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  1. Predictor

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    American judge Edwin Kosik died in 13 June at age 94. That's 163 points for me, right? https://wnep.com/2019/06/13/former-federal-judge-who-presided-over-kids-for-cash-case-dies/
  2. Predictor

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Just checked the DDP standings. Turns out I have 12 points with the recent death of that old Scottish bloke Alf.
  3. Predictor

    I Miss Badegg

    Wtf is charon banned? Hadn't noticed it.
  4. Predictor

    Lunch Break Music Swap (August)

    Tbh, if you've heard one 40s song, you've heard them all.
  5. Predictor

    Lunch Break Music Swap (August)

    I would love to see what your favourite 1940s songs are...
  6. For as long as I can remember, I've averaged around 2-3 fevers/colds per year. But the last time I was sick was in May 2017, over 2 years ago. Don't want to jinx it or anything, just thought it's weird how my immune system suddenly decided to get stronger than ever.
  7. Predictor

    Nature In Your Backyard

    Mostly ducks, rabbits, fish, various insects, and the occasional tiger (but that's only when I'm really drunk and an orange cat passes by).
  8. Predictor


    Brilliant work, Clorox. Must've taken a lot of time and effort to make this. Leah's points is higher than I had expected, although her debut year (2017) had a record of 17 different polls.
  9. Predictor

    How do I make my own list??

    Just copy-paste Lewd Squirrel's signature, cut off 50% of the names, et voila: You have yourself a massive list!
  10. Predictor

    Sexy Politicans

    The current Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrin Jakobsdottir, may not be "supermodel hot", but she has that girl-next-door kind of beauty that you'd hope to marry someday. That she leans more left than right doesn't make things worse either! /thread
  11. Predictor

    3. Olivia De Havilland

    Happy birthday, Dame Olivia. Keep proving these death-obsessed deadpooling wankers wrong, and may you have many more years to come.
  12. Quarterfinal: Sweden 1 Germany 0 Semifinal: Sweden 1 Holland 0 Final: Sweden 11 England 0
  13. Predictor

    Class of 1931

    FFS, Drol, you've created a monster. We're now going to get a poll for every fucking year of birth, aren't we? And I thought "class of" referred to the year people of the same age graduate from whatever. Guess coming out of the womb after 9 months counts as a graduation...
  14. 2020 INAUGURATION SPEECH BERNIE SANDERS: "Dear Americans, I am honoured to have been elected to be your president of the United States. I promise to...*collapses to the floor*" Oh who am I kidding, he will probably become old enough to be invited to the 100th year anniversary memorial of Pearl Harbor. The man appears to have more energy than most people half his age.
  15. Predictor

    Lennart Johansson

    Rest in peace.

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