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    I'm a professional serial killer, known as the Zodiac killer. I'm old so I decided to hang up my knife and write some stupid things on Deathlist.

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  1. drol

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Here is a recent photo of decomposing Balbir:
  2. drol

    7. Robert Mugabe

    He won't go anywhere for a long long time... the bastard.
  3. drol

    World War II Veterans

    Claimant Carl Muscarello is still alive at 93. The last one I think.
  4. drol

    7. Robert Mugabe

    New photo.
  5. drol

    Dead Pop Stars

    Gershon Kingsley?
  6. Church bulletin confirms death of Conway Berners-Lee. Exactly as it happened with his wife.
  7. drol

    The Dead of 2019

  8. drol

    Windy City Deadpool 2018-19

    Thanks to NY Times I get 50 points for Li Rui. Should have put him higher.
  9. He was suffering from colorectal cancer, but this was quick.
  10. drol

    The 100 Club

    FINALLY!!! Li Rui was definitely a hero in a Country and epoch of villains. He chose to be on the side of the people against a repressive party and government. He had the balls to disagree with the Party about Tienanmen and paid much for this, like a few others (among them the late Zhao Ziyang). It's a pity a complete piece of rubbish like Song Ping survives him.
  11. drol

    Ozzy Osbourne

    On life support.
  12. drol

    Political Frailty

    It's real Italy actually. That's why there should be two countries.
  13. drol

    Political Frailty

    Lega Nord founder and former Minister Umberto Bossi has been hospitalized in ICU following what sources describe as either a stroke or a fall. Or both. Currently stable and improving according to doctors. A controversial politician, he asked for Independence of the North in the 1990s and later for federalism, which would have been an excellent thing for a Country in which the South has dissipated billions of resources in the last 60 years. Southern mentality ruined Italy. Garibaldi was the greatest cunt to have ever lived; they would be happy with their Borbonic kingdom now instead of asking for money for those who don't want to work (that's what that Arab Di Maio is doing, the fucker). That said Bossi was a traitor: beside marrying a Sicilian he surrounded himself of Southern people (Belsito and Rosy Mauro to cite two) who ruined the party stealing funds. He himself a tax evader and his sons, decerebrated idiots who went to take graduation in Albania, to just pay for it. Bossi destroyed Lega Nord, Salvini resuscitated it. But he is not a hero, he is a traitor too. Lega Nord from the origins has been completely disowned, now he searches votes from the South and the party is just called Lega. He is betraying those tax evaders who run industries in the North and he knows it. Now the enemy for him are the immigrants, once they were the Southerners. But they have not gone away, nor they have civilized. Mafia everywhere, Turin and Milan completely Southern cities due to mass immigration. Northern Italy is dying, in 20 years it won't exist anymore. And no one cares. *end of rant*
  14. Georg Jann, German organ builder, dead at 85.

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