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  1. BCAlum2000

    Hollywood Possibilities

    According to IMDB and wikipedia, actor Brad Johnson has died at the age of 62, possibly of COVID. Almost no media coverage. He wasn't an A-lister, but he's been in a number of movies, most notably a starring role in the Steven Spielberg movie Always, and also starred in the Left Behind film series. So far, no confirmation of his passing outside wikipedia and IMDB, and even that information is scant. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0424635/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm UPDATE: It looks like actor Brad Johnson has indeed died of covid at the age of 62. https://www.facebook.com/kendrasantoscowboys/posts/941040439930861
  2. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Not a lot of love for Prince Philip in the Black community in America. A lot of "rest in piss" comments towards Prince Philip. You would think he was Adolf Hitler, or at the very least, Rush Limbaugh! https://www.tmz.com/2021/04/10/kerry-washington-deletes-controversial-tweet-dmx-and-prince-philip/
  3. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    From an American standpoint, DMX's death was far more significant. To the under 50 crowd in particular, everybody knew who DMX was and many listened to his music "back in the day." For those of a certain age in America, DMX's death hit them particularly hard, and he had a far more impact than Prince Philip. But globally, Prince Philip received more media coverage when he died. DMX received heavy coverage in the States, and from a social media perspective, was far more popular, but Prince Philip had more international clout.
  4. BCAlum2000

    The 7th Death of 2021

    Bob Dole -- have a feeling his time will be up soon.
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    No effin' way DMX is coming back! Everybody needs to accept it! Does his family (and his fans) REALLY want to see DMX (at best IF he does pull through) in a vegetative state as an invalid? Is keeping alive somebody "symbolic"? My guess is they are trying to keep him alive for the sake of his 15 (!) children.
  9. BCAlum2000


    Fair point. There's probably push back from some of the family members, especially since he does have 15 kids, so it's possible there are some who will accept having DMX still alive even if he's in a permanent vegetative state and can no longer function on his own. It's sometimes psychological. I've seen this in the Black community in America. They have family members who are terminally ill, can't get out of bed, can't function or even breathe without machines plugged into them, but they choose to keep them alive. Black people in America are very resilient and I think to them, they want to show toughness.
  10. BCAlum2000


    I've been around periodically, but disappeared for a bit b/c of real life obligations. Still dealing with real life, but decided to drop by cuz I miss ya all. As for DMX, I mean, the dude's a friggin' vegetative state! He will be a goddamn invalid! Do you know the financial burden and emotional stress of having to care for somebody in a vegetative state? I point out Terri Schiavo b/c that's how he'll end up being! It's not a life worth living. I understand DMX has a large family and 15 (!) children, so perhaps the family wants to keep him alive for the sake of his children or for whatever psychological reason, to say that their baby daddy is "still alive." But it's not like DMX can care for any of his children! Honestly, death will be a far more merciful option for him at this point! If that makes me as ass, well, imagine being in the family's shoes! Best decision is to spare him and his family the agony! It's possible they didn't want to pull the plug on Easter so I understand. Maybe they will do it today...
  11. BCAlum2000


    He's on life support and will be in a vegetative state. He will require 24/7 care and will never be able to function independently. He will be an invalid. Sorry to say this, but he's a goner. Hate to say this, but family should really merciful and pull the plug... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/04/arts/dmx-hospitalized.html?smtyp=cur&smid=fb-nytimes&fbclid=IwAR3sqk_RV-mrQXcUxeA6nRH9-PfN0s4iE9jGKSRdvN58k7mMXKUxK9siHAY
  12. BCAlum2000


    To be honest, I never heard of Sophie, but I did read about her tragic death. I don't think Sophie's death received any coverage in the states (not even TMZ covered her death), but from what I read about her, she was pretty big in Europe as a fledging artist. I've had my fair share of celebrity deaths that shocked me. Last year, losing Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, and Naya Rivera stunned me. I think this year, that's why people don't want any more shocking celebrity deaths. We lost far too many celebrities last year, and I think all of us want 2021 to be a year of good fortunes and recovery so many of us are hoping DMX pulls through -- because if he does somehow survive, it is like we've pulled through and survived as a world. It's psychological; we vicariously feel like a celebrity overcoming the odds and surviving is a sign that we as a society will be okay and pull through our own global crisis... DMX surviving gives us hope that everything will be okay. It's why the Black community in America is rooting especially hard for him. The Black community has dealt with so much suffering and trauma through police brutality, systemic racism, and the pandemic, so DMX surviving gives them hope that they too, will survive and persevere, and triumph against the odds.
  13. BCAlum2000


    Not the biggest name, but definitely would be the most surprising and shocking death this year. Come to think of it, other than Dustin Diamond, we haven't really had any shocking celebrity deaths this year so it's about time we get somebody. and DMX is definitely big in America. He's probably one of the biggest names in hip hop, and Americans love their hip hop.
  14. BCAlum2000


    IF DMX somehow pulls a miracle and survives, it sounds like it could be a Terri Schiavo situation. He basically will be in a vegetative state, an invalid. Is it worth it for his family?
  15. I still predict 2021 is gonna be a slow year for celebrity deaths. Looks like Grim Reaper spared yet another high profile celebrity (DMX).

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