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  1. Toast

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    The Kid is spot on. This is modern "journalism" - it's all about getting clicks. Online publications can respond instantly to this sort of thing, it's a world away from the old days of print media.
  2. Toast

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Tsk. We should be speculating on the funeral hymns
  3. Toast

    Tom 'DFS Leatherette Sofa' Jones

    Well, that's a relief.
  4. Toast

    Tom 'DFS Leatherette Sofa' Jones

    You have shattered my illusions. I have never been to Aspatria, but to me the name sounds like a dwelling place for classical gods and goddesses.
  5. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    I didn't write the article! I just quoted it as I found it amusing.
  6. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/jul/18/was-the-queen-sending-coded-messages-to-donald-trump-via-her-brooches-absolutely "On the first day of the Trump visit, the Queen wore a simple green brooch that was given to her by the Obamas to signify their friendship. On the second day, she wore a brooch given to her by Canada, a country with which Trump is less than pleased at the moment (also, it was in the shape of a snowflake, a classic Trump term for people who disagree with him.) And, for the last day, she chose a brooch the Queen Mother wore to the funeral of King George VI, so not one associated with happiness and joy. Queen’s brooches: 3. Trump: 0. "
  7. Toast

    Sir Cliff Richard

    So we'll be paying for that. Thanks, Cliff.
  8. Toast

    9. Linda Nolan

    Attention seeker. Unfortunately she got mine too.
  9. Toast

    Room 101

    Can't you buy them loose rather than pre-packed? Then you can get as many as you need.
  10. Toast

    Language Barrier

    LOL I've even posted in that thread, saying almost exactly the same as I did in this one At least I'm consistent.
  11. Toast

    Language Barrier

    That was going to be my forum name, but it was already taken hence Toast, which is better anyway. But regarding the euphemisms for 'die' or 'dead': I think there's a difference between the many irreverent jocular expressions* and the blander kind that people use to sugar-coat the fact of death. * Do we have a list anywhere?
  12. Toast

    Language Barrier

    I regard "passed away" and "passed on" as gentle euphemisms that may be used when dealing with the bereaved, but otherwise there's no need for it. I really loathe "passed", though. Passed what? An exam? Driving test? Wind? It makes no sense.
  13. Toast

    Sporting Bravery

    There's Bert Trautmann, of course.
  14. Toast

    The Weather

    I am enjoying not having to mow the lawn, but that is offset by having to do watering every day. Lawn is burnt to a crisp, but I did have to get the mower out today just to get rid of all the tiny plum trees that sucker up all over it. Bloody hedge is full of them too.

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