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    Time Added

    Jamaican footballer Luton Shelton (Nov 1985) has ALS. I remember him playing alongside Henrik Larsson at Helsingborg many years ago. He's Jamaica's all-time top scorer, so definitely obitable.
  2. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    I have 80 points now: Katherine Jenkins: 20 points Michael Phelps: 15 points Sunny Leone: 15 points Kirsten Dunst: 15 points Miranda Kerr: 15 points + Pending points for: Kate Hudson: (20 points) Josh Brolin: (20 points) Pippa Middleton: (15 points) So realistically, I should end up with 135 points in total.
  3. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Katherine Jenkins' son Xander Levitas was born in April & Kirsten Dunst's son Ennis Howard Plemons and Miranda Kerr's son Hart Speigel were born in May. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/950446/Katherine-Jenkins-baby-son-Twitter-Instagram-husband-pictures-latest-news https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/latest/a20445254/kirsten-dunst-jesse-plemons-welcome-first-child/ https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/celebrities/news/a20642822/miranda-kerr-baby-boy-evan-spiegel/ It's like God's run out of baby girls, and keeps giving couples sons. Kate Hudson is pregnant these days: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/04/06/entertainment/kate-hudson-pregnant/index.html Same with Josh Brolin: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6116285/Josh-Brolin-shares-sweet-snap-pregnant-wife-Kathryn-Boyd-shows-bare-baby-bump.html Errm, I mean his wife is, lol.
  4. Predictor

    Death quiz

  5. Predictor

    Kåre Willoch

    For those unfamiliar with the letter "å", it's pronounced about the same as the "o" in Willoch. Really close to the name Corey, except an "e" at the end. Never heard of this dude, though. All politicians are shite anyways, and I'm already fucking sick of all the countless election posters spewing cliched BS that they spam the streets with. The election campaign can't end soon enough.
  6. Predictor

    Confucius Peace Prize

    孔子和平獎 What? Chinese alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize. Since? 2010. When? 9 December. Why? For promotion of world peace from an Eastern, Confucian perspective; to declare China's view on peace and human rights to the world. By? The Association of Chinese Indigenous Arts. The Chinese government has denied having any connections with the prize. Past winners? 2010 - Lien Chan (1936) 2011 - Vladimir Putin (1952) 2012 - Kofi Annan (1938) & Yuan Longpin (1930) 2013 - Yi Cheng (1927) 2014 - Fidel Castro (1926-2016) 2015 - Robert Mugabe (1924) Joke? Nope, this is an actual award! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confucius_Peace_Prize As a Scandinavian, I absolutely love it and can't wait to find out who the upcoming winner will be!
  7. Predictor

    Silent Era People

    RIP Mary Carlisle. Am I correct in saying that Olivia is now the oldest living Hollywood actress? I mean, even Patricia Morison died not too long ago, so who else could there be?
  8. Predictor

    Silent Era People

    "My favourite fan mail was from an 18 year old Polish young lady who signed her letter with 'Love and Kisses'". Wonder what else was in that letter that made it his favourite. Imagine having hot young Eastern European girls all over you decades after your fame peak and you're old as fuck.
  9. Predictor

    13. Betty White

    What troubles me about Betty White is that
  10. Predictor

    2. Kirk Douglas

    Henry Gertrude sure has a lot of middle names...
  11. Predictor

    Lord Carrington

    Rest in peace, Pete!
  12. Predictor

    World Cup predict the scores 2018

    Oh, would you look at that. Sweden did beat Switzerland in the RO16, and will face England in the quarterfinal. VM GULDET ÄR VÅRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Predictor

    3. Olivia De Havilland

  14. Predictor

    World Cup predict the scores 2018

    Top of the group, Neuer did have a brain dead moment (not against us, but still...), Korea's defense was shite cuz they gave us a pen, we treated Mexico like Pinatas, we'll likely face the Swiss in next round, etc. need I go on? We ARE winning this cup, trust me on this one.
  15. Predictor

    Lookie Likey

    Getting a Charlie Sheen vibe from Christer Pettersson (the dude who may or may not have shot Olof Palme, I personally suspect Maggie).
  16. How about a rule that if a new thread doesn't get a minimum of x replies (that are on-topic) within y months, it gets deleted? But to be fair, unless you're close to exceeding the website's bandwidth limit, I think there should be a leniency in terms of what is thread-worthy and what's not.
  17. Predictor

    World Cup predict the scores 2018

    Sweden-South Korea: 6-0: Koreans' defence is shite. We'll leave them Psy-chologically damaged. Sweden-Germany: 1-0: Neuer to have a Karius/Ulreich/Kahn vs. Ronaldo moment. Sweden-Mexico: 1-0 [insert overused 'create a footballing wall' joke here] Sweden-Switzerland: 3-0: I mean c'mon, their biggest star plays for fucking Stoke. Sweden-England: 5-4: Penalty shoot-out win. Sweden-Spain: 4-0: What does Hierro know about coaching anyway??? Sweden-Brazil: 7-1: Lolz, why not?
  18. Has Verne Troyer offered any condolences yet?
  19. Predictor

    Back to the future

    1. John Archer 2. Griselda Allan 3. Ramani Bartholomeusz 4. Bodil Begtrup 5. Ann Christy 6. Duffy Daugherty 7. William Creighton 8. Terrence Des Pres 9. Elizabeth Eden 10. Maxwell Finland 11. Oliver J. Flanagan 12. Pal Gabor 13. Habib Painter 14. Brigitte Heinrich 15. Donald Holroyde Hey 16. Costache Ioanid 17. Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz 18. Edward Keating 19. Scrappy Lambert 20. Gwendolyn MacEwen 21. Alice Namakelua 22. Arch Oboler 23. Curly Page 24. Princess Red Wing 25. Clarisse Ratsifandrihamanana 26. Bo Reicke 27. Sailendra Narayana Ghosal Sastri 28. Alexander Shmidt 29. Gustavo Teixeira 30. Cecil Youngfox 31. Abe Vigoda Swear to God I didn't cheat by searching online...
  20. Predictor

    Tessa Jowell

    Never heard of her, sounds like a made-up person. Think the committee's got some 'splainin' to do..... Nonetheless, may the old bowl cut lady rest in peace.
  21. Predictor

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    The Swedish entry is terrible this year. Do not vote!
  22. Predictor

    Barbara Bush

    Appeared in that anti-drugs cartoon special. If that's not state funeral-worthy, I don't know what is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hz1UaEVyoo
  23. Predictor


    Avicii was "Timberman" at a Swedish forum back in 2006, before he got famous. https://forum.studio.se/topic/34925-timberman-brain/
  24. Predictor


    RIP. I don't think we really have any other musicians that are known internationally atm. Zara Larsson maybe??
  25. Predictor

    27. Stirling Moss


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