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  1. Death Impends

    Advent Avalanche 2021

    Heh it's not meant in a bad way! But yeah, the players who focus more on interesting old folk over the obscurer terminal cases, and without the casual players deadpooling would be a poorer field. Plus it always makes a nice underdog story when one notches a win!
  2. Death Impends

    Advent Avalanche 2021

    Beauty of pools like this is in how even the most casual players have their chance to shine. Congrats Biblio!
  3. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Also remember that when it was revealed Pola Illery died in the 90s years after getting a sucker Telegraph obit and DDP points in 2012? Which I must've mentioned half a dozen times but I love that story. Hah. Anyways TMIB let the points stay rather than reopen the 2012 files several years later which should tell you how not worth it it is to creak open the old databases!
  4. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    The Wiki page for Fujimori used to have his name as "Alberto Fujimori Fujimori". It doesn't any more so he probably doesn't actually have a reduplicated name, but it was a clear good faith inclusion and not something daft like putting Tom Parker on a centenarian theme team or something.
  5. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Knock on wood - I think I did it Opening the Excel file works smoothly for me now - can someone else (preferably anyone who had prior trouble downloading it) try themselves to double check?
  6. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Now that I'm home and settled I also have trouble actually downloading it. Looking into it, the issue likely looks to be nothing to do with what I did with the file, but that the DDP website currently is not currently "https" IE the url begins with "www." rather than "https://www.". If I assume correctly, if this can be altered, the file should be smoothly downloadable after that.
  7. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    The link is directly to the Excel file. I'll be home in about 9 hours. What I did with the file was save your old file, open it up in Excel, and save it with a 2022 filename. Not sure if there was some extra precaution to take to allow it to bypass the antivirus filters, maybe I should've changed the filename without actually opening it...
  8. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    December 1st again? Seems each year goes by faster and faster, doesn't it? Now time is flying so fast that a DDP co-host was born late enough to make SpongeBob references, but I digress... But yes, fear not, the North Star of the deadpooling world that we call the Derby Dead Pool continues to light up this morbid little pocket of our lives and has opened its doors for its 27th edition. As we enjoy @msc 's final month of DDP obits, I will be taking over the front page role starting next year, joining @Grim Up North and @gcreptile on the committee. THE RULES are unchanged from this year's ie the FFBI disqualifications, wider net of QOs, etc all remain instituted. IMPORTANT REMINDER: The spreadsheet method of entry that began last year remains in service. The 2022 spreadsheet, identical to the last one in all but filename, can be found here. It is heavily recommended to use the spreadsheet as means of entry to reduce Grim Up North's workload as much as possible. If you are absolutely unable to work with the Excel spreadsheet, still make sure to recheck GUN's DDP entry guide thread from last year to make the formatting of your email as smooth as possible.
  9. Death Impends

    Advent Avalanche 2021

    Gary Burgess
  10. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2021

    Now that David Gulpilil is didgeridoomed, 7 teams toss a shrimp on the barbie as they kangaroo leap up the scoreboard. CaptainChorizo and msc gain 40 points. Lynchian 35. The Unknown Man and the_engineer 30. drol 25. and An Fear Beag 25 sub points.
  11. Death Impends

    Ask Me Anything

    Who put the bomp in the bomp buh bomp buh bomp?
  12. Death Impends

    Six people, six months

    It always felt like one name or another would delay us to infinite rounds. Well done, indeed!
  13. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2021

    The death of famed Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil was much anticipated by our collective, with only chilean way and LizLemon thinking he would walk about for another year. Now that he's made his last wave, they get thrown even further out back. Though their teams were already well down under as it stands... 1. Sir Creep 8 2. Pedro67 9 3. The Quim Reaper 15 =4. BabyBlue 18 =4. machotrouts 18 =6. BuffaloPhil 20 =6. drol 20 8. The Old Crem 21 9. Great Uncle Bulgaria 22 10. Sideik 23 =11. Annami 24 =11. Bibliogryphon 24 =11. Charles De Gaulle 24 =11. deadsox 24 =11. Perhaps 24 16. Spade_Cooley 25 =17. Grim Up North 28 =17. Toast 28 19. YorkshireBanker 30 20. Newjack 31 21. Book 33 =22. An Fear Beag 34 =22. maryportfuncity 34 =24. theoldlady 35 =24. ThereWillBeDeaths7 35 26. Funeralopolis 36 =27. gcreptile 37 =27. JoeMoneypenny 37 29. CaptainChorizo 38 30. Banana 41 31. Death Impends 44 32. En Passant 46 33. Joey Russ 48 34. msc 49 35. YoungWillz 51 36. Salmon Mousse 59 37. machotrouts' mum 72 38. chilean way 73 39. LizLemon 74 40. The Unknown Man 78 41. GuyFromFuture 83
  14. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2021

    The death of Frank Williams revs up the competition, with several teams hoping they've had part of a winning Formula. Charles De Gaulle gets 40 points. En Passant 35. The Quim Reaper, Toast, and YorkshireBanker 25. And Perhaps hits his second sub for 50 points. And with that is a new scoreboard as we head into the final lap of this year's HPDP, with Funeralopolis staying ahead but Perhaps making it closer than before... Additionally, with Toast's first hit, every team is now on the board! 1. Funeralopolis 319 2. Perhaps 289 3. Annami 254 4. markb4 231 5. CaptainChorizo 215.32 6. Book 215 7. Pedro67 210.19 8. Eesti 210 9. Sean 208 10. gcreptile 191.32 11. msc 190.32 12. Dying Probably 183.19 13. GuyFromFuture 182 14. maryportfuncity 181 =15. DeathByArsenic 177 =15. drol 177 17. En Passant 175 18. Death Impends 161 19. An Fear Beag 160 20. chilean way 158 21. Charles De Gaulle 152 =22. Exu 150 =22. Torva Messor 150 24. The Quim Reaper 145 25. LizLemon 140 26. Great Uncle Bulgaria 135.19 27. theoldlady 135 28. the_engineer 123 =29. JoeMoneypenny 105 =29. The Old Crem 105 31. The Daredevil 104 32. YoungWillz 101.19 33. Lynchian 90 34. CalebH 80 35. YorkshireBanker 70 =36. Joey Russ 45 =36. time 45 38. DevonDeathTrip 35 38. The Unknown Man 35 40. Toast 25 41. sheldondinkleberg 15 42. BabyBlue 10 43. Bibliogryphon 3.9
  15. Death Impends

    The 10th death of 2021

    Dead Wait, wildstorm, and Bibliogryphon correctly guessed Frank Williams. Thread closed.

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