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  1. drol

    Ken Kercheval

    Why I do believe he is dead: 1)Article gives a specific cause of death (pneumonia) and Kercheval was a lung cancer survivor. 2)It says he was hospitalized in Terre Haute before the most recent hospitalization. Too specific, again. 3)It says funeral will be private. 4)Sonny Carey is the name of the Daily Clintonian's owner 5)They named the funeral home and talked with a "spokeswoman". A hoax article would have talked with a "spokesman". So I'm convinced he is dead. Media will be quite slow to pick up the story.
  2. drol

    Ken Kercheval

    Seems he is dead or they are goddamnly convincing on that site. Maybe I'm falling for some stupid hoax, but it is just too specific and there is the name of the editor...
  3. drol

    Ken Kercheval

    What about this?
  4. drol

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    They put Do Muoi's photo instead of Le Duc Anh's! Blasphemy!
  5. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    True. Bibliogryphon has him. All right.
  6. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Did you edit this? I thought you picked Robert Mugabe. If that's the case once a name is chosen it can not be changed (or it would be easy if someone falls critically ill and the first person who swaps wins). It is not against rule to wait that one of them is declaredly dying, hoping he has not been picked by others before.
  7. drol

    The 100 Club

    Don Marion Davis has appeared in two 1919 movies.
  8. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I confirm Adnan Pachachi as my pick.
  9. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Twelfth round masterlist: Newjack: Hau Pei-tsun Ulitzer95: Daniel arap Moi Lafaucheuse: Tun Tin Bibliogryphon: Robert Mugabe Joey Russ: Jimmy Carter paddyfool: Prem Tinsulanonda drol: Adnan Pachachi The Quim Reaper: Yasuhiro Nakasone Clorox Bleachman: Lee Teng-hui theoldlady: Jules Sedney Sir Creep: Mustafa ben Halim
  10. drol

    The Dead of 2019

    The problem with Fauja Singh is that he has not any known health issue. Usually we refer as immortals to those who are very old and very very ill. People like Tiwari, Karunanidi, Le Duc Anh, Richie Overton, the Swami, bishop Quinn, George Fernandes.... Only Dilip Kumar is left from them, and maybe Anne Hamilton-Byrne. Balbir Singh has proven to be a tough fucker, and the sad thing is I think he will live many years left as a zombie, slowly decomposing while he is still alive. In a few years we will be astonished by his staying power. But among the old generation only Dilip is left.... for how long?
  11. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Twelfth round: 1)Yasuhiro Nakasone (1918), Prime Minister of Japan 2)Hyun Soong-jong (1919), Prime Minister of South Korea 3)Hau Pei-tsun (1919), Prime Minister of Taiwan 4)Javier Perez de Cuellar (1920), Prime Minister of PerĂ¹ 5)Josip Manolic (1920), Prime Minister of Croatia 6)Prem Tinsulanonda (1920), Prime Minister and Regent of Thailand 7)Kim Yong-ju (1920), vacancy Head of State of North Korea 8)Tun Tin (1920), Prime Minister of Burma 9)Mustafa ben Halim (1921), Prime Minister of Lybia 10)Francisco Morales Bermudez (1921), President of PerĂ¹ 11)Luis Echeverria (1922), President of Mexico 12)Janez Stanovnik (1922), President of Communist Slovenia 13)Milos Jakes (1922), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia 14)Jules Sedney (1922), Prime Minister of Suriname 15)Branislav Soskic (1922) President of Communist Montenegro 16) Lee Teng-hui (1923), President of Taiwan 17)Adnan Pachachi (1923) Prime Minister of Iraq 18)Khamtai Siphandon (1924) Prime Minister and President of Laos 19)Robert Mugabe (1924) Prime Minister and President of Zimbabwe 20)Tomiichi Murayama (1924) Prime Minister of Japan 21)Abderrahmane Youssoufi (1924) Prime Minister of Morocco 22)Kenneth Kaunda (1924) President of Zambia 23)Dawda Jawara (1924) President of Gambia 24)Daniel arap Moi (1924), President of Kenya 25)Jimmy Carter (1924), President of United States of America 26)Lubomir Strougal (1924), Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia 27)Guillermo Rodriguez Lara (1924), President of Ecuador 28)Abdelsalam Majali (1925), Prime Minister of Jordan 29)Ali Hassan Mwinyi (1925), President of Tanzania 30)Giorgio Napolitano (1925), President of Italy Well, you all know Giorgio Napolitano. Kingmaker of Italy politics in the last ten years, suffered aortic dissection a year ago, but came back to full shape. 12th round is now open.
  12. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Congrats, @Clorox Bleachman, you win the eleventh round. List to be updated and twelfth round to start. @Lafaucheuse and @CoffinLodger, you have to wait for the round to start before choosing your picks. Do you confirm them?
  13. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    If I understand Google Translate right, Kim Yong-ju has lost his seat during the last generational reshuffle.
  14. drol

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Mockford's will confirms she is dead.
  15. drol

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    I'll go with a sudden death for Adnan Pachachi.

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