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    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Oh, I don't know - it had one of my favourite lines which was Anne's response when Amanda said "You used to work in Gregg's, didn't you?" and then the way she barely reacted. (No spoilers!) Amazing to think that Anna Maxwell Martin was being Patricia Carmichael in Line of Duty and Julia in Motherland at the same time. So versatile.
  2. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I binged all three series of 'Motherland' recently. It's a sitcom about school gates parents - middle class North London Mumsnet types, so I didn't think it would be for me, but it's very funny. The children are just background accessories, it's all about the adults. Give it a go, but start at the beginning because the character development is part of the humour. Great writing and great cast. BBC iPlayer or Netflix.
  3. Toast

    Life In Prison

    Sounds like a character in a Harry Enfield/Fast Show sketch.
  4. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Sweden 1 - 0 Slovakia Croatia 2 - 0 Czech Republic England Scotland 3 - 0 Hungary 0 - 2 France Portugal 3 - 3 Germany Spain 1 - 2 Poland
  5. I always think of it as yankspeak. Normally yes, but 'mom' is also Brummie so if no context I give it the benefit of the doubt. Looking at the above example, it's more likely yankspeak ("we are not done talking" sounds yankish).
  6. Toast

    India - How bad can it get?

    Paywalled, and your link isn't live.
  7. Toast

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    I didn't even look at the journalists, because I thought that was what "No Staff Winners" meant. So, although it's academic now, what does that mean?
  8. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Ukraine 0 - 0 N. Macedonia Denmark 0 - 2 Belgium Netherlands 3 - 1 Austria
  9. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Finland 1 - 1 Russia Turkey 2 - 0 Wales Italy 3 - 1 Switzerland
  10. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Fuxsake, is he still banging on?
  11. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Hungary 1 - 3 Portugal France 1 - 1 Germany
  12. Toast

    British Character Actors

    It doesn't even say that in the article ....
  13. Toast

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Everyone who gets the vaccine is going to die
  14. Toast

    From Cleric To Relic

    Only one great grandchild is a pretty poor show from that lot.
  15. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Scotland 0 - 3 Czech Republic Poland 0 - 2 Slovakia Spain 3 - 0 Sweden
  16. Toast

    Late Euro championships 2020

    Bloody hell! Those numbers were randomly selected.
  17. Toast

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Check out the caption on the video. "Queen gets two new corgi puppies after last one died to help her through royal crisis with Meghan"
  18. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    I'm sure Susie Dent knows a suitable word or two. I'll check her Twitter feed, she usually has something pertinent to the the current politicking. Here's one to start.
  19. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    This is a brilliant rant, mind if I quote you?
  20. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    It's not even his first name, and I'm told it's not what his family call him. Choosing to be known to the public as Boris is part of his act. Oh, and from the Oxford English Dictionary:
  21. Toast

    FIFA World Cup Players

    FFS, won't somebody make it stop.

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