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    Clive Dunn

    Today marks the first snow fall of the year and it seems like autumn hasn't even been given a chance. I hear it's going to be cold in Portugal, colder than one can bear. The fireplaces will be growing dim and the temperatures are going to be grim. I know that you know something that we do not, Clive. People have called you Jack Jones, they call you Granddad. They say that your forever, yeah, they say that your forever. So, after all the long hard winters that you've been through, I've decided that you must finally wrap yourself with the snugly to survive. Yes, it's $39.99 dollar value and it can be yours at that price guaranteed. Yes, I know it was a cheap and unimaginative gimmick which was poorly executed. What was that Clive? I'm out of my what? Oh, so you want me to return in the month of November. I don't know about that Clive, where there ain't no love there ain't no magic. What? I've made a deal with death? To death till I die? Well, I thought the Breakfast Hour thread might be original. I don't know Clive, first it was your eyes that went. Alright Clive, I'll think about it. But you take care of yourself, Clive. Maybe you have some of those long hard winters left in you.

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