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  1. Ravens_Eden

    The Second 2009 Success Poll

    Norman again he has to go sometime
  2. Ravens_Eden

    The Fourteenth 2008 Success Poll

    Vera lynn Yet again
  3. Ravens_Eden

    The Thirteenth 2008 Success Poll

    Sticking With Vera Lynn she has to go sometime
  4. Ravens_Eden

    The Twelfth 2008 Success Poll

    Vera Lynn Why not
  5. Ravens_Eden

    The Eleventh 2008 Success Poll

    Elziabeth Edwards To continue The North Carolina theme Billy G was too obvious of a choice
  6. Ravens_Eden

    The Seventh 2008 Success Poll

    Kirk Douglas Why Not
  7. Ravens_Eden

    The Sixth 2008 Success Poll

    Cpt Beefheart.. Just felt like picking a Bottom feeder this time. But since i always get these wrong he will live for awhile yet
  8. Ravens_Eden

    The Fourth 2008 Success Poll

    Hofmann, for no other reason then he has to go sometime. with heston soon after ( in a very predictiable Gun accident)
  9. Ravens_Eden


    Oh He is goin to make it to 2009 (with my record on guessing these types of things he will probably be dead within hours)
  10. Ravens_Eden

    The Seventh 2007 Success Poll

    Ernest B. cuz i thought he was dead YEARS ago.

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