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  1. Prophet

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Did he had a cancer relapse?
  2. Prophet

    The Alive List

    Yes, I'm still doing this but to fix my computer is taking a bit longer than I expected
  3. Prophet

    The Alive List

    @arghton @wannamaker First of all, thanks for the people who've already send their lists. Of course there are still a few days left for other users who want to participate in this game so there is no time to hurry. My second point is that I've noticed is that the players who send me their lists so far haven't made use of one of their five age/duration exceptions they could theoretically use for most diseases I've listed. I've added this last rule about a hour before I received the first list to make it a little bit more easier for users who don't want to research for hours in order to complete the list but still want to have a few good unique picks instead of chosing 25 random oldies. As the host of this game I want to play fair so I haven't made use of this rule as well but if you want to replace five names with younger candidates who still have one of the conditions that you are allowed to pick from you can feel free to do so. We can also abolish this special rule if you like, I'm quite flexible in this regard. My third point is that it would be very nice if arghton would post one or two subs for each category (the centenarians, the nonagarians, the cancer sufferers, the ALS picks and the candidates you picked freely) in case one of his candidates dies before the starting line but that's not absolutely necessarily as we can also discuss this scenario when it happens I will do the Masterlist when my computer is fixed which I currently can't charge. Here's my list: 1. Roland Dumas 2. Henry Kissinger, turns 100 in October but we go by birth years as mentioned above 3. Hazel McCallion 4. Norman Lear 5. Glynis John 6. Hans Modrow 7. Kim Yong-nam 8. Dick Van Dyke 9. Mel Brooks 10. Ruth Westheimer 11. Wolfgang Bosbach, has Stage IV Prostate Cancer for a decade now and doesn't seem to die 12. Edward Stourton 13. Rainer Langhans 14. Roberta Flack, has ALS and is obviously very old which gives her a very low life expectancy so she's probably my riskiest pick 15. Marcus Stewart, has ALS since September 2022 16. Michael Caine 17. Rupert Murdoch 18. Ottfried Fischer, has Parkinson for over 20 years 19. Billy Connolly 20. Gunther von Hagens, got parkinson for over 10 years so he's within the second age limit I mentioned 21. Tony Christie 22. Mario Adorf 23. Sue Lopez, got dementia 24. Buzz Aldrin 25. Eric Idle, had a surgery for pancreatic cancer 26. Karl Heinz Hoffmann, former german right-wing terrorist who had a stroke last year and is still in hospital 27. Prunella Scales 28. William Shatner 29. June Squibb 30. Noam Chomsky 31. Pat Robertson 32. Fedez (Rapper) 33. Loni Anderson, has COPD 34. George Soros 35. Patricia Routledge 36. Chuck Grassley 37. Dianne Feinstein 38. Freddy Quinn 39. Dennis Skinner 40. Linda Ronstadt, I counted PSP as a form of dementia as it's a neurodegenerative disorder that's often confused with FTD or Parkinson, if anyone here thinks it's unfair that I chose her than just write that and I'll replace her with a sub Subs: Centenarians= Traute Lavrenz, Margot Friedländer Nonagarians= Gudrun Ure Cancer Sufferers= Janey Godley, Linda Nolan ALS= Rob Burrow Regulars= James Watson You do not have name the diseases in your lists by the way, that's my job, I only listed them because I want to be transparent as the host
  4. Prophet

    The Alive List

  5. Prophet

    The Alive List

  6. Prophet

    The Alive List

    That's easy research and most people who want to join will just pick some random oldies.
  7. Prophet

    The Alive List

    There is a list on Wikipedia for people with motor neurone diseases which might be helpful if you want to participate. For cancer sufferers you can just search for ,,has terminal cancer" or ,,has stage iv cancer" on Google news and than you'll can find more than enough candidates who would qualify. Stage IV cancer is just cancer that has spread into other organs so there are many cases.
  8. Prophet

