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    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    One to watch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48692763
  2. For non-deaths related political/politicians discussion (which let's face it mainly involves one way ranting.
  3. He had an argument with his girlfriend? Doesn't seem like that big a deal.
  4. Two awful candidates for PM. Will I get sent back in a few months if i move to mainland Europe now?
  5. to be honest i'd take Boris over Gove or Hunt.
  6. Sadly think you might be right just want the farce over. (thinking 5th he 1922 chairman warned them not to pull out anyway), month more of this shit.
  7. Can we see whoever comes second to Boris tonight pulling out and anointing him?
  8. Deathray

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    By popular demand we move to a new yearly thread system. Supposedly it flows more easily for many people to have boxed off yearly threads, and at 47 pages the old one was getting a tad long. Welcome to the 6th annual Hares Death Pool. Sick of your Deathrace team living a few months too long, they (topped up with a few friends) might do okay here.... The Rules (Last updated 6 March 2016) All teams must contain 25 picks. A maximum 5 subs are allowed. All picks must be humans aged over 18 on January 1st of the game year.. Death row prisoners only score if they die of other causes, those still on trial will still score points if sentenced to execution after 0000 on January 1st. Celebrities qualify if they achieve an obituary or article about their death in a local, national or even specialist newspaper - the article does not need to specifically relate to their death, instead just mention it and date it. or website/magazine/paper. If in doubt cite your death note for approval. There is absolutely no requirement for obits to be in the English language, however translations should be provided if they are not. Entries must be posted between 0001 on the 1st December and 2359 on December 31st, if a pick dies before 2359 but it's not known until January 1st they may be replaced until 2359 GMT on January 1st provided the replacement hasn't died between 0000 and their addition to the team on January 1st (with the sub system your sub will be promoted). The Game runner is permitted to enter a team on the express understanding that team is visible prior to the entries opening. Changes are permitted to teams up until the deadline. However these must be made clear to the game runner via new PM or post, not an edit to your original submission long after I've copied them over to the database - it just won't be seen. For the 2018 competition late entries are not permitted. This varies year by year on the benevolence of the game-runners benevolence. Murdering your chosen "celebrities" is both against the rules and illegal regardless of willing participation. Keeping alive another persons pick against the picks will to benefit in this game is also against the rules. If assisted euthanasia becomes legal in the future, contestants in this dead pool are forbidden from encouraging/discouraging/or actively taking part in their or another contestants picks decision regarding this or being an active participant in their euthanasia. This rules apply to assisted euthanasia in other countries of picks. Celebrities are disqualified if they are a celebrity because of their impending death. For clarification Tom Attwater - fundraiser dying of cancer was an eligible pick for his fundraising. This man who became critically ill after being hit by a trolley in M&S would not be an eligible pick if his identity were known for a game held in 2013, if the man were to recover, his extremely dubious claim to fame as the man hit by a trolley in M&S would be sufficient to see him eligible as a pick if he garnered the required obit. [[Some picks have really tested the limits of this rule and the game-runners patience this year).] All entries must be posted in this thread or PMed to me, they'll then be posted in this thread as one post for each game year. The onus is always on the player to check that the person in question is alive at the start of the competition and replace them within the 24 hour leeway allotted, if this is not something you are willing to do please provide up to 5 substitutes. Even if you're convinced all you're players are breathing you may wish to provide substitutes just to be safe (a player who shall remain nameless provided a pick who died in 2005 in their team, we are all capable of making mistakes - better safe than sorry) Blatant plagiarism of another persons team, in the eye of the game runner, is punishable by expulsion and a 5 year ban on entering the competition. Entries submitted on the 31st December may suffer abuse from a stressed host via PM response. Scoring System (Last Updated 6 March 2016) 1 Point for each day of the year that passes before your celebs death (if they die on the 10th of January you are awarded 9 points for example) up until the games close at midnight on the 31st December. 250 point bonus if one of your "celebrities" dies on 31st December in that game year (i.e a 31st death will score 614 points in a normal year or 615 points in a leap year rather than the 364 or 365 points it would normally accrue) Pick 1 of your celebrities as a wild card to double the points for that pick upon their death. (i.e if they die on the 9th January you'll get 16 points). Wildcards are calculated before the 250 point bonus, meaning are 31st December wildcard will score 976 points not 1228. 500 point bonus if your entire list perish of this mortal coil in the game year. So let the games begin who do you think will very nearly make it to next year but alas lose out? 2014 Champion - Rotten Ali 12 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2015 Champion - Toast 16 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2016 Champion - Gcreptile 17 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2017 Champion - Grim Up North 24 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2018 Champion - ?????? 30 Teams - Latest Scoreboard 2019 Champion - ??????? 43 Teams - Latest Scoreboard (TBA) All-Time Records Lowest Scoring Hit - maryportfuncity with 0 points for Dorothy Baldwin (2014) [1 was awarded in consolation] [1st January 2014] Highest Scoring Hit - Sir Creep - 666 points (George H.W Bush on 30 Nov 2018 with WC points). Time Without a Hit - YoungWillz - 274 daysin 2018 Most Hits: - msc 16 in 2018 All Time Leaderboard - Points Tally (up to 2017 - 2018 will be added after it closes.) Best of luck.
  9. Deathray

