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    Deadpool Detective Work

    A death year/date has never been confirmed. On Japanese Wiki it simply acknowledges he’s dead. In August 2022, he’ll automatically be moved from the possibly living category to the date of death unknown category on English Wiki as he’ll be 110+ and ofc Japanese supercentenarians are closely tracked. Just like Shoichi Hirose above (who is definitely dead as there’s a book which states he died post-1990), he was a suit “actor”. These guys were just brought in to essentially do what was considered a fill-in role, and they were never tracked afterwards and didn’t receive much recognition until years later with the growth of the internet. I vaguely recall a similar situation about a decade ago with one of the Dalek operators in DW? I think he was played in the 08 or 09 DDP and it was discovered (or rather probably clarified by Hadoke) some years after that he had died years ago. At least I think I’m not imagining this??
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    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    My dad has Len Deighton's full book collection. He loves his spy novels, has all the Bond and le Carre ones too. Can't say I've ever read a spy novel in my life so not sure if I'm missing out!
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    Deadpool Detective Work

    Done all the names on IMDb for 1920 and 1921. A few deaths uncovered, but more interestingly a couple of centenarian (or almost centenarian) actors I've come across who I'd never heard of before. They don't have Wiki pages and I don't think they've been mentioned on here before. Next week, I'll go through 1922 and 1923.
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    British Science Fiction Series

    Death notice on his website here.
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    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    That’s a big word for you. Forum posts are always indirect forms of communication. You were getting very confrontational and what you said was an equivalent of “come say it to my face”. The offer still stands. I will literally come and see you if you wish, or you can back down from trying to be the big man, get back in your box and live with the fact that you’re total pondlife.
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    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Then why did you ask me for it “directly” then? Don’t chew on more than you can swallow. Back-pedalling, again. Not that I particularly give a flying wallenda what you think I look like but I’m not obese btw. The man in my DP is Alex Salmond, who you’d have heard of if you didn’t live under a rock.
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    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I didn’t single you out because you’re nothing special, just one amongst a growing number of non-constructive morons who come on here and talk pure shite. If you’d like me to say it “directly” to you though, do DM me your full name and address and I’ll be sure to pay you a visit once lockdown restrictions ease, guttermouth.
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    Yaphet Kotto

    Just the girls left from Live and Let Die now. Solitaire and Rosie. Should be around for a long while though.
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    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Every newb on this thread who hysterically spawned 40 pages of hourly updates of tabloid-fodder crap: Still, seeing a lot of them now playing Mystic Meg with their fantastic insight of "Ah but he'll go around his centenary" or "ah I think he'll die shortly before 101 now". Ummm – he's nearly a 100 year old man, odds are he will die in the next year or two! Would you like a sticker? I note that he was largely ignored, but newer users should perhaps listen to folk like @Windsor, who is ace at reading between the lines of what's going on with the Royals by looking at their behaviour/public reaction to ongoing events.
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    Yaphet Kotto

    Just reading the statement from his wife. She seems pretty surprised that he died. Sounds like a sudden end after a period of relatively poor health.
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    Deadpool Detective Work

