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  1. Toast

    Room 101

    Should be safe enough now that the White Walkers and Army of the Dead are heading south.
  2. I hate it when animals are referred to as "it" when the sex is known.
  3. Toast


    One of the first faces I remember seeing on the television. I found him rather scary for some reason.
  4. Toast

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    In use since the 1920s according to the Oxford English Dictionary. gig, n. Pronunciation: Brit. /ɡɪɡ/ U.S. /ɡɪɡ/ Frequency (in current use): Etymology: Origin unknown. colloq. An engagement for a musician or musicians playing jazz, dance music, etc.; spec. a ‘one-night stand’; also, the place of such a performance. Also transf. and attributive. 1926 Melody Maker Sept. 7 One popular ‘gig’ band makes use of a nicely printed booklet. 1927 Melody Maker May 457/3 This seven-piece combination does many ‘gigs’ in S.E. London, but is hoping to secure a resident engagement at Leamington in the near future. 1934 S. R. Nelson All about Jazz vi. 113 Jack runs numerous bands which play ‘gig’ work—i.e. private engagements or public work. In his office, he has a file in which some hundreds of ‘gig’ musicians are listed. 1964 L. Hairston in J. H. Clarke Harlem 287 Pa—knockin' hisself out on a mail-handler gig at the Post Office where the pay is so lousy he's gotta work a part-time gig. 1965 G. Melly Owning-up vii. 80 Another Proustian gig was the Civic Hall, Nantwich. We played there fairly regularly right through the 'fifties. 1969 Observer 12 Jan. 31/5 Leading groups will be given two hours in which to play what they want, without the limitations imposed by commercial gigs.
  5. Toast

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Their gigs/shows/concerts/performances/recitals/do something funs are selling out worldwide. http://www.gretavanfleet.com/tour
  6. Toast

    The Chequered Flag

  7. Toast

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Went to see Greta Van Fleet on Monday at Kentish Town Forum. We arrived just before the support band came on (Goodbye June, who were pretty good) and the place was already packed. Unfortunately the retro-70s vibe extended to the main band keeping us waiting a full hour before coming on. It was a hot, cramped and uncomfortable wait. And tediously boring. GVF were excellent when they did finally grace us with their presence, but I was flagging by then, and I'm used to standing gigs. I had managed to worm my way through to a spot with a decent view but annoyingly they deployed a lot of silly dry ice effects and were just blurred dark silhouettes throughout much of the show. Sort the lighting out and be punctual, boys - some things are best left in the 1970s.
  8. My Dad would have been 100 years old today. He didn't even get halfway.
  9. Toast

    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    I'm now torn between this and the_engineer's computer game theory.
  10. Toast

    The Chequered Flag

    But .... "they've got seatbelts and everything else" !!!
  11. Toast

    The 12th Death of 2018

    Vera Lynn. For no particular reason.
  12. Toast

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    I hope this old grandsire continues to dodge the inevitable for a few more rounds.
  13. Toast

    Dead Poets Society

    Shirley Toulson https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/oct/16/shirley-toulson-obituary And as if that were not enough, an obit in Private Eye ..... In Memoriam Shirley Toulson, aged 94 So. Farewell Then Shirley Toulson, Poet and historian. Although not famous, You have now joined Private Eye's 94 Club, To stand alongside Such celebrated writers As George Bernard Shaw, W.F. Deedes, P.D. James and Egon "Toast" Ronay. You were best known For your many books About walking the Ancient roads of Britain. And now, alas, All too soon, You have reached The end of The road. E.J. Thribb (fellow poet, aged 17½)
  14. Toast

    World's Oldest

    With a hula hoop.
  15. Sorry, I didn't actually read the conditions, I was immediately distracted by the list

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