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  1. Comics & Comedy Writers

    Fucking hell, do they film Benidorm on top of an asbestos landfill?
  2. Fat And Fearless

    Kushari vendors in mourning, Eman's dead. Picked in some pools here and there I believe.
  3. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    With me absent? Not likely.
  4. Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Probably the most (in)famous European football chairmen of the early 1990s along with Berlusconi and Jesus Gil. Definitely worthy of a DL spot imho.
  5. Derby Dead Pool 2017

    I'd assume, without calculating it properly, me because my average age of hits is lower?
  6. Dead Pop Stars

    RIP big man, you were good as Krampus in American Dad,
  7. Hollywood Possibilities

    Delightful naivety from ZZL here in thinking Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant, and won't just be wearing a fat suit for nine months while some poor schmuck carries the baby for her.
  8. Sister Wendys' Odyssey

    Nun tells you to keep a skull on your desk. May help with your deadpool research notes as a paperweight?
  9. Tax-dodging minimum wage paying multinational with drivers who rely solely on satnavs vs Cockney Wanker-esque racists who know the correct route but drive you three miles extra while pushing the meter up. Also all black cab drivers are police informants.
  10. The Dead Of 2017

    And Birdman
  11. The Dead Of 2017

    How about this for obscurest death of the year? Former Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Champion Gadiel Szleifer died in his sleep at the weekend.
  12. Deadpool Detective Work

    Got into a Drummond hole on Facebook, his daughter never updates her profile. This is his sister's profile, but she shares every single missing dog report in a 500mile radius so it's too tough to find any references to Eddy.
  13. Boxing Clever?

    So Robert Cohen becomes the oldest lineal boxing champion still alive. Living in South Africa according to this 2012 article, but not much else recent out there.
  14. 20. Jake Lamotta

    "My three toughest opponents were Roey Juss, Roey Juss and Roey Juss. I fought Roey Juss so many times I shoulda been a moderator" - Jake LaMotta, 1991.
  15. Morrissey

    He's on Twitter. What's the over/under on how long until he deactivates after saying something racist at 2am?