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  1. In light of the large number of fixtures in the League Cup next week, posting template early (ignore (but don't delete) the numbers before matches, they're for my benefit): Week 2 - Prediction Template - Tuesday 27 August 2019 to Monday 2nd September 2019 (48 games - Max Points: 144 points) Tuesday 27th August 2019 (18 Games - Maximum Points: 54 points) 0/1/3 - Burton Albion v Morecambe (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Crewe Alexandria v Aston Villa (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Grimsby Town v Macclesfield Town (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Leeds United v Stoke City (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Nottingham Forest v Derby County (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Preston North End v Hull City (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Rochdale v Carlisle United (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Sheffield Utd v Blackburn Rovers (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Bristol Rovers v Brighton (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Cardiff City v Luton Town (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Crawley Town v Norwich City (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Crystal Palace v Colchester Utd (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Fulham v Southampton (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Newport County v West Ham Utd (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Oxford Utd v Millwall (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Plymouth Argyle v Reading (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Southend Utd v Milton Keynes Dons (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Watford v Coventry City (19:45) [LC] Wednesday 28th August 2019 (7 Games - Maximum Points: 21) 0/1/3 - Burnley v Sunderland (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Lincoln City v Everton (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Newcastle Utd v Leicester City (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Rotherham Utd v Sheffield Wednesday (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - AFC Bournemouth v Forest Green Rovers (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Queens Park Rangers v Swansea (19:45) [LC] 0/1/3 - Swansea City v Cambridge Utd (19:45) [LC] Friday 30th August 2019 (1 Game - Maximum Points: 3) 0/1/3 - Cardiff City v Fulham (19:45) [CH] Saturday 31st August 2019 (20 games - Maximum Points: 60) 0/1/3 - Southampton v Manchester Utd (12:30) [PL] 0/1/3 - Bristol City v Middlesbrough (12:30) [CH] 0/1/3 - Crystal Palace v Aston Villa (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Chelsea v Sheffield Utd (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Newcastle v Watford (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Man City v Brighton (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - West Ham v Norwich City (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Leicester City v Bournemouth (15:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Birmingham City v Stoke City (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Brentford v Derby County (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Bristol v Middlesbrough (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Leeds United v Swansea City (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Luton Town v Huddersfield Town (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Milllwall v Hull City (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Nottingham Forest v Preston North End (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Reading v Charlton Athletic (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - West Bromwhich Albion v Blackburn Rovers (15:00) [CH] 0/1/3 - Burnley FC v Liverpool (17:30) [PL] 0/1/3 - Fort William FC v Wick Academy (15:00) [HL] Sunday 1st September 2019 (2 games - Max Points: 6) 0/1/3 - Everton v Wolves (14:00) [PL] 0/1/3 - Arsenal v Tottenham (16:30) [PL] After that the international break will lighten the fixture load considerably.
