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  1. Prophet

    The D-A-CH-DeathList 2024 (page 18)

    Some other German voice actors born before 1930 who are still alive following Eckart Dux's death are: Rolf Schimpf (14 November 1924), not a real voice actor but he did some dubbing work in the 80s, his health issues are well-known, I think and he's lived in a retirement home for almost 14 years now Joachim Konrad (15 November 1924), had over hundred roles in "Star Trek", "Twillight Zone", "Poirot" etc., there are rumours that he might died in 2017 but no source to confirm it Rolf Marnitz (6 December 1925), dubbed Harry Dean Stanton in "The Godfather II" and had some other minor roles in "Batman", "Star Wars" and "The Omen" but already retired in the early 90s, he continued to do audio books until 2014, he possibly died off-radar Detlev Witte (1 January 1926), his last role was Jason Robards in "Magnolia" in 2000 which he did fabulously and won an award for, an Wikipedia user edited his page in 2021 and claimed that he died on 8 August 2003 and corrected his birthdate to "9 May" but he didn't gave a source so that edit was reversed, on the other hand an supposed grandchild of his edited his page in 2017 to also correct his birth date to "9 May" and didn't wrote anything about him being passed away, he also said that he still has his German Dubbing Award and wants to add a picture of it to the article in future, which he never did Osman Ragheb (11 May 1926), half-Egyptian and half-Austrian, who grew up in the British Mandate of Palestine, and later spoke Tony Shalhoub, Jon Voight, Kreacher in the Harry Potter Franchise and Peter Vaughan in Game of Thrones, he also had a small acting role in Schindler's List and was a dialect coach who worked with Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep in his career, he's retired nowadays, is almost deaf and has some memory problems, even though he still writes poems for his wife, which he can recite by memory, he gave an radio interview last year and he's an very friendly and intelligent guy Thomas Reiner (29 October 1926), probably most well-known for dubbing Professor Farnsworth but he didn't had that role in the Futurama revival last year, seems to be still active irregulary and only complained about sight problems in an interview from 2016, his last job seems to have been in 2021 Richard Baier (27 November 1926), not a classical voice actor but he's the radio presenter who first announced the 20 July 1944 plot to the public during World War II and later delivered the last propaganda report of the "Greater German Broadcast", where he famously said "The Fuhrer is dead, long live the Empire", he later was a political prisoner in East Germany for his work with American Sector Radio broadcasts, because of his historical significance I highly doubt that he died without an report Renate Grosser (18 September 1927), she dubbed the creepy old women in "Blair Witch Project", who described the Blair Witch, as a hairy half-human and half-animal beast, aside from that she seemed to have done a lot of cheesy crime shows in the 70s and 80s Friedrich Georg Beckhaus (11 December 1927), voice of Harry Dean Stanton, Robert Duvall and Klaus Kinski (who was too lazy to dub himself, which annoyed the dub director, which is why they gave him a thick Saxon accent in some of his movies), he finally retired last year Jürgen Thormann (12 February 1928), lives in an retirement home now but still voiced Michael Caine last year to everyone's surprise Karl-Ulrich Meves (13 November 1928), voiced Grover in the German version of the Sesame street among other lesser known roles, recently came out of retirement to appear in an audio play Eva-Maria Lahl (1929), not much is known about her, couldn't even find a picture of her on the web but she voices Agnes Skinner in "The Simpsons" and is still active May these legends continue to live very long
  2. Prophet

    Toby Keith

    If the committee had included him this year, they could have used "He's not as alive as he once was" as a perfect headline.
  3. Prophet

    Shadow DeathList Competition 2024

    I have three hits: Derek Draper, Glynis Johns and Yury Solomin.
  4. Prophet

    The DL Prediction Game 2024

    I had a strong feeling that they will go for Ken Livingstone after his recent Alzheimer diagnosis, as he's easily among the Top 10 most well known political figures in the UK and is exactly the kind of name they usually chose. I mean it would be to early to include him but so were many names on prior Deathlists. I'm kind of surprised to see that I was the only one who had him in mind.
  5. Prophet

    DeathList CorrectList 2024

    17 Hits: 1. Jimmy Carter (Joker) 2. Ethel Kennedy 3. Denis Law 4. James Whale 5. Louis Farrakhan 6. Sandy Gall 7. Norman Tebbit 8. Roberta Flack 9. Jean-Marie Le Pen 10. Linda Nolan 11. Imelda Marcos 12. Joanne Woodward 13. Noam Chomsky 14. Esther Rantzen 15. Stanley Baxter 16. Tom Brokaw 17. Alan Greenspan
  6. Prophet

    50. Joe Bugner

    I mean, Rene Weller, another dementia-ridden boxer of similar age, was still walking his dog months before he became bedridden and shot a movie two years before he died. But I agree that there are better picks.
  7. Prophet

    34. Daniel Barenboim

    If they wanted to have a conductor on the list, they should have rather chosen Michael Tilson Thomas instead.
  8. Prophet

