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  1. Predictor

    Fort William Football Club

    Do any of these players get paid by the club? Is Dawid Majewski the next Lewandowski? When will Fort William climb up to SPL?
  2. Predictor

    10. Pierre Cardin

    Holy fuck! I just googled his collections, and damn what a horrible fucking designer he is. Some of his work looks weird and pretentious and no one would be caught dead wearing them. I mean look at this shit, it looks like the ones on the left and right sides are about to be sucked into a pipe like a fucking Super Mario. Oh, and what about this so called "jacket"? I live in one of the coldest nations on the planet, and I'd rather freeze to death than walk outside wearing that abomination of a winter clothing. Jesus christ, I can't believe a 90+-year old DL-candidate is getting me all riled up like this. It's utter madness that he's a legend in the fashion industry. Fuckin' hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Predictor

    Cosmetic Surgery

    Donda West.
  4. Predictor

    26. Dick Van Dyke

    THE DICK VAN DYKE HEALTH THEORY The real reason Dick Van Dyke is so damn healthy for his age is that God's control panel has a swear filter, so each time God types his name under the column INFLICT FRAILITY, DISEASE, AND/OR DEATH UPON: [Enter name], only "Van" shows up. That would explain some vehicle-related accidents also.
  5. Predictor

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Jan Malmsjö got eliminated, the song was shite, but him not collapsing on stage is something that I take as a positive.
  6. Predictor

    Whom Are You Tarring With The Epithet "twunt"?

    Did GossipGabe deliberately stop at 666 posts back in March last year? I mean, he logged in a few days ago and all, so it's not like he's taken a long break from this website. I guess he's SatanistGabe now.
  7. Predictor

    19. Gordon Banks

    Rest in peace
  8. Predictor

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    2 years later, it's time for another old dude to perform at the Melodifestivalen. On Saturday, the 86-year-old Jan Malmsjö will sing "Leva Livet", which in Swedish means "Live Life". He was married to American dancer Barrie Chase for a few years in the 60s, and had a small part in Hitchcock's film Torn Curtain, playing a Swedish journalist. Edit: Last Saturday, 74-year-old Arja Saijonmaa performed in the first qualification round, but ended up in last place. She looked quite good for her age.
  9. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Casper Cavendish was born on 22 May 2018 according to this link. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/6416517/peta-todd-shares-the-arrival-of-her-fourth-child-casper-cavendish-and-whats-in-her-post-birth-hospital-bag/
  10. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Sorry, wrong link. Meet Casper, the the latest addition to Mark's family. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cycling/2018/07/10/tour-de-france-stage-four-verdict-mark-cavendishs-time-can-bounce/ What about this source for Schneiderlin? https://www.telestar.fr/tele-realite/koh-lanta/camille-schneiderlin-koh-lanta-a-accouche-de-son-premier-enfant-384814
  11. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Will this do? https://everton.vitalfootball.co.uk/this-everton-player-update-has-got-these-fans-in-celebratory-mood/
  12. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Awesome, thanks. By the way, Handrejka should get points for Mark Cavendish as well: https://www.hellomagazine.com/healthandbeauty/mother-and-baby/2015082226884/mark-cavendish-welcomes-baby-boy/
  13. Predictor

    Pumping Them Out In The Birthing Pool

    Could you please present the final scores soon, so that I can add this achievment to my curriculum vitae?
  14. Predictor


    Update: Börje Kragh (1918-2017): https://www.dn.se/familj/minnesord-borje-kragh/ Gunborg Widlh (1919-2016): https://www.vlt.se/artikel/dodsfall/vasterasprofilen-och-forfattaren-gunborg-wildh-avliden Svante Löfgren (1918-2017): https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2017-08-02/minnesord-om-svante-lofgren Else Lundgren (1919-2018): No obit
  15. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    Deathray, could you please copy the quoted text into the masterlist? Made a few spelling corrections, as well as adding "WC" to my wildcard. Thanks!

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