    I started this then forgot to return to it! Might as well complete it: "Been looking at IMDb recently and noticed that it may be useful in fishing out some names of people who are slightly off our radar. The site also needs some updating for the names of some of individuals who have died, but for whatever reason the mods of the site haven't noticed. So I decided to go through the top 500 profiles (i.e. most visited) for every birth year from 1916–1926 (i.e. turning 95–105 in 2021), and note all the names missing a date of death. Here's what I came up with. I'll need to populate this with notes later and I'll highlight all living individuals in green, all those dead in red and those we're uncertain of in orange. Here are the names from the first four years. I'll add the other years later. For now, I've only researched 1916. Anyone please feel free to chip in in the meantime. If we uncover death dates, I'll submit them to IMDb as updates." 1916: 1) Betty Rowland (IMDb) dancer and stripper – 100th birthday article from the Huff Post with photos... was this centenarian off our radar? They claim she's the last "star" from the Burlesque era 2) Carolina Barrett (IMDb) actress – died 13th October 2010 according to this. Other sources (mainly FB pages) say 2009. 3) Beverly Cleary (IMDb) writer – living UPDATE: now dead and changed on IMDb accordingly 1917: 1) Marsha Hunt (IMDb) Hollywood Golden era actress – living 2) Don Marion (IMDb) silent film actor – living UPDATE: now dead and changed on IMDb accordingly 3) Daphne Courtney (IMDb) actress – South African-born actress in B-movies in the 30s/40s. Married Scottish actor Hugh McDermott in 1936 in London (date found online and confirmed by Ancestry). Full name Daphne Ralda Courtenay-Hicks (surname also spelt Higgs in places) EDIT: Since @RoverAndOut did this research, this wikitree has appeared online. Born 28 Jun 1916 in Pretoria, so should be moved on IMDb. Also increases the likeliness she's dead! 4) Eleanor Hansen (IMDb) actress – American actress from Indiana, USA, roles in the 30s and early 40s only, mostly uncredited. Disappears after the 40s. UPDATE: Since @RoverAndOut did this research IMDB have added a death of May 27, 2013 (aged 95) in San Diego, California. 5) Eddie Infante (IMDb) actor and director – Filipino, long list of credits from the 1930s up to 1995 (when he'd have been nearly 80). Nothing since. Full name Jesus Eduardo Ferriol Infante. 6) Antonio Gradoli (IMDb) actor – Italian, credits from the 30s to the late 60s. Italian Wiki also lists him as alive. Also known as Anthony Gradwell - I think only in English dubs of European films? Another one who disappears without trace as far as I can see. 1918: 1) Dusty Anderson (IMDb) actress – limbo UPDATE: Death details were discovered and added to Wiki, now copied to IMDb – Sep 12, 2007 (aged 88) in Marbella, Spain 2) Michael Butler (IMDb) actor – just the one role, in Seven Sweethearts in 1942, real life brother of Hollywood legend Kathryn Grayson (1922–2010). Butler was born Harold Whittington Hedrick on 13 May 1918 in North Carolina. Alive in 2005, alive on the family trees he's featured on at Ancestry.com. I lean towards still alive but not certain. 3) Elisabeth Waldo (IMDb) violinist and composer – living, marked as having died in 2020 on geni but I've never found that site reliable. Surely it would have been reported?! 4) Shôichi Hirose (IMDb) actor – Japanese. Died post-1990 according to a book citied on his Wiki page. IMDb needs a year for an update though. 5) Mary McLeod (IMDb) actress – Canadian, born Mary Jessie McLeod, married Malcolm Bain. Died on Dec 5, 1994 (aged 76) in White Rock, British Columbia according to Ancestry. 6) Anthony La Penna (IMDb) voice artist – Italian-American, died Jan 27, 2011 (aged 92) according to a few places off of a Google search. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 7) Zachary Charles (IMDb) actor – American, born in New York and a friend of Marlon Brando. Died in 2015 (aged 96/97) in Orange County, California, according to Ancestry. UPDATE: IMDb have now added a death year, but they've gone with 2014. 8) Jack Billings (IMDb) choreographer – Canadian, born Jack Oliver Billings 14 Apr 1918, listed as living on an Ancestry family tree so could be about still? 9) Eileen Bell (IMDb) actress – British-born, as Eileen Julia Bell (married name Tobin). And here we are, a fully written obit: died in Weymouth, Massachusetts on Jul 28, 2018 (aged 99)! Now how did IMDb not spot this one? UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 1919: 1) Nehemiah Persoff (IMDb) actor – living despite retiring from acting many decades ago because of health reasons! 2) Anne Douglas (IMDb) producer and actress – living; widow of Kirk Douglas, may know her better as Anne Buydens! 