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  1. Toast

    Heads Of State/government

    Better still, just close it. Nobody has been posting in it.
  2. Toast

    Elon Musk

    He might have had more success if he hadn't been the one to start the slanging match. His remarks about Musk were uncalled for and ungrateful. No sympathy here.
  3. Toast

    Plants: The Other Life Form

    There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not going there.
  4. Toast

    The 5th Crowdsource Deathlist (2020 edition)

    Nice little dog too.
  5. Toast

    Plants: The Other Life Form

    "There are more than 17,000 elm trees in Brighton and Hove." I'm amazed to read that. I thought DED got all our elms years ago.
  6. Toast


    Well yes, that was my thinking.
  7. Toast

    A Joke

    There's even a book that takes as its title the punchline of another version The joke is on pages 159/160 of the preview. A search for "tundra" should find it.
  8. Toast


    But participants could confer on here before making their selections, yes?
  9. Toast


    Does everyone make their selection independently, or do they know which names have already been chosen by others in their group?
  10. Toast


    How does it work? Everybody picks 20 people? Does everybody have to pick different people?
  11. Something has been living in my car I keep a fleece blanket in the back (it's a hatchback) for contingencies. It's rolled up in a carrier bag. Today I bought a picture, and as it is framed with glass I got the blanket out to wrap it up safely for transportation. I shook the blanket out to find that it had been nibbled and shredded by .... something. Most disconcerting.
  12. Toast

    The Priests Of Father Ted

    A couple of years ago, Mr McSorley .... was on the run from the law after 'breaking a couple of flower pots' outside a bank in Bunbeg. That actually sounds like a line from Father Ted.
  13. Toast

    American Football Players

    Plus none most many of us have no interest in "American Football".
  14. Toast

    The Dead of 2019

    It got lost. That's basically it. Nobody kept a copy anywhere.
  15. Toast

    Who Should Be On The 2020 Deathlist?

    I've never heard of him either
  16. Why is that? I thought they said they were doing a deal (the LDs, the Greens and Plaid Cymru) not to stand against each other. That's why I was surprised (and annoyed) to see the Greens fielding a candidate in my constituency. They did well to win several seats in the recent council elections, but they have no chance of winning the seat here. Whereas the LDs have held this seat in the not-too-distant past and are the only ones with any chance of ousting the Conservatives.
  17. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    You'll be missed, Dr T.
  18. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    I have received my email but had to retrieve it from the spam basket. Be aware! Thank you to all concerned in running the DDP, past and present.
  19. Toast

    Advent Avalanche 2019

    And it was several hours before all the spots were taken.
  20. So which constituency is that? As for money, our outgoing MP owns most of Berkshire.
  21. Toast

    28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    I particularly remember the Picasso death because they said he left £25 million, which was an unimaginably large sum at the time (and indeed not to be sniffed at today). My mother and I were fascinated by this, as we figured that he could generate himself some more pocket money any time he wanted to, simply by scrawling something on a spare bit of paper.
  22. Toast

    28 Years Of The Deathlist!

    I shall be thinking of you as The Young Crem in future, then.
  23. Toast

    World's Oldest

    From that article Gerontologist Aubrey De Grey, in California Sure it's not Professor Denzil Dexter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUdyBG_DT0
  24. Toast

    Advent Avalanche 2019

    Jimmy Greaves

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