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  1. Toast


    I never watched Heartbeat, although I was frequently in a room where others were watching it. My main impression was that a lot of old 60s hits were played for no apparent reason. They never seemed to be thoughtfully matched to whatever was going on in the story.
  2. Oh don't start me off on that one. The poor lad has just found out that his girlfriend is not as old as she looks, and has lied to him about her age. You led me to believe you're old enough to give me love And now it hurts to know the truth He's horrified to find out that she's jailbait, and is basically dumping her. People never seem to listen to the whole thing. It's a thing that happens all the time, and I feel sorry for all the young lads that find themselves in this situation. It's a hundred times worse than it was when I was a teenager because everyone's so puritanical now. When I was at school half the girls in my class were shagging older guys before they were 16. It's just nature.
  3. I echo Windsor's suggestion of Mr and Mrs Mountbatten-Windsor. What's wrong with that? Harry is clearly furious and by saying he had "no other option" that pretty much confirms to me that he's been sacked. He obviously wanted to keep all the bits he wanted and was told No. Are they going to have to change their branding to #sussexnotroyal?
  4. And he was abusive, you left that out
  5. Toast

    Barbara Windsor

    Well, I don't know either of them so I'm not really interested enough to fight about it.
  6. Toast

    Barbara Windsor

    Oh, come on, they've been married for 20 years and i doubt she's worth millions.
  7. Toast

    Barbara Windsor

    I don't think anything's changed much, although I note Barbara will not be presenting the award herself which implies they aren't confident that she could manage it. I guess it's one of those things, the coin could fall either way in the moment. The interviews Scott does are not really updates as much as opportunities to raise awareness and promote charitable events. I think your comments about him are unfair. Did you read the whole article? "Scott is speaking out to further raise awareness about Alzheimer’s – and just days before Good Morning Britain’s first One Million Minutes Awards. The event celebrates those who make a difference in the drive to end loneliness. It features the Dame Barbara Windsor Award, to be presented by Scott and actor Larry Lamb – Babs’ screen hubby from her days as EastEnders’ Peggy Mitchell. The award will go to Danny Brown, 76 – diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2014." "Because of the impact it had, us going public and talking about it, and the fact we were told it did help others, we wanted to continue that. I will continue to raise awareness for this, because it is something that will affect a lot of us.”
  8. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    Embedding not working again? It was for me the other day.
  9. Toast

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    ^ Not clicking on that
  10. It's a pity that this sort of arrangement couldn't have been worked out a few years ago, as Chelsy might have felt able to marry him on those terms. But I suppose it was never going to be possible as long as Harry was the "spare".
  11. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    The brilliant Sex Education is back for a second series. I am rationing myself to one episode a day (fill in your own punchlines) It's the kind of show where just the expression on someone's face at a particular moment can have you laughing out loud. If you missed this, watch S1 first. Only 8 episodes.
  12. I learned the other day that the aunt of one of my neighbours is a lady-in-waiting to the Queen. I am not planning to ask for any insider gossip though, as I doubt such would be forthcoming Shame though.
  13. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    It wasn't. It was me. Look back a few posts.

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