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  1. DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    For the most part, in the AODP I like to go with interesting old people over the more competitive picks. Sort of the leisurely stroll to contrast my marathoning in the DDP.
  2. DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    It is. Kimura has his AODP team in his sig.
  3. DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    School ended in mid-June and started at the beginning of September for me. It was weird finding out it wasn't consistently that across the US states.
  4. People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    I would have assumed everybody involved in the creation/early development of Bugs Bunny was long gone. His official debut was in 1940's A Wild Hare, though a more cutesy-looking prototype Bugs appears in a few earlier shorts. The layout artist on A Wild Hare, Bob Givens, redesigned the prototype Bugs (as well as Elmer Fudd) for the short, creating the earliest design of the more familiar Bugs and was thus one of several who laid the groundwork for the character as known today. He's still alive at 99.
  5. The Dead Of 2017

    I had him as a "consider for the Deathrace if he gets that far" type name. That he got a Mail obit took me by surprise as he was a low level player, I don't think it would have happened were it not for him marrying on his deathbed days before (because of course the Mail covers that).
  6. Reality TV

    I'd have assumed a starring role in any ongoing reality TV show would be a Mail lock these days.
  7. DDP 2018 Town Hall

    It is worth noting that every year Spade won, the runner up has always been different - OoO, Drunkasaskunk, DDT, and CaptainChorizo (though only the last one hasn't won the gold before). This would remain true if he wins again this year as it would almost certainly mean Bert or Cow in second place.
  8. The Dead Of 2017

    Ed Drummond quaking in his mythical boots
  9. The Dead Of 2017

    The trend continues: Australian rules football umpire Harry Beitzel dead at 90.
  10. DDP 2018 Town Hall

    Good example of the above: One of the major possible game changers at this point in the DDP would be Bruce Forsyth dying, whereas under last year's rules that would only decide who just sneaks into the top 20. The FFBIs are still there but I like how even among the top teams bonafide celebs become a bit more a part of the conversation.
  11. Stefan Karl Stefansson

    Still think he's fecked (given his cancer is relentless and nearly always reoccurs - remember just how brief his first remission was?) but we're getting late enough in the year that he feels more like a 2018 fatality at this point. Which pretty much closes the window on my DDP chances this year.
  12. DDP 2018 Town Hall

    You could just click the QOs linked to on the front page if you want to read more about the person, no?
  13. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    I gave Dunn a smiley here as I felt it was fitting of his status as the celebrity most iconic to DeathList. And since it's been added the community has designated as the official "we already know that" smiley.
  14. Your Personal Survivors

    My last from 2016 is also a two-man race by now. NakaMats probably goes first (as despite being a fraud he's still pushing 90) unless the next John Wick film kills him off at the end...
  15. Ice Hockey Players

    Between him and Zorreguieta, tough time to be a 2015 top-team pick that fell by the competitive wayside afterwards.