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  1. 1 hour ago, Sir Creep said:

    Alzheimer’s is so tricky.  I have TJones nowhere, I didn’t see him dying at all until next year.  Instead he drops inside of about 18 months of deteriorating, while the likes of Jeanne Little drools on herself for 4 years now and no end in sight, and though he won’t QO, Bill Freehan was supposed to be dead a year ago as stated by his wife.  Yet he breathes.  Oh and Nobby Stiles, anyone (be sumptin if he’s next)


    So for those who were Jones truthers, well done.  But it’s still a needle in haystack choosing Alzheimer’s patients.



    Terry Jones didn't have Alzheimer's.

    I've said on here before,  people need to stop using the term "Alzheimer's" indiscriminately.  There are other types of dementia.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Sir Creep said:

      I’m sitting here and a piece of what made me who I am is suddenly missing.  A big piece. 


    Sadly a big piece of what made Terry who he was had been missing for a while, so see it as a merciful release.

    1. Alex Trebek

    2. Lee Kerslake

    3. Carol Burnett

    4. Tom Osmond

    5. Marian Cisovsky

    6. Alain Delon

    7. Jean-Louis Trintignant (wildcard)

    8. Willie Nelson

    9. Joni Mitchell

    10. John Hume

    11. Jimmy Greaves

    12. Imelda Marcos

    13. Nobby Stiles (wildcard)

    14. Glynis Johns

    15. Harry Billinge

    16. Jana Bennett (wildcard)

    17. Boris Pahor

    18. Thelma Houston

    19. John Lewis

    20. David Hockney

    21. William Frankland

    22. Jimmy Carter

    23. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    24. John Astin

    25. Peter Tobin

    26. David Hagen

    27. John Andretti

    28. Richard O'Sullivan

    29. Tom Smith

    30. Tim Bilton

    31. Meat Loaf

    32. Ronald Atkins

    33. Yoo Sang-chul

    34. Frankie Banali

    35. Olivia de Havilland

    36. David Gulpilil

    37. Genesis P-Orridge

    38. Bob Barker

    39. Honor Blackman (wildcard)

    40. Kerri Parker

    41. Loretta Lynn

    42. Danny Gosset

    43. Chris Doleman

    44. Greg Gilbert

    45. Helen Fraser

    46. Elizabeth Kelly (wildcard)

    47. Vera Lynn

    48. Pat Smullen

    49. Sam Lloyd

    50. Terry Jones  DNS


    Gerry Adams

    Rolf Harris

    Donald Trump

    Peter Sutcliffe

    Glenn Hoddle


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  3. Yeah ....  Claims a surgeon who has not actually seen him.


    "Michael Schumacher is ‘very altered, deteriorated and not how we remember him’ claims surgeon 6 years after ski accident"

    "We must imagine a person very different from the one we remember on the track, with a very altered and deteriorated organic, muscular and skeletal structure," said Acciari.


  4. I never watched Heartbeat, although I was frequently in a room where others were watching it.  My main impression was that a lot of old 60s hits were played for no apparent reason.  They never seemed to be thoughtfully matched to whatever was going on in the story.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Great Uncle Bulgaria said:

    fwiw the Diana Ross song  was I'm still waiting.


    How about 'Young girl' by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Big nunber 1 of the 60s, basically an ode to an under age girl ('beneath your perfume and make up, you're just  a baby in disguise'). 


    Oh don't start me off on that one.  The poor lad has just found out that his girlfriend is not as old as she looks, and has lied to him about her age. 

    You led me to believe you're old enough to give me love
    And now it hurts to know the truth


    He's horrified to find out that she's jailbait, and is basically dumping her.  People never seem to listen to the whole thing. 

    It's a thing that happens all the time, and I feel sorry for all the young lads that find themselves in this situation.  It's a hundred times worse than it was when I was a teenager because everyone's so puritanical now.  When I was at school half the girls in my class were shagging older guys before they were 16.  It's just nature.



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  6. 1 hour ago, the_engineer said:

    So it begins. They're saying it's a mistake , if so why not just correct it and not mention it? This is a way of getting the public ready for the divorce imo.



    I echo Windsor's suggestion of Mr and Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor.  What's wrong with that?


    Harry is clearly furious and by saying he had "no other option" that pretty much confirms to me that he's been sacked.  He obviously wanted to keep all the bits he wanted and was told No. 


    Are they going to have to change their branding to #sussexnotroyal?


  7. 39 minutes ago, Deathray said:


    I.e - there's a bestselling book 'Living with Barbara Windsor: Being a Dementia Carer'  in this ones Babara cops it and some charity gigs as an advocate......

    Scott is an opportunistic cunt planning his next move, that's why he married Barbara in the first place after his own career failed.

    Barbara Windsor must have the worst taste in men on the planet, a shite chef, a ineffective gangster and a gold digger....


    Oh, come on, they've been married for 20 years and i doubt she's worth millions.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, ladyfiona said:

    It's at this point I really don't want Scott or other friends giving anymore updates to the press because it's depressing seeing her go so downhill as I used to love her in Eastenders and reminds me of what my grandfather went through. Then again it is keeping us updated about whether to put her on Deathlist or not, lol.


    I guess he just wants £££ and last 15 minutes of fame before he vanishes from whatever public life he leeds.


    I don't think anything's changed much, although I note Barbara will not be presenting the award herself which implies they aren't confident that she could manage it.  I guess it's one of those things, the coin could fall either way in the moment.


    The interviews Scott does are not really updates as much as opportunities to raise awareness and promote charitable events.  I think your comments about him are unfair.  Did you read the whole article?


    "Scott is speaking out to further raise awareness about Alzheimer’s – and just days before Good Morning Britain’s first One Million Minutes Awards.

    The event celebrates those who make a difference in the drive to end loneliness. It features the Dame Barbara Windsor Award, to be presented by Scott and actor Larry Lamb – Babs’ screen hubby from her days as EastEnders’ Peggy Mitchell.

    The award will go to Danny Brown, 76 – diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2014."


    "Because of the impact it had, us going public and talking about it, and the fact we were told it did help others, we wanted to continue that. I will continue to raise awareness for this, because it is something that will affect a lot of us.”

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