  2. A bit late but thought it might fun to have a competition that doesn't involve anyone dying here and there's seems to be a decent number of football fans on here.. Competition will run to the end of the season with the winner crowned then. A bit of fun for the nostradamuses. Competitions Encompassed: Premier League Championship FA Cup (First Round Proper Onwards) League Cup (aka EFL Cup) (2nd Round Onwards) To make it more Deathlisty; Fort William FC's matches. (Thanks to PB for suggestion). Scoring: 3 points for correct scoreline (win/draw + correct match winner) 1 points for a correct outcome (match winner/ draw only) 0 points for a incorrect winner. Through normal match-play time (90 minutes + ET for Cup Matches). Deadline is 60 minutes prior to KO (you may join half way through a game-week) Weekly prediction template. Weekly table. Replays added when date known if last minute. Once you post your predictions you can not amend them. Prediction Week 1 - Template. (20th August to 26th August) - [Maximum Points: 99 (33 games)] Tuesday 20th August 2019 Birmingham v Barsnley (19:45) [CH] Sheff Wed v Luton Town (19:45) [CH] Hull City v Blackburn (19:45) [CH] Middlesborough v Wigan Athletic (19:45) [CH] Derby County v Bristol City (19:45) [CL] Wednesday 21st August 2019 Cardiff City v Huddersfield (19:45) [CL] Preston v Stoke City (19:45) [CL] QPR v Swansea City (19:45) [CL] Leeds United v Brentford (19:45) [CL] Charlton v Nottingham Forest (19:45) [CL] Fulham v Millwall (19:45) [CL] West Brom v Reading (19:45) [CL] Friday 23rd August 2019 Aston Villa v Everton (20:00) [PL] Saturday 24th August 2019 Norwich City v Chelsea (12:30) [PL] Derby County v West Brom (12:30) [CH] Brighton v Southampton (15:00) [PL] Man Utd v Crystal Palace (15:00) [PL] Watford v West Ham (15:00) [PL] Sheff Utd v Leicester City (15:00) [PL] QPR v Wigan Athletic (15:00) [CH] Fulham v Nottingham Forest (15:00) [CH] Stoke City v Leeds United (15:00) [CH] Preston v Sheffield Wednesday (15:00) [CH] Hull City v Bristol City (15:00) [CH] Huddersfield v Reading (15:00) [CH] Blackburn v Cardiff City (15:00) [CH] Barnsley v Luton Town (15:00) [CH] Middlesbrough v Millwall (15:00) [CH] Liverpool v Arsenal (17:30] [PL] Sunday 25th August 2019 Swansea City v Birmingham (12:00) [CH] Bournemouth v Man City (14:00) [PL] Tottenham v Newcastle (16:30) [PL] Wolves v Burnley (16:30) [PL] Best of luck. Any questions ask. Standings After: Match Day 2 - 12 games (Maximum Points: 36) (Player, Points, Correct Winners, Correct Scores) 1 ) Wee Jum 13 points (7 - 3) 2 ) Paul Bearer 8 points (8 - 0) 3 ) Great Uncle Bulgaria 7 points (5 - 1) = 4 ) En Passant 6 points (4 - 1) = 4 ) Grim Up North 6 point (4 - 1) = 6 ) Redrumours 6 points (6 - 0) = 6 ) Bibliogryphon 6 points (6 - 0) 8 ) msc 5 points (5 - 0) 9 ) Deathray 2 points (2 - 0) *Tie-Breaks settled by most points from fewest games placing higher.
  3. And the Day 2 table and overall standings: Match Day 2 - Wednesday 21st August 2019 - 7 games (Maximum Points: 21) Wee Jum 6 points (4 - 1) En Passant 6 points (4 - 1) Grim Up North 5 points (3 - 1) msc 5 points (5 - 0) Great Uncle Bulgaria 4 points (4 - 0) Bibliogryphon 4 points (4 - 0) Paul Bearer 4 points (4 - 0) RedRumours 3 points (3 - 0) Deathray 2 points (2 - 0) Standings After: Match Day 2 - 12 games (Maximum Points: 36) (Player, Points, Correct Winners, Correct Scores) 1 ) Wee Jum 13 points (7 - 3) 2 ) Paul Bearer 8 points (8 - 0) 3 ) Great Uncle Bulgaria 7 points (5 - 1) = 4 ) En Passant 6 points (4 - 1) = 4 ) Grim Up North 6 point (4 - 1) = 6 ) Redrumours 6 points (6 - 0) = 6 ) Bibliogryphon 6 points (6 - 0) 8 ) msc 5 points (5 - 0) 9 ) Deathray 2 points (2 - 0) *Tie-Breaks settled by most points from fewest games placing higher.
  4. Sadly didn't think my original snooker prediction league idea would have quite as broad an appeal.
  5. Like this idea will include them from next week.
  6. Deathray

