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  1. 1 hour ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

    That was impression  also @Toast although  I can see it is arguably ambiguous though  I think my interpretation is likely correct.


    I don't know anything about him, or her, but the context suggests that he might have had some other lifelong illness or condition. 

    I would have thought that if he too died of Covid she would have said so more plainly.  Like "now it's taken my brother too", or wtte.

  2. 1 hour ago, time said:

    Why? I haven't missed any apostrophes that should be there nor added any that shouldn't. (Unless, of course, I have. Or haven't)


    Not really, but the use of an apostrophe could shorten that sentence a little.  Is this better?

    He was reportedly struck by a falling bullet fired into the air by a mourner at a funeral for a firefighter killed in last month's port explosion.

  3. 3 hours ago, torbrexbones said:

    I have noticed that the number of infections started to rise just about the same time as face masks were made compulsory in certain places, could there be a connection?

    Well YES, simply because people don't know how to wear masks and also because they wear the same one time and again.

    Not that I want to see even more discarded masks lying about the street but what I am saying is do it right or don't do it at all.


    I don't think so, because the small amount of protection offered either way by a mishandled mask must be better than none.

    But I take your point.

    I can't tolerate wearing a mask the whole time I'm out, so I only wear one when I'm inside a shop.  I suppose I should be sealing that mask into a bag and breaking out a new one for the next shop.  But I don't, because on a typical day in town I would be going through a lot of masks.  As long as it stops me breathing potentially virus-laden exhalations over people, it must be better than nothing.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Ulitzer95 said:

    There is also a Kevin Lightowlers on there from the surrounding area which could be him but again, nothing concrete to go on. 

    Can't find any indication anywhere of an alternate first name. @YoungWillz could be right in suggesting he was born abroad. One to shelf for now I think.


    I was just looking for initial N, thinking Nicholas might be his middle name.

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  5. 2 hours ago, harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy said:

    Not sure how this thread works as I don't generally read it, but someone like, say, Nicky Tesco tweets regularly - does that count as being alive?


    It should do.  :D  I expect they'll get round to it.

    The Wiki page for the band gives quite a lot of detail, including a real name for Tesco of Nick Lightowlers.  Not too many of them about, but I don't see a Nicholas.

    This one might be worth consideration:



  6. 18 minutes ago, CoffinLodger said:


    It doesn't feel right to me to speculate on who will die next having suffered a bereavment myself very recently, but I suppose if I have to choose someone I will go with Bob Dole. 


    No one is forcing you.

  7. 2 hours ago, Great Uncle Bulgaria said:

    Yes, but around half your team I'd either never heard of until I came on here or still have no idea who they are at all (14).

    I know the real list has Bill Gates' Dad and  - as you do - P-Orridge and Tom Smith but I think a significant proportion of the adult population in either UK or US has heard of most of the others.

    Not intended as a dig at you personally, I'd make the same observation about a lot of the other lists on here being compared  favourably to the committee's.



    To be fair, Book isn't the worst offender.  I have heard of a lot of the people on his list, even if they had to be explained to me ("Oh, that guy").  I mean, I'd never heard of Alex Trebek before people started talking about him here, but I was aware of the Jeopardy game show, so that works for me.  Most of Book's names that are unknown to me are German, which is fair enough.

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