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  1. Predictor

    2. Henry Kissinger

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting differe...." "HE'S DEAD, HE'S FINALLY DEAD. GOOD CALL, COMMITTEE!"
  2. Predictor

    6. Jimmy Carter

  3. Predictor

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Actress 韦伟 died on 2 November at the age of 101. She was best known for her role in 小城之春. May she rest in peace. https://m.sohu.com/a/733189905_114941
  4. Predictor

    French speaking deathlist

    Damn, 101. One of the very first suggestions I ever made on this forum was Micheline Presle, back in 2012. I sure know how to pick 'em, bet she'll live for another decade.
  5. Predictor

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Probably moved on to OnlyFans...
  6. Predictor

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    In the box on the right, it says that one of Mickey Rooney's many conquests wives Elaine Devry died on 20 September 2023. But I dunno if there is an obituary, also the lead text doesn't have that death date written. By the looks of it, she had a pretty decent career, with lots of credited roles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_Devry
  7. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Funny you should say that. I mentally changed your name to Y because that's what I ask myself whenever I read the drivel that you post.
  8. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Haha, yeah it was just a jibe at the Twitter name change. Predictor is too sacred for me to actually wanna change it.
  9. Predictor

    Name Shame?

    Can I please have my username changed to x?
  10. Predictor

    Death By Numbers 2023

    Ruschell Boone is a hit for me, 75 points.
  11. Predictor

    3. Bob Barker

    God: ...That's odd, I just spotted that talented musician Tom Parker up here in Heaven. But he was so young, what happened? Angel: Have you already forgotten? You were bored one day and wanted to play a game of Chinese whispers with all the angels. Whoever it ended up with would have their fate sealed. God: Oh my Go...I mean self. No wonder I never run into Bob Barker around these parts. Hahahaha oh well, no harm no foul, innit?
  12. Predictor

    World's Oldest

    ...Umm, thank you for your input, person who I've never ever seen in my life. I'll be sure to take your feedback onboard because I care so much about your opinion. Are you one of those single thread posters? Look, here's the thing. When you like or react to any post, you get a notification. It's a form of communication and thus affects me. Would you like it if someone constantly rang the doorbell only to say that they liked something mundane you said 9 years ago? Bet you wouldn't. But ok, I'll give Diego the benefit of the doubt in this case. Maybe he's a big piano fan and there are huge rivalries in the piano world, and her death filled him with such joy because he's...I dunno lets say an Elton John fanboy, that he just had to press like because there's one less enemy? Maybe even opened a nice bottle of champagine from the basement to celebrate? Who knows? But really, I'm semi-retired anyways so I really don't want to revisit whatever old dross I may have posted over the years. New guideline: If an old post of mine either made you laugh or looks to have been ambitious (long list/some sort of "project"), then ok, like away. If not, then don't.
  13. Predictor

    World's Oldest

  14. Predictor

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I listened to some of his livestreams (not attentively all the way through tho) on Facebook when doing research for my DDP 2022 team. This was because information about his health was not in print anywhere. My impression at the time was that he seemed like a chill person, but it seems that he's more sinister than I thought. Kind of reminds me of Big Ed from 90 Day Fiance now, not least due to name, physically stature and creepiness. Funnily, this breaking news just made his obitability shoot through the roof. No way he won't get a QO now. A headline dream basically.
  15. Predictor

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Uh oh, looks like Chucky got Chris Hansened... https://www.foxla.com/news/chucky-actor-accused-of-trying-to-meet-teen-for-sex

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