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  1. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    They've said the team descriptions await updates. One of mine wittily says " Will these twenty picks be toast in 2021?"
  2. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    Tea will do it as well.
  3. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    Huge exaggeration. Gleaming white teeth cost money which she clearly doesn't have. A visit to the hygienist costs me nearly £70 and doesn't affect the appearance of my teeth much. Tooth whitening - purely cosmetic - is much more expensive and isn't permanent. She probably drinks a lot of coffee, that's the usual culprit.
  4. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    She looks fine. Normal. Nice to see someone confident to be seen au naturel with no filters, no photoshopping. Bet she looks great when she dresses up, does her hair and puts a bit of slap on. Hope she recovers well.
  5. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Some of the names are a bit messy, i.e. no consistency with upper and lower case. For instance: george alagiah Francoise HARDY JIM REDMAN Is that something that can be easily sorted out?
  6. Toast

    Betty White

    Yes, it's horribly twee.
  7. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Absolutely terrific work! Well done and thank you. I also have a team name quibble in that my second team should be "No One Here Gets Out Alive" rather than "Nobody Here Gets Out Alive". (Doors lyric as I'm sure everyone recognises.) Still happy to help with image sourcing. I doubt there will be anything to match the entertainment value of Jacques Tits, but you never know.
  8. Toast

    The B B C

    Already mentioned in the post I replied to.
  9. Toast

    The B B C

    Sounds familiar. Our (Tory) MP was chosen as a candidate for the seat because her dad had been the MP before. So, you know, glass houses.
  10. Toast

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Have you actually read that article? It doesn't seem to say what you think it says.
  11. Toast


    Sounds like a crapper.
  12. Toast

    Guess The Song

    There's still a couple that haven't been guessed right yet.
  13. Toast

    Prince Andrew

    It impoverishes our language, as it leaves us with no specific word for those who sexually violate babies and young children. Like this creature. There's a huge difference.
  14. Toast

    Boris Johnson

    Are we sure he hasn't done any morris dancing?
  15. Toast

    Prince Andrew

    I still can't agree that shagging a 17 year old makes someone a paedophile.

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