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    I'm a professional serial killer, known as the Zodiac killer. I'm old so I decided to hang up my knife and write some stupid things on Deathlist.

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  1. drol

    The 100 Club

    Hutton Gibson NYT obit. Family so asshole they didn't confirm.
  2. drol

    Donald J Trump

    Two of them are Asian, but hey, "white supremacists" at heart. Chauvin is heavily responsible, the others did not do anything to stop him, but demonizing them the same way is wrong.
  3. drol

    Political Frailty

    His son and political heir Lugi (????) Gizenga follows him at 54. Incredible longevity drop from generation to generation. Dilip Kumar wisely chose not to have any children or they would have died as teens.
  4. drol

    Donald J Trump

    Yes, my bad. The fact Timpa was "killed" by a black officer (among others!) is purely casual; that was police brutality and should have had more relevance. You are completely right on everything else.
  5. drol

    Donald J Trump

    I am an independent thinker. I don't identify with any particular political party. I try to analyze what is reported by media as I am not there. What is happening not only will solve things, but it will even make pacific protesters appear as looters.
  6. drol

    Donald J Trump

    What I say is you can not justify like this. I'm not from USA (gladly) but one-sided narration of events never convinced me.
  7. drol

    Donald J Trump

    That's a drastic semplification. A great part of violent protesters are common criminal who just loot using an excuse. They are not heroes of democracy. Pacific protest should always be allowed. This should never be allowed.
  8. drol

    Donald J Trump

    Actually I'm not completely right. Minnesota is a Democrat state and you probably could elect anyone... this won't stop. Mass gatherings were forbidden due to Coronavirus lockdown, why is it being violated now. So many contradictions.
  9. drol

    Donald J Trump

    And what will they solve by setting buildings to fire or looting shops? That's criminal. Pacific protest should always be allowed, that's not what's happening at the moment.
  10. drol

    Donald J Trump

    It should have receiveid the same, exact amount of protests as it was police brutality. It didn't.
  11. drol

    Donald J Trump

    57 years of life have taught me not to judge people for what they think. And I am always open to debate, I think I never directly insulted anyone here or in other situations. But do as you want.
  12. drol

    Donald J Trump

    Is Derek Chauvin an assassin? Yes. Should Derek Chauvin be prosecuted? Yes Did George Floyd deserve to die that way? No man does Should protesters cause many more deaths and loot half USA? Hell no Well, that's my point of view. Nothing should be an excuse to loot, steal and beat up bystanders. Nothing. You have the elections like any other state. Protest there.
  13. drol

    Donald J Trump

    You are full of hatred, don't take any opinion from others. Only thing you say is "racist cunt" and you don't debate. I am not a racist, but what matters, you work your way out of a debate by calling me "rabid racist" and that's it.
  14. drol

    Donald J Trump

    I do not identify with any political party anymore or even have fixed unchangeable positions. What is happening is not justifiable by any means. And hold your insults, I was never racist towards anyone during my lifetime. Looters are looters of every race.
  15. drol

    Donald J Trump

    Systematically? Watch the stats, which are reported in the article I linked (use Google Translate). Majority of police victims are white. Majority of officers who kill someone is black or Latino. 43% of officers killed last year were killed by black people, which account for around 13% of population. There is no systematical whatsoever.

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