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  1. Why HELL0000000 Kossers! Here for the 11th edition of Kill or Save? Of course you are. Come on in. We are exploring the top end of the UK music charts, from the 60s right through to the 00s. We’ve just rifled through a bunch of songs from the former, and decided in another nailbiter of a finale that Eloise by Barry Ryan is the best UK No.2 single. It isn’t, I mean, for god sake, there were 128 songs in the game and loads were better than that, but that’s what we decided, so be it. We learn and grow. Here, incredibly enough, we’re nearly at the end of our quest to find the best UK singles chart No.2s! Sad? Don’t be. Unless you fucking hate the 00s. No.3s are next, and who knows what other sort of superb spin-offs this game will spawn? It’s not just a game now, Kill or Save. It’s a sentient beast the DL’s music community have created and nurtured, and it’ll grow until it gets out of hand and destroys humanity itself. But before all that…the 00s. Sheesh. The 90s hangover choc full of “talent” shows, WKD and misogyny. But the music was great as well. Well, evolutionary. Sometimes. Interesting, at least. In the first half. Some of it. Look, it was something, alright? This crop should at least have something for everyone. Fancy reliving all the action? See below for links to all Kill or Save games to date: 60s No.1s; 70s No.1s; 80s No.1s; 90s No.1s; 00s No.1s 60s No.2s; 70s No.2s; 80s No.2s; 90s No.2s; 00s No.2s (you are here) (in play now!) Christmas Special 2023 KoS HoF The Rolling Stones — Paint It, Black Donna Summer — I Feel Love Nena — 99 Red Balloons Madonna — Vogue Gorillaz — Dare The Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl — Fairytale Of New York Barry Ryan — Eloise Queen — Somebody To Love A-Ha — Take On Me The Cardigans — Lovefool For the newcomers and the forgetful, here’s how it works: - Each song starts with 20 points (whether it deserves it or not). - You can only vote once a day. To avoid any time zone confusion, please put a date (and time & time zone, if you'd like) at the top of your scoring post (e.g. “Mon 5 Feb”, “05-02-2024 00:01 BST”, whatever, as long as it’s clear.) In theory, your votes can be close together, but no consecutive votes please. - Once a day, you can award 4 points to and subtract 6 from the songs of your choosing in the current round. You can split your daily +4 and -6 between as many songs as you like, it’s down to you. - Please familiarise yourself with any songs in the list you don’t know already before voting. - We aren’t here to sod about with numbers. We’re here to vote based on your own honest opinions. Don’t vote spitefully, don’t vote songs just because they’re high/low on the scorebaord. Your opinions are what matters. It’s really simple. - Make sure you copy and paste the most recent voter’s scoreboard when you take your turn to score. For your own ease, ‘paste as plain text’ to get rid of the previous poster’s formatting. Then, delete their +/- scores, add yours, adjust the song’s points total and make your scores bold. As an example: 24 List Topper — Diego’s Nightmare +4 20 Didn’t Listen — Dump Me Later 20 The Ignored — Nobody Knows Me 19 Deckchair Shufflers — Faffing About -1 16 Drivel — Dreck 15 Bottom Of The Pile — Diego’s Favourite -5 Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, so I’d just like to once again express my sincere gratitude to all of our careful and attentive players who spot and correct any errors that arise from time to time. You make the host’s job a lot easier. See, below, the complete list of 208 UK No.2 songs from the 2000s. Rejoice! Or despair. Wonderful. As ever, we will start with 5 group stages, beginning with the No.2 hits of 2000/01, followed by a grand final consisting of the 25 songs that have qualified, where we will ultimately decide what the undisputed best No.2 single of the 2000s is, and the artist(s) of said song will enjoy a major relaunch in their previously doomed career, thus mercifully avoiding being presented with a plate of crocodile fandango by a giggling pair of botoxed Geordies. 2000/01: 35 songs - the last 4 songs will make the final 2002/03: 63 songs - the last 7 songs will make the final 2004/05: 37 songs - the last 5 songs will make the final 2006/07: 41 songs - the last 5 songs will make the final 2008/09: 32 songs - the last 4 songs will make the final So, hang the disco balls and fire up the dry ice machine, for it’s time…to Kill or Save.
  2. TQR

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Apologies for being three days late but I only look at this thread occasionally. Can scarcely believe it’s been that long! Definitely one of the headline ‘2016 was cruel’ deaths. An absolute musical marvel obviously and his legacy will outlive all of us but he also sparked one of the funniest Twitter (RIP) moments of all time:
  3. Wed 24 Apr 84 Jeff Buckley — Hallelujah 41 Adele — Chasing Pavements 25 Rihanna — Russian Roulette 17 Taylor Swift — Love Story 15 Kings Of Leon — Use Somebody +4 14 James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado — Broken Strings 6 Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys — Empire State Of Mind -6
  4. Big Boy Sunak refused to rule out a July election when asked while on the plane to Poland. He said “All I’m going to say is the same thing I say every time…my working assumption is an election in the second half of the year.” The middle day of the year is 2nd July. Still on for the 4th, then.
  5. You're missing absolutely nothing. It's that ridiculous. All in the name of pleasing some racists.
  6. The Rwanda scheme is going to cost £1.8m per person. Tell you what Rishi, give me just £1m and I'll fuck out of the UK for good and someone destined for the plane can stay here, how's that?
  7. TQR