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    By popular demand we move to a new yearly thread system. Supposedly it flows more easily for many people to have boxed off yearly threads, and at 47 pages the old one was getting a tad long. Welcome to the 6th annual Hares Death Pool. Sick of your Deathrace team living a few months too long, they (topped up with a few friends) might do okay here.... The Rules (Last updated 6 March 2016) All teams must contain 25 picks. A maximum 5 subs are allowed. All picks must be humans aged over 18 on January 1st of the game year.. Death row prisoners only score if they die of other causes, those still on trial will still score points if sentenced to execution after 0000 on January 1st. Celebrities qualify if they achieve an obituary or article about their death in a local, national or even specialist newspaper - the article does not need to specifically relate to their death, instead just mention it and date it. or website/magazine/paper. If in doubt cite your death note for approval. There is absolutely no requirement for obits to be in the English language, however translations should be provided if they are not. Entries must be posted between 0001 on the 1st December and 2359 on December 31st, if a pick dies before 2359 but it's not known until January 1st they may be replaced until 2359 GMT on January 1st provided the replacement hasn't died between 0000 and their addition to the team on January 1st (with the sub system your sub will be promoted). The Game runner is permitted to enter a team on the express understanding that team is visible prior to the entries opening. Changes are permitted to teams up until the deadline. However these must be made clear to the game runner via new PM or post, not an edit to your original submission long after I've copied them over to the database - it just won't be seen. For the 2018 competition late entries are not permitted. This varies year by year on the benevolence of the game-runners benevolence. Murdering your chosen "celebrities" is both against the rules and illegal regardless of willing participation. Keeping alive another persons pick against the picks will to benefit in this game is also against the rules. If assisted euthanasia becomes legal in the future, contestants in this dead pool are forbidden from encouraging/discouraging/or actively taking part in their or another contestants picks decision regarding this or being an active participant in their euthanasia. This rules apply to assisted euthanasia in other countries of picks. Celebrities are disqualified if they are a celebrity because of their impending death. For clarification Tom Attwater - fundraiser dying of cancer was an eligible pick for his fundraising. This man who became critically ill after being hit by a trolley in M&S would not be an eligible pick if his identity were known for a game held in 2013, if the man were to recover, his extremely dubious claim to fame as the man hit by a trolley in M&S would be sufficient to see him eligible as a pick if he garnered the required obit. [[Some picks have really tested the limits of this rule and the game-runners patience this year).] All entries must be posted in this thread or PMed to me, they'll then be posted in this thread as one post for each game year. The onus is always on the player to check that the person in question is alive at the start of the competition and replace them within the 24 hour leeway allotted, if this is not something you are willing to do please provide up to 5 substitutes. Even if you're convinced all you're players are breathing you may wish to provide substitutes just to be safe (a player who shall remain nameless provided a pick who died in 2005 in their team, we are all capable of making mistakes - better safe than sorry) Blatant plagiarism of another persons team, in the eye of the game runner, is punishable by expulsion and a 5 year ban on entering the competition. Entries submitted on the 31st December may suffer abuse from a stressed host via PM response. Scoring System (Last Updated 6 March 2016) 1 Point for each day of the year that passes before your celebs death (if they die on the 10th of January you are awarded 9 points for example) up until the games close at midnight on the 31st December. 250 point bonus if one of your "celebrities" dies on 31st December in that game year (i.e a 31st death will score 614 points in a normal year or 615 points in a leap year rather than the 364 or 365 points it would normally accrue) Pick 1 of your celebrities as a wild card to double the points for that pick upon their death. (i.e if they die on the 9th January you'll get 16 points). Wildcards are calculated before the 250 point bonus, meaning are 31st December wildcard will score 976 points not 1228. 500 point bonus if your entire list perish of this mortal coil in the game year. So let the games begin who do you think will very nearly make it to next year but alas lose out? 2014 Champion - Rotten Ali 12 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2015 Champion - Toast 16 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2016 Champion - Gcreptile 17 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2017 Champion - Grim Up North 24 Teams - Final Scoreboard 2018 Champion - ?????? 30 Teams - Latest Scoreboard 2019 Champion - ??????? 43 Teams - Latest Scoreboard (TBA) All-Time Records Lowest Scoring Hit - maryportfuncity with 0 points for Dorothy Baldwin (2014) [1 was awarded in consolation] [1st January 2014] Highest Scoring Hit - Sir Creep - 666 points (George H.W Bush on 30 Nov 2018 with WC points). Time Without a Hit - YoungWillz - 274 daysin 2018 Most Hits: - msc 16 in 2018 All Time Leaderboard - Points Tally (up to 2017 - 2018 will be added after it closes.) Best of luck.
  7. Deathray

