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  1. Spade_Cooley

    José José

    The person who made the edit has never edited Wikipedia before, plus there's no change on the Spanish-language version. I'm gonna give this a thumbs down.
  2. Spade_Cooley

    The 100 Club

    A thread for people who have passed the age of 100 but have (very, very) faint claims to fame other than "just being old". The lifeblood of many a DDP theme team, really, may as well get them all in one place. Plus it gives me an excuse to have a regular meeting point for two of my favourites: 110-year-old paranormal investigator Alexander Imich and 107-year-old financier Irving Kahn, who apparently still goes to work daily. Check out his current stock portfolio here. Anyway, so here's where we can rhapsodise about Run Run Shaw, Roy Douglas and Vo Nguyen Giap and the many public appearances they'll no doubt be making in the near future. One of the leading actors of the pre-blaxploitation era cowboy "race movies", Herb Jeffries, just turned 100.
  3. Spade_Cooley

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Is officially open for business. Emails appear to be very slow sending out, if you haven't received one by, idk, tomorrow, let me know.
  4. Spade_Cooley

    The Dead of 2019

    Those who had pencilled in socialist theorist Erik Olin Wright, creator of the concept of Universal Basic Income, for their Deadpool Cup teams, bad luck: he's dead at 72.
  5. Spade_Cooley

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    1950s "It Girl" Vikki Dougan, the body inspiration for Jessica Rabbit and arguably the first woman to be marketed for her arse rather than tits in Hollywood, is still going at 90.
  6. Spade_Cooley

    Harvey 'Wank Stain' Weinstein

    Say one thing about Weinstein, the movies nominated for Oscars were a lot better when he was in charge of rigging the ballot.
  7. Spade_Cooley

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Open for business
  8. Spade_Cooley

    Time Added

  9. Spade_Cooley

    Celebrity Chefs

    And there's our first Drop 40er of the year.
  10. Spade_Cooley

    Time Added

    So Cardiff's new record signing Emiliano Sala might not be making it to his first training session.
  11. Spade_Cooley

    Roman Reigns

    Phone-posting but thread worthy. As noted in the wrestling thread, strangely defeatist tweets from everyone else backstage about this. Could well be a Drop 40er next year.
  12. Spade_Cooley

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Just found out the old man, despite living, working and paying his taxes in this country since 1971, will have to apply to stay here after 2021. I honestly fucking despair.
  13. Spade_Cooley

    The Dead of 2019

  14. Spade_Cooley

    Shivakumara Swami

    And here's the QO.
  15. Spade_Cooley

    Comics & Comedy Writers

    I've heard of Elayne Boosler! None of the other cunts though.
  16. Spade_Cooley

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    It turns out Anna Kendrick and the husband have been in cahoots in recent times - Blake Lively discovers this, shoots him but doesn't realise that Kendrick is livestreaming from a hidden camera. She runs outside and gets hit by a car.
  17. Spade_Cooley

    Shivakumara Swami

  18. Spade_Cooley

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    1950: England vs USA 1990: Tyson vs Douglas 2019: SpadeCooley vs Squonk?
  19. Spade_Cooley

    Our Ensemble Dramas/hobnob box set shows

    The Sopranos' 20th anniversary had the various living castmembers pop up here and there, and Tony Sirico isn't looking that great. Hey T, did you hear what I said? I said Tony Sirico isn't looking that great.
  20. Yep, it's your all-purpose themaninblack-baiting thread to discuss potential cadavers that popped up in The Sopranos, The West Wing, The Wire, Mad Men, Oz, Deadwood, The Shield, Breaking Bad (if you're a pleb who thinks that's an intelligent show) et al. If Ginny Sack carking it gets a Daily Mail obituary, we can probably assume anyone who had a named role on these shows is DDP eligible. Dominic Chianese paying tribute to James Gandolfini is one of those things that just looks weird, like when you saw the Queen Mum at Princess Di's funeral.
  21. Spade_Cooley

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    I've decided, cancer mums will not get frontpage obits but will have their deaths recorded onsite. FFBIs will get frontpage obits.
  22. Spade_Cooley

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Difference between FFBI and cancer mum though.
  23. Spade_Cooley

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    This is the first FFBI of the year. Not really sure what to do... I'm leaning towards "not doing a frontpage write-up." However, this is the FOURTH GUN AWAY HIT OF THE YEAR FFS.
  24. Spade_Cooley

    Internet Celebrities

    I mentioned in the "Fringes of Fame" thread that beloved-by-roidhead internet "fitness" guru Zyzz died in a gay sauna yesterday aged 22, and somehow this has actually made eight actual real Australian newspapers, according to Google News. I was disinterestedly scouring Spankwire, as you do, and was reminded of the existence of Tila Tequila. At one point she was the most popular person on MySpace (ask your grandparents). She then went on to have a brief career as a celebrity, but after the MTV reality shows ran out it was just her being bottled off-stage at gigs and having whoever she stuck her tongue into that week die on her. She strikes me as a good candidate for a TMZ-friendly overdose within the next few years. Anyway, there's loads of these "internet famous" folk nowadays and we need a thread for them I feel. Maybe Tron Guy will battle a brave fight against cancer or that guy from Evolution of Dance will go mad and shoot up a shopping mall. Talk about these guys here. Or don't.
  25. Spade_Cooley

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    I'd expect most teams to captain MC Ren.

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