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  1. The Dead of 2018

    See? https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/apr/24/lieke-martens-barcelona-ronaldinho You're currently top of the DDP, congrats.
  2. Hospitalised!

    Also wrote the lyrics to "Diva", the 1998 Eurovision winner.
  3. The Dead of 2018

    I think you'll be fine: Brian Lomax, who was my intended joker for the 2016 DDP (except he died in November 2015), was a similar character and he got QOs without an issue.
  4. Interesting Ways To Die...

  5. FIFA World Cup Players

    ffs. I'm off to hang myself.
  6. FIFA World Cup Players

    A five-time WC manager, also helming France in 78 and Cameroon (94), Morocco (98) and Ivory Coast (06).
  7. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Yeah, I may have been a little tired by the end of that round-up...
  8. Deathlist Under 45

    Avril Lavigne makes first red carpet appearance in two years.
  9. Wrestlers/actors

    Giant Baba's widow, Motoko Baba, dead at 78. She took over the AJPW booking after Giant's death, and her disagreements with Mitsuharu Misawa led to the company split and the promotion's eventual collapse into irrelevancy.
  10. Derby Dead Pool 2018

  11. Avicii

    Apparently the "avicii" is the lowest level of hell in Buddhism. Learn something every day.
  12. Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    Labour parliamentary candidate thinks that one of Sister Sledge was murdered by the Deep State:
  13. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    As always around these ends, Charlie Poole and the Beatnuts.
  14. Birth List

    Gotta be a joint tribute to the man who broke the British marathon record yesterday, and the man just named PFA Footballer of the Year. Call it Mohammed.
  15. Sister Wendys' Odyssey

    Sr Wybourne has handed over control of her Twitter account while she deals with another bout of "chemocosh":