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  1. What Kind Of Person Deadpools?

    There's a whole world beside Gord Downie, man!
  2. Aristocrats

    I was referring to the fact the joke came about a month later.
  3. 6. Billy Graham

    Yes, those Baptist shootings and bombings throughout Europe have exhausted all of us.
  4. The Dead of 2018

    On my B-team, which is doing well. Damn me excluding her and Tsvangirai.
  5. Yoko Ono

    85 today!
  6. 1964 People Artist of USSR Tamara Nizhnikova has died aged 92. Not on this list, though.
  7. You Write The Headlines . . .

    It's not easy to write headlines. If I have to judge last year: 1)Mary Tyler No Moore: Well, we already knew this. It's good, but largely expected. 6/10 2)Joost Over the Line: Oh, this is genius! Funny and appropriated for rugby. Great. 9/10 3)Rockefeller has given his all: That's not funny and makes me think they tried and tried to come up with something good, but Rockefeller was so boring it was all vane. 3/10 4)No Moors Mr. Nice Guy: Well played and funny, not original, but still not banal though. 8.5/10 5)Gone With Noakes: very very predictable. 6/10 6)Summer Wine corked: I did not like it. Where's the calembour? 4/10 7)Christie out for The Count: Banal headline for a boxer. Could have been better. 4/10 8)Tombstone Cowboy: Now that's pure absolute genius! The perfect headline. 10/10 9)Didn't he do well? So so. I expected it to be better. 5/10 10)Reign ends for the King of Comedy: That's just awful. No jokes here, nothing to see. 3/10 11)Clock runs out for La Motta: Another bad boxer headline. Again. 4/10 12)From Dawn to Dust: Good and funny. 8/10 13)Boothanasia! That's a bit exaggerated to be considered funny. 6/10 14)Hef in Hell?! I remember this was originally "The Playboy man's done" and the former is fairly better In fact Hef in Hell?! has been one of my favourite headlines. 8.5/10 15)Tragically RIP: Another one which was written a long time ago. Too predictable. 6/10 16)Domino's toppled: Short and funny. I liked it. 8/10 17)Taking the Mickey: not so good. Bucharest in Peace was muuuch better. 5/10
  8. Silvio Berlusconi

    It's between Silvio, Renzi and a full blooded Arab called Di Maio. More depressing than this...
  9. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Dewar won't get an obit. He's always been an isolated guy. I'll get my coat...
  10. Silent Era People

    So the survivors are: *Mary Carlisle (1914), very recognizable actress and famous on her own in the 30s. Think she might get decent coverage when she goes. *Don Marion Davis (1917) believed to have died in 2012, resurrected for his 100th birthday. Career ended in 1925. *Fay McKenzie (1918) Indeed had a decent adult career as a character actress. Might sneak an obit. *Diana Serra Cary (1918) The one and only Baby Peggy. The last great star from silent movies. *Dorothy Morrison (1919) Obscure. *Silas Hathaway (1919) Played the Newborn Kid in Charlie Chaplin's The Kid. *Louise Watson (1919) of Watson family fame. *Jack C. Edwards (1920) Obscure, but was interviewed bu the Guardian three years ago. Worked with Norman Lloyd. *Billy Watson (1923) of Watson family fame. *Kathleen O'Malley (1924), adult character actress with small child roles. *Donnie Smith (1924) of Our Gang. *Mildred Kornman (1925) of Our Gang. Looks incredibly good despite her age. *Garry Watson (1928) of Watson family fame.
  11. José José

    70 today!
  12. Time Added

    Definitely a hoax as he is still alive as of today.
  13. The Dead of 2018

    All gone quiet again.
  14. Time Added

    It has been removed. Hoax it seems.
  15. 34. Pope Benedict XVI

    Vatican denies all of this. Ratzinger has no illness and his brother is a dick. Phew, that was quick!