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  1. Death Impends

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Jack LaLanne too. You would've thought he'd be a surefire centenarian with his vigorous exercise routine, but he got pneumonia and died at 96.
  2. Death Impends

    The Chequered Flag

    His deadpooling stock rose last year though when OoO tipped that he was particularly poorly.
  3. Death Impends

    Donald J Trump

  4. Death Impends

    Language Barrier

    I agree that we shouldn't pussyfoot around saying "died" via usage of euphemisms, but I don't think it's necessarily worthy of a swear filter.
  5. Death Impends

    Sporting Bravery

    Colin Meads was another example. Excerpt from his Wiki page:
  6. Death Impends

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Whenever I see this thread bumped I assume there has to be a death among these eternal totterers. Even a seasoned deadpooler can have their moments of naivete!
  7. Death Impends

    Widow(er) Shopping

    For spouses of still-living celebrities the Family of Famous thread is more appropriate.
  8. Death Impends

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    That also leaves Mia Farrow as the last surviving Frank Sinatra spouse.
  9. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I still don't think I can overcome the Toothill/Heimel no-QO gap, but this year's still looking much better for me than it seemed two months ago! Didn't actually consider Barry for the DDP until mid-December, as one of those "scribble down when you see a report on them, forget about them completely, then finally do the research when the deadline closes in" types. And I felt after that research that A. her cancer spreading to several organs, per a GoFundMe update, meant a likely death and B. if SkySports was willing to report on her battle - as I see them as more reliable to do followup than tabloids - then she had a fair obit chance. Ended up right on both counts. RIP to her, though. No age to go at.
  10. Death Impends


    "What's with Sir Creep's sudden interest in plane flights?"
  11. Death Impends

    Bovine Attacks

    It's the Alien to harp seal pup shift all over again. Which I still got used to after a week, granted.
  12. Death Impends

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I can think of at least one, as Mike Ditka was a DL pick way back in the 1990s, though yeah, names from US-centric sports without any significant UK popularity are very much a rarity on DL.
  13. Death Impends


    It........ is.......... a......... deal
  14. Death Impends

    The 6th Death of 2018

    No one guessed Lord Carrington. Thread closed.
  15. Death Impends

    10. Lord Carrington

    He might not be doing so bad after all...
  16. Death Impends

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Yeah, it's Kavanaugh.
  17. Death Impends

    Death By Jazz

    BBC obit: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44723987
  18. Death Impends

    The Rolling Probabilistic Ddp Scoreboard

    Chivers was the only one IIRC to get multiple Mail articles while alive which for nonentity cancer mums is the major boost from "big risk" to "relatively safe". Whereas even some of the discussed FFBIs who QOed like that one Star Wars fan weren't picked at all because everyone assumed they'd be fully forgotten about by the time they died. Never would've guessed watching a film is seen as a bigger accomplishment than climbing Everest...
  19. Death Impends

    The Death Penalty

    Shoko Asahara, Japanese cult leader who masterminded a nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, has been executed. Mentioned occasionally around these parts over a decade ago, back when his death sentence was recent news and you could still get DDP points from executions.
  20. Death Impends

    20 /20

    1920 - Jim Leavelle, Franca Valeri 1921 - Sidney Rittenberg, Francoise Gilot 1922 - George Blake, Micheline Presle 1923 - Sumner Redstone, Rhonda Fleming 1924 - Atai Bihari Vajpayee, Machiko Kyo 1925 - Mahathir Mohamad, June Lockhart 1926 - Phil Phillips, Ann Turner Cook 1927 - Harry Whittington, Gina Lollobrigida 1928 - Hans Kung, Queen Ratna of Nepal 1929 - Gaston Glock, Vera Miles
  21. Death Impends

    Donald J Trump

    Nothing about Russia or his son in the article, did you mislink?
  22. Death Impends