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool II

    Yup. Everybody's does, but it'll probably be before this round has finished.
  10. Deathray

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool II

    If.... If.... If.... If.... Been sitting on flipping sidelines for 15 months.
  11. Deathray

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Damn it, worth try.
  12. Deathray

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Not an obit writer are you?
  13. Deathray

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    Or she could hang around on backbenches for decades like Heath Cameron (3 months as MP after resignation) Brown (5 years as MP after losing election) Blair (0 month as MP after resignation) Major (4 years as MP after losing election) Thatcher (2 years as MP after resignation) Callaghan (8 years as MP after losing election) Wilson (7 years as MP after resignation) Heath (27 years as MP after losing election) Wilson (13 years as MP after losing election, including second PM stint) Douglas-Home (10 years as MP after losing election) MacMillan (1 years as MP after resignation) Eden (0 years as MP after resignation) Churchill (9 years as MP after resignation) Attlee (4 years as MP after losing election) Churchill (19 years as MP after losing election). Chamberlain (5 months after resignation)
  14. Deathray

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Nope that would be
  15. Deathray

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Surely the simplest solution to this (as has already been suggested many many times) is turning it into a committee run thing with several members working on it. Grab interested parties into a TeamViewer group off one persons PC to do the donkey work between them. Takes stress of the single host whose had to run it most years and totally free assuming no profit is generated at any stage of the DDP.
  16. Deathray

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    The more standard (and morally acceptable) adage goes something like "Offer to suck a homophobe's dick and then see if he still hates the gays ten minutes later?"
  17. Deathray


    At least Liverpool will have something else to bang on about for the next 30 years now.
  18. Deathray

