 15 points Candidate 9: 10 points Candidate 10: 5 points When the first candidate dies, points will be awarded as above, and the remaining potential scores will slide up or down one position. If candidate 1 dies first, the team gets 50 points and the points below all increase by 5, so candidate 2 will get 50 points if he or she is the next to go. If a celebrity departs further down the list before the ones above are gone, the scores above are reduced by 5, causing the highest remaining score on the list to disappear. Those below will increase by 5 as before. This will often cause two celebrities to have the same number of points next to their names, but the order in which they die will still influence subsequent scores. Additionally, the player is allowed up to two substitutes. The substitutes will still count as part of the player's team, but use a fully different scoring system: 25 points if one substitute dies, 50 if the second substitute dies. Bonuses do not apply to substitute hits - this likewise means that subs will not take away a name's unique bonus if only one team has said name in their main ten. If a name on the player's team dies before the pool opens, they will not receive points for the death (barring a minuscule consolation point or two). They will be allowed to put a new name on their main team, either from the subs bench or a new name entirely. If a sub is promoted, they are entitled to name a new sub. If a celebrity has unambiguously died within the deadpooling year, but a specific date of death is not provided, the latest plausible date of death will be used. This follows the precedent set by Leah Bracknell, who was a popular hit in 2019 but whose date of death was never elaborated beyond being in September. I ultimately treated her as the last September hit, and any future hits in that vein will have a similar logic applied. Note that if details later emerge giving a person a specific date of death, the scores will be adjusted accordingly. The Bonus System: Candidate not picked by any other competitor +2 Candidate under 18 years old -2 25th or less in line to the throne of Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden or Denmark +2 Been on Celebrity Squares (or Hollywood Squares) +3 Death of candidate in spite of extremely high improbability or unlikeliness of same. +5 US Baseball or Basketball player -3 Former or present UK Prime Minister +3 Drummer +2 Incumbent or recent US president +3 Guilty (in Notapotato's opinion) of crimes against humanity +3 (with Notapotato rarely appearing, host Death Impends will use his own judgement for such cases) Both of the above +6 Has played in a pantomime +2 Has performed Morris dancing +3 Found dead in a Swimming Pool +3 Died in a farming or gardening accident +2 Death worthy of a Darwin Award +2 Murder, Suicide, Lightning +2 Dies on Notapotato's birthday (16th of May) +2 Death by Fire +2 Death by Water +2 Death by Bongo +6 The bonus is calculated according to the following simple formula: Bonus x (score gained from death divided by 5) Multiple bonuses multiply so a bonus of 3 and a bonus of 2 give together a bonus of 6. This makes negative bonuses extremely unattractive. So a bonus of 2 on a score of 40 gives you 2*(40/5)=16 Additionally, there will be a bonus of 50 points for coming in in 13th place in the Hartlepool Deadlypool. Unless there are only 13 or fewer entries. then there won't be. Nothing could be simpler. Oh yes, and there's an extra bonus of unspecified size payable on the first hit of the team which has the most interesting and unusual selection of celebrities. The host also reserves the right to reward further, minuscule bonuses to teams - often less than a point! 1. Dead means dead. No longer living: A bit like William Holden who having just been fished out of Gloria Swanson's swimming pool, died drunk and impoverished a mere 31 years later. Eligible for a death certificate. (A Munchkin is optional but may get a bonus) 2. For the purpose of the game a "celebrity" is someone well-enough known to get their death mentioned in one of the news sources host Death Impends deems qualifying for this pool: Anything that qualifies for the Derby Dead Pool The New York Times The Washington Post The Scotsman Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Australian The Sydney Morning Herald Stuff.co.nz Le Monde Le Figaro Der Spiegel Die Zeit El Pais El Mundo Corriere della Sera la Repubblica 3. Only human beings may be submitted as candidates. Animals may take part in the dead pool, but may be ridiculed for doing so, and may not get any points. Unless they are cats with a long history of doing dead pools. Team names which sound like an animal such as "Donkey from Hell" or "Dead as a Parrot" are allowed, I suppose, but may be ridiculed. 