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  1. sympathyforthedevil

    The Dead Of 2011

    Mexican minister dies: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-15702285
  2. sympathyforthedevil

    Michael Jackson

    Actually, it was the correct decision.
  3. sympathyforthedevil

    Clive Dunn

    Clive's show will go on forever!
  4. sympathyforthedevil

    Smokin' Joe Frazier

    Ali is blatantly just hanging on to life so he can outlast Frazier...again.
  5. sympathyforthedevil

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Not impressed.
  6. sympathyforthedevil

    Jimmy Savile

    Wow is that real?
  7. sympathyforthedevil

    Amy Winehouse

    That's an unnatural death so bonus points all round! I think it's probably the most natural way I would have expected Winehouse to die actually!
  8. sympathyforthedevil

    Britney Spears, Kerry Katona, Heather Locklear et al.

    stupid cow.she's the next Amy Winehouse or I'll eat my own shit actually she's worse. Winehouse was at least talented.
  9. sympathyforthedevil

    Richard Branson

    Richard Branson himself shall perish in such a spacecraft accident, mark my words!
  10. sympathyforthedevil

    Room 101

    The dialect of the North East of Scotland is a product of millennia of culture and inbreeding tradition.My great great grandparents were first cousins. A good tradition, as I understand it, especially among the wealthy. To give an example: HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have a great great grandmother in common: Queen Victoria, and are therefore third cousins. In addition to that, Elizabeth's great great grandfather Christian IX of Denmark is also Philip's great grandfather, which makes them second cousins once removed. It's hardly surprising that their offspring occasionally behave funny. regards, Hein occasionally ?
  11. sympathyforthedevil

    Bee Gees

    why is it never that bastard Barry who gets ill?
  12. sympathyforthedevil

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Cats only have nine lives - Zsa Zsa has about 100!!
  13. sympathyforthedevil

    Steve Jobs

    Core blimey! Even fewer Jobs in the world!
  14. sympathyforthedevil

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Yes, both great films. Quite old though...
  15. sympathyforthedevil

    Room 101

    No way. Mr Scream would have done a far better job than those truly in charge!
  16. sympathyforthedevil

    Room 101

    Shite. Foxy Knoxy did it fo sho.
  17. sympathyforthedevil

    Dead Pop Stars

    ^ "The Message" in complex vocabulary? Or is it "Rapper's Delight"... Edit: oh it's just some Onion article. Not sure how that was relevant but I'm sure you'll let me know.
  18. sympathyforthedevil

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    I will say zis only once: David Croft is dead.
  19. sympathyforthedevil

    Margaret Thatcher

    she still doesn't look very well!
  20. sympathyforthedevil

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    All 3 of them are 'only' 70 or 71, therefore it's not that surprising they're all still alive.
  21. sympathyforthedevil

    Cartoonists And Animators

    "Stan Lee never left, and it appears his mind is not in mint condition."
  22. sympathyforthedevil

    Art For Death's Sake

    Here's his obituary in the Guardian, written by Norbert Lynton...who died in 2007! Impressive that Norbert knew about this: "In 2010 the Serpentine show Modern Moral Matters brought together his political works including Shock and Awe (2007-08)."
  23. sympathyforthedevil

    Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi

    F.A.O. Abdelbaset Al-megrahi Ah come on. There have been worse people to live than Abdelbaset Al-megrahi. Notaguest ?
  24. sympathyforthedevil

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    It's rare that a Welshman is funny. And that certainly wasn't one of the cases.
  25. sympathyforthedevil

    Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi

    Why? He had fuck all to do with 9/11, so how would that be ironic? Indeed. If he died on the anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, preferably by having a plane he was travelling in shot down and him burning in agony, that would be ironic. Or perhaps fitting.

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