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  1. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    ooh HoS you are such an extremist, I know I'm militant and a loyalist but i cant go that far!
  2. Charley Farley

    George Best

    I think its time to do him a favour, someone ought to eplace the saline drip with Vodka!
  3. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Notapotato my reply to you sir is "a pair of womens kn***ers"!
  4. Charley Farley

    Jack Wild

    Saw Jack Wild on TV hes looking ripe for the chop, having had mouth and tongue cancer he looks in a bad way and is my nominee for 2006! (Topic merged, ATJ)
  5. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Im sorry TF to have to contradict but I do feel very strongly that this is an ecunemical matter!
  6. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    No I'm with Hein here lets put them all in goal! Our country needs goalkeepers we've got a world cup to win next year!
  7. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    mmm a left handed saw!
  8. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    The answer is yes I would run that risk however the deterrent of 90 days would make me even more determined not to cause problems, 28 days i could have that as leave paid or unpaid. Academic now!!
  9. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Ravenstorm please take a breath, I am sorry you do not share my view, I still feel that it was a win win for the safety of the British public, as a law abiding pro Britain resident I shant worry about the prospect of 90 days in Gaol, losing my job and friends etc as I am not a risk, however those bastards who are a risk need looking at in close detail, are you a risk Ravenstorm do you think.....perhaps your worriied about the 90 days from your own personal perspective!
  10. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Yeti & TF "no more swivvelly hippilly Wordymodels, deep Joy" Stanley Unwin 1999 Daventry Moat House!
  11. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Thanks for that Yeti, I prefer the Vic Reeves adage that 88% of statistics are made up on the spot. Im sort of guessing that you have a lot of free time!
  12. Charley Farley

    Widens Immortals

    I was reminded today of something that happened to Gregory Widen creator of the Highlanders series of films, whilst at the war memorial today I was in the presence of Basil Convery who had served in the first and the second world war, now I know he was in a wheelchair last time I saw him but hes now back on his feet, by my reckoning hes got to be 98 but he looks closer to 70 (could be hes had a nip/tuck) but when he saw me looking he began to withdraw even more, and sort of drifted away into the background. Gregory Widen tells a story that his grandfather was at a regiment reunion and he met someone he served with but who had been killed by shrapnel in the trenches right in front of him, the grandfather talked with this individual for a while before the immortal cottoned onto the fact that perhaps this bloke knew that he was supposed o be dead, upon realising his gaffe this feller dropped into the "Im a relative of the deceased manner made his excuses and left" never really thought much about it until today in Bedford................spooky!
  13. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Still no numbers TF let me help you with that, there is upon average still 60 odd people dying daily by whatever means which is far too much but its a lot less than it would have been if SH was still in power - do you think that without UK/US input Saddam would have left I'm not sure he would have and possibly he would still be in post. There are still troops identifying mass graves. There is absolutely no chance of reprieve for him I understand and he will be executed! Documentation shows that he was ruthless to his people, his staff and his family operating upon the old roman Decimation philosophy which demonstrated to all that he would not bugger about!
  14. Charley Farley

    Lord Lichfield

    Looks like Lord Lich for the ditch! (sorry)
  15. Charley Farley

    Treasonable Politicians

    Darn! Darn! Darn!

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