    The Alive List

    You chose 40 candidates with health issues or who are just extremly old and the one with the least deaths this year wins the game. There are special rules for your first 15 candidates to make it a little bit more fun which are listed below. The game starts on 1 February 2023, you can either send me your list in a PM or post it in this thread. Rules: - First off all, all candidates have to be known for other reasons than just their age or health issues, they must be at least 18 - The first five candidates must be centenarians (born 1923 or before) - The next five candidates must be at least 95 (born 1928 or before) but you can also chose another few centenarians if you like to or mix it - The next three candidates must have Stage IV Cancer or Cancer classified as terminal, a Glioblastoma of any grade also counts - The next two candidates must have ALS You can chose the other 25 candidates freely but one of the following requirements must be fullfilled by them: - All of the requirements I mentioned for the first 15 candidates can be also used for the next candidates that you can freely chose - They're at least 90 (born 1933 or before) - They had pancreatic cancer in the past of any stage or a brain tumor in the past three years which wasn't/isn't benign - They currently have Stage 3 cancer - They have Chronic Leukemia and are over 75 (born 1947 or before) - They have Parkinson and are over 85 (born 1937 or before), the age requirement is only 70 (born 1953 ot before) for people who have Parkinson for at least 10 years - They have dementia and are over 65 (born 1957 or before) - They have diabetes and are over 80 (born 1942 or before) - They had a stroke in the past three years if they're at least 70 (born 1953 or before) or in the last five years if they're at least 80 (born 1943 or before) - They had a heart attack in the past two years if they're at least 80 (born 1943 or before), or if they're at least 75 (born 1948 or before) but had two or more additional heart attacks in the past 15 years - They were hospilazed for pneumonia or other infections in the last 12 months and are at least 85 (born 1938 or before) - They're severly obese and are over 85 (born 1937 or before) - They have a terminal liver, lung, heart or kidney disease which can cause death - You can chose up to 5 people who don't fulfill one of the age or duration requirements but they still have to have one of the conditions that I mentioned above except obesity and diabetes where we go strictly by age limit Sorry for my bad english which isn't the yellow from the egg. If I a made grammar or spelling mistake you can feel free to correct me.
  9. Prophet

    Bruce Willis

    I don't really think he should be on the list in the next few years as his dementia is probably mainly effecting his speech centre right now and it's not clear weither or not his memory is affected yet. People say that he was disorientated and didn't knew where he was at a movie set but I question that. He allegedly said to the production team of one of his latest thrash movies: "I know why you're here and I know why you're here but I don't know why I am here" That doesn't sound like he literally forgot where he was but more like he questioned why he as an A-List actor was filming that low budget movie which probably only had 2 scenes he appeared in. You could see that very well in the case of Terry Jones that Sean has mentioned before. Terry Jones had troubles too articulate himself since about 2007 if you listen to his interviews closely and had a lot of "Ehms" in between his sentences but his memory still seemed sharp until about 2015. Even in his last interview from October 2015 he still recalls the plot of his latest movie even though he has problems finding the right words. He also mentions the names of young actors and actresses that appeared in his newest film and tells about a phone call he had with Robin Williams a few days before he passed away so he doesn't seem to had troubles too store new memories back than. When he received an award in 2016 he doesn't appear to be confused about the whole event like an Alzheimer patient would be in his situation. In the case of Bruce Willis we have a similar siuation, he can't really deliver his lines in movies anymore because his speech centre is severly damaged by the disease but he still does TikTok dances with his granddaughter which shows us that he's miles away from the final FTD stage Terry Jones was in during his last two years where he probably had swallowing issues and was bedbound. He didn't showed any difficulties communicating in an interview from 2019 when the movies Glas came out so his disease seems to be faster progressing than it did in Terry Jones case who could still appear in talk shows 4 years after showing first symptoms of FTD and talked about complex topics like his opposition of the Iraq War. According to unconfirmed reports by close friends Bruce Willis cannot verbally communicate at all at this point. I give him another 5-8 years because he's in excellent physical condition. I also work with dementia patients in my job as a caretaker and one thing you really notice in the more progressed cases or dementia are the empty eyes that they have. They seem to live in their own world. I don't really see that look in the latest photos and videos of Bruce Willis.
  10. Prophet

    Nazi of SS

    Helma Maaß name was mentioned in an obituary from an man called Werner Maaß who could have been her husband or brother-in-law
  11. Prophet

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2023 (page 12)

