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  1. John McCain

    Still think he makes the new year but doubt he gets close to the 15 months average lifespan for glioblastoma.
  2. Cartoonists And Animators

    That's a shame, I assumed the last of the classic Looney Tunes names went with June Foray, so discovering Givens was a nice surprise. Reckon his death truly closes the door on that era now, but like Foray, a nice old age reached. RIP.
  3. Predictions not death anyone else feeling psychic

    Might want to reread the thread title there
  4. 14. Leah Bracknell

    Will the cancer or the flowers in her lungs get her first?
  5. Advent Avalanche 2017

    Fare thee well Apostoli, bronze is good enough for me.
  6. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    Of course Moore is acting up, given his character I'd be stunned if he conceded gracefully... Apparently the margins needed to allow for a recount need to be <.5% and Jones won by 1.5%.
  7. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    This seat is up again in 2020, so the Dems will have it for another 3 years. It will certainly revert back to the norm come then but certainly a useful boost while they have it.
  8. Ideas And Possibilities For 2018

    I thought before the votes were tallied that Moore would still eke out a win, even with the allegations, due to how ruby red Alabama is. Very pleasantly surprised, even if a race with a pedophile candidate should never be so close.
  9. The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2017

    Had her as a B-team lock for next year... she came way closer to the new year than I would've thought at the time of picking her for this pool. UK actress and co-star to Elvis, so a QO should be here within hours.
  10. The 100 Club

    That brings my Deathrace from this year down to just Kay Hagan and Roy Head. 18 deaths in under a year... and yet it'll be many years before another of those two die.
  11. 28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    Might've been Charles Schulz for me. I also distinctly remember being told at school that Rosa Parks died. It was around the time of Steve Irwin's death I took a real interest in celeb deaths and first discovered DL around December 2006 - a vintage celeb death month to discover it. (three DL hits in Pinochet, Joe Barbera, and Ford and other notable deaths such as Peter Boyle, James Brown, and Saddam)
  12. Internet Celebrities

    Was still on my main team shortlist at time of death, but if I'm being completely honest I think he would've ended up a B-team name had he made the new year. (oh, and Deathrace too, it was "timer's on" mode once he started using a nasal cannula)
  13. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    My gut feeling is now that they've finally shattered the previous record, the DL will go more leisurely next year and not stock up on many terminal cases. Keeping Brackers and adding McCain/ONJ, maybe Tessa Jowell.
  14. So How's Your 2018 Shortlist Looking?

    Down to about 45 names on my shortlist. The cuts get very difficult at this point... quite a few youngish likely deaths with risky obit chances in the mix. I'll inevitably punt on one or two but haven't been able to decide which, whereas I think I already settled on picking Julia Perez this time last year.
  15. Max Clifford

    When I woke up and saw he died, I assumed this thread was started in response to his demise, to discuss the circumstances.