    Liz Dawn Memorial Deadpool 2019

    Yes, I'm frankly as staggered as you that it's took me this long to come up with this! In the interest of only running another deadpool if it's one I'm likely to be aware of picks deaths anyway. The game will begin on the 1st February 2019 and end on the 31st January 2020 (this is to allow me to run both this and the Hares Death Pool adequately as the majority of the donkey work needs to be done prior to opening and just before shutting a deadpool. (And because frankly there's enough competitions that open in Jan). It's a somewhat simple affair rules wise, though. Submit 10 celebrities who have appeared in soap operas either as regular actors, guest actors or special guest appearances as themselves and preferably 3 substitutes [It would really help Deathray if you could submit the main team as as Wildcard first then alphabetically by first name and subs in the order you want to pick them. Cheers!] No late changes in this - sorry guys. No famous for being ills welcome, unless they've somehow managed to fulfil the above criteria^ then have at it. Basic Scoring 10 points for a celebrity who is still appearing in a soap when the competition opens. 8 points for a celebrity who left their [most recent] soap opera in the past 12 months for non-health reasons. 5 points for a celebrity who left their [most recent] soap opera in the past 12 months for health reasons. 5 points for a celebrity who left their [most recent] soap opera more than 12 months ago. Bonuses Wildcard Bonus: Basic x 2 for your wildcard pick. The Young and the Restless Bonus + 1 points for celebrities between the ages of 80-100 + 5 points for celebrities between the ages of 60-80 +8 points for celebrities between the ages of 40-60 +10 points for celebrities between the age of 18-40 Triangle Bonus: + 3 points for anyone who appeared in a soap that lasted less than 100 episodes. El Dorado Bonus: + 3 points for anyone who appeared in a soap opera not set in the country of broadcast (country of broadcast being it's primary country of broadcast). As the World Tunes In Bonus: +5 points for anyone who appeared in any soap opera broadcast in more than 10 countries during it's life-time. Survival Bonus: +10 points for any pick who appeared in a soap with more episodes than Doctor Who at the time of opening the competition. Bloody Foreigners Bonus: +6 points for celebrities who appeared in soaps never broadcast in an English speaking country. Bonuses aggregate together, so if a pick appeared in Triangle and Coronation Street they'd get the As the World Turns, Survival and Triangle bonuses. Edit 1: Apparently what TV and radio programmes are classed as soaps is a contentious issue. Here's a list of most of the programmes we accept and your likely to actually want to submit from (there's genuinely thousands of soap operas, I can't list them all so this only covers UK, USA and Irish TV and radio and Australian TV, other countries are permitted but a ruling will be made on a case by case basis). It's also possible your picked a show for one of the main four countries I missed out, so try your luck. Edit 2: Apparently this really is a contentious matter, for the purposes of this pool - we need to define a soap opera, and what spin offs can contribute to inclusion in this pool - so use the below: In response to a PM Query I have had from a potential entrant there's a new rule. Spin Offs - An individual episode spin off will be counted as a part of the main show. A multi-episode spin off series will be counted as a soap opera and therefore eligible. For clarification this means "Dot's Story" and "Perfectly Frank..." would be counted as episodes of EastEnders. Whilst "Kat and Alfie: Red Water" and "Damon and Debbie" (Brookside spin off) will be counted as separate soap operas. Who knew this would be so fucking complicated? Episodes must have been shown on television to qualify, you're obscure direct-to-videos such as "Coronation Street: Out of Africa" can fuck off. Obituary Requirements. A national newspaper / modern equivalent in the primary country of broadcast for the soap opera. (i.e if Barbara Windsor gets an obit in Der Spiegel but not The Guardian or any other UK outlet, tough shit, meanwhile if Der Spiegel obit a German soap star (I genuinely don't know any google brings up Sila Sahin) 1 - Individual home nations of the UK count as a country of broadcast. Everywhere else national obits only. And My Team has been PMed to @YoungWillz for safe-keeping. Daft Enough to Participate Are: Deathray YoungWillz Dead Wait Handrejka Bibliogryphon the_engineer Gooseberry Crumble The Old Crem FixedBusiness
  19. Campbell out for admitting to voting Lib Dem. Others who've now admitted to voting other than Labour: Bob Ainsworth (voted Green) Charles Clarke (voted Lib Dem) Fiona McTaggart (voted Lib Dem) Let's see if they are also kicked out.
  20. Anyone else increasingly get the feeling the new Tory leader once elected will call a general election. Especially if there no deal as it would run the clock out up to a no deal.
  21. The starting field for the Tory leadership election is opening up with 10 MPs announcing intention to stand. If past performance is anything to go by we can expect a few imminent withdrawals when the race gets under way proper in a week or so. Declared Candicacies Michael Gove Matt Hancock Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid Andrea Leadsom Kit Malthouse Esther McVey Dominic Raab Rory Stewart Expressed Interest in Standing Publically Steve Baker Graham Brady Jesse Norman Pretty Patel Nicholas Soames (
  22. Deathray

    Theresa May

    So the field so far is.
  23. Another One Bites the Dust May will be end of June. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-48394091 They'll be number 6 of my life. They'll be number 5 of this century. They'll be number 14 of the post-war era.
  24. Absurdity. Nope. I'm pretty sure Biblio would have clocked the meaning. Maybe it doesn't translate across to the dimmer side of the Atlantic - it's the reaction equivalent of "well jealous" and was meant as a bit of fun.
  25. Deathray

    Barry Bennell

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-48295837 And another one of the scum of the earth. Also, looks increasingly like this is just the beginning, not only has footage emerged of him with Barry Bennell at a youth players parade, Kit Carson was his youth development officer at Southampton and kept involved after they sacked him for supposedly unrelated reasons. FA warned clubs about him in 1989 and was referred to police but cleared in 1992. Big wigs in the game could have got him but behind bars 30 years ago with a bit of human decency. Hang the lot of them and every one in every fucking walk of life and anyone who enabled the bastards. I'm not normally one for harsh penalties but where this is concerned fuck 'em. Actually that's to good for them let their victims kick the shit out of them until they die.

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