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  1. popoff

    The Deathlisters Alternative Footie Thread

    i will happily join, however i know nothing of football or death although i know they are as inevitable as death and taxes, so what the hey.
  2. popoff

    The Dead Of 2008

    do you think the police will send back the chalk line and pictures or will they keep them like they did in the old days with tony hart. (providing he is innocent of course)
  3. and grind their bones to make your bread. or cake, whichever you prefer. cake is nicer.
  4. And just one step away from .
  5. popoff

    The First 2008 Success Poll

    cyril smith, although its a shame a few more mp,s were not chosen, gerald kaufman for instance has lead a full and interesting life, about time he did the decent thing. maggie should be gone by now but nobody wants her.
  6. popoff

    Michael Winner

    looking decidedly peakey on his last advert, had the same sunken eyes as joyce grenfell just before she kicked the bucket, ...wont be long now before mr winner becomes a son of the soil i'll wager. Topic merged with existed MW topic - LG

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