    First off all I want to thank Book for his amazing work and I'm very happy with the final result Some thoughts on the German Deathlist: Tony Marshall: had a major stroke which caused his kidneys to fail in 2019 then barely survived Covid and is now fully wheelchair bound, he also has some heart problems and retired last year, I still don't have the feeling that he will die this year, from my experiences in a nursing home I think this is more like the begining of a long decline and he could very well last another 2-5 years but it's also very possible that I'm wrong and because of his popularity he devinitely deserves the Number One spot Lieselotte Pulver: lives in a nursing home and is seemingly tired of life like most people in her age group, otherwise she seems to be in a good condition and looks amazing for her age Tim Lobinger: Has incurable blood cancer which is resistent to a chemo therapy, doctors already told him to plan his own funeral, he will devinitely die within the next three years but I'll have the strange feeling that he might barely survive 2023 out of the experience of other leukemia cases I used in different Deathpools in the past like Sinisa Mihaljovic, objectively however he will very likely die this year and is probably the best addition this year Rolf Schimpf: I really wonder how he is even alive at this point, he's in his late 90s now, lives in a nursing home for over 12 years and can barely see or hear, I think this is finally gonna be his year Ingrid Van Bergen: She suffered a femoral neck fracture in 2020 which has a death rate of around 50% in her age group within the first year but she recovered and can even walk again Nadja Tiller: She catched Covid two years ago and had to spend Christmas alone, I haven't heard anything about her since then Claudia Porsche: As the result of multiple strokes she has a progressive disease which paralyzed her, she could die from it but could also live another few years like Malcolm Young did who had a similar condition, she's still a good pick Freddy Quinn: One of my favorite singers who has a very interesting life story, he retired after the death of his first wife in 2008 but doesn't appear to have any health issues beside his old age, he's devinitely too big to be miss but it's highly likely that he will stay on the list for another 5-10 years Henry Kissinger: I'm relatively sure that he will die this year, he had so many health issues in the past that I can't imagine that he will turn 100 this year Hans Modrow: Still visits party conventions of the Left Party and is a member of their elder council despite the fact that he will turn 95 soon, I give him 2-4 years but wouldn't be too surprised if he dies this year Anita Kupsch: She has blood cancer but it appears to be treatable even though the radiation therapy stuggles her and causes a lot of pain Peter Weck: He had a stroke last year and has to learn how to walk again, I think that in his age his recovery chances are slim and I don't think he will survive this year, he also had some other health problems in the last few years Josef Fritzl: Has dementia for over 13 years now and seems to be in very frail health right now, maybe he's pretending to be sicker than he actually is so that he gets released from prison but it's good to have an eye on him Rainer Langhans: He has incurable prostate cancer for nearly 3 years now and doesn't want to get treated, however he appears to be in fine health according to his circumstances and Wolfgang Bodbach manages to survive with the same diagnosis for over 12 years now, at his age the cancer usually progresses very slow anyway, I don't think he will necessarily die this year but it's good that he stays on the list Eckart Dux: He's one of my favorite German voice actors which is why I picked him as one of my Wildcards, he's still very active and voices actors who are about 20 years younger than him which is impressive but at his age you can never know and I have a bad feeling about him this year even though I hope I'm wrong Kathrin Schneider: She got cancer last year, I couldn't find anything about the form of cancer she has but I assume it's not that dangerous because she plans to return to her work soon and most forms of cancer are harmless if they get detected early enough Mario Adorf: I can't imagine that you could be healthier at his age than he is currently, he's just a little bit overweighted but otherwise he's fine and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he becomes a centenarian one day, the reason why he's even on the list is that in Germany most celebrities seem to hide their diseases from the public so we don't have that much choices to pick based on health issues alone unlike the US or the UK where celebrities basically have no private life Jürgen Thormann: Another voice actor I picked, probably most well known for voicing Ian McKellen in the X-Men franchise, even though he visibally aged quite a bit in the last few years he's still doing fine but I have the strong feeling that one of three voice actors on the List this year (Dux, Thormann, Blumhagen) is going to die Ralph Siegel: Has metastic prostate cancer which spread to his shoulder but the doctors told him he's not in immediate danger so Idk, I personally think he won't die this year but I wouldn't completely rule it out Janosch: Is active and still writes books, I just read his last one which I got for my birthday last year and was a little bit disappointed, he used to be better Armin Müller-Stahl: He's just old, he was in the hospital two years ago because of heart problems but was quickly discharged Lothar Blumhagen: He's the most frail one out of the three voice actors I picked this year and devinitely slowed down quite a bit as he only takes like 1-3 roles a year, I think he will retire this year or next Annette Rexrodt von Fircks: She's highly likely to die this year but technically wouldn't be qualified for the original Deathlist as she's only famous for being ill like Nadja Seipel Rene Weller: Has dementia since 2014 which was probably caused by his boxing career, he was still quite active until 2019 but his condition has worsed a lot since then and he can't go to the toilet anymore and has troubles swallowing, if he was like 10-15 years older I'm sure he wouldn't last another year but as he's still fairly young I give him another 3-5 years Fritz Wepper: He had cancer which was chirurgically removed but after the operation he was in a coma and it didn't looked good for him at first, he however has fully recovered since then and is currently cancer-free, he also had some other health problems in the past and struggled with Covid, while he probably won't see his 100th birthday I think he is going nowhere this year Hugo Broch: A lot of Knight Cross recipients died in the past two years and there are only a handful of them left, I think he will die this year but I'm not too sure about that, he still gives autographs by the way Peter Max: Has advanced Alzheimer's disease and is in his Mid-80s, a very good pick Friedrich Grade: He's one of the most healthy centenarians I've ever saw and still drives his car, at his age you can never know and I feel like he will might die this year Franz-Josef Wagner: Couldn't find anything about his health and he's not even 80 yet, will very likely survive 2023 Boris Bukowski: Recently beat cancer even though the chemo therapy was very hard for him and he had sleep issues from it, he's only 76 and I don't think his cancer will return anytime soon so I think he should be dropped next year My predictions for the hits this year: 1. Henry Kissinger, 23 January 2. Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, 4 April 3. Rolf Schimpf, 14 June 4. Annette Rexrodt von Fircks, 29 June 5. Maria Riva, 7 July 6. Hans Albert, 14 August 7. Hugo Broch, 30 September 8. Lothar Blumhagen, 8 November 9. Tim Lobinger, 25 December 10. Friedrich Grade, 28 December Peter Weck is like 50/50 for me at that point so I didn't included him in my final prediction
  12. Prophet