3a. Strictly only one team per participant. The submission of teams in the name of domestic animals in an attempt to circumvent this rule is doomed to failure. And ridicule. 4. If a participant dies during the competition, unlike in some dead pools, they don't win the competition automatically. They may, however, get awarded a few extra points by way of consolation. And next year, a bonus will be named after you, perhaps. If you do die during the course of 2020, do drop us a line and let us know where you went wrong so others can avoid making the same mistake. 4a. For legal reasons, we are unable to actively encourage participants to murder or otherwise accelerate the deaths of their chosen celebrities. There is however no penalty in the Hartlepool Deadlypool for doing so. Your Procurator Fiscal or local alternative may see this differently though, so we recommend asking beforehand. 5. Anyone selecting the following types of names will be summarily ridiculed and very likely penalised in an arbitrary and unpleasant way should their candidates actually die or be killed: Famous For Being Ill names. The penalty incurred will be decided upon a name dying and obiting, and is dependent on the host's opinion of the degree of a name's FFBI-ness. A very select few, like Kate Granger to use a past example, I feel have transcended their illness to become a legitimate pick, and will receive no penalty. Those known for longevity are also not considered FFBI and will receive full points. Names who are proactive with their illness, but of a lower profile than the Granger types, will receive a moderate-to-severe penalty. If a name is "famous" solely for reasons such as an "inspiring" deathbed marriage or being in a coma, they will receive no points or perhaps even negative points! Fringes of Fame names are similarly subject to a penalty. I will likewise judge these names on a case by case basis upon death. If a name has some claim to fame independent of their relationship, I will likely be lenient - think Rayya Elias, whose news coverage in her final years was largely about Liz Gilbert's partnership with her, but was a published author in her own right. I will also be lenient with fringey names who have received a reasonable amount of media coverage prior to ill health. But if a Hollywood star makes a tearful post to Instagram about how their sister is terminally ill? If the sister never got much media attention pre-cancer, don't expect to gain a lot should she become a hit. Anyone under sentence of death or highly likely to be sentenced to death at the start of the year, unless they die by means other than execution Anyone missing in action at the time of entry submission, unless said MIA name is discovered to be alive, and dies later in the year 5a. And you won't be getting the extra bonus points for original and unusual picks if you don't come up with something a bit more original or unusual. 6. The deadline is 23:59 GMT on December 31. However, unlike most dead pools, teams may still be submitted post deadline - with the catch that any teams submitted January 1st and beyond are limited to 9 picks (plus two substitutes), and the highest-ranked name on your team starts with a value of 45 points. In fairness to those who entered in a timely manner, I will also forbid late entrants from including any currently unique names on their main team. Names that are entirely unpicked, only on subs benches, or on multiple main teams are fair game for inclusion. Because the subs bench has no impact on a pick's uniqueness, any name is fair game for inclusion on a late team's subs bench. 7. Though only deaths occurring up to December 31, 2020 are able to count as hits, the 2020 HPDP will officially close 23:59 GMT on January 7, 2021, to allow some breathing room for late-year deaths that might take a few days to accrue a proper obit.
  6. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    Henry Gray still has not caused any reverberations outside of his home turf, but fecking hell three unique centenarian deaths learned of today! However only Katherine Johnson has QO'd thus far. Her mathematical prowess proved crucial towards NASA's spaceflights, but with her talents no longer available, Excel will have to do for calculating the trajectory of YorkshireBanker's team following the Hidden Figure's death... and it is a boost of 20 base points and 8 unique bonus points for 28 in all. Awaiting an obit are Chitetsu Watanabe (the world's oldest man should obit, but after Gustav Gerneth, who knows?) and Baby Peggy (obit guaranteed). I'll post a new scoreboard this time tomorrow.
  7. Death Impends

