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  1. I can think of one reason....
  2. As a kid I was meant to go and see All Dogs Go To Heaven at the cinema as a treat, but instead I got testicular torsion and had to go to hospital. I think both me and Judith suffered with that film.
  3. Just off to buy a new suit for the inevitable media appearances I'll make ahead of this.
  4. Gascoigne's in no way a horrible pick, the man clearly isn't going to turn his life around at any point soon and he's one of maybe 10 people in the UK whose deaths would guarantee multiple days of newspaper frontpages.
  5. Judith Barsi joined the illustrious "10 Club" today in 1988.
  6. Scorpio, Spade, and I like a girl with metastatic cancer and a guaranteed Times obituary.
  7. Did Triple-O ever consider the fact that Willie McLean (USA, 1934) went missing? Admittedly, if he were still alive he'd be 113 this year so he probably is dead, but we don't have proof...
  8. Great to see Charlie dying just in time for his dad to go in Celebrity Big Brother.
  9. Not contemporary, but fell down a Wikipedia research hole today and discovered that the last person known to have died while attempting to defect from East to West Germany was Winfried Freudenberg, whose attempt to cross featured him holding on to a big balloon a la Up, except it ended in his death. He was 32 when he carked it and his name gives us 33 Scrabble points.
  10. Scenes when Steve Ditko drops dead next week.
  11. 20 years since Brian Glover got his final kick up the Aris
  12. dead

    Nope, I am within walking distance of the Mirror's offices though. Might pop my head around the corner and tell them to hurry up on ol' Jagraj.
  13. He had a good innings. For women's cricket.
  14. Again, Daily Mirror journo who lurks these forums, you fucked up and used a picture of the wrong Britain's Got Talent dancing dog in this story: That's Trip Hazard and Lucy, not Pudsey and Ashleigh.
  15. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the deaths of both Bobby Driscoll and Frankie Lymon. I'm hoping we see some 90s/00s child stars pay tribute by undertaking their own untimely departures from this planet.