    20 /20

    1920 - Jim Leavelle, Franca Valeri 1921 - Sidney Rittenberg, Francoise Gilot 1922 - George Blake, Micheline Presle 1923 - Sumner Redstone, Rhonda Fleming 1924 - Atai Bihari Vajpayee, Machiko Kyo 1925 - Mahathir Mohamad, June Lockhart 1926 - Phil Phillips, Gillian Lynne 1927 - Harry Whittington, Gina Lollobrigida 1928 - Hans Kung, Queen Ratna of Nepal 1929 - Gaston Glock, Vera Miles
  23. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    INVERSE DEAD POOL 2018 Right, another new year, another year of guessing which of the creme de la creme amongst DDP nominations will dodge Mr. Reaper's surly grasp for the next twelve months. After doing a solid job as host for the past few years, The Dead Cow has chosen to step down and pass the baton to me. Despite a few easy bets for survival like Donald Trump and Val Kilmer, 2017 was brutal for the IDP with 20 deaths, more and more dead certs occupying the top 50, and many teams keeping misguided faith in the continued survival of Daisy Berkowitz and Helen Fawkes. drol won with 25 points, a commendable result considering no one else finished under 40 and only two other teams under 50. Rules From the list of the 50 most popular DDP picks of 2018, pick a team of 25 names who you think will survive the year. Rank your list in order of least likely to die to least least likely to die. Post your team in this thread. If someone dies and they are listed on your team, then you will receive points according to their position. If your #1 pick dies you'll receive 25 points, whilst if your #25 pick dies you'll receive 1 point. If someone dies and they are not on your list, then you receive no points. NEW RULE: In case one of the names available for entry dies before the submission deadline, you are allowed to have one sub. The sub can be anyone from the top 50 or the 51st most popular name, who will be revealed alongside the top 50. The 51st name can not be part of the original 25 if no one dies. In the case of one of your original team dying pre-deadline, the sub goes into 25th place by default, but you are allowed to change the position of the new pick. If the above scenario happens, you are also allowed to name a new sub and I will reveal the 52nd most popular name. Whoever has the lowest score at the end of the year is the winner. Credit to Toast for inadvertently coming up with a peach of a topic description, and of course, credit to Spade for creating this wonderful game. Credit to Dead Cow for his job as previous host, having a well-organized OP to C&P for this year, and the idea for a "dies during entry period" rule. Previous Winners 2017 - drol 2016 - Pedro67 2015 - Death Impends 2014 - Bibliogryphon 2013 - N/A 2012 - Esturian Float 2011 - Garn2 Top 50 Alberto Fujimori Angela Lansbury Aretha Franklin Betty White Bob Barker Bob Dole Catherine Nevin Charlotte Rae Chris Rea Clive James Dean Francis Denis Norden Devin Lima Dick Van Dyke Donald Trump Doris Day Fernando Ricksen George H. W. Bush Sr Greg Gilbert Henry Kissinger Jill Gascoine Jimmy Carter Jimmy Greaves John McCain Kirk Douglas Leah Bracknell Leslie Phillips Liam Miller Linda Nolan Little Richard Marieke Vervoort Nobby Stiles Olivia de Havilland Olivia Newton-John Paul Gascoigne Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Prince Philip Prunella Scales Queen Elizabeth II Rev Billy Graham Robert Mugabe Simon Ricketts Stan Lee Stefan Karl Stefansson Stephen Hawking Terry Jones Tessa Jowell Val Kilmer Valerie Harper Vera Lynn #51 Carol Channing ENTRY PERIOD IS CLOSED
  24. Death Impends

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    A few days ago, the court rejected the McKitty family's plea to keep her on life support, though her parents might appeal the ruling - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/taquisha-mckitty-decision-1.4674367 The Ouanounou case still has yet to be decided.
  25. Death Impends

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2018

    Was a bit annoyed at myself for forgetting to pick Wouk when I submitted my team, given how insistent I've been this is his year. Though at least Cappotelli/Butts dying allowed me to sneak him in the subs bench. Also tried playing with the whole "shitton of 1918 people dying at 99" trend by picking Katherine Johnson, Baby Peggy, and Dave Bartholomew (though sources differ whether he was born in 1918 or 1920).

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