    The 100 Club

    I liked the film too. Saw it when it was out in theaters. RIP Katherine Johnson, it's nice that she lived long enough to see the recognition she deserved.
  8. Death Impends

    Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis

    Jerry Lee Lewis's stroke last year was more severe than initially reported, but he's fully recovered now and was able to record a new album - https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/jerry-lee-lewis-returns-thought-would-never-play-again-953592/
  9. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    Three teams picked Henry Gray here. Still waiting for press outside of Louisiana though.
  10. Death Impends

    Hollywood Possibilities

    That's going to derail his campaign for sure
  11. Death Impends

    Lewis vs. Trebek vs. Reid

    Trebek's appearance has been pretty "home stretch" as of late; voted him.
  12. Death Impends

    48. William H Gates

    Gates Sr only has a thread because he's on the DeathList (not exactly a page I'm on, but the committee has their ways...). If it wasn't for that he'd never have a standalone thread.
  13. Death Impends

    2. Kirk Douglas

    There does exist a helpful reference in the Wiki page of notable surviving World War II veterans.
  14. Death Impends

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool II

    Been so long since it's started I completely forgot I had Bean here
  15. Death Impends

    The Dead of 2020

    Bean was Kobe Bryant's middle name too. Really not the year to be in or near a vehicle if you have Bean in your name.
  16. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    The book now closed on the first one and your points properly acknowledged
  17. The enema of my enema is my friend...
  18. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    Nope. Just the basic points go out to the seven teams chanting "I'm Spartacus!". 40 points for markb4, 35 for The Old Crem, 30 for theoldlady, 25 for Torva Messor, 20 for Prophet, 5 for Exu, and 25 sub points for Book.
  19. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Kirk Douglas was Out of the Past agewise, but eight poolers hoped his Lust for Life would pull him through another year. Spartacus has departacus, plunging the teams who went for him 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea while Paths of Glory open up for those who went long. Who will emerge as Champion? =1. An Fear Bag 0 =1. Annami 0 =1. Bibliogryphon 0 =1. CaptainChorizo 0 =1. Death Impends 0 =1. drol 0 =1. gcreptile 0 =1. Grim Up North 0 =1. Joey Russ 0 =1. LizLemon 0 =1. Newjack 0 =1. The Dead Cow 0 =1. The Old Crem 0 =1. Torva Messor 0 =1. YoungWillz 0 16. Spade_Cooley 3 =17. Mercarte 4 =17. The Quim Reaper 4 19. Pedro67 5 20. machotrouts 6 21. deadsox 7 22. Toast 8 23. Philip 9 =24. Book 10 =24. paddyfool 10 26. Clorox Bleachman 11 27. BuffaloPhil 12 28. Sir Creep 13 29. The Unknown Man 15 =30. Skinny kiltrunner 16 =30. theoldlady 16 32. Great Uncle Bulgaria 17 33. grobler 18 34. Etushispushingupdaisies 21 35. msc 41 36. Neobrakeon 54
  20. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    INVERSE DEAD POOL 2020 Another new year arrives, and with that comes another round of reckoning the lingering prowess of the DDP's most popular selections. Of the 16 expiries throughout 2019, drol only selected 3 and notched his second win in the process. Rules From the list of the 50 most popular DDP picks of 2020, pick a team of 25 names who you think will survive the year. Rank your list in order of least likely to die to most likely to die. Post your team in this thread. If someone dies and they are listed on your team, then you will receive points according to their position. If your #1 pick dies you'll receive 25 points, whilst if your #25 pick dies you'll receive 1 point. If someone dies and they are not on your list, then you receive no points. In case one of the names available for entry dies before the submission deadline, you are allowed to have one sub. The sub can be anyone from the top 50 or the 51st most popular name, who will be revealed alongside the top 50. The 51st name can not be part of the original 25 if no one dies. In the case of one of your original team dying pre-deadline, the sub goes into 25th place by default, but if the sub was previously the 51st, you are allowed to change the position of the new pick. If the above scenario happens, you are also allowed to name a new sub and I will reveal the 52nd most popular name. Whoever has the lowest score at the end of the year is the winner. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the year, the tie will first be decided by who has less hits. If they have an equal amount of hits, then whoever among the teams died latest in the year, and thus came closest to being a correct prediction, will decide the winner. If said name was on multiple teams in the tie, whoever had said name lowest will win. If multiple teams had said name in the same position, the second most recently-deceased name will be referred to, and so on, until a winner is found. If, by some alignment of the stars, the tie is of either no hits or of all of the exact same hits in the exact same positions, all teams in the tie share victory. Credit to Toast for inadvertently coming up with a peach of a topic description, and of course, credit to Spade for creating this wonderful game. Credit to Dead Cow for his job as previous host, laying the framework for the Inverse Dead Pool's OP, and the idea for a "dies during entry period" rule. Credit to machotrouts for the suggestion of the latest hits factoring into tiebreakers. Previous Winners 2019 - drol 2018 - machotrouts 2017 - drol 2016 - Pedro67 2015 - Death Impends 2014 - Bibliogryphon 2013 - N/A 2012 - Esturian Float 2011 - Garn2 Top 50 George Alagiah John Andretti Frankie Banali Bob Barker Susan Bayh Pope Benedict XVI June Brown Jimmy Carter Billy Connolly Olivia de Havilland Bob Dole Chris Doleman Kirk Douglas Queen Elizabeth II Paul Gascoigne Jill Gascoine Greg Gilbert Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mikhail Gorbachev Jimmy Greaves David Gulpilil Rolf Harris Terry Jones Lee Kerslake Henry Kissinger Angela Lansbury John Lewis Vera Lynn Stirling Moss Olivia Newton-John Linda Nolan Genesis P-Orridge Prince Philip Leslie Phillips Little Richard Michael Robinson Yoo Sang-Chul Prunella Scales Tom Smith Pat Smullen Leon Spinks Nobby Stiles Alex Trebek Jean-Louis Trintignant Bill Turnbull Dick Van Dyke Gianluca Vialli Doddie Weir Betty White Barbara Windsor #51 Sam Lloyd
  21. Death Impends


    I reckon Dead Cow has won this
  22. Well with Kirk dead...
  23. Death Impends

    The 3rd Death of 2020

    7 votes for Kirk not counting the one after his death announcement. Well done. Thread closed.
  24. Death Impends

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Saw BBC breaking on my phone just as I got home and audibly holy shitted. Admittedly not a shocker but still, what an end of an era. RIP.
  25. Death Impends

    Your Personal Survivors

    Same reason Buell, Thorson, Brian Shivers, Vojislav Seselj, etc are still alive.

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