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  1. Chris Hansen would have his work cut out with this lot
  2. This is a genuine tweet from the Tory council candidate in Preston: If I were as prone to prejudice as most Tories and their supporters, I’d say they’re all perverts.
  3. It’s quite clearly a culture. Sexually assaulting a minor, rape and now drink spiking, all within a short space of time. It’s a culture. Of course, if they were decent individuals maybe they wouldn’t have to commit crimes to get laid. Have been trying to investigate who this latest one might have been but nothing on Twitter or on any major news articles seems to gove away many clues about who it could be.
  4. You’re joking, not another one? ‘Top’ Tory MP faces allegations of drink spiking. He used the substance on another Tory MP, who awoke to find the accused licking his nipples. A similar thing happened to a Labour MP, a flatmate of another Tory MP and a fourth man who rebuffed his advances and suspected he had his drink spiked. Apparently the name of this latest Tory offender is being spoken openly in Commons.
  5. Two of Murdoch’s stooges down, one to go.
  6. OK Computer is 25 years old tomorrow. Absolutely genius album. Here’s one underrated track from it.
  7. Mhairi Black might be off of the SNP, a party I don’t have much time for, but this 4 min speech of hers is almost certainly the most accurate analysis I’ve ever heard in the HoC. Tories and their supporters alike might find this uncomfortable, infuriating, hysterical, whatever; but they’ll know it’s all fucking true.
  8. Glad people like Michael Fabricunt find these rape allegations amusing. These people make me sick.
  9. TQR

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    I have heard from a relatively convincing source it’s an MP from the West Midlands, however I’m more convinced that it is the same name as the one who was arrested a year or two ago for sex offences, whose constituency is in Essex. He’s now trending on Twitter.
  10. TQR

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Another Tory MP (unnamed male in his 50s) has been arrested on suspicion of rape & sexual assault offences spanning years (starting in 2002), and for misconduct in a public office. Banned from attending parliament.
  11. TQR

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    As sitcoms go, Miranda is decidedly quite poor imo, but it doesn’t deserve any hate. That should all be reserved for Mrs Brown.
  12. Congrats Mr & Mrs Bib!
  13. TQR

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Tomiichi svp
  14. TQR

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Sam Ryder is an absolute legend, an incredible representative for this country. We won the jury vote, WON it. Of course, many people predicted a Ukraine win, and understandably so. But I thought their song was pretty decent. And, as has been said, if we put the effort in, we CAN get results. The UK, the social pariahs we are, have gone from literal zero to hero. Second is an amazing result.
  15. TQR

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Anyone else believe what the fuck they’re seeing right now?

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