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    I'm a professional serial killer, known as the Zodiac killer. I'm old so I decided to hang up my knife and write some stupid things on Deathlist.

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  1. drol

    Silvio Berlusconi

    Not in ICU so far. Might not be his time yet. He and the pope always hospitalised in perfect synchro.
  2. I did not pick him, though he was on the original list I wrote back in 2016.
  3. drol


    Serajul Alam Khan dead at 82.
  4. drol

    Political Frailty

    Not the only horrible cunt who died today...
  5. drol

    Pat Robertson

  6. drol

    Political Frailty

    Picture from our immortal Chavalit's 91st birthday.
  7. drol

    Pope Francis

    Stable, alert and breathing on his own.
  8. drol

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Hartley born in 1924 or 1934? From this interview he says he joined the military at 14 more or less and according to Wiki that was 1949...
  9. drol

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Three Hollywood actors born in 1924 remain: Eve Marie Saint, Ted Hartley and Maria Riva. Hope the last one standing is not Riva who is the most insignificant of them.
  10. Hungarian mathematician Béla Andrásfai (wiki) reportedly dead at 92.
  11. drol

    The Lone Ranger

    Noreen Nash being reported dead on social media, aged 99.
  12. drol

    Pope Francis

    They are not saying it explicitely, but I think he has colon cancer.
  13. drol

    Businesspeople, Investors, CEO's

    Reuters confirmation.
  14. drol

    The 100 Club

    Lu Yuanjiu finally dead at 103.

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