    Shadow Lists

    My List for 2023: 1. Rolf Harris 2. Andy Taylor 3. Dikembe Mutombo 4. James Whale 5. Henry Kissinger 6. Gianluca Vialli 7. George Alagiah 8. Bob Barker 9. Frank Field 10. Joanne Woodward 11. Linda Nolan 12. William Russell 13. Rob Burrow 14. Tony Bennett 15. Giorgio Napolitano 16. Eva Marie Saint 17. Jimmy Carter 18. Jonnie Irwin 19. Norman Lear 20. Rosalynn Carter 21. Josip Manolic 22. Pervez Musharraf 23. Charles Munger 24. Violeta Chamorro 25. June Spencer 26. David Graham 27. Sally Perel 28. Micheline Presle 29. Zhang Lixiong 30. Glynis John 31. Gina Lollobrigida 32. June Lockhart 33. Frank McGarvey 34. Roger Corman 35. Rolf Schimpf 36. Phillippe de Gaulle 37. Bobby Charlton 38. Sandra Day O'Conner 39. Mahathir Mohamed 40. David Attenborough 41. Dick Van Dyke 42. Roberta Flack 43. Harry Belafonte 44. Mel Brooks 45. Tim Lobinger 46. Nigel Starmer-Smith 47. Shannen Doherty 48. Russell M Nelson 49. Alain Delon 50. Noam Chomsky Subs: Gudrun Ure Margot Friedländer William Daniels Stanley Baxter Jacques Delors
  13. Prophet

    Wilko Johnson

    I saw on Wikipedia that his cause of death is listed as Pancreatic Cancer there. I thought he was cured, did his cancer returned? I found nothing about it on the Internet despite this Wikipedia article.
  14. Prophet

    Shadow Lists

    My Shadowlist 2022: 1. Frank Field 2. Milos Zeman 3. Pele 4. Queen Elizabeth 5. Harry Belafonte 6. Tony Bennett 7. Sidney Poitier 8. Sidney Cooke 9. George Perez 10. Stan Bowles 11. Glynis John 12. James D. Watson 13. Tom Weiskopf 14. Angela Lansbury 15. Dick Van Dyke 16. Miroslav Blazevic 17. Jerry Lee Lewis 18. Olivia Newton John 19. David Graham 20. Rolf Schimpf 21. Phillippe de Gaule 22. Nehemiah Persoff 23. Josip Manolic 24. Vic Elford 25. Khaleda Zia 26. Jean-Marie Le Pen 27. Luis Echeverria Alvarez 28. Shannen Doherty 29. Tom Parker 30. Joanne Woodward 31. Monica Vitti 32. David Musuguri 33. Josef Fritzl 34. Linda Nolan 35. Prunella Scales 36. Betty White 37. Jiang Zemin 38. June Spencer 39. Mikhail Gorbachev 40. Jean Louis Trintignant 41. George Alagiah 42. Bill Turnbull 43. Doddie Weir 44. Violeta Chamorro 45. Bob Barker 46. Pope Benedict XVI 47. Henry Kissinger 48. Jimmy Carter 49. Boris Pahor 50. Leslie Phillips Subs: 1. Rosemary Harris 2. David Crosby 3. Johnny Ruffo
  15. Prophet

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Nearly every person over 80 talks like that. It means nothing.

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