3) Silas Hathaway (IMDb) silent film actor – living UPDATE: No, scratch that. Turns out he died in 2017 with evidence now available online. Updated on IMDb at last! 4) Walter Bernstein (IMDb) screenwriter – living UPDATE: Died Jan 23, 2021 (aged 101) and updated on IMDB 5) Caren Marsh (IMDb) actress and dancer – living, stand-in for Judy Garland on the Wizard of Oz, also known as Caren Marsh Doll 6) Alfie Scopp (IMDb) actor – living, voiced the Scarecrow in Return to Oz 7) Betty Brodel (IMDb) actress – living, Brodel is the sister of Hollywood legend Joan Leslie (1925–2015), she goes by her married surname Franzalia and turned 100 in 2020 as per her local news, which means IMDb need to change her birth year! 8) Orlando Drummond (IMDb) actor – Brazilian, I posted a pic of him receiving the COVID vaccine not too long ago 9) Walter Randall (IMDb) actor – South African-born Doctor Who actor, died in 2008. Certainly not the first time IMDb have neglected to pick up the death of a DW actor. According to Wiki he was born as "Walter Frank Fugard" and died in London. Only problem is I can't find him in the GRO for evidence. Why? Did he change his name? @msc, know anything about this one? UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 10) Guido Gorgatti (IMDb) actor – Italian-born, moved to Argentina aged 10, seems to be in pretty good shape for a smoker! 1920: 1) Tsunagorô Rashômon (IMDb) actor – possibly born 1919 but sources vary, also a professional wrestler and at 6"8 he was a giant. Someone on Twitter wished him a happy 101st in December but that doesn't mean anything. Japanese Wiki lists him as deceased without a date. Can't find much more. 2) John Bartha (IMDb) actor – Hungarian-born Italian, appeared in a lot of Spaghetti westerns, a huge list of credits to his name with the last being 1981. Someone on Wiki edited his page a while back to say he died in March 1991 under the name John Bertha, possibly in the States, but who knows? 3) Holly Harris (IMDb) actress – appeared in Perry Mason, died Jul 23, 2010 (aged 89) as per Ancestry family trees. Trees even list her as an actress and full date/place of birth matches info on IMDb. 4) Don Kennedy (IMDb) actor – also known Derrick Slaugenhaupt (yeah no wonder he changed it) and still living in Pennsylvania in 2020 according to residency records! Often confused with another actor called Don Kennedy (b. 1930) who is also still living. Their info on IMDb is all muddled together to add to the confusion. 5) Anita Ellis (IMDb) singer and actress – died Oct 28, 2018 (aged 95) after a long battle with dementia. It's sourced on her Wiki page so not sure why IMDb haven't picked it up! 6) Hilda Bernard (IMDb) actress – Argentine, acting until a few years ago, alive and well it would seem 7) Dominique Marcas (IMDb) actress – French, acting until a few years ago, alive and well it would seem 8) Beryl Evans (IMDb) actress – well sort of an actress, she had ONE role in a 2012 film which featured tons of old British actors called Run For Your Wife, and she was the widow of Frank Thornton from Are You Being Served! Full name Beryl Jane Margaret Evans (later Thornton) – died in Jul 15, 2015 (aged 95) in Richmond, London according to the GRO Index. Actual DOB = Dec 16, 1919 9) Arnold Yarrow (IMDb) actor – the oldest known actor to have appeared in Doctor Who following the death of Earl Cameron. Alive but in failing health. 10) Benjamin Ferencz (IMDb) lawyer – Hungarian-born American, the last living prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials. Alive. 1921: 1) Prince Philip (IMDb) royal – well having been the spouse of the British monarch for over 70 years it's little wonder he's amounted a few television credits! Alive and (kinda) well but let's not start that debate again! UPDATE: now dead and changed on IMDb accordingly 2) Bill Butler (IMDb) cinematographer – Oscar nominated, alive and extended a filmed interview as recently as September. 100 next month! 3) Geoffrey Chater (IMDb) actor and poet – Has appeared in loads of things across TV and film including Brideshead Revisited, Gandhi and Barry Lyndon. Alive, still giving poetry readings in 2017. 4) Jack Rader (IMDb) actor – huge list of credits, including The Blob and the Star Wars Holiday Special. See the previous page on this thread for some pondering of him. His IMDb birth deets don't show up in the records. Possible that they just have his DOB wrong, off by a decade maybe? Still, no concrete evidence he's alive but his last credited role was "as recent" as 2004. 5) Walter Mirisch (IMDb) producer – Oscar nominated for the brilliant In the Heat of the Night. Alive. 6) Iris Apfel (IMDb) businesswoman and fashion icon – living and likely to outlive most of the other names listed here! 7) Wally Campo (IMDb) actor – appeared in The Little Shop of Horrors, last credited role was in 2011 so I assume living! If nothing appears in the next couple of years I'll revise this. 8) Phil Harvey (IMDb) actor – appeared in loads up until 1961 then just disappeared(?) But he didn't! Died in California on Jan 5, 2021 (aged 99). Obituary here. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 9) Elizabeth Kelly (IMDb) actress – British, best known for her long-running appearance as Auntie Nellie in EastEnders from 1993 to 2000. Last credit was in 2019, still alive according to the autograph hunters! 10) Beulah Garrick (IMDb) actress – British, credits include Dog Day Afternoon. Last credit was in 1981 so she stopped acting at retirement age. Married to American actor Bernard Pollock (1920–2016). His obituary notes that she survived him, so most likely alive and living in NYC. 11) Wesley Gale (IMDb) actor –African-American star who appeared in Dolemite, Disco Godfather and Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. Born Jun 10, 1922 (not 1921) in New York City as Wesley Aubrey Gale according to records. Can't trace a death so possibly still alive. 