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  1. BCAlum2000

    Kobe Bryant

    This is up there with Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and Prince. Probably the most shocking death at least in the last five years, if not last decade. You gotta understand, in America, this is a HUGE deal. Even if you don't follow basketball, Kobe was perhaps the most influential sports athlete of the couple decades and probably the biggest household name in sports.
  2. While the coronavirus is certainly very serious, the death toll appears to be quite low, and most of the ones dying are elderly or very young children. Of the thousands infected, only 55 confirmed dead so far. Apparently, the fatality rate is only about 5%, so the vast majority will recover. A lot of social media is making references to Captain Trips of The Stand, or the influenza outbreak of 1918, but this one will probably end up being overhyped. Then again, when dealing with diseases, it's better to overhype and to be safe than sorry.
  3. BCAlum2000

    The Stars Of B-cinema

    Full blown hoax. While Julie Strain is gravely ill and barely making it, she's still alive. She could dead at any moment though.
  4. BCAlum2000

    The Stars Of B-cinema

    Julie Strain turned out to be the victim of a cruel death hoax... However, actor Stan Kirsch, best known for starring in the television series Highlander as Richie Ryan, the protege of Duncan McLeod, is dead. And unfortunately, this is not a hoax...
  5. BCAlum2000

    Magic Johnson, And Other Basketball Players

    Grim reaper ain't messing around. Barely the first day of 2020 and we already have a major celebrity death. Although he wasn't a famous athlete, he was just as well known to sports fans as the likes of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. He served as commissioner to the NBA for 30 years and was seen as the one responsible for transforming the NBA into the global brand it is today. Sports fans are in mourning today.
  6. BCAlum2000

    The Dead of 2020

    You beat me to it. First major American celebrity death of 2020!
  7. Yeah, I mentioned those two as the possible shocking young deaths. As grim as this may sound, I've always predicted Britney Spears will die young. Either a suicide by cop ala Vanessa Marquez, or something along the lines of Judy Garland and Whitney Houston.
  8. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    So true. Especially Leslie Nielsen, one of my favorites!
  9. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    It's sort of similar to 2010 or even 2012. A lot of deaths, but not really any that were super high profile. When I was going through the 2010 obituaries, I couldn't really think of any names that stood out. I only picked Robert Byrd b/c he was the longest serving United States senator at the time of his death. Though I was also tempted to pick Dennis Hopper, who was certainly the highest profile celebrity death in 2010 (aside from Gary Coleman who received more media coverage due to his untimely death). Ditto for 2019. While we lost quite a few celebrities, not many in terms of trailblazers. Most of the actors we lost for example were character actors and we didn't lose a lot of Hollywood A-listers. That is not to diminish their accomplishments, but in terms of losses in the entertainment business, most were B-grade actors/actresses or were supporting character actors (e.g. Robert Forster, Danny Aiello, etc.). Besides Doris Day, the biggest name actors to pass away this year were probably Peter Fonda, Albert Finney, Valerie Harper, and Rutger Hauer. And Fonda and Harper were the only two were received significant media coverage (though Hauer definitely got the most coverage from social media and among younger people b/c was probably more well known to the Generation X and millennials whereas Fonda and Harper had more name recognition with the Baby Boomers). Speaking of social media, if we go by Twitter and other social media news sites, one could argue that Luke Perry and Juice WRLD were the most significant deaths of 2019 b/c they received the most coverage on social media -- at least anecdotally speaking.
  10. BCAlum2000

    Each Year's Most Significant Death.

