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  1. Huangshi former mayor Yang Xiaobo has died at 56, reportedly of coronavirus. You know it is serious when it begins to strike party officials... EDIT: Media report it as pneumonia, but it is very suspect... EDIT 2: Coronavirus confirmed.
  2. drol

    Nicholas Parsons

    And Lester Piggott!
  3. Yeah, he's called Dilip Kumar. Should know him well.
  4. drol

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Singh is probably 10-15 years younger according to some Gerontology guys. Plus his biography is widely inconsistent.
  5. drol

    World's Oldest

    Kane Tanaka has been suffering from high fever the past few days, it seems she has recovered now, but that can't be a good sign...
  6. drol

    Kobe Bryant

    Do you think they are having the same reaction about Louis Nirenberg?
  7. drol

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Legendary (and not joking here) mathematician Louis Nirenberg has died at 94.
  8. Rules: *Whoever wants chooses a pick from this list, which contains the names of the 20 oldest living state leaders at the moment. If your pick dies you get one point. * Whoever gets the highest number of points wins the game. *Any obit in any language is qualifying, if the man is really dead. *A new round is started whenever a state leader dies, even if he has not been picked by anyone. *You have to pick a name at every round. You can keep the same name if you want. *Every leader can be picked by a single user. Once the leader is already picked you can't choose him. *Game ends when all the original 20 leaders (the first list, including Anton Vratusa) are dead. List as of December the 8th, 2017: 1)Do Muoi (1917), Prime Minister of Vietnam 2)Babiker Awadalla (1917), Prime Minister of Sudan 3)Yasuhiro Nakasone (1918), Prime Minister of Japan 4)Hyun Soong-jong (1919), Prime Minister of South Korea 5)Mohammed Karim Lamrani (1919), Prime Minister of Morocco 6)Hau Pei-tsun (1919), Prime Minister of Taiwan 7)Javier Perez de Cuellar (1920), Prime Minister of Perù 8)Josip Manolic (1920), Prime Minister of Croatia 9)Prem Tinsulanonda (1920), Prime Minister and Regent of Thailand 10)Kim Yong-ju (1920), vacancy Head of State of North Korea 11)Tun Tin (1920), Prime Minister of Burma 12)Le Duc Anh (1920), President of Vietnam 13)Jean of Luxembourg (1921), Grand Duke 14)Mustafa ben Halim (1921), Prime Minister of Lybia 15)Abdelmalek Benhabyles (1921), President of Algeria 16)Francisco Morales Bermudez (1921), President of Perù 17)Luis Echeverria (1922), President of Mexico 18)Milos Jakes (1922), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia 19)Jules Sedney (1922), Prime Minister of Suriname 20) Lee Teng-hui (1923), President of Taiwan 21)Belisario Betancur (1923), President of Colombia Scores till now: Ulitzer95: 3 (Đỗ Mười, Belisario Betancur, Lê Đức Anh) Drol: 2 (Anton Vratusa, King Michael of Romania) paddyfool: 2 (Babiker Awadalla, Prem Tinsulanonda) Gcreptile: 1 (Liam Cosgrave) Life is Beautiful: 1 (Mohammed Karim Lamrani) Joey Russ: 1 (George H. W. Bush) Newjack: 1 (Abdelmalek Benhabyles) Clorox Bleachman: 1 (Jean of Luxembourg) Master Tech: 1 (Dawda Jawara) CoffinLodger: 1 (Robert Mugabe) Lafaucheuse: 1 (Yasuhiro Nakasone) Deaths till now: Anton Vratusa: 30 July 2017 (aged 102) Liam Cosgrave: 4 October 2017 (aged 97) King Michael of Romania: 5 December 2017 (aged 96) Mohammed Karim Lamrani: 19 September 2018 (aged 99) Đỗ Mười: 1 October 2018 (aged 101) George H. W. Bush: 30 November 2018 (aged 94) Belisario Betancur: 7 December 2018 (aged 95) Abdelmalek Benhabyles: 28 December 2018 (aged 97) Babiker Awadalla: 17 January 2019 (aged 101) Lê Đức Anh: 22 April 2019 (aged 98) Jean of Luxembourg: 23 April 2019 (aged 98) Prem Tinsulanonda: 26 May 2019 (aged 98) Dawda Jawara: 27 August 2019 (aged 95) Robert Mugabe: 6 September 2019 (aged 95) Adnan Pachachi: 17 November 2019 (aged 96) Yasuhiro Nakasone: 29 November 2019 (aged 101) That's all folks! Join if you want.
  9. drol

    Kobe Bryant

    I assure you I never followed NBA or basketball in general, but perfectly know who Kobe Bryant is and what he means to the world of basketball. Probably second only to Michael Jordan.
  10. drol

    Kobe Bryant

    Wikipedia is down too at the moment. Hey, and Daniel arap Moi still lives.
  11. drol

    Kobe Bryant

    My God!
  12. drol

    Kim Jong-Un

    Actually NK is depicted much worse as it is. They announce deaths when they occur and that makes it a fair Country. To me only.
  13. drol

    Deathrace 2020

    My pick Asa Branca has been sedated and will likely die today or tomorrow. Chances of english obits are somewhat thin, though.
  14. drol

    FIFA World Cup Players

    I think @msc just mentioned him somewhere as he was sufferig from Terry Jones's ailment.
  15. We usually don't use this thread for Muricans. Oh, we have already been arguing about this...
  16. drol

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Obit for Jones says he will be born on 1 February 2020. Born in the grave, technically speaking.
  17. drol

    45. Terry Jones

    Unfortunately news of his death were completely overshadowed by the death of Tunisian PM Hédi Baccouche, who died the same day.
  18. drol

    Monty Python

    Monty Python collaborator and Jabberwocky screenwriter Charles Alverson reportedly dead at 84 on Wiki.
  19. drol

    The Dead of 2020

    Shin Kyuk-ho QO for the DDP.
  20. drol

    Deathrace 2020

    Shin Kyuk-ho is a hit for me and another team. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/01/19/business/corporate-business/lotte-group-founder-shin-kyuk-ho-dies-99/
  21. drol

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Evidence Loongkoonan is still alive is somewhat thin and, if she is, I really doubt she is 110. But I'll go with the "dead off radar" option.
  22. drol

    John McCain

    You know, only updates of this thread will be birthdays and her death. Very useful, we have Widow Shopping, Fringes of Fame and the 100 Club, she really does not deserve a thread.
  23. drol

    Political Frailty

    Vera's health started to decline after her 101st birthday. Her being still alive is barely explainable.
  24. drol

    Political Frailty

    Has visibly deteriorated. Ankles are swollen like Vera Lynn's. 100 will be his best achievable goal.
  25. drol

    Kim Jong-Un

    Hwang Sun-hui, director of the Korean Revolution Museum and multiple-times Deputy of Supreme Assembly, has finally died at 100 of respiratory failure. The oldest Leadership member of NK and the first public NK figure to make it to 100, she had been uber-frail for years. She was the wheelchair-bound mummy who was hugged by Kim Jong-un at every important occasion between 2015 and 2017 and always looked already dead. He really squeezed the Juche out of her! The last anti-Japanese fighter to have a notable political career, she leaves Kim Yong-ju as the undisputed senior member of NK leadership. Kim, who never fought against the Japanese as he was in Moscow at the time, will be "only" 98 and not 100 in August, according to NK sources. Western sites on NK (NKWatch. etc.) are full of bullshit DoB, including for one of History's greatest losers.

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