12) Tom Felleghy (IMDb) actor – Another Hungarian-born Italian actor who appeared in Spaghetti westerns (like John Bartha above – in fact both of them fled Hungary together during the Soviet takeover). No trace. Last acting role was in 1994, IMDb lists a producer credit in 2006 but is this definitely the same person? Hmmm... well could be alive I guess 13) Silvana Corsini (IMDb) actress – Italian, only a few credits in the 60s but reasonably notable ones. Last one in 1965. Who knows. 14) John F. Meyers (IMDb) producer – American, born in Detroit, Michigan; died Mar 29, 1988 (aged 66) according to the official records. Another oversight by IMDb. 15) Patricia Wright (IMDb) actress – American, appeared in Three Stooges shorts amongst other things, still alive and signing autographs as recently as late 2020. 1922: 1) Betty White (IMDb) actress – American. Alive, as we're reminded almost daily due to the fact she's fangirled and fawned over by millions. 2) Janis Paige (IMDb) actress – Golden Age Hollywood star. Appearing in a 2021 documentary so must be doing alright. 3) Norman Lear (IMDb) writer and producer – Creator of All in the Family, Sanford and Son, amongst many other things. Has looked withered for years, but as Prince Philip proves, its not the aesthetics that count! 4) Dilip Kumar (IMDb) actor – the "last" of Bollywood's Golden Age stars. Currently giving Zsa Zsa Gabor a run for her money as the world's biggest coffin tease. 5) Bill Fletcher (IMDb) actor – tricky one indeed. Not helped by the fact that IMDb doesn't list a full DOB, so he can't be tracked in records. Appeared in loads of U.S. TV series between 1951 and 1983. 6) Micheline Presle (IMDb) actress – French, part of both Hollywod's Golden era and classic French cinema. Last acting credit was in 2014. 7) Bert I. Gordon (IMDb) director and screenwriter – Filmmaker behind a lot of classic science fiction/horror b-movies such as Empire of the Ants and Earth vs. The Spider. Last directorial credit was in 2015. 8) Eunice Anderson (IMDb) actress – American. Known for portraying old ladies, notably in the film A League of their Own way back in the 90s(!) Last acting credit was in 2013. 9) Joan Copeland (IMDb) actress – American, also the sister of the late playwright Arthur Miller. Last credit was in 2016 but according to IMDb, she's due to appear in two upcoming documentaries? 10) Cate Bauer (IMDb) actress – This one is complicated! IMDb says she was born in 1922 in London, she was actually born in 1929 in New York City, though her mother was English. Her only notable non-stage role was as the voice of Perdita in Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians. She outlived her husband who died in 2007 according to the records, so I lean towards still living, but not enough evidence. Played in the DDP for years now, including by two theme teams this year! 11) Chandrashekhar (IMDb) actor – Another Bollywood name. Last credit was in 2004. If you Google image search "Chandrashekhar actor" there are pictures of him from 2017 where he looks like a resurrected corpse. Surely can't be around for much longer. 12) Margia Dean (IMDb) actress and beauty queen – Golden Age name who appeared in films from 1944 to 1964. Still signing autographs in 2021. 13) Jacqueline White (IMDb) actress – Golden Age name who appeared in films from 1942 to 1952. Made a TCM screening appearance in 2013 and still signing autographs in 2021. 14) Ray Anthony (IMDb) bandleader, trumpeter, actor – last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, one of the last living chart toppers of the UK Singles Chart during the 1950s. Here's a clip of him playing the trumpet on his 95th birthday in 2017, what a champ! 15) Alan Scott (IMDb) actor – American. Another prolific face, last credited role was in 1977. Died on Feb 5, 2021 (aged 98). Obituary here – quite a fascinating life. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 16) Bridget Sellers (IMDb) wardrobe supervisor – English, born as Bridget Kent in Kingston (then part of Surrey) and married Ernest Sellers (he died in 1984). Notable credits include Dr. Strangelove and the Pink Panther films. Last one was in 1985. Now, there's a Bridget Sellers who was born in 1922 and died in Surrey on Nov 2, 2013 (aged 91). Is this her? Probably, but because BFI, IMDb etc. don't have a full DOB for her it's not possible to know for sure. Someone would have to order the death certificate and look at the widow information on it to get a concrete answer. 17) Walter Kelley (IMDb) actor – American. Credits in film and television with an appearance in a 1993 episode of Murder, She Wrote being his last. Died on Nov 29, 2015 (aged 93) in California. Death notice here. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 18) Zygmunt Sulistrowski (IMDb) director, producer and writer – Polish Hollywood filmmaker. Last credit was in 1981. Moved to Brazil in 1988. This tends to suggest he was still around in 2006. EDIT: Scratch that. Died in 2007 according to this site on Polish Brazilians. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 19) Shirley Johns (IMDb) actress – American. Just a few film credits during the 1940s. Can't trace her sadly. 