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  1. Bentrovato

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Thursday 419 (BC) In the absence of amazon, but in need of new sandals and a pair of nasal hair clippers, Sparta's King Agis II gathers a strong army at Philus and descends upon Argos by marching at night from the north.
  2. Bentrovato

    Tiger Woods

    I think he crashed it on purpose when he realised he was behind the wheel of a Hyundai. The billionaire golfer suddenly understood how low his life had got and there was no point carrying on. Next stop is a Kia.
  3. Bentrovato

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Wednesday 473 (BC) The State of Wu is annexed by the State of Yue.
  4. Bentrovato

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Lucky Liz more like. At least she can sleep in peace of a night and not have him perving over her.
  5. Bentrovato

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    No longer an interesting way to die. Something much the same here. These baby parties are lethal. Gender-reveal device explosion kills father-to-be - BBC News
  6. Bentrovato

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Tuesday 307 (BC). Ptolemy founds the Museum and Library of Alexandria with the help of Demetrius Phalereus.
  7. Bentrovato

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    For some reason I do hope this is overrun with well wishers and they have to get the army in to clear them out. Captain Sir Tom Moore's funeral arrangements confirmed after NHS hero's death aged 100 (msn.com)
  8. Bentrovato

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Mrs Overall. 71 years of age today.
  9. Bentrovato

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Monday 191 (BC) The Battle of Thermopylae
  10. Bentrovato

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Sunday. 207. (BC). Emperor Qin Er Shi of the Qin Dynasty is assassinated by his chief eunuch Zhao Gao. He is replaced by his nephew Ziying, who in turn assassinates Zhao Gao.
  11. Bentrovato

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Lleyton Hewitt is getting divorced?
  12. Bentrovato

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    They gave George V a John Belushi speedball. Can they not do the same here and hasten the process? Get it over with on a weekend and not disturb the already disturbed working week.
  13. Bentrovato

    Art For Death's Sake

    Yes. That was not my point. I am of an age that both sculptures are synonymous. For others maybe no. For me yes. You mention the bull statue in New Yorks' financial district I also think of this. That is all.
  14. Bentrovato

    Art For Death's Sake

    one begets the other
  15. Shit. That ruse has been rumbled. Women pose as 'grannies' to skip vaccine queue - BBC News

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