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Found 1 result

  1. Wormfarmer

    Tic-Tac-Toe Tag

    I am going to try a new pool, wherein the trick is in how you structure your entry. It will not have a set end date, rather the first player to score 30 or more points will be the winner. The idea: Each player will submit a list of 9 names in the form of a tic tac toe board, wherein each line of the board (V)vertically and (H)horizontally has a theme. The table below is an example of a legal entry following the category rules that follow it: 1 2 3 1 frankie avalon smokey robinson lance henriksen (b. 1940) 2 keith richards ken rosewall kim novak (k) 3 neil diamond pete rose nick nolte (b. 1941) (musicians) (r) (actors) Mandatory categories: H1 = year of birth #1 H2 = first letter of first name H3 = year of birth #2 V1 = claim to fame #1 (choose 1: actors, musicians, politicians/world leaders, religious figures, scientists/inventors, authors/journalists and athletes) V2 = first letter of last name V3 = claim to fame #2 (choose 1: actors, musicians, politicians/world leaders, religious figures, scientists/inventors, authors/journalists and athletes) For this example table, I chose year of birth #1 = 1940 and year of birth #2 = 1941, while claim to fame #1 I used musicians and claim to fame #2 I used actors, and obviously the letter I chose for H2 is K and for V2 is R. You may choose any year of birth for H1 and H3, but you must choose 2 different years. Similarly you must choose 2 different claims to fame for V1 and V3, of the 8 listed categories. Scoring: 1 point per hit. If you complete a vertical trio (tic) or a horizontal trio (tac) you get 7 bonus points. If you complete a diagonal trio (toe) you get 10 bonus points. It is obviously possible and probable that a single hit will eventually score more than one trio. You will get bonus points for both in that case. First player to 30 wins. If multiple players exceed 30 points on the same day, the player with the highest total wins. If there is still a tie, the player with the youngest name on their board wins. Names accepted by the Derby or getting obits in the NY Times, Time, CNN, LA Times or AP websites are fine. Others not found there will be considered on a case by case basis, but don't push the obscurity limit too far. You may post your entries in the thread or PM them to me. If you post in the thread I will not allow any identical rows or columns between players, so check that you are not duplicating a posted entry. please indicate which birth years and claims to fame you are using. I will accept entries until we get 20 or so, or if that goal isn't reached I will close entries and start the game on the 5th of August. I would like to play along, but have not yet created an entry, so I will plan on PMing mine to the first entrant or two. I hope you enjoy!

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