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  1. Death Impends

    Dead Pop Stars

    Heard during an early 60s countdown that Gerry Granahan died a few months ago. Later a producer in the 60s for groups such as Jay & The Americans. Figured I'd update the original post, a quick search of the names uncovered a few other deaths that haven't been otherwise mentioned on the forum: Otis Williams of doo-wop group The Charms was already dead at the time of the previous post. Charles Patrick of doo-wop group The Monotones died on his 82nd birthday in September 2020. Bobby Hendricks, member of The Drifters who sang lead on several of their songs such as "Drip Drop" died two months ago.
  2. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Glad you stepped in to clarify as there was no real way for me myself to say "alright msc's error now fixed" without it looking like I was throwing you under the bus
  3. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Now fixed.
  4. Death Impends

    Celebrity Pets

    An old cat of mine, in her final few years she liked to spend time in a specific chair in my room. She used it so much that there was quite a bit of fur left there and after she died none of us really had the heart to remove it! Probably most if not all of the fur there is gone now given she died over 12 years ago.
  5. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    The Stats and Facts page is finally fully updated for 2021. A few very simple stats (like who dies on their birthday) will be updated throughout the year if the need arises but the totals-related stats will remain untouched until next year needless to say! Thanks to msc for providing his past stats notes!
  6. Death Impends

    Andy Griffith Characters

    Had a similar gut feeling but it doesn't look like it.
  7. Death Impends


    Does amuse me that Gooseberry has changed his avatar more often this year than his entire time here previously iirc. Always unmistakably him though.
  8. Death Impends


    Picked by Reptile's C Team in the DDP. If he QOs, probably means any youngish death of a World Series winner is QO gold?
  9. Death Impends

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Shouldn't that go in the Dying Bigots thread?
  10. Death Impends

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    As promised, have gotten and completed Ronnie Spector's memoirs. Obviously, lots of difficult bits that made a few tough nights, despite knowing and bracing for it. It was really a bloody miracle she survived both Phil Spector and the addictions she developed during those years - she nearly "did a Jack Cassidy" once, for instance, on top of two other near-death incidents. But the end story of a loving, healed wife and mother was of course fulfilling, and it was very powerful that she didn't think much either way when Phil Spector died and cared far more that it was her 38th wedding anniversary that day! But yes, well worth the read, and lots of good funny bits. One of my favorites? Reporting on what her 60s contemporaries were like backstage, she related that when Dusty Springfield got frustrated, Dusty threw so many plates at her (Dusty's, not Ronnie's) door that she even had to ask her valet for more! Can confirm that we get this from her POV in her book. She also shagged Bowie in the 70s!
  11. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    If IMDB counted the DDP would be won the Alt Obits way, finding a lot of terminally ill actors whose illnesses are only reported in foreign articles. In other words no.
  12. Death Impends

    Marc Almond

    Tainted lungs?
  13. Death Impends

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    It's been interesting checking the most viewed page stats. Usually, it follows an expected pattern - recent obits with image headliners get the most clicks. Only strangely Walter Mercado, a 2019 death, has suddenly exploded in pageviews! Figure some other site linked to it but still a headscratcher.
  14. Death Impends

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Picked on the DDP by ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERNS FRONT. So one to keep an eye on to see if the news filters into the mainstream Hollywood sources.
  15. Death Impends

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    If true, I just namechecked him in the obit for the Belarus guy two days ago! Even quicker mention-to-death span than Liz Sheridan. It's always random cases like that and never the Kissinger jokes...

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