    Ask A Deathlister

    No big-name deaths recently so they’ll be in hibernation.
  8. Tue 23 Apr 84 Jeff Buckley — Hallelujah 34 Adele — Chasing Pavements 27 Rihanna — Russian Roulette 27 Kings Of Leon — Use Somebody +4 23 James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado — Broken Strings 23 Taylor Swift — Love Story 12 Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys — Empire State Of Mind -6 4 La Roux — In For The Kill Pffffft La Roux deffo deserves to be in the top 4 out of this lot but there are some bloody bastards about.
  9. Apologies for briefly interrupting this very high brow and well considered discussion with something childish. Anyway, as you all were...
  10. I've seen speculation that Sunak's recent insistance that planes will be taking off to Rwanda by 15th July means he'll wait until at least then to call the GE. I disagree. I'm still optimistic about the chances of a GE being called shortly after the LEs. The results of the LEs are going to be horrifying for the Tories. Penny Dreadful and Kemi Badenough and Honest Bob Jenprick and Suella Depraverman and Granty Twelvenames are all weighing up a leadership challenge after this, to which Sunak will bravely respond by calling a GE immediately. That would be timed so that the election is in early summer. 4th July, most probably. If the election is called this soon, he can still just go hell for leather on the "Vote Tory and planes will definitely definitely be going to Rwanda next week, I promise" line. It'll fail, but Dr Death cares not a fuck; he can piss clean off to Cali with Mrs Death and little junior Deaths and enjoy their billion quid in silicon valley. We won't see him again. If he threatens his MPs with an election purely in an effort to stop a leadership contest, tbh I still think at least Braverman would go ahead and challenge him. I've heard her recently on LBC; she actually sounded quite gleeful at the prospect of a heavy, heavy GE loss; she knows her seat is one of the safest, and she knows this would clear a path for her to grab the Tory leadership and mold what's left of the party to her tastes while they're in opposition. There are too many landmines for the Tories further down the road. Foreign leaders are already starting to ignore Sunak as they know he's a dead man walking, and that'll get worse and worse as the year goes on. They won't want to be about for the Hallet report, either. And if the Rwanda planes inevitably don't take off on 15th July and they still haven't called an election, that'll fuck goodbye the very last shred of credibility he has with that awful, heartless contigent who wants to see the scheme happen. Calling the election so it happens just before all this would frankly be damage limitation.
  11. Which, again, not likely to happen this upcoming GE. 2029 or beyond, maybe.
  12. TQR

    Janey Godley

    CA-125 is to ovarian cancer what PSA is to prostate. It's found in blood tests and high levels can (but don't always) indicate a tumour.
  13. It's a shame that Starmer et al are so quick to shut the door on changes to the vote system, but if the Tories are still weak come GE 2029 (as they should be) that might be the time for a pro-PR vote. Lib Dem and Green would do very well out of this if the pro-PR movement gained traction. Frustrating that this is 5 years down the line though innit.
  14. Well, Keir's outward, pre-election stance certainly is, but he's keeping his socialist principles closeted for the purposes of getting elected. That, coupled with Rachel Reeves' economic centrism, is enough to disappoint lefties (including me, though not enough to get in the way of being GTTO whatever it takes), but won't put nearly as many of those off voting Labour as shifting leftwards and scaring the floating voters would. If Starmer gets a second term, and there's no reason at this stage to believe he won't, my prediction is that term being a much bigger drive for social mobility and public service strengthening. First term will be for firefighting, second term for rebuilding.
  15. Mon 22 Apr 80 Jeff Buckley — Hallelujah 35 Taylor Swift — Love Story 33 Adele — Chasing Pavements 29 Kings Of Leon — Use Somebody 28 La Roux — In For The Kill +4 25 Rihanna — Russian Roulette 20 James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado — Broken Strings 18 Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys — Empire State Of Mind -6
  16. This election, for me, is about destroying the Tories as much as possible. In my constituency, Labour are the most likely to defeat them, so that’s where my vote is going. I’d love to be voting Green but priorities innit. Check who is the most effective anti-Tory vote in your constituency!
  17. Amazingly enough, Menzies’ parliamentary career hasn’t survived this.
  18. Sun 21 Apr 80 Jeff Buckley — Hallelujah 34 Kings Of Leon — Use Somebody  32 James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado — Broken Strings 32 Taylor Swift — Love Story  31 La Roux — In For The Kill +4 30 Rihanna — Russian Roulette 29 Adele — Chasing Pavements 26 Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys — Empire State Of Mind -6 4 Sam Sparro — Black & Gold
  19. Every single word. All the best to your dad. So sorry to hear you all went through this shite. And this is just one example of many where people are getting so fucked over already, leave alone Sunak’s new even cuntier stance, the mental health repercussions of which will be devastating to hundreds of thousands of people, thus creating an even more vicious circle. These cunts need to go, ASAFP.
  20. Oh what a surprise to get such a cunty take from Isabellend Oakeshitt, the readiness to fuck over a couple of million people because you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone whose weird uncle Nigel posted on Facebook about someone down his mate's road claiming disability benefits despite being able to walk around without dropping dead, and who lives a comfortable and lavish life on their £100 or less a week. Cunts.
  21. Awesome work, and I’m definitely going to refer to him as ‘this jiggling tit’ from now on

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