    Most significant deaths since 2003 from an American perspective (so don't get offended if you disagree ): 2003: Bob Hope & Katharine Hepburn 2004: Ronald Reagan 2005: Pope John Paul II 2006: Gerald Ford 2007: Benazir Bhutto (runner up: Anna Nicole Smith) 2008: Paul Newman & Charlton Heston (tie) (runner up: Heath Ledger) 2009: Michael Jackson, Walter Cronkite, & Ted Kennedy (tie) 2010: Robert Byrd 2011: Steve Jobs & Elizabeth Taylor (tie) (runner up: Kim Jong-il) 2012: Neil Armstrong (runner up: Whitney Houston) 2013: Nelson Mandela (runner up: Margaret Thatcher) 2014: Maya Angelou & Robin Williams (tie) 2015: BB King (runner up: Leonard Nimoy) 2016: Muhammad Ali (runners up: Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, John Glenn, Fidel Castro, Antonin Scalia, George Michael, and Nancy Reagan) 2017: Jerry Lewis 2018: George H.W. Bush (runners up: Aretha Franklin, Stan Lee, and John McCain) 2019: Doris Day
  11. 2018 was a big year for celebrity deaths as well. We lost President George H.W. Bush, John McCain, Stan Lee, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Aretha Franklin, Burt Reynolds, Neil Simon, Kofi Annan, Barbara Bush, Steven Bochco, Reverend Billy Graham, Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, Anthony Bourdain, Harlan Ellison, R. Lee Ermey, Kate Spade, Mac Miller, and many others. I think though 2018 we had more higher profile deaths. 2016 was the worst year in terms of the number of high profile celebrities who died, as well as all the shocking deaths. 2009 was also a very bad year (we lost Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, etc.)
  12. I too do think 2020 (or maybe 2021) will be poised to be a big year in terms of celebrity deaths. Although we did lose a lot of celebrities this year, most of them aren't really too high profile, and were more second tier. But we've got some big names down the pike that the Grim Reaper is anxious to claim their souls including Jimmy Carter, Prince Phillip, Alex Trebek, Larry King, Kirk Douglas, Olivia Newton-John, Sean Connery, and so forth. I also think we will have a truly shocking death of a young celebrity, and not an "up and comer" type, but an A-lister celebrity who will likely die by either suicide or drug overdose (think Robin Williams or Philip Seymour Hoffman level). I predict that we will see the death of one (or maybe even more) of the following in 2020 or 2021: Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears (she has been deteriorating mentally lately and sadly I think she could end up taking her own life or suffer a suicide by cop similar to Vanessa Marquez), Amanda Bynes, Demi Lovato (she will relapse and not survive this time around, she won't cheat death twice), Pete Davidson, Tekashi69, Lil' Wayne (or another high profile hip hop artist), and one or two big name celebrities connected to Jeffrey Epstein. I also await Bill Cosby to croak. He will die in disgrace like Joe Paterno.
  13. BCAlum2000

    Who Should Be On The 2020 Deathlist?

    Here's my preliminary death list for 2020: Alex Trebek Olivia Newton-John Larry King Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sam Lloyd Kirk Douglas Bob Dole Jimmy Carter Bob Barker Olivia De Havilland Terry Jones Loretta Lynn Vera Lynn Robert Wagner Julie Strain Val Kilmer Eddie Van Halen Billy Connolly Ian Holm Bill Cosby (joker)
  14. BCAlum2000


    For the 25 and under crowd, this may be the biggest celebrity death of the year. And if the Twitterverse is any indication, for the Generation Z crowd, his death ranks up there with the likes of Elvis Presley and John Lennon, or at the very least, is on par with Tupac Shakur (that's obvious, given both are hip hop artists) and Kurt Cobain (which makes sense too). It's a generational thing, and Juice WRLD's untimely death is HUGE on the teen and tween crowd and early 20s. Like I said, you'd think it was Elvis or John Lennon who died. BTW...drugs are suspected to be involved in his death
  15. BCAlum2000

    They're dropping like flies thread

    The States are weird. I've seen them provide coverage over the death of a MAJOR star of a television show, and they make such a big deal out of it. Turns out the actor or actress who died had a walk on role with a couple of lines at best. Or maybe had a couple of guest starring roles. Or if I am to be generous, was a minor supporting actor and far from being a "major star." example being Brian Tarantina. all the media made a big deal over his (admittedly sudden and tragic death) and touted him as one of the stars of the hit show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, when really, he had a minor role at best. He didn't even have a wikipedia page until his death! An even more egregious example is when a few months ago, there was "breaking news" of a major star from The Walking Dead who died. Turned out it was a two-bit background actor who had like maybe one or two lines! The guy was Dango Nguyen. (In fairness to the media, Scott Wilson from The Walking Dead also died fairly recently, and he got quite a bit of coverage.) So yeah, the media likes to tout breaking news over the smallest, most insignificant of events.

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