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  1. Aristocrats

    Good idea for a DDP theme team, that joke.
  2. Last Word

    This week: Billy Graham (duh) Laura Lee (advocate for sex workers' rights, very woke, very now) John Morris (composer for numerous Mel Brookes films, wrote the score for The Producers) John Pitman (the Sheena Easton guy) and John Bosco McAtasney (the last living weaver of damask linen in Ireland, obviously). Bad luck anyone who was hoping for Claribel Alegria or Ann Gillis to get the call-up.
  3. Stephen Fry

    Quite Ill
  4. What Kind Of Person Deadpools?

    There's a pub in Brighton (The Lion and Lobster I think?) that is well known locally for its celebrity death prediction contest: put a pound in the pot and if you predict the next death you win the entire kitty. I have never entered it because I just know I'd end up in an argument over what counts as a "celebrity" with the barman, and possibly glassed.
  5. Hunger Strikers

    A 20-year-old farmer is on hunger strike, campaigning for better Welsh representation in the media. They've got Fireman Sam, the fuck else do they want?
  6. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Also, John Major is listed as "John Majors", and I never know if this was a typo or a reference to a 20-year-old Lee and Herring joke.
  7. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I had noticed this. Was going to change it to "Reality TV star best known for his appearance in the second Home Alone movie".
  8. Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    He also thinks season three of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was good, rather than a confused fucking mess that completely throws away what was a great series for one-and-a-bit seasons before Greg was written out of it, so he's clearly a nutjob.
  9. Death Anniversary Thread

    Apparently dovemeat was pricey and it was (still is, although I believe Trump is attempting to roll back the legislation) illegal to hunt mourning birds in the US without a permit. You learn stuff on the DL every day.
  10. Charlotte Rae

    Maybe more like Buster Merryfield if Buster Merryfield was a woman?
  11. Death Anniversary Thread

    Chicago Mafia boss Joseph "Joey Doves" Aiuppa died today in 1997. He got his nickname after feds arrested him and found 563 frozen mourning doves in the back of his car.
  12. The 3rd Death Of 2018

  13. Derby Dead Pool 2018

    I wonder... is Billy Graham the most-selected person ever in DDP history? The extra two years surely pushed him over Zsa Zsa?
  14. Time Added

    Journeyman Bulgarian defender Georgi Markov dead at 46, via a heart attack not umbrella poisoning. He scored Bulgaria's goal in the 1-1 draw with England in a 1999 European Championship qualifier.