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    If you're lucky your score may have been updated on the masterlist on page 1, if your unlucky it hasn't. Might be a quicker way to see how your doing than waiting for the full list, which I'll do when I've got round to the unlucky people.
  8. Sorry, did briefly think of adding Carlisle for your sake but another two leagues to predict was just a step too far. Inb4 post about the beauty of lower league football (to be honest probably won't be long til Steve Bruce's bunch of wet bananas join you.) But yup even from the first day we can see the obvious winner isn't always so obvious.
  9. Standings After: Match Day 1 - 5 games (Maximum Points: 15) - Tuesday 20th August 2019 (Player, Points, Correct Winners, Correct Scores) Wee Jum 7 points (3 - 2) Paul Bearer 4 points (4 - 0) Great Uncle Bulgaria 3 points (1 - 1) Redrumours 3 points (3 - 0) Bibliogryphon 2 points (2 - 0) Grim Up North 1 point (1 - 0) Deathray 0 points (0 - 0) msc 0 points (0 - 0)
  10. Deathray

    Doctor Who

    So following my very long time ploughing through Dalek's Master Plan I've picked up the pace through to the Gunfighters (well actually up to War Machines here but the Gunfighters is what I want to talk about). What in he fucking name of God. This is meant to be some kind of avant garde 60s attempt at a overblown satirical sitcom right, I'm not sure a children's show is really the most appropriate place for that. However one thing really really really really beyond all comprehension for anyone who hasn't seen it ruins the entire serial. This piece of shit repetitive overplayed background music. The sets are amazing, the accents are dodgy, the characters are two dimensional, the gun-fights are caricatures of western violence. Why in the name of all that is holy? Despite all this, it's bloody amazing.
  11. Deadline Passed (18:45 for 19:45 KOs): Match Day 1 - (5 games) (Maximum Points - 15) - Tuesday 20th August 2019. Affected Matches: Birmingham v Barsnley (19:45) [CH] Sheff Wed v Luton Town (19:45) [CH] Hull City v Blackburn (19:45) [CH] Middlesborough v Wigan Athletic (19:45) [CH] Derby County v Bristol City (19:45) [CH] Good Luck.
  12. Just one minor rule alteration; a common sense one, once posted predictions can not be amended. In terms of enforcement, I'm copying these across to a totting up document as and when I see them.If you change it before I've copied it,then it won't be enforced, if you change it afterwards your first prediction will be taken into account only. @Paul Bearer this does not affect your Weds to Sunday predictions as you haven't made any yet, but will be easier to keep track if you post any further predictions in a new post .
  13. I take your a 'wait for the team sheets' fella.
  14. Yeah that's fine, probably an easier way to do it. Just easier me to post a weekly template. (More Directly: As stated in the rules list at the top of the post you quoted the deadline is 60 minutes before Kick Off for all matches )
  15. Own Prediction. Prediction Week 1 - Template. (20th August to 26th August) Tuesday 20th August 2019 Birmingham 0 v 2 Barsnley (19:45) [CH] Sheff Wed 2 v 2 Luton Town (19:45) [CH] Hull City 3 v 1 Blackburn (19:45) [CH] Middlesborough 2 v 2 Wigan Athletic (19:45) [CH] Derby County 3 v 1 Bristol City (19:45) [CL] Wednesday 21st August 2019 Cardiff City 1 v 2 Huddersfield (19:45) [CL] Preston 2 v 2 Stoke City (19:45) [CL] QPR 3 v 0 Swansea City (19:45) [CL] Leeds United 2 v 1 Brentford (19:45) [CL] Charlton 1 v 0 Nottingham Forest (19:45) [CL] Fulham 2 v 0 Millwall (19:45) [CL] West Brom 3 v 1 Reading (19:45) [CL] Friday 23rd August 2019 Aston Villa 1 v 3 Everton (20:00) [PL] Saturday 24th August 2019 Norwich City 1 v 3 Chelsea (12:30) [PL] Derby County 2 v 3 West Brom (12:30) [CH] Brighton 2 v 0 Southampton (15:00) [PL] Man Utd 1 v 1 Crystal Palace (15:00) [PL] Watford 1 v 2 West Ham (15:00) [PL] Sheff Utd 2 v 2 Leicester City (15:00) [PL] QPR 1 v 2 Wigan Athletic (15:00) [CH] Fulham 1 v 2 Nottingham Forest (15:00) [CH] Stoke City 2 v 3 Leeds United (15:00) [CH] Preston 1 v 2 Sheffield Wednesday (15:00) [CH] Hull City 2 v 1 Bristol City (15:00) [CH] Huddersfield 2 v 0 Reading (15:00) [CH] Blackburn 2 v 1 Cardiff City (15:00) [CH] Barnsley 1 v 1 Luton Town (15:00) [CH] Middlesbrough 3 v 1 Millwall (15:00) [CH] Liverpool 3 v 1 Arsenal (17:30] [PL] Sunday 25th August 2019 Swansea City 0 v 0 Birmingham (12:00) [CH] Bournemouth 1 v 4 Man City (14:00) [PL] Tottenham 5 v 0 Newcastle (16:30) [PL] Wolves 3 v 0 Burnley (16:30) [PL]
  16. Deathray

