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  1. Background: The local branch of the bank where I have my current account is closing, so for convenience I've decided to move it to another bank where I already have a savings account. For this I needed to make an appointment. Now of course these days you can't phone up the local branch, you have to go through some fucking call centre. All I wanted was an appointment, but they wanted to know everything down to my shoe size. Bankperson: What's the number of your savings account? Me: I don't know, I haven't got it to hand. So I then had to give her my name, postcode, date of birth, etc. Bankperson: What are the first two digits of your security number? Me: I don't have one. Bankperson: Oh. Well, I can issue you with one and email it to you. What is your email address? Me: Look, I just want to make an appointment. Surely all that can be sorted out then. Bankperson: What's your mobile number then? Me: I can't remember it, I just got a new one. My landline is --- Bankperson: No, it has to be a mobile. (Fucking cheek! Not everybody has a mobile!) Me: Look, I just want to make an appointment. Bankperson: But I can't just do that, it has to be done through your account. Me: Well, what if I didn't have an account? Surely you'd be able to book me an appointment then. I ONLY WANTED TO MAKE A FUCKING APPOINTMENT
  2. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    Still a bit late for that.
  3. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    I have no idea, but it's too late for it to be part of GoT. Although I suppose it could be something for extra features on the DVD/bluray.
  4. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    "The Long Night also doesn't have an official premiere date as it stands, but it's expected to start shooting in 2019" https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a869736/the-long-night-hbo-series-game-of-thrones-release-date-trailer-cast
  5. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    'Game Of Thrones' itself has finished filming, with the final episodes due to be shown from April 14. But what you saw could be something to do with the spin-off prequel series, title as yet unconfirmed.
  6. Toast

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Or "fighting a deadly fungus" as the article puts it. Which sounds like something from a horror film. Her name is actually Denise DuBarry Hay, just for the record and search facility.
  7. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    But Wilko Johnson (Ser Ilyn Payne) lives on! Mind you, I think a lot of viewers think that he died.
  8. Toast

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    As long as we don't have to use those silly American sticks and cups etc, I don't mind.
  9. Toast

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Gibraltarians - simpler than you thought.
  10. Toast

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    aka Massive Cock Up
  11. Toast

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Mourning, Coffins, Urns
  12. Toast

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Milking Cows' Udders Monte Carlo Urinals Mischievous Crotchless Underwear
  13. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    Roy Dotrice is another casualty. He was originally cast as Grandmaester Pycelle, but ill-health forced him to withdraw. He did appear in a couple of episodes as the Pyromancer. Also narrated the audiobooks. The actors who played Ser Denys Mallister and Old Nan have also died.

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