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  1. Prophet

    Next shocking death?

    Daniel Küblböck.
  2. Prophet

    37. Hosni Mubarak

    He may looks older because his hair are grey now.
  3. Prophet

    Gladys Knight

    A must have for the Deathlist next year.
  4. Prophet

    Sheila Mercier

    Just check the facts: 1. He says that his father was the son of Sheila Mercier. 2. The son of Sheila Mercier is Nigel Mercier. 3. Nigel Mercier died in January 2017 according to Wikipedia. So, all I think his story is accurate.
  5. Prophet

    Sheila Mercier

    Stop talking nonsense Charon! What if someone would talk so respectless about your grandmother? By the way, on her Wikipedia page it's written that she had a son who died in January 2017. I think that was MikeM's father.
  6. Prophet

    Sheila Mercier

    Even if you mean this not serious you shouldn't talk with him in that way, after he losed his father. It's absolutely normal that he is very emotional in this situation.
  7. Prophet

    Sheila Mercier

    Deep Condolences for you are your family. I know how you feel right now. My father passed away when I was 11 years old. Don't take this thread personal. Nobody wishes that your grandma die. We all wishe you and your family the best!
  8. Prophet

    Aretha Franklin

    Rest In Peace! She had a great voice.
  9. Small correction: I mean that refugees and foreigners without a german passport are 2,000 more criminal in rape crimes than germans (of course proportional). My source is the BKA Report 2017.
  10. Boris Johnson is probably the most competent politician in the UK beside Nigel Farage. He was 100% right with that what he says about the burqa. The burqa is a symbol of the political Islam and have nothing to do in a secular state like the UK. I am half british myself (I am half northern irish) and I don't want that the whole UK will end like Birmingham (with over 20% muslims) or some parts of London. Boris Johnson is one of the few politicians who talk about these problems. He may be an arrogant idiot but he is still better than George Galloway, Angela Merkel or Juncker. My biggest problem with him is that he believes in the Rohingya-Lie and have absolutely no idea about Putin and Russia. But the UK have bigger problems: Nearly every month there is a terror attack in the UK and muslim pedophile rings are in London. THAT are the real problems,. That's why I vote for the AfD in Germany. Yes, probably 90% of them have no idea of nothing but the AfD is the only party that talks about the fact that refugees are 2,000 times more criminal than Germans. And that's a big problem.
  11. Prophet


    The Wizard of Oz (1939) Priscilla Montgomery born 19 July 1929 Betty Ann Bruno born 4 May 1930 Ambrose Schindler born 22 April 1917
  12. Prophet

    Aretha Franklin

    I think she will die in the next two days but who knows. Nobody thought that Jose Jose would survive Pancreatic Cancer also.
  13. Prophet

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    All Twitter sources seems to be accurate and for Morgana Kings death we have this source: https://thelifeandtimesofhollywood.com/morgana-king-dies-at-87-renowned-jazz-singer-and-mrs-corleone-of-the-godfather-movies/
  14. Prophet


    Let's say 16 August: 12:35 pm
  15. Prophet


    Oh, I didn't see your post.

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