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  1. Birth List

    Zara's won't be a prince though.
  2. Birth List

    It's a boy. Albert?
  3. Birth List

    They haven't named the kid yet? It's a girl isn't it? Elizabeth?
  4. Fort William Football Club

    How much do they need? Can we crowdfund it? Be a shame to see them go out.
  5. Birth List

    How many kids do we reckon she's going to have? 7 or 8?
  6. Queen Elizabeth II

    Another great grandchild being plopped out. How many people (chav benefit bairn machines aside) live to see their 6th great grandchild being born.
  7. Queen Elizabeth II

    At this point you have to wonder if they are actually mortal. Reckon the Queen has another 10-15 years.
  8. Ask A Deathlister

    Google is a shire search engine.
  9. 25. George Bush Senior

    3 former presidents - a warmonger and one who nearly got impeached - and adding another is going to cause security issues. You have to wonder how shit that last one is? Also was Carter to ill too attend?
  10. Chirac's couple

    Well I suppose the Dickie O'Sullivan lunatics rambling in an irrelevant place tradition has needed resurrecting for a while....
  11. 25. George Bush Senior

    Why wasn't Trump there? Asked not to attend? Maybe George Bush Sr is waiting for Trump to leave office before his own departure?
  12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Did the job from home the lazy bint (BTW I know it was for security reasons, but still)
  13. Queen Elizabeth II

    Read she was starting the London marathon today and thought "not bad for a 92 year old but will she finish" however she's only firing the gun.
  14. Queen Elizabeth II

    I mean she looked in her late 80s rather than early nineties. She didn't seem quite with it on stage though, just something off. Could just be concerned about Philip and distracted. Notice she didn't speak herself though, which is unusual!
  15. As if that's ever going to happen on here.