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    Top 10 People Alive Today

    If they're alive, they aren't important. Same applies to anyone in history - all the important people have been assassinated or executed. examples.... Winston churchill is far more respect now then he was when he was alive, same goes for john Lennon and jfk and many more.. Before anyone corrects me i know Churchill was not executed or murdered. How well known would people Like James dean and marilyn monroe be today if they had not had an early appointment with the Grim Reaper

    Eli Wallach

    He is now staring death in the face and preparing for the inevitable, 2011 will be his last year, i predict a quick death for old Eli, probably just fall down at home and die straight away

    Ronnie Biggs

    He may have escaped from prison but he wont be escaping from the grim reaper, give it up biggs you are a waste of oxygen

    People Who You Forgot Were Dead

    I forgot betty page was dead, i remember a couple of years back thinking i wonder when she died and to my amazement she was actually alive, then a few months later she was dead. And i also forgot Bill Waddington Alias Percy Sugden was dead... just as well his family remember

    Clive Dunn

    I joined this site 6 years ago and i am sure Clive dunn was considered close to death back then...

    Geoffrey Hughes

    I thought he was one of the obscure Pommies I didn't know untl you mentioed that and it clicked with me that it is the bloke who played Onslow! Poor old Onslow is dying!!! He is one of my role models... He was a lazy vest wearing tinny drinking bastard of the 1st magnitude - top quality bloke. That's why we Aussies can relate to him. But he was really good at cricket in that show. Might only be a matter of time until he is just ashes... A friend of mine has met him and says he is a really nice bloke... but then people always say that when they meet someone semi-famous, its a claim to fame thing... Don't know why but i find it amusing that he is actually dying

    Internet Celebrities

    This guy is a real youtube pain, his popularity has now dwindled, he use to remove all the negative remarks he had about his awful singing voice, but the amount of thumbs down showed just how bad this guy really was.. On a side note, i actually know him, or should i say use to live near him and often see him walking along past my house

    Herbert Lom

    herbert lom is still appearing in films, and despite his age, born January 9, 1917 making him 88 he doesnt seem to look unwell. has anyone got any news on his health....

    14. Angela Lansbury

    i think that unless the person is ill or has just had a nasty accident they should not be considered for the deathlist untill they are at least 80 years old. angela`lansbury is a borderline case. near 80 and recently had a major operation, in old people even routine operations can cause more complications than they do in a younger persons body. lets start considering angela lansbury for the deathlist in 2006, i would suggest a lower placing in the top 100

    Carry On Dying

    well h-e-l-l-o leslie philips was born April 20, 1924, making him i think the oldest surviving member of the original carry on team, at 81 years old, his number may not be up in 2005, but im putting money on him dying in 2006. cause of death.... lack of life babs has got a few years left yet, i think her recent illness was a publicity stunt to up the ratings in eastenders. picture this peggy goes into the pub, see,s strangers behind the bar and shouts out "ger-ota my pub" wheres my phil. im stating the beeding obvious here i know

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    ok here we go, i no the chances of it happening soon are remote but we can hope that keith chegwin finally shuffles his mortal coil soon, he was an alcholic for a couple of years he could always fall off the wagon again. would noel edmunds attend his funeral ? is he still married to maggie philbin ? on his death would they re-release that hit they had back in the 80,s ? he was in a group called "brown sauce" with noel edmunds, maggie philbin and i think john craven. cheggers plays pop
  12. there are not that many cast members for either on the busses or dads army that are still with us.. clive dunn was born January 9, 1920, making him 85, but then he always played old men, so at least now he can play old men without needing any makeup. i saw a recent picture of clive dunn he,s getting the craggy neck and baggy eyes syndrome, lets hope we here him make that old death rattle soon

    Jerry Lewis

    i saw that picture of jerry lewis and though he looks like bernard manning who is currently gravely ill
  14. old reg varney is still alive and kicking but me thinks it will be the bucket that he kicks in 2005.. reg was born 11th July 1916 making him 89 years old.. stephen lewis who played blakey in on the buses and is now in the last of the summer wine, ive just found out to my horror that he aint that old, he was born in 1936, the exact date i cant find making him 69.... also that means he was only 33 years old when he first played blakey in 1969... i was shocked when i found out he was 69 i was hoping he would be well into his 80,s like old reg varney [Merged with existing thread - Teddy]

    Stephen Hawking

    stephen hawkins, any comments on this guy he,s not that old he was born 8 January 1942 making him a spring chicken at 63. he looks like death warmed up and im pretty sure that 2005 will see him going into a blackhole, never to return... hopefully

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