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  1. BCAlum2000

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    It may not be credible, but here's something. I already pegged him on my 2021 DL. https://nypost.com/2020/11/19/michael-j-fox-retires-due-to-declining-health/
  2. BCAlum2000

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    R&B singer Jeremih is currently hospitalized for COVID-19 and on a ventilator. The prognosis is grim. If Jeremih dies, he is arguably the biggest name in America who would have died of this disease...
  3. BCAlum2000

    Dead Pop Stars

    If Jeremih dies of COVID-19, he would be the biggest name (at least in America) to have died of this disease so far.
  4. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    George Floyd didn't really accomplish anything before he died. But I would probably compare him to Anne Frank in terms of his legacy. Already, there are scholars who say George Floyd is this century's Anne Frank. Also, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor did something rare: their deaths brought the country together. Everybody from liberals to hardcore Trump supporters came together in mourning and in protest. I've had BLM friends protesting side by side with Trump supporters marching. Until the riots tore our country apart again.
  5. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Also, George Floyd technically isn't a celebrity. Other than him dying, what was he famous for? If you became famous b/c you died, you ain't a celebrity. What did he accomplish prior to his death that was so significant? Honestly, i'm looking at things from an American yankee point of view so i might see things differently from you guys. That's why I think RBG is the most significant death of this year, and that's just from an American perspective. Though i agree you can make the case that Sean Connery is up there as well (along with Kobe Bryant, John Lewis, and Chadwick Boseman -- particularly b/c Black Panther is such an iconic character; Boseman's death honestly rivals that of Bruce Lee -- I think he was this generation's Bruce Lee).
  6. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    There were rumors that George Floyd might actually make Time magazine's Person of the Year. I know there were petitions circulating for it. Though ultimately, it's probably going to go to Dr. Anthony Fauci, or yes, Donald Trump himself. I would actually agree that George Floyd's death probably received more media coverage than almost anybody else in the world, including world famous celebrities. The last person to have received such extensive media coverage would probably, honestly have to be Michael Jackson. Not even former United States Presidents like George Herbert Walker Bush got such attention for their deaths. Even famous celebrities who died tragically young didn't get the media coverage George Floyd have. I mean, at least in the United States, George Floyd had TWO high profile funerals (one in Minneapolis, one in Houston) where hundreds, maybe thousands were in attendance, and both funerals were aired live on television. When was the last world famous celebrity to get to have two funerals which were aired live on television to millions watching? I think only Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II rivaled George Floyd in terms of media coverage of their deaths. Though RBG certainly got a lot of coverage as well due to the implications on the United States Supreme Court.
  7. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    I would say he's definitely up there... 2020 is a tough choice for most significant celebrity death, but I still have to say... Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the most significant death. Honestly, it's a five way tie if one thinks about it between RBG, Kobe Bryant, Sean Connery, John Lewis, and Chadwick Boseman.
  8. BCAlum2000

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzengger in 2021? If that happens, than my childhood has officially died once and for all. They are like the last two vestiges of my innocent childhood. lol
  9. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Well, the most significant death of 2020 goes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Runner ups would be John Lewis, Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman.
  10. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    It's only August, but we definitely have two contenders for Most Significant Death of 2020 along with three runner ups: John Lewis & Kobe Bryant (runner ups: Chadwick Boseman, Regis Philbin & Kirk Douglas)
  11. BCAlum2000

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    From an American millennial (under 40 crowd) standpoint, the biggest name to have succumb to COVID-19 is probably Adam Schlesinger, lead singer of the band Fountains of Wayne, best known for their song Stacey's Mom. That song was probably the most well known song of the early to mid 2000s. I would also add Joe Diffie among the middle aged Generation Xers. He was one of the biggest country singers in America of the 1990s and 2000s. To me, I would say the biggest names are Dr. James T. Goodrich, a well-respected neurosurgeon, and Terrence McNally, a beloved playwright whose best works include Kiss of the Spider Woman and Ragtime.
  12. I still predict 2020 to be a grim year for celebrity deaths. Kobe Bryant was just the opening salvo, and the Grim Reaper is not slowing down... So far the following celebrities have either been confirmed or rumored to be gravely or terminally ill... Alex Trebek Olivia Newton-John Larry King Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sam Lloyd Bob Dole Jimmy Carter Bob Barker Olivia De Havilland Loretta Lynn Vera Lynn Robert Wagner Julie Strain Val Kilmer Eddie Van Halen Billy Connolly Ian Holm John Lewis Rush Limbaugh Bill Cosby (joker) Harry Reid Teri Garr Dick Cheney David Crosby Shannen Doherty Ozzy Osbourne
  13. BCAlum2000

    Kobe Bryant

    This is up there with Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and Prince. Probably the most shocking death at least in the last five years, if not last decade. You gotta understand, in America, this is a HUGE deal. Even if you don't follow basketball, Kobe was perhaps the most influential sports athlete of the couple decades and probably the biggest household name in sports.
  14. While the coronavirus is certainly very serious, the death toll appears to be quite low, and most of the ones dying are elderly or very young children. Of the thousands infected, only 55 confirmed dead so far. Apparently, the fatality rate is only about 5%, so the vast majority will recover. A lot of social media is making references to Captain Trips of The Stand, or the influenza outbreak of 1918, but this one will probably end up being overhyped. Then again, when dealing with diseases, it's better to overhype and to be safe than sorry.
  15. BCAlum2000

    The Stars Of B-cinema

    Full blown hoax. While Julie Strain is gravely ill and barely making it, she's still alive. She could dead at any moment though.

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