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  1. Updated: Who Will Win DDP 2017?

    Cunt's costing me a fortune in fruit baskets.
  2. Death Anniversary Thread

    Looking a bit The Situation in that pic:
  3. Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Executive chair of Provident, Manjit Wolstenholme, dies suddenly at 53. Either that or she's hiding behind the sofa with the lights off waiting for the Provvy lady to go away.
  4. Ric Flair

    A large number of this "100 Greatest Wrestlers" poll by People In The Know last year could conceivable drop dead in 2018 tbh: https://sites.google.com/site/wrestlingscout/home/updates/pwo-greatestwrestlereverpoll-top100
  5. Ric Flair

    Don Leo Jonathan may die in 2018, yes.
  6. David Cassidy

    If you want to hear something truly awful, here's David's daughter Katie (now a vaguely respected actress) covering his banger "I Think I Love You". It's like a parody of early 2000s pop:
  7. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    I found out there's a notorious go encounter called the "Blood-Vomiting Game": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood-vomiting_game
  8. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    I think we need a professional go player. I mean there's always at least one on the "Deaths in 2017" page, and it'd increase our popularity in those all-important eastern Asian markets.
  9. Ratko Mladic

    Sad day for Chomsky.
  10. David Cassidy

    Let's not forget Big Cass's contribution to hip-hop beat history:
  11. FIFA World Cup Players

    Never played for Argentina in a World Cup, only at the Copa America.
  12. David Cassidy

    He certainly had a heavy impact on one British fan.
  13. The Dead Of 2017

    Bad day for Bobs.
  14. 18. Robert Mugabe

    Finally, a post-Brexit trading partner for the UK!
  15. Aretha Franklin

    This fake Twitter account (Aretha Frankiinn) is behind the latest news break: