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  1. America wants to keep foetuses alive so they can be born, go to school and get shot to fuck.
  2. Spent the afternoon lounging outside and reading some pocket diaries my nan found, belonging to her mum & dad, from 1943 & 1944. My great-grandad served in the RAF throughout WWII and my great-nan joined the WAAFs in 1942. His were quite interesting, lots about work and, unsurprisingly, ‘Gerry’. But hers…wow. She died when I was 2, which is a shame as I absolutely LOVE her goss! Would’ve loved to chat about the partying and the drinking and the sheer number of men…she was engaged to five different blokes, one of whom while she started going out with my great-grandad, in the space of about 6 months. She was a right goer! This is the side of the war I want to hear about
  3. TQR

    Boris Johnson

  4. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    I’d be less inclined in said sitcom (or irl) to carry on with the ‘Big Dog’ brand. Given his dubious escapes to Ukraine I think he should now be called ‘Chicken Kyiv’.
  5. TQR

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Why is it that so many of these false stories contain a huge round of applause, as if this is in any way normal fucking behaviour?
  6. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    For his own safety, he’s fleeing to, erm, a war. Not even Iannucci could write stuff like this.
  7. TQR

    Jean-Louis Trintignant

    “Big miss for the committee” - Cunts
  8. That’s subjective. Just wait a couple or three years; you might enjoy it more then.
  9. Satire = punching up, not down.
  10. TQR

    Businesspeople, Investors, CEO's

    Shame. She was iconic on her couple of series on Dragons’ Den.
  11. TQR

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    That’s a lot of heart problems.
  12. TQR

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    The Outlaws, BBC. Both seasons on iPlayer. Could not recommend highly enough. Sensational comedy-drama written by Stephen Merchant.
  13. TQR

    Conspiracy Theories

    Definitely caused by the Covid jab
  14. TQR

    The 2022 Crowdsourced Deathlist

    Good work people, but we can do better.
  15. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    Yeah, but…he got Brexit done. Which explains a lot of this list, but “got Brexit done” sounds good to his (very unsophisticated) supporters innit
  16. TQR

    Boris Johnson

  17. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    I’ve seen this said a few times but I agree - there’s something a little bit…odd about Johnson’s demeanour here, and he appears to be sniffing a lot. Possibly had some special Gove-coveted refreshment?
  18. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    75% of backbenchers voted against him. He’s still in office (though only by a flimsy ballhair) solely because of the people on the ministerial payroll. If anything this is the perfect result. The damage done to Johnson is fucking bad enough, but by him still hanging on the damage to the Tories as a whole will be cataclysmic.
  19. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    Blimey. 148 against. He’s not out the door yet, but this is far from over. Can’t wait for the two by-elections later this month…
  20. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    I wouldn’t dream of calling Johnson a dick, or indeed anything remotely appealing
  21. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    Well both shows centre around stupid fucking cunts.
  22. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    Yeah nice one Iain’s crying now
  23. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    Press release from Sir Gnashers:
  24. I’m not sure if this is Thérèśè Ćòffêŷ announcing a leadership bid in Latin but whatever it is it just made me violently sick finding this on my Twitter timeline this morning.
  25. TQR

    Boris Johnson

    A brilliantly accurate (or bitter and unfunny) thread here about all the potential candidates to replace the putrid blancmange in chief:

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