20) Jane Holland (IMDb) actress – Australian, only three credits with two of them being tv movies. Born as Joan Southall in Sydney. Married to legendary Aussie actor Leo McKern, who died in 2002 in Bath, Somerset. She died in England on Jan 27, 2021 (aged 98) so yet another recent death. Her death notice here. UPDATE: IMDb have now updated the page after contacting them. 21) Audrey Strauss (IMDb) actress – Canadian. Better known as the first wife of the late American actor Robert Strauss until their divorce in 1960. Just one acting credit, in Stalag 17, in 1953 alongside her husband. Born as Audrey Bratty in Toronto. Can't trace her sadly. 22) Don Williams (IMDb) singer – last surviving member of The Williams Brothers quartette (of which Andy Williams was the most famous member). Several TV and film credits as part of the quartette. Facebook picture of him here in 2017 (note – using a wheelchair) with Jimmy Osmond at the Andy Williams Boulevard dedication. 1923: 1) Glynis Johns (IMDb) actress – British, best known for playing the mum in Mary Poppins. Oldest living nominee for an Oscar in an acting category and oldest living Batman villain. Currently in a retirement home. 2) Larry Storch (IMDb) actor – American. Usually gets wheeled out annually but didn't this year for his 98th in January. Still signing autographs though. Hmmm... 3) Bob Barker (IMDb) game show host – American. Presented The Price is Right from 1972 to 2007. Numerous health issues in the past but quiet as of recent. 4) Gloria Henry (IMDb) actress – American film and television star. Last credit was in 2012 but still signing autographs as of December 2020. UPDATE: now dead and changed on IMDb accordingly 5) Jimmy Lydon (IMDb) actor and producer – American. Last appearance was in a documentary in 2004. His son has stated that he's now unable to sign fanmail – that gives us a clear indication of his current state. 6) Mike Nussbaum (IMDb) actor – American, probably most notable for his role in Men in Black. Credits in 2019, 2020 and just completed a new role! 7) Val Bettin (IMDb) actor – American, best known for his voice work where he usually impersonates an English accent. Wouldn't hiring an English voice actor be easier and less crass? Wife died in 2007, still signing autographs in 2017, can't find much since then. 8) Ray Boyle (IMDb) actor and production designer – American. IMDb says born 1923 and Wikipedia says 1925. Both are wrong. The official records show he was born in 1924. Last credit was in 1995. Married to actress Jan Shepard (wiki) who is 93. 9) Vincent Ball (IMDb) actor – Australian. Prolific in both film and television. Last role was in 2015, honoured by the Aussie Government in 2016. 10) Phil Arthur (IMDb) actor – American with roles on television, notably Perry Mason. No idea. Can't even find a birth record for him so possible that IMDb have the wrong birth info. 11) Donald Elson (IMDb) actor – American, notable for his roles in TV shows like Gunsmoke and Bonanza, as well as films like Gremlins. Last credit was in 2010. 12) Marilyn Cooper (IMDb) actress – American, with just one credit (in 1949) but better known as the widow of Indian actor Sabu (1924–1963). Appeared in a 1993 but nothing of her since then. According to the official records born 1924 or 1925 in Charleston, West Virginia. Not to be confused with the stage actress of the same name (1934–2009). 13) Paul Muller (IMDb) actor – Swiss, though appeared mainly in Italian films. Last credit was in 2015. 14) Henry Kissinger (IMDb) politician – American who needs no introduction. Sec of State (1973–1977) who controversially won a Nobel Peace Prize. Wheelchair bound but still cropping up with random appearances every so often. 15) Ruth Geller (IMDb) actress – German whose career only really took off in the last decade playing old ladies. Last credit was in 2020. 16) Marguerite Belafonte (IMDb) actress – American, born as Frances Marguerite Byrd. One acting role in a 1959 film. Better known as the first wife of singer Harry Belafonte. Since I drew up this list, IMDb have added a death date of Feb 15, 1998 (aged 74), which is backed up by a match in the Social Security Index 17) Tommy Dix (IMDb) actor and singer – American, appeared in a just a few film roles during the 1940s, though they were larger "title credits". Retired from showbiz in the 50s! Did a tell all type interview in 2008 and signing autographs still in 2010 but quiet since... not to be confused with the British boxer of the same name (b. 1939). Picked in the 2014 DDP... unless they meant to pick the boxer? 18) Ben Stern (IMDb) sound engineer – American, father of radio giant Howard Stern (b. 1954). Last appeared with his son in 2011. In 2018 Howard Stern stated his father was "ailing". 19) Edward Ryan (IMDb) actor – American who appeared in mainly film roles from the 1930s through the 50s. IMDb says he was born on May 25, 1923. The official records say May 26, 1924 as Edward J Ryan in Brooklyn (his WWII draft card even lists him as an actor aged 18!). As per the Social Security Index he died Dec 13, 1998 (aged 75). Confirmation of his death means that Kathryn Trosper was definitely the last surviving cast member of Citizen Kane when she died in 2016. 20) Andy Brennan (IMDb) producer – American who worked on a few Western films, appropriate given that he was the son of acting legend Walter Brennan (1894–1974). Died on Apr 24, 2017 (aged 93) as per the records. FindAGrave page here with a grave photo. 