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Found 1 result

  1. Prophet

    The Alive List

    You chose 40 candidates with health issues or who are just extremly old and the one with the least deaths this year wins the game. There are special rules for your first 15 candidates to make it a little bit more fun which are listed below. The game starts on 1 February 2023, you can either send me your list in a PM or post it in this thread. Rules: - First off all, all candidates have to be known for other reasons than just their age or health issues, they must be at least 18 - The first five candidates must be centenarians (born 1923 or before) - The next five candidates must be at least 95 (born 1928 or before) but you can also chose another few centenarians if you like to or mix it - The next three candidates must have Stage IV Cancer or Cancer classified as terminal, a Glioblastoma of any grade also counts - The next two candidates must have ALS You can chose the other 25 candidates freely but one of the following requirements must be fullfilled by them: - All of the requirements I mentioned for the first 15 candidates can be also used for the next candidates that you can freely chose - They're at least 90 (born 1933 or before) - They had pancreatic cancer in the past of any stage or a brain tumor in the past three years which wasn't/isn't benign - They currently have Stage 3 cancer - They have Chronic Leukemia and are over 75 (born 1947 or before) - They have Parkinson and are over 85 (born 1937 or before), the age requirement is only 70 (born 1953 ot before) for people who have Parkinson for at least 10 years - They have dementia and are over 65 (born 1957 or before) - They have diabetes and are over 80 (born 1942 or before) - They had a stroke in the past three years if they're at least 70 (born 1953 or before) or in the last five years if they're at least 80 (born 1943 or before) - They had a heart attack in the past two years if they're at least 80 (born 1943 or before), or if they're at least 75 (born 1948 or before) but had two or more additional heart attacks in the past 15 years - They were hospilazed for pneumonia or other infections in the last 12 months and are at least 85 (born 1938 or before) - They're severly obese and are over 85 (born 1937 or before) - They have a terminal liver, lung, heart or kidney disease which can cause death - You can chose up to 5 people who don't fulfill one of the age or duration requirements but they still have to have one of the conditions that I mentioned above except obesity and diabetes where we go strictly by age limit Sorry for my bad english which isn't the yellow from the egg. If I a made grammar or spelling mistake you can feel free to correct me.

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