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  1. Political Frailty

    Thurmond and Helms were prominent enough bigots that DL spots for them can be justified - always nice to have hits you won't be shedding any tears over! 2007 selectee Tim Johnson, only known to South Dakotans and US political junkies, was much more of a fluke pick IMO.
  2. 9. Stan Lee

    Looked again through the old inane analysis pages, it was 2010: These old pages didn't mention who picked whom for already-dead people etc, as just mentioning they were picked at all was shame enough!
  3. 9. Stan Lee

    Brings to mind that there was one DDP where someone entered a terminally ill model on their team that turned out to be a completely fictitious creation of an Onion-esque website. Maybe next year someone will pick Kirby from the Kirby series of video games...
  4. The Dead Of 2017

    Not that that's a bad thing...
  5. Political Frailty

    Wolde-Girogis kinda reminds me of a black Wilford Brimley.
  6. The Dead Of 2017

    Fittingly enough, if you treat any name that's the first hit of a certain number as a record breaker, rather than just those who broke a previous year's record, then you can consider Roy Castle (the first hit #8) to be one!
  7. 16. Gord Downie

    Surely there's a Hip song title that can be used to convey a record being broken? Worst case scenario I guess they can do "The old record goes Downie"
  8. 16. Gord Downie

    BBC obit: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41669610
  9. The 16th death of 2017

    Regele Mihai for me.
  10. 16. Gord Downie

    Big day for the list indeed - RIP to him.
  11. The 15th death of 2017

    And so FixedBusiness, the_engineer, Torva Messnor, and Kevinnix3 become the four who picked the fabled 15th hit - well done. Thread closed.
  12. People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    Didn't realize there were any Who members who were that old!
  13. Hm, I would definitely keep till they die (note I, so not including ones like old UN guy you know will stay regardless...): The 100 club (has the DeathList ever dropped a centenarian? bar the nonentity fluke that was Ruby Muhammad...): 1. Kirk 2. Vera 3. Olivia 4. Wouk Not 100 but close enough: 5. Rev Billy 6. Lord Carrington Major public figures who are old or ill enough: 7. Phil the Greek 8. Carter 9. RobertMugabe 10. Her Majesty 11. Bush 41 12. Benny 16 13. Tutu Mid-90s folk who seem on the decline enough to warrant sticking with: 14. Stan the Man 15. Dole 16. Phillips Cancer folk: 17. Bracknell 18. Downie 19. Mihai 20. Rhoda (even if the new medication sees some success, IMO the fact that the first one stopped working to begin with is enough to move her from "on-and-off pick" to "undroppable") A DL tradition more interesting than Javier: 21. Fats
  14. Drunk? Bored?? Psychopath???

    True, and fair play has to be given for no "SUCK MY DICK" or "FUCK YOU KIRK DOUGLAS".
  15. Your Emperor is here

    Oh wait, just checked the IP. Nice try Africa7777