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  1. I'm back from a long break, and I return with news that some of you may not know. The man who gave the Jolly Green Giant a famous name, singer Len Dresslar, has died of cancer at the age of 80.
  2. Zeppelin

    Funereal Music

    What about Stairway To Heaven? or Paradise City? or a personal favorite Free Bird? Or I will write a song that will be played at my funeral. -s p.s. Magere, love the new avatar.
  3. Zeppelin

    Been Too Long On The Road

    hmm, bi-polar mabey? Also one who doesn't look so good that should be on the list is Eddie Van Halen. He is one of the best people to ever play a guitar. This January he will be 51, not that old but in bad shape. And football fan, I wouldn't say that Ozzy, nor Idol will be going anytime soon. Roth on the other hand might be a good pick for 2006's list.
  4. Zeppelin

    Dead Heat

    This past August. Out in Virgina a few kids and adults had died. This happend at the National Scout Jamboree, not sure if anyone has heard of it, but it was all over the news. And the posts about 4 people dying in the marathon due to heat made me remember this. -s
  5. Zeppelin

    Most Obsessive Deathlisters

    While most of you are trying to reach the 1000 post marker. I'm still working on number 100. I like reading topics, more then posting. And usally whatever I have to say is all ready said. So there would be no point for my posts. -s
  6. I couldn't find a previous thread on the rolling stones so I made a new one. It is said that Charlie Watts just "beat" cancer. And Ron Wood just got out of rehab, the rest is just old news. So I wouldn't consider the twins, or Ron for the 2006 death list. But Charlie is a 50/50 chance, who knows how good he beat the diease? -s
  7. Zeppelin

    Titanic Survivors

    Oops, thats what I meant but I couldn't find the right words. Thanks IYG -s
  8. Zeppelin


    On the topic of Avatars, did any one notice that Captain Oates and Tempus Fugit's avatars both look similar. Im not sure, but I think that its a pretty close match.
  9. Zeppelin

    Titanic Survivors

    Nothing for nothing. They are making a new Titanic moive. With 7 new minutes as an alternate ending. This was supposed to be the orignal ending but they voted it down. But its coming out soon. -s
  10. Zeppelin


    Well i'm with you. Where abouts?
  11. Zeppelin


    I myself was born and raised in the ever so popular state of New York. In the USA. Not to many members of DeathList are from around here I bet.
  12. Zeppelin


    Bob Denver, better known as 'Gilligan' died at age 70 due to complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer. This is another important death in 1 week that both deal with cancer in somehow. He wasn't on the death list of 2005 but who would've see him going so soon? -s
  13. Zeppelin

    Duchess of Bedford and Lady Bliss

    Elizabeth Russell, Duchess of Bedford. Born September 23, 1818? Is that the person you were talking about?
  14. Zeppelin

    Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned

    I was just going to say something similar to that, but it seems Tempus Fugit beat me to it. Touché, Tempus.
  15. This is another pointless thread, but I have been reading and most of you are quite old, not elderly. But I was wondering who is the oldest member of Death List?

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