21) Ralph Senensky (IMDb) director – American, best known for his credits in television including Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and The Twilight Zone. Last directed in 2013, appeared in a documentary in 2016. 22) Carolle Drake (IMDb) actress and model – American, just one credit (a 1957 film), the second wife of singer Billy Eckstine (1914–1993). In 2014 her son noted in an interview that she was alive and resident in Los Angeles. Died in Aug 2015 (in LA) according to Ancestry family trees. 23) Jo-Carroll Dennison (IMDb) actress and model – American, Miss America in 1942(!). Quite a few film and television roles. Last interviewed in 2020, seems to be in pretty good shape for her age. 24) Maria Martin (IMDb) actress – Spanish. Roles in film and television, last credit was in 2000. Nothing since then but I would be very surprised if she died off radar. 25) Bob Dole (IMDb) politician – American, ran for President against Clinton in the 1990s. Recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. 26) Billy Watson (IMDb) actor – American, one of three surviving silent film actors and a member of the famous Watson acting family. His only other surviving sibling Garry Watson (b. 1928) was also in silent movies. Interviewed by the British press in 2017 and still signing autographs as of 2021. 27) Bob Harris (IMDb) stuntman – American, some big gigs including Commando, The Deer Hunter, The China Syndrome, Short Circuit, The Goonies, Dirty Harry, and so on. IMDb says born as Robert L. Harris in Long Beach, California on Nov 18, 1923. The official records say Robert Lee Harris was born on Nov 8, 1923 in Long Beach, California. As per Ancestry family trees he died on Feb 22, 2019 (aged 95) in California. Unbelievable that a career like that doesn't get an obit! 1924: 1) Eva Maria Saint (IMDb) actress – American Golden era actress, last role was in 2019. Seems to be in pretty good shape so wouldn't be surprised if she lived a few more years. 2) Leslie Phillips (IMDb) actor – British. Best known for his roles in the Carry On and Harry Potter films. Wheelchair bound and frail. 3) Mark Miller (IMDb) actor and screenwriter – American. Stopped both acting and writing in the 90s but still active through the 2010s. Returning autographs in 2021 too. 4) Carole Cook (IMDb) actress – American. Appeared in film, TV and on stage in equal measures. Made headlines in 2018 when she said she wanted to kill Trump. Last credit was in 2020. 5) William Russell (IMDb) actor – British. Best known for playing companion Ian Chesterton in Doctor Who. Most recent credit was in 2020. 6) Priscilla Pointer (IMDb) actress – American. Also mother of actress Amy Irving. Last credit was in 2010. Last signing autographs in 2018. 7) Joyce Randolph (IMDb) actress – American, best known for her role on the TV sitcom The Honeymooners. Interviewed about her time on the show quite recently, although she sent a letter to a fan in March 2021 saying she hadn't been well. 8) Johnny Gilbert (IMDb) announcer – best known as the announcer on Jeopardy!, which he's been doing continuously since 1984(!). NY Times recently published an article where they said he was born in 1928, which the records seem to support somewhat. So maybe he's younger than previously thought? 9) Jan Harrison (IMDb) actress – American, really only appeared in television roles, notably Gunsmoke. Last role was in 1964 then she became a school teacher. According to IMDb, born 20 Dec 1924 as Janet R. Harrison in Peterson's Landing, Washington. One small problem... no such a place exists. Records show she was actually born as Janet Ruth Harrison on 29 Dec 1924 in Portland, Oregon. Married Carl Bergquist (which matches IMDb). Died in Los Angeles, California in November 2014 aged 89. 10) Noreen Nash (IMDb) actress – American. Appeared in the Golden era of Hollywood cinema, also the widow of actor James Whitmore. Appeared in a documentary in 2012 and still returning fan mail signed in 2021. Her mum lived to 99 – it's all in the genes! 11) Ted Hartley (IMDb) actor and producer – American, his career was primarily in film. Also the widower of actress Dina Merrill. Hartley is such a strange case. His Wiki says born 1934 (but I note it has been changed many times). The records can't seem to agree either. His recent residency records all say born 1934, but all his military records say born in 1924, including his WWII draft card. So he was wither 15 or 25 when he served. Did he lie about his age to go to war? Still returning fan mail signed in 2021. 12) Bob Herron (IMDb) actor and stuntman – American with an exhausting list of credits to his name. Last role in 2011. Known amongst Trekkies as one of the oldest living actors from the Original Series. Still signing autographs in 2020. 13) Jimmy Carter (IMDb) politician – U.S. President. Not looking too hot as of recent but will likely see 2022. 14) Barbara Collentine (IMDb) actress – American. Mainly appeared in television. Widow of actor Richard Bull. Last credit was in 2000. In 2019, her family returned photos to an autograph hunter saying that she couldn't sign anything. Make of that what you will... 15) Raymond Guth (IMDb) actor – American with a strange mix of credits in westerns, television and video games. Last credit 2010. IMDb have his DOB slightly off, he was born 31 Jul 1925, not 26 May 1924... and his middle name is Joseph, not John. Still alive and living in Pennsylvania though. 