    Jane Fonda - Controversial Princess of a Hollywood Dynasty

    Been removed now.
  17. For non-deaths related political/politicians discussion (which let's face it mainly involves one way ranting.
  18. Is that LFN speak for "I should have google checked that before asking as it hasn't made the point I wanted it too!"
  19. 1931 Whilst the same Prime Minister, MacDonald re-installed himself in a unity government composed almost entirely of opposition MPs and his remaining National Labour supporters, so technically a new Prime Minister from an opposition party even if the same Prime Minister in name as he went from Labour Party to National Labour and headed up a unity government. So there's clear precedent. Election then held. 1935 National Government complexion changed and Baldwin became Prime Minister before calling an election anyway. We'd probably head straight for an election after the unity movement, but as the unity government's sole purpose is to prevent No Deal, so what?
  20. Deathray

    Lunch Break Music Swap (August)

    Your only supposed to choose one of them though. So you'd just go with an era you know. Either way this seems to have fell flat on it's arse.
  21. I know we tried this a while ago but will see if we can have another go at it as there was some interest, few changes to the rules to make it fit in a lunch break to compile and listen. It can be a good way to discover new music. 10 song lists to make it less time consuming on both ends. Take a decade and pick a personal favourite song from each year (1940-1949, 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-99, 2000-09, 2010-19) Can do like for like or different decades. Spotify/Youtube playlists Each person rates the song they're given out of 10 with a brief comment then adds these up and divides them by 10 to get an overall score for the list. Post reviews by end of month. Register your interest below, will draw pairs mid next week (7th/8th). If you interested sign up below: Deathray
  22. There's absolutely nothing in that leaflet that states intention. It clears states that "We negotiate a new EU-UK deal based on free trade." Vote Leave have categorically failed to implement that as most remainers pointed out at the time; as they were never going to be in government they couldn't deliver on that promise. That's what's left us staring down the barrel of no deal, which even Leavers who still support it will be against when it hits. The fact Leavers can't accept they told us there would be a deal is why were in this mess. Regards PR, you can show through categorical analysis of past election results that it would generally if UK votes had been made under the same system have delivered stable governments with decent majorities. Coalitions yes, but stable ones.
  23. "We negotiate a new EU Deal" is pretty conclusive that they intention of Vote Leave all along was to call a Brexit with a deal. The climb down no into we meant no deal all along is as laughable as Swinson saying she's anti-Brexit and refusing to work with the only man who can stop a no deal Brexit.
  24. Absolute bollocks, PR actually provides more stable governments in many instances.
  25. Yup, the sky's black.

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