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  1. Predictor

    Class of 1931

    FFS, Drol, you've created a monster. We're now going to get a poll for every fucking year of birth, aren't we? And I thought "class of" referred to the year people of the same age graduate from whatever. Guess coming out of the womb after 9 months counts as a graduation...
  2. 2020 INAUGURATION SPEECH BERNIE SANDERS: "Dear Americans, I am honoured to have been elected to be your president of the United States. I promise to...*collapses to the floor*" Oh who am I kidding, he will probably become old enough to be invited to the 100th year anniversary memorial of Pearl Harbor. The man appears to have more energy than most people half his age.
  3. Predictor

    Lennart Johansson

    Rest in peace.
  4. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    It took 7 seasons of DDP for me to get my first unique hit (main team) with Lennart Johansson’s death. I suddenly feel complete as a person and can die peacefully now.
  5. Predictor

    Names we dislike

    Pontus. There are over 10 000 people in Sweden with that name right now. Two with that name went in my class. The "-us" part makes it sound like it's coming straight out of the freaking Roman Empire. Also don't like Johan, one of the most popular male names here. The "h" is silent, unlike the female equivalent (Johanna).
  6. Predictor

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Appearently, he was driving at 120 mph (not far off 200 km/h). Killed 2 passengers in the process too. Edit: That's the second player from Group H of the 2006 World Cup to die in a vehicle crash (Andriy Gusin in 2014).
  7. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    I wish I could transfer a few of those points onto the DDP.
  8. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Thanks for informing me, YongWillz. May he rest in peace. Have no idea how many points this adds up to, should be around 150 (if I understood the scoring system correctly)?
  9. Predictor

    Overrated People

    Sorry, next time I'll try to be as eloquent as you were when explaining why Michael Jackson, Matt Damon, Theresa May, etc. are overrated. You are right when it comes to Kubrick, though, I will concede that. He's done some decent stuff, such as Paths of Glory & Dr. Strangelove.
  10. Predictor

    Overrated People

    I'm curious now. Which ones do you disagree on?
  11. Predictor

    The 5th Death of 2019

    I see. Thought the poll tradition was a more recent thing, so I guess the sheer number of appearances on the DL does make Kirk likely the person with most points.
  12. Predictor

    The 5th Death of 2019

    I wonder which currently living person has accumulated the most amount of votes since these polls first began. I'd say it's either Kirk Douglas, Prince Philip or Vera Lynn. Btw, I picked the latter one for this poll.
  13. Predictor

    Overrated People

    Charlie Sheen: Up there with Jerry Seinfeld as one of the worst actors to be the star of a tv show as far as acting ability goes. Guy can't emote. He is cool as fuck though. Ellen DeGeneres: For a talk show host with comedic background, I find myself laughing very rarely at anything she says. Stanley Kubrick: Overrated for 2001: A Space Odyssey alone. Pretentious as hell. Pablo Picasso: Cubism is nightmare-inducing stuff and he was one of the major culprits for inflicting it upon mankind. Carrie Fisher: Nepotism. Larry King: Has the charisma of a tree trunk! And he's always just asking easy-to-answer questions to his interview subjects. Landon Donovan: Had an overall shite career in Europe, yet he's heralded among Americans as their greatest ever player ahead of Clint Dempsey and all those bald keepers. Prince George: Hasn't done anything of note in his life, yet has his own damn Wikipedia page. P Diddy: Can't rap. Not sure exactly what he's good at? Emma Watson: Shouldn't have been cast as Belle. Not drop dead gorgeous enough for the part, really. Mark Cuban: Became a billionaire mostly by luck. Ringo Starr: You know that guy in school who'd contribute the least in a group assignment, yet get good grades because the others were so gifted? Ringo was that guy. Also, the drum is arguably the easiest instrument to master. Nelly Furtado: As someone who finds her singing voice to be grating on the ears, 2006-2007 was a dark time in my life... Jerry Seinfeld: See Charlie Sheen. Minus the 'cool as fuck' part.
  14. Predictor

    2. Herman Wouk

    Hahah, always nice when people share knowledge based on their own experiences. Back to Wouk, I'm glad that his wife Betty preceded him in death. She'd be devastaded if he died. During the 60+ years that they were married, her man woke. Always.
  15. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Mince pie, what am I, British? But yeah, I reckon I just copypasted some left-over names from some names that I came across at some point, and then forgot all about it afterwards. All I know that it can't be a trolling attempt, because I didn't include Daisy Loongkoonan, so...

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