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  1. The Rolling Probabilistic Ddp Scoreboard

    I'm keeping quietly confident Heimel will get something eventually. Especially given how much of the year is left. Though it's disappointing Guardian still hasn't stepped up to the plate for a name who seemed practically made for their obits section. It's strange, I thought Toothill and Heimel were both rather safe obits and I'm still waiting on both (and very doubtful the former gets anything). And yet crazier risks of mine in the past like Karen Muir, Chocolate Armenteros, and Julia Perez all paid off quickly.
  2. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    He was one of your uniques who I considered but decided against in light of how long some other end-stage brain cancer names lingered last year, like Oliver Nome and Van Zandvliet.
  3. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Hold off the assault on the Guardian, Wilhelm got a Mail AP obit.
  4. Death In The Family

    Condolences to Willz and Ice over your losses.
  5. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Think you mean quarterfinals?
  6. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Ken Whelan is a jockey, mentioned previously by DDT here.
  7. Stefan Karl Stefansson

    He's a numbered one, as far as days are concerned.
  8. The Chequered Flag

    AJ Foyt briefly hospitalized following a killer bee attack, marking the second time he's survived such a bout.
  9. The Deathlist Cup 2018

    Tafoya and Anzaki aren't uniques though, while Benson is, meaning you'd need three hits out of the names you mentioned now.
  10. Grassing c***s using the report function

    What annoys me about the report function is that while I should be able to see notifications for them while merely browsing the forum, I'm only able to get report notifications via email. No idea why it happens that way.
  11. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Think more names in that post are in good health than aren't!
  12. 45. Stephen Hawking

    Reminds me there was an old DDP team called "Stephen Hawking's Football Boots" Which I've just checked, is still playing but didn't pick Hawking
  13. The 4th Death Of 2018

    Keeping on with Wouk
  14. Inverse Dead Pool 2018

    Bam. We've had our first land mine. 27 teams picked Stephen Hawking, who theoretically seemed a reasonable bet to survive the year. Instead, he's become history in a brief time, with only four teams continuing to evade the black hole that is an Inverse Dead Pool score. =1. CastAway 0 =1. John Key 0 =1. theoldlady 0 =1. YoungWillz 0 =5. Grim Up North 4 =5. Mercarte 4 =7. drol 5 =7. Torva Messor 5 =9. deadsox 6 =9. machotrouts 6 11. CharonsCrew 7 =12. Dr_T 9 =12. Wormfarmer 9 14. gcreptile 10 =15. Death Impends 11 =15. Deathray 11 17. Bentrovato 12 18. time 13 =19. Bibliogryphon 14 =19. Pedro67 14 =19. Spade_Cooley 14 22. Garn2 15 =23. msc 19 =23. The Dead Cow 19 =25. CaptainChorizo 20 =25. FixedBusiness 20 =25. Joey Russ 20 28. Toast 22 29. paddyfool 24 30. Sir Creep 29 31. Book 30 32. Phantom of the Midway 34 33. The Unknown Man 35 34. Dead Wait 37 35. GraveDanger 38 36. Sean 40
  15. 45. Stephen Hawking