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  1. 30/30

    John Stride for me.
  2. Hollywood Possibilities

    A hit for me in the 30/30 pool.
  3. Birth List

  4. Interesting Ways To Die...

    Some hilarious "news stories" on that site. The photo of this offender http://empirenews.net/man-arrested-for-peeping-into-third-story-apartment-window-to-watch-couple-have-sex/
  5. Birth List

    So? She's still his granddaughter.
  6. Florence and the Machine
  7. Teachers often found me unresponsive at school, usually because I was reading something more interesting behind my desk.
  8. Yeah, but if they couldn't be revived then they were dead.
  9. Birth List

    I thought about nipping into William Hill's as I was passing, but as the news was already out that it was a boy the odds on most of the names had shortened, so I didn't bother. Was going to have £1 each on Alfred, John, Arthur, Thomas, and either Frederick or Henry. The only thing there is that Zara is also about to pop one out, and her father-in-law is called Philip. So they might have first dibs on Philip if she's having a boy. Depends if she likes her old surname too - (Phillips!)
  10. Avicii

    According to Wikipedia that's Avīci. Avīci-punishable sins There are various evil acts which can lead one to be committed to the eternal torments of the Avīci Hell. People reborn in Avīci generally have committed one or more of the Five Six Grave Offenses:[3][4] Intentionally killing one's father. Intentionally killing one's mother. Killing an Arhat (enlightened being). Shedding the blood of a Buddha. Creating a schism within the Sangha, the community of Buddhist monks, nuns and laypersons who try to attain enlightenment (eternal happiness). Making crappy music by twiddling knobs.
  11. "Found unresponsive" is such a wanky euphemism for "dead".
  12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I'm not an "apologist". I just find that a lot of people don't know about the Crown Estate revenues. And I never said anything about chavs or benefits.
  13. Queen Elizabeth II

    I get fed up of explaining this to people, but look up the Crown Estate. George III signed over its revenues to the Treasury. Once the Royals have been paid their "wage" out of it (and only a few of them are on the payroll now), there is a lot left over for the Treasury. It was and remains a good deal for the country and its taxpayers.
  14. Birth List

    I may have left it a bit late to have a flutter on names. I saw Kate's mother the other day and was tempted to strike up a conversation in hopes of some clues.