    40. Josef Fritzl

    Bad pick IMO. He was probably faking his dementia for prison privileges, as he had to do yard work to pay for his TV and wanted to be relocated to a safer prison which didn't worked out. Now he's back to giving interviews and is already writing his autobiography in which he denies all rumors about his health. Sidney Cooke would have been a way better choice.
  9. Prophet

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    They make it a bit too easy for themselves by nominating Pope Benedict, a dead guy.
  10. Prophet

    Electoral Deadpool 2024

    My ballot: 1. Fred Risser 2. Ursula Haverbeck 3. V. S. Achuthanandan 4. Pete McCloskey 5. Norman Tebbit 6. Josef Duchac 7. Heinz Riesenhuber 8. Wilhelm von Gottberg 9. Nikolai Ryzhkov 10. Bradford Lyttle Subs: 1. Roy Hattersley 2. Ron Paul 3. Bernhard Vogel
  11. Prophet

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Everybody who visits an nursing home would be surprised on how long some people can survive in absolutely horrible condition. I had a 87-year old patient who had terminal cancer, which wasn't treatable anymore so he technically was in the same situation as Jimmy Carter and he was still alive on my last day of work with no indication of dying any time soon, after having this disease for years. At Jimmy's age, his cells divide much slower so his cancer is less aggressive than for younger folks.
  12. Prophet

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Still haven't received an confirmation Email for my main team, so I just sent them my B-Team under a different Email Adress which worked flawless. My team was confirmed in the blink of an eye.
  13. Prophet

    Shadow Lists

    My selection is this time way less risky than last year. I think there is a realistic chance to break my record of 26/50 Hits from 2021. My Shadowlist: 1. Jimmy Carter 2. Steve McMichael 3. James Whale 4. Esther Rantzen 5. Jonnie Irwin 6. Francoise Hardy 7. Chuwit Kamolvisit 8. Frank Field 9. V. S. Achuthanandan 10. Paul Hogan 11. Glynis Johns 12. Eva Marie Saint 13. Michael Tilson Thomas 14. Linda Nolan 15. William Russell 16. Rob Burrow 17. Larry Pressler 18. Mahathir Mohamad 19. Nigel Starmer-Smith 20. Joanne Woodward 21. Rick 'Black Bart' Harris 22. Rolf Schimpf 23. Roberta Flack 24. Philippe de Gaulle 25. Dick Van Dyke 26. Sonny Rollins 27. Russell M Nelson 28. Noam Chomsky 29. Patrick Murray 30. Bernadette Chirac 31. Alain Delon 32. Micheline Presle 33. Yury Solomin 34. John Ashton 35. Kenneth Cope 36. James Carter Cathcart 37. Ted Turner 38. Leonid Roshal 39. David Graham 40. Hossein Wahid Khorasani 41. Sam Neill 42. Alexander Mitta 43. Violeta Chamorro 44. June Spencer 45. Shannen Doherty 46. Stan Bowles 47. Peter Angelos 48. Sidney Cooke 49. Derek Draper 50. Toby Keith Subs: 1. Paul Auster 2. Dries van Agt 3. Wade MacLeod 4. Bob Newhart 5. David Attenborough What do you guys think about my drops? I'm still uncertain about a few of them: Andy Taylor: His radiation Therapy seems to give him a little bit more time than initially expected, is no longer in palliative care and is currently asymptomatic, his prostate cancer has only spread to his bones yet Josip Manolic: Had this guy on my list for years now and he just doesn't die so I decided to drop him like I did with David Musuguri last year whose also still alive, he's probably one of the healthier centenarians, still walks unaided, survived Covid without getting hospitalized and isn't an A-Lister like Dick van Dyke, who would be to big to be missed Zhang Lixiong: Very frail and will probably die next year but I found him a boring name, he's a General and one of the last founding members of the PLA but basically just famous for his age in the west June Lockhart: Just old but still active as an actress at 98 now Roger Corman: Another generic old guy without public health issues who seemingly stopped aging 20 years ago by his appearance, these kind of names haven't brought me a lot of hits in my previous Shadowlists David Attenborough: Definitely one of the hardest drops, as I love his documentaries and wouldn't want to miss him but objectively there are better candidates, I always keep the 25 remainer limit so I had to drop either him of Dick van Dyke and I kept Dick van Dyke because of his dramatic weight loss in the last few years and his recent appearances in a wheelchair Mel Brooks: Same reason as Corman and Lockhart but I strangely have a feeling that he might join his friends Norman Lear and Carl Reiner next year, even though he's in perfect health but it's basically a gamble at this age
  14. Prophet

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2024

    1. Jimmy Carter 2. Michael Tilson Thomas 3. Steve McMichael 4. Jonnie Irwin 5. Wade MacLeod 6. Linda Nolan 7. Derek Draker 8. Frank Caprio 9. Esther Rantzen 10. William Russell Subs: 1. John Cruickshank 2. Rolf Schimpf 3. David Graham
  15. Prophet


    EDIT: Already sent my team, sorry.

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