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  1. Red Flag

    Academic Footnotes

    Stuart Hall...no, not that one
  2. Red Flag

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Philip Seymour Hoffman, according to the WSJ
  3. Red Flag

    Michael Schumacher

    One of the neurosurgeons treating him is said to have confirmed this is happening. Michael is reportedly responding positively. Interestingly, though his management team is continuing to insist that nothing is happening and there's been no change, they didn't mention his condition and whether or not it was improving - in the past, they have reiterated that it was still critical or stable. In other words, they didn't deny there had been an improvement. Make of that what you will I'd say things are no longer looking quite as bleak, although this process can take a while
  4. Red Flag

    The Chequered Flag

    in the 24 Hours of Daytona. Both drivers taken to hospital. Fingers crossed they are OK
  5. Red Flag

    The Dead Of 2014

    BBC Twitter feed reporting that Chris Chataway, the former 5,000m world record holder and Tory politician, has died
  6. Red Flag


    BBC World's Komla Dumor, 41
  7. Red Flag

    Sam Simon

    "Sam Simon, or "Simey," as he liked to be called, taught us that a man can triumph over adversity. And even though Sam's agonizing struggle through life was tragically cut short, I'm sure he's looking down on this right now..."
  8. Red Flag

    Sam Simon

    Sam "Sayonara" Simon
  9. Red Flag

    Michael Schumacher

    This is just pure speculation, no? Last I heard, not knowing anything doesn't mean, well, anything. The source is a right-wing news magazine who asked a neurosurgeon what I thought, and then they picked the most extreme prognosis to lead with Dr Hartstein has phrased it well
  10. Red Flag

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Impressive Schumacher pun
  11. Red Flag

    The Chequered Flag

    John Button, Jenson Button's father. Was a prominent rallycross driver in the 1970s, and later attended all bar one of Button's grands prix to date
  12. Red Flag

    The Dead Of 2014

    First hit for a few DDP contenders - Living End, Misers, Star Dust You'll find he's also attending the Carkers Convention once that team gets unpacked. Isn't that your team? Hence why I didn't mention it - thought it was implicit in your post. Sorry about that
  13. Red Flag

    The Dead Of 2014

    First hit for a few DDP contenders - Living End, Misers, Star Dust
  14. Red Flag

    Michael Schumacher

    What difference does it make if it's a skiing accident or not? A head injury is a head injury It's difficult to tell what the exact nature of his condition is given the lack of information but what we do know is he is slowly recovering
  15. Red Flag

    Ariel Sharon

    Not sure how much more his condition can deteriorate given that it's been deteriorating every day for over a week. Is that even possible?
  16. Red Flag

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Great stuff, thanks Got a unique with Hart. Awesome. Surprised I'm the only one to go for Datchler too
  17. Red Flag

    The Chequered Flag

    Rotten Ali has picked him in a couple of the forum competitions so might have picked him in the DDP Cheers for the tip. Had a feeling he would be obit-worthy as anything Senna-related will likely get something
  18. Red Flag

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Off the mark already. This could be a good year (it won't be)
  19. Red Flag

    The Chequered Flag

    And here it is. And Telegraph too. Now to see if it's a unique hit
  20. Red Flag

    The Chequered Flag

    And the wait for an obit begins...
  21. Red Flag

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Elizabeth Jane Howard, formerly the wife of Kingsley Amis and an author in her own right
  22. Red Flag

    American Football Players

    Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason is in my DDP team this year, and some early news on him - he'll be live-tweeting this weekend's play-off game for NBC With his eyes He was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and it's already pretty limiting. The NFL have already broadcast a tribute documentary to him
  23. Red Flag

    Michael Schumacher

    Stable this morning. You can read that two ways - he's not getting any worse but he's not getting dramatically better either
  24. Red Flag

    1st Death of 2014

    Surely it's Billy's time now
  25. Red Flag

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Completely missed Farmiloe, Berkowitz and Madoff. Need to revise my search engine terms...

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