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Damn, won't anyone die?

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The last major celebrity to die was Miriam Makeba, who died around November 10.


When the most notable death of November is Lady Gertrude Bliss there is indeed something wrong.


Bliss? She was a nobody.


Michael Crichton & Reg Varney were much better known than her.


Varney is the biggest name to go since Makeba, but BC Alum won't have heard of him because ol'Reg wasn't American.



I am hoping that if ANYONE on the DDP dies, whether it be Norman Wisdom or Patrick Swayze or whomever, that they do it in the next 10 days, otherwise I'll have a nervous breakdown.


Please please, please Castro, Sharon, Thatcher et al just last 40 more days or so. Ta.


I hear ya, Octopus.


I expect we will have a flood of celebrity deaths in December, to make up for the lack of celebrity deaths in November. in November, the only major celebrities to have died were Michael Crichton and Miriam Makeba. That's far too little.


BTW, Miriam Makeba is South Africa, yet I've heard of her. Actually enjoyed her music too. But as a Yank, my standards of famous for non-Americans is a much higher threshold than Americans.


For example, if it's a foreign politican, he has to be very well known internationally (aka, Fidel Castro, Sarkosy, Thatcher, Gordon Brown, etc.).

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