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Found 1 result

  1. Hello again, and fuck me, it’s the EIGHTH edition of Deathlist’s own underground warehouse rave, Kill or Save! We are exploring the top end of the UK music charts, from the 60s right through to the 00s and, now we’ve sorted out all the chart-toppers, we’re having a look at the unlucky but often still wicked singles that juuuust missed out. The 80s saw an incredibly tense finale. It could not have been a closer fight between the final three, but in the end, A-Ha’s Take On Me won out, to take a title that’ll surely place it firmly in the history books: The Best UK No.2 According To Deathlist Dot Net. Anyway, without wishing to be a buzzkill, the 80s is dead to us now (well, until the No.3s). Our focus now turns to whittling 196 tunes down to 1, and decide the best chart runner-up of the 1990s. I cannot tell you how psyched I am to be back here in my favourite decade, though I’m sure a few of the older KoSsers round here can and very much will heartily disagree. Fancy reliving all the action? See below for links to all Kill or Save games to date: 60s No.1s; 70s No.1s; 80s No.1s; 90s No.1s; 00s No.1s; 10s No.1s (IN PLAY!) 60s No.2s; 70s No.2s; 80s No.2s; 90s No.2s (you are here); 00s No.2s 70s No.3s (IN PLAY!) Christmas Special 2023 A quick reminder of how it works: - Each song starts with 20 points (whether it deserves it or not). - You can only vote once a day. To avoid any time zone confusion, please put a date at the top of your scoring post (e.g. “Sun 1 Oct”, “01-10-2023”, whatever, as long as it’s clear and doesn’t just say “today” or some shit.) - Once a day, you can award 4 points to and subtract 6 from the songs of your choosing in the current round. You can split your daily +4 and -6 between as many songs as you like, it’s down to you. - Make sure you copy and paste the most recent voter’s scoreboard when you take your turn to score. For your own ease, ‘paste as plain text’ to get rid of the previous poster’s formatting. - Just to make it clear for everyone, please mark your scores after the song title and adjust the song’s points total as you go. Ideally make your scores bold too. As an example: 24 Absolute Tune — Slaps +4 20 Ignore — Lift Music 20 Bland — Drowning In Beige 19 The Cleveland Steamers — Dog Egg -1 16 Ear Piss — Left To Die 15 Shite — Hateful Bilge -5 Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, so I’d just like to shout out to all of our careful and attentive players who are shit hot on any potential errors that may arise. This here is serious business don’t you know, so thank you for keeping things in order. See, below, the complete 196-strong list of UK No.2 songs from the 1990s: As ever, we will start with 5 group stages, beginning with the No.2 hits of 1990/91, followed by a grand final consisting of the 25 songs that have qualified, where we will ultimately decide what the undisputed best No.2 single of the 1990s is, and the artist(s) of said song will cry with unbridled joy and retire happy. As we have one group with a significant number more songs than the rest, the number of Grand Final qualifiers from each group will be as follows: 1990/91: 34 songs - the last 4 songs will make the final 1992/93: 36 songs - the last 5 songs will make the final 1994/95: 36 songs - the last 5 songs will make the final 1996/97: 39 songs - the last 5 songs will make the final 1998/99: 51 songs - the last 6 songs will make the final As ever, it’s not the aim of the game to kill as many songs as you can; this is an opinion poll, not a bloodbath. Nevertheless, I’ll be counting the kills and assists (the one to knock a song’s score down to 6 or lower, i.e. elimination distance) as we go, and posting the scoreboard at the end of every round so we can see who has come second to theoldlady. So just dole out our points based on your actual opinions, alright? Anyway…LET’S GET READYYYYYY TO RHUMBLEEEEEEEE *ahem* Kill or Save.

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