16) Maria Riva (IMDb) actress – American, daughter of actress Marlene Dietrich! Last credit 2018. Also an author. Last publications 2017. Appeared in a documentary during the silent era as a baby so you could argue she's one of its last survivors. 17) Sandhya (IMDb) actress – Indian star of Telugu/Tamil cinema. Died in 1971 as per her full bio on IMDb so god knows why they haven't added it to her main stats section. 18) Wayne Mallory (IMDb) actor and special effects artist – American, long list of credits in film and television. Since I drew up this list, IMDb have added a death date of Oct 11, 2020 (aged 95), as reported by the Boot Hill western blog. 19) Anne Vernon (IMDb) actress – French. Retired in 1972 but appeared in a 2018 documentary. Still signing fan mail as of 2020. 20) Bobby Cox (IMDb) actor – American. An obscure name of 1930s cinema. Born as Bobbie Joe Cox in Ranger, Texas on 17 Nov 1924. Died 10 Jul 1969 (aged 44). FindAGrave page here. 21) Meta Velandor (IMDb) actress – Swedish. Still working, last credit was in 2020. 22) Robert M. Young (IMDb) director and cinematograph – American. Last credit was in 2011, though he appeared at an awards ceremony in 2016. 23) Margaret Banks (IMDb) choreographer – Canadian with credits during the 50s and 60s, including on West Side Story and The Andy Williams Show. A tribute was held for her in 2019 according to this Facebook page which made me suspect she had died. She married actor-dancer Tommy Wonder (died 1993) and set up a ballet society in Nevada, which leads me to her death record on Ancestry: Margaret May Banks/Wonder b. 30 Aug 1924 in Vancouver, Canada, d. 28 Jun 2005 (aged 80) in Reno, Nevada. 24) Rolf Schimpf (IMDb) actor – German. A prolific name in television. Retired in 2009. Still signing fan mail in 2020. 25) M. Rajan (IMDb) actor – Indian actor in Tamil cinema. Last credit was in 1987. Who knows... 26) Gloria Stroock (IMDb) actress – American. Widow of screenwriter Leonard B. Stern (died 2011) and sister of actress Geraldine Brooks (died 1977). Last role was in 1996 but appeared in a 2007 documentary about Marlon Brando. 27) Woody Woodbury (IMDb) comedian – American. The last stand-up from this generation. Made an appearance in 2019 and still signing autographs in 2020. 28) Felippa Rock (IMDb) actress – American, appeared in some movies in the 40s and 50s. Later became a casting director. Widow of Australian actor Michael Pate. He died in Australia in 2008, so presumably she was latterly living there? His obituary notes that she survived him, but given that it's Australia I can't search the records, could've died off radar, though given they're an acting family unlikely to go unreported. Still, no evidence of being alive since '08. 29) Laura Mason (IMDb) actress – American. Appeared in mainly TV roles, the last being in 1969. A Hitchcock actress so you wouldn't expect her death to go unnoticed but I still can't find anything concrete that she's living. 30) Ip Chun (IMDb) stuntman – Chinese martial artist, based in Hong Kong. His father was the teacher of Bruce Lee. Last credit was in 2016 but still signing autographs in 2020. 31) Betty Bonaduce (IMDb) screenwriter – American. Active during the 70s but appeared in a 2006 documentary. Her son is actor and comedian Danny Bonaduce (child actor in The Partridge Family). She features in some of his social media posts like this picture from 2019. Seems to be in good shape for her age. 32) Amalia Aguilar (IMDb) actress – Cuban born actress of Mexico's golden age of cinema. Last credit 2003. Honoured by the city of Miami, Florida in 2010. 33) Jean Veloz (IMDb) dancer and actress – American. Last credit was in 1984 but appeared as a dance instructor in The Bachelorette in 2016. Still signing autographs in March 2021. 34) Roberto Mauri (IMDb) actor, director and screenwriter – Italian. Last credit was in 1980. Died in November 2007 according to various places on the web, just wasn't very widely publicised at the time. 35) Jane Morgan (IMDb) singer – American. A fair few credits with the last being in 2013. One of the last surviving artists to have had a UK #1 single in the 1950s. Still signing autographs in 2020. 36) Emilio Miraglia (IMDb) director – Italian, made horror b-movies. Last credit 1972. Died in Rome in August 1982 (aged 58) according to various film sites online. 37) Leza Holland (IMDb) screenwriter, director and producer – American. First wife of actor Richard Erdman (died 2019). Last credit in 2011. Since I drew up this list, IMDb have added a death year of 2014 (aged 89/90). They give her a DOB of 5 Feb 1924 in Kansas City, Missouri. The records say she was actually born 5 May 1923 in Kansas City and died on 1 Sep 2014 (aged 91) in San Francisco. 38) Harold Livingston (IMDb) screenwriter and novelist – American, best known for screenwriting Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). Appeared in a 2015 documentary. 39) Mimis Plessas (IMDb) composer – Greek. Last credit was in 2017. Quiet since then... 40) José Manuel Martín (IMDb) actor – Spanish star in Spaghetti westerns. Last credit was in 2004. Spanish Wiki gives a death date of 12 Apr 2006 (aged 81). I don't doubt it. Just seems he died off radar in relative obscurity like many other Spaghetti western supporting actors.
  12. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    What they said.
  13. Ulitzer95


