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  1. Predictor

    38. Cleo Laine

    This is one of those newcomers that'll be dropped off the following year, only to never appear on the DL again and die a few years from their selection.
  2. Predictor

    49. Ginger Baker

    Rest in peace.
  3. Predictor

    Things you would love to ask.....

    Christopher Columbus: If you were looking for India, why didn't you just use a GPS? Charles Darwin: If evolution is real, then why are there still monkeys???
  4. Predictor

    Non-British Royals

    I didn't notice until now that she died in August. I remember being surprised that she was a unique pick despite her illness. May she rest in peace.
  5. Predictor

    Sophia Loren

    I think Raquel Welch defies the laws of aging better than anyone else.
  6. Predictor

    The Deathlist Howto

    Is there a way to see signatures when you're browsing the website on the phone? I noticed that they don't show up unless you're on a computer.
  7. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    What's with the chicken pictures, mate? Am I missing something here? Edit: Ah, another meltdown. Those are fun.
  8. Predictor

    Famous farmers and agricultural people

    There is a tv show here called "Bonde söker fru" (= farmer seeks wife) that has been airing for a baffling 13 years in a row. So basically, a disproportionate number of farmers would technically stand a chance of getting an obituary in a relatively large newspaper here in Sweden. Edit: Anders Jönsson has ms. https://www.expressen.se/noje/tv-bondens-kamp-mot-svara-sjukdomen/
  9. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Can I have my name changed to Deathray? I hear it's available...
  10. Predictor

    The 9th Death of 2019

    Voted on Valery.
  11. Predictor

    7. Robert Mugabe

    Rest in peace.
  12. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    One of my picks, Nicolas Leoz, died on 28 August at age 90. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/01/obituaries/nicolas-leoz-dead.html
  13. Predictor

    37. Valerie Harper

    Rest in peace.
  14. Predictor

    Films with entirely dead casts

    I think all of them except maybe Casablanca have living cast members.
  15. Predictor

    Why in the World Mr Guest?

    Bob: Hey Dave, ya know the fat dude in all those old movies? Dave: John Candy? Bob: Nah man, I mean the masturbating one, Ernest Borgnine. Dave: Ok, what about him? Bob: Nuthin', just thought of him all of a sudden. Wonder what he's up to? Dave: Isn't he like old and stuff? Bob: Yah, bet he'd be worth a ton of points in deadpools. Dave: I could use some extra cash. Let's enter an online deadpool or whatever. Bob: Good thinking....Hey, googling deadpools and the fat dude's name gave me this site with a funny skull. Dave: Cool. Bob: ......Ah crap, they say he's dead and shit. Fucking hell. Quick, think of someone else. Dave: Uhh, the dude who made those Ford cars, Henry I think, has a super old wife. Betty or something. Bob: Brilliant!

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