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Found 3 results

  1. Hpresti

    28. Tom Brokaw

    I know that the 77 year old Tom Brokaw has been diagnosed with the incurable multiple myeloma. Might be someone to consider for next years list.
  2. Deathray

    2018 Names for 2018

    Welcome to the 2018 Names for 2018 Deadpool The deadline is 31 December 2018 and 23:59 GMT. The game runs from 00:00 on January 1st 2018 to the 23:59 on 31st December 2018. Entries must contain 2018 names, numbered from 1 to 2018. Players will receive 2018 points for number 1, 2017 points for number 2 etc etc etc etc. All candidates on the list must be alive when the game starts. Candidates must have a claim to fame of some description. 1 normal team and one theme team per player maximum.
  3. Lafaucheuse

    Our 2018 deathlist

    Heya ! in this topic you Will be able to put down 50 names as the real deathlist. Each time that a celebrity dies I will check your prediction and for each correct name you will get one point. You are able to put an extra-name in option, which Will count as the other ones. At the end of the year, the winner will receive a gift according to the high of his predictions. good Luck and don't... Fuck it up !

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