    Hmmm interesting. I think this may have already been accounted for though? His Wiki has a 1942 date, from various sources. In the public records, he appears as 1945 (I've removed his addresses for data privacy): Name: Hossein K Vaziri[Khosrow Vaziri][Kosrow Vaziri][Vaziri Kosrow] Birth Date: Sep 1945 Residence Date: 1984-2007 Address: Residence: Fayetteville, Georgia, USA Postal Code: Second Residence Date: 2008-2017 Second Address: Second Residence: Fayetteville, Georgia, USA Second Postal Code: Third Residence Date: 1983-2011 Third Address: Third Residence: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Third Postal Code: Fourth Address: Fourth Residence: Fayetteville, Georgia, USA Fourth Postal Code: Note it also says September when he was born in March but this is explained on his Wiki page too: "Although his official date of birth is 15 March 1942, he celebrates it on 9 September due to differences between the Gregorian and Solar Hijri calendars." So did he fudge his real birth year of 1942 on Iranian papers before entering the States or is 1945 accurate?
  14. Ulitzer95

    Voice Actors

    Telegraph obit for Nikki van der Zyl.
  15. Ulitzer95

    Academy Award Winners

    Finally some confirmation, via the Oscars website. Interesting interview with him linked to his Wikipedia. He was a Londoner. I contacted the Hollywood Reporter too but they weren't fucked one bit. They cover some of the most random people i.e. folk we've never heard of in advertising, talent agents etc. (some even without IMDb pages) and yet they won't do a write up for a two-time Oscar winner. Shows how insular they are.
  16. Ulitzer95

    Dying Off The Radar

    Death notice for Jeremy Burnham from his old school here. At least it's enough to get the IMDb, Wiki and Aveleyman updated. Doubt he will obit anywhere though.
  17. Ulitzer95

    Life In Prison

    Ronald DeFeo Jr. (wiki), who murdered his entire family in Amityville, Long Island, NY in November 1974, which in turn spawned the popular Amityville Horror film series, dead at 69. Link above is Euro data blocked, sorry, no other sources available right now.
  18. Ulitzer95

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Whilst this isn’t untrue in general (particularly on social media and in the tabloids), *most* of the members on DL have been pretty measured and constructive in their criticism of them. Throwing in the odd joke/meme doesn’t constitute as “bile spewing” or “deeply uncomfortable” in my books.
  19. Ulitzer95

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Cos she's famous, for being ill.
  20. Ulitzer95

    Art For Death's Sake

    That won’t stop the Twitterati Illuminati-watchers citing it as “evidence” though.
  21. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    Interesting, didn't know that either. Were all ENSA entertainers enlisted servicemen/women though?
  22. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    Didn't consider him when I went through the Wiki list to be honest but I tend to agree. The BBC Controllers used to be quite prominent in nature, making frequent televised appearances/statements. Particularly when there was long-running disputes about content, à la old bag Mary Whitehouse.
  23. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    Ah ace, didn't realise Dr. Legg served! Another borderline name is Ian Hamilton who stole the stone of destiny. Borderline because everybody knows about the incident and knows they were uni students but most couldn't name them individually. I think Jill Knight is the only remaining recognisable (or rather infamous) political name who served. Just 3 other MPs: Patrick Duffy, Ben Ford and Eric Cockeram. Vets but not widely known. Members of the Lords (post-1999 reform), just 2: Lord Christopher and Baroness Sharples. Again, not widely known. Trying to find out if Pete Murray (Radio Luxembourg/BBC/Eurovision et al.) served but not finding anything. I keep forgetting that he's alive... would we consider him DL worthy?
  24. Ulitzer95

    9. Murray Walker

    Following Murray's death, I reckon that leaves just a few British household names who served in WWII: *June Brown *Queen Elizabeth II *Prince Philip *Leslie Phillips At a push... *Jill Knight *William Russell Anyone else?
  25. Ulitzer95

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    Haha! Well I suppose that's one way to look at it. I don't think the portrayal is at all flattering though given that up until the 60s (and arguably well into the 70s), gay people were only ever portrayed on screen in three ways – the camp/femme/comical type character, the tragic/unsettled/suicidal character or the villain/evil doer. There were never any gay people portrayed in Bond up until that point – that was the first (and the last?) and it doesn't look comfortable looking back at it. They're absolutely bankrupt of any morals and are portrayed as total sneaks in the film, murdering old ladies to steal diamonds etc. I'm not sure how similar they were in Fleming's book, but regardless of whether their characterisation on screen was his invention or the studio's, it was typical of the era. This is quite a fascinating topic but it's seldom discussed, probably because people find it embarrassing/hard to look back at, but I thoroughly recommend The Celluloid Closet (wiki), a documentary which shows 100s of clips in cinema from the 1910s up to the 1990s, narrated by Lily Tomlin and featuring interviews with the likes of Tony Curtis, Harvey Fierstein, Gore Vidal, Quentin Crisp etc. Really interesting watch! On the slapping of women in the films, yes I find it uncomfy too. I personally don't believe in tampering with old films, but I imagine if the Bond films ever make it on to a streaming platform, a few of sexist remarks, face slaps and cliches will be omitted. It doesn't fundamentally alter the story but I still believe in film preservation. Cinema should try to be understood in the perspective of when it was made rather than aligning historical films with 21st century norms.

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