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  1. Deathray


    So I'd assume all your staff have now be trained in how to spot symptoms of a mini-stroke as a result?
  2. Deathray

    40. Denis Norden

    Also voted best one liner in film history.
  3. Deathray

    Elon Musk

    There's a theory doing the rounds that he's doing this to devalue Tesla's stock so he/his mates can but it up and sell it when he's publicly normal again.
  4. Deathray

    Dead Pop Stars

    To be fair it had Belsen Was a Gas on it, pretty much guaranteeing the granny market half the rest of the songs would attract wouldn't buy it.
  5. Deathray

    Dead Pop Stars

    At least Sid Vidicous didn't live long enough to turn into a corporate sell-out?
  6. Deathray

    Dead Pop Stars

    Anyway I actually came in here to mention that it's probably a good job Bez (a candidate for next years Deathlist) never got elected to parliament when he tried to, as it turns out he's a dirty cheat on Bargain Hunt specials with Jarvis Cocker. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-09-17/the-finale-to-jarvis-cockers-bargain-hunt-episode-had-to-be-re-shot-its-the-first-time-weve-ever-had-to-look-at-the-rule-book/ "The first time we've had to look at the rule book in 18 years of doing this show"....
  7. Deathray

    Dead Pop Stars

    Sorrry but they pretty clearly cared about their image in the Sex Pistols days. They didn't buy those clothes in the charity shop.
  8. Deathray

    Katie Hopkins

    The irony is that quote is so much more true for herself than the people she was chastising when she was being a cunt; she was offered the option to settle out of court for a comparably tiny amount for fucks sake. The cunt decided that her pride was more important than fessing up to being a stupid cunt and not being taken to the fucking cleaners. Credit to Jack Monroe for her response. The sensible, grown up one when faced with a legal battle she didn't want due to a stubborn cunt. I'm in the "karma makes sure cunts get what they deserve" category and would be quite happy to see Katie the cunt in some celeb meltdown documentary in ten years times talking about living in a cardboard box under Westminster Bridge. Actually, scratch that I wouldn't wish her company on the other people who have to live there for fair reason not for being an utter cunt. And the people who've said they feel sorry for her can get to fuck too. She made her career out of being a wanker, she's no right to any of that money morally. Should've lived within her means and thought before she opened her annoying trap.
  9. Deathray

    Next shocking death?

    Which reminds me. Has anyone listened to Box Car Racer in the last 16 years? THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING!!!!!
  10. Deathray

    Next shocking death?

    Didn't realise Mark Hamill had formed a post-punk band in the mid-noughties? Not sure why you quoted me.
  11. Deathray

    Name Shame?

    Any mod know how long it is since my tag-line was changed by one of you knobs to "Back until my next ban" - has it been long enough to possible have it changed to "back for good" yet?
  12. Deathray

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I don't always have internet on the phone, you can download the play-lists from google play to an SD card for listen offline - useful for out in the sticks/long train journeys.
  13. Deathray

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Yeah nope that's one of several set play-lists I have for walking the dog / random country walks etc. If I'm going to shuffle anything I use google play's radio or shuffle one of the play-lists which are extremely loosely grouped by a small number of sub-genres - shuffling an entire music library - especially one as diverse as mine - is a recipe for constantly pressing skip.
  14. Deathray

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    My "dog walking playlist".... I'm sure both are dogs are glad of headphones. Funeral for a Friend - Roses for the Dead Architects - Doomsday Parkway Drive - Prey Linkin Park - In the End Enter Shikari - Arguing with Thermomoters Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girls The Prodigy - Firestarter The Gallows - London is the Reason Rise Against - Architects Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - I Hate You The Ghost a Thousand - Split the Atom Cancer Bats - R.A.T.S Stick to Your Guns - Against them All Dropkick Murphy's - Going Out in Style Knuckledust - Money Talks, Murders Walk Suicidal Tenencies - Institutionalized A Day to Remember - The Downfall of Us All Bring Me the Horizon - True Friends Disturbed - The Sound of Silence Bad Wolves - Zombie

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