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  1. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    STATS AND FACTS The Inverse Dead Pool has dropped in participants compared to last year, with 36 players total (12 less than 2019 and identical to 2018). Donald Trump has usually been the top dog in the Inverse but he wasn't popular enough in the DDP this year to be Inverse eligible (the DDP - the one place where you wish Trump had popularity...). With Trump out, Gazza now sits atop the perch. There is also an unanimous pick this time around - every single team has at least some modicum of confidence in Angela Lansbury's ability to see the year out. Name Total Points Total # of Teams 1. Paul Gascoigne 742 33 2. Queen Elizabeth II 707 34 3. Linda Nolan 646 33 4. Billy Connolly 635 34 5. Dick Van Dyke 616 34 6. Angela Lansbury 601 36 7. Barbara Windsor 529 34 8. Bill Turnbull 490 29 9. Doddie Weir 472 29 10. Rolf Harris 457 32 11. Olivia Newton-John 440 30 12. June Brown 422 31 13. Betty White 408 33 14. Henry Kissinger 332 31 15. Pope Benedict XVI 321 28 16. Prunella Scales 296 30 17. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 293 24 18. Greg Gilbert 256 21 19. Little Richard 234 23 20. Olivia de Havilland 224 26 21. George Alagiah 207 19 22. Jimmy Greaves 200 19 23. Mikhail Gorbachev 196 22 24. Leon Spinks 189 18 25. Jill Gascoine 188 19 Last year's people's choice would have finished in 10th place with 38 points, with Doris Day, Marieke Vervoort, and Valerie Harper the trio of landmines. Which of the above will follow in their paths? Conversely, the community regards these ten as the most fecked: Name Total Points Total # of Teams 1. Tom Smith 7 1 2. Genesis P-Orridge 12 1 3. Yoo Sang-Chul 13 2 4. John Lewis 18 3 5. Alex Trebek 21 4 6. David Gulpilil 23 2 =7. Nobby Stiles 28 8 =7. Gianluca Vialli 28 7 9. Susan Bayh 29 4 10. John Andretti 32 3 Nobby Stiles has been in the bottom 10 for three years in a row. Will the community's continued lack of confidence in his stunning survivability be validated this year?
  2. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    And that shuts the door on Inverse 2020 entries. Good luck to everyone and their picks. Stats now being tabulated...
  3. Death Impends

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2020

    As always, thrown into the Random.org washing machine and ended up with P-Orridge and arap Moi in the subs slot Ashley, April Beck, Aaron Trebek, Alex *JOKER* Bayh, Susan Gorbachev, Mikhail Anthony, Ray Gascoine, Jill Gulpilil, David *JOKER* Astin, John Jones, Terry Gray, Henry Pérez de Cuéllar, Javiér Robinson, Michael Barker, Bob Andre, Soeur Johns, Glynis Hume, John Crosby, David Bennett, Jana Lewis, John Tobin, Peter Andretti, John *JOKER* Pahor, Boris Carter, Jimmy Hagen, David Douglas, Kirk Banali, Frankie Smith, Tom *JOKER* de Havilland, Olivia Smullen, Pat Gleason, Steve Champion, Marge Bilton, Tim Lynn, Vera Downs, Hugh Frankland, William Tanaka, Kane Goodenough, John B. Reid, Harry Stiles, Nobby Doleman, Chris *JOKER* Carle, Eric Blackman, Honor Philip, Prince Sang-chul, Yoo Obayashi, Nobuhiko Atkins, Ronald Storch, Larry Whelan, Eileen Trintignant, Jean-Louis SUBS Watanabe, Chitetsu P-Orridge, Genesis arap Moi, Daniel Johnson, Katherine Greaves, Jimmy
  4. Death Impends


    21 countries now. Pakistan, France, and Australia added to the tally last year, Oman this. There's also potential for Denmark and South Korea this year.
  5. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    A Lotte hits going around lately. Up next is the death of South Korean businessman Shin Kyuk-ho, who marks the first hit for DeathByArsenic with 20 base points and 8 bonus points, for 28 total.
  6. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    24 hours remain to get a team in...
  7. Death Impends

    Ask A Deathlister

    Okay I have added two new reactions with functions like those suggested. Shocked and facepalm.
  8. Death Impends

    John McCain

    Roberta convo has always been in John's thread before. And so it shall stay that way.
  9. Death Impends

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Your team lacks a #14. I've bumped everyone #15 and lower up a spot and moved Olivia de Havilland to your #25 as it stands.
  10. Death Impends

    Ask A Deathlister

    I have the power to add reactions so could look for a couple useful new ones over the weekend.
  11. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    Christopher Tolkien goes from Middle-earth to under earth, and sees markb4 join the scoreboard with 10 base points and 4 extra for uniqueness, for 14 total. And four hits means scoreboard time. Book and RadGuy are joint top off the rapid demises of Qaboos and Scruton. Can these strong starts continue? =1. Book 75 =1. RadGuy 75 3. drol 65 4. YorkshireBanker 63 =5. CaptainChorizo 50 =5. maryportfuncity 50 =7. gcreptile 45 =7. Toast 45 9. Prophet 40 10. John Key 15 11. markb4 14 12. msc 5 =13. Everyone else 0
  12. Death Impends

    20 /20

    1920 - Irving Kanarek, Franca Valeri 1921 - Stanley Ho, Francoise Gilot 1922 - George Blake, Micheline Presle 1923 - Sumner Redstone, Rhonda Fleming 1924 - Johnny Gilbert, Maria Riva 1925 - Mahathir Mohamad, June Lockhart 1926 - Phil Phillips, Ann Turner Cook 1927 - Harry Whittington, Gina Lollobrigida 1928 - Hans Kung, Queen Ratna of Nepal 1929 - Gaston Glock, Vera Miles 
  13. Death Impends

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    I like how for years Allen was second banana to Gerard Tierney in Alt Obits, but since joining the DL he's won twice in a row. Sort of has the feel of the plucky karate hero who needed to train at the DeathList Dojo to unleash his full potential Well done, Allen!
  14. Death Impends

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    YorkshireBanker gets on the board with the death of Bobby Brown. The Rangers great, not the wishful thinking one relating to one of today's Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees... Either way, 45 base points and 18 bonus points for uniqueness for 63 total.
  15. Death Impends

    Ask A Deathlister

    That happens for me too if I copy directly from Excel to the forum. What I do is copy and paste the spreadsheet section to Word, and then copy and paste it from there to the forum. Sometimes I use the "Keep Text Only" option if it's only one column that I'd rather not have display as a table.

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