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  1. Jeremy Corbyn

    André Maranne

    No idea sorry, I do know they both passed away at home. Hope this helps
  2. Jeremy Corbyn

    André Maranne

    Would have been around 1987/88 both were in their 60s then so amazing really that they both lived another 30 something years after that. Andre was in pretty good health too until a few months before he passed.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn

    André Maranne

    She was definitely older than him, not sure exactly but I think she was around 97/98. I did indeed, he was with her on the same occasion. A lovely lovely man, very humble and down to earth. My friend knew them a lot better than me though as he lives two streets away from their home. Moira had a son from her first marriage and a few grandchildren I believe, but her only child with Andre died not long after being born tragically.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn

    2. Henry Kissinger

    It's the Henry Kissinger song from Monty Python.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn

    André Maranne

    Posting here for cleanliness.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Was told by a friend last week who lives near the late Andre Maranne in Brighton that his wife Moira passed away earlier this year, less than a year after him. I wasn't going to write this on here in case it was incorrect but their house has just been sold on Rightmove (I think it's okay to share this) which pretty much confirms it. It's not a big shock as she had been in ill health for a long while and Andre was a carer for her, but still very sad. I had the pleasure of meeting her once and she was a lovely lady (and Andre was lovely too). https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/122712965#/?channel=RES_BUY
  7. Jeremy Corbyn

    2. Henry Kissinger

  8. Jeremy Corbyn

    26. James Whale

    71 today. Still looking well, his programme is now being simulcast on TalkTV every Thursday-Saturday.
  9. Jeremy Corbyn

    The 100 Club

    Shane she didn't make 110
  10. Jeremy Corbyn

    Deadpool Detective Work

    It's great that 2020 is now available on the GRO database but still slightly annoying that 2021 isn't on there as there's someone I know who I think may have died last year and want to check. Hopefully we won't have to wait until next January for it...
  11. Jeremy Corbyn

    Pete Murray

    Sounded great for his age on the radio Christmas time
  12. Jeremy Corbyn

    8. June Brown

    Surely that could be the case for anyone aged 95?
  13. Jeremy Corbyn

    41. Pelé

    She must have only been 15/16 when he was born
  14. Jeremy Corbyn

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Great list, think it'll top last year's easily. 1)Dick Van Dyke: Still very healthy at nearly 97. Think he'll make at least 98-99. 2)Henry Kissinger: Think he'll go towards the end of the year. 3)Angela Lansbury: I reckon she'll make 2023 or 2024 but don't think she'll get to her centenary now sadly. 4)Bob Barker: One of the dead certs for this year I think, been in ill health for years 5)Alan Greenspan: Still quite healthy 6)Nigel Starmer-Smith: He might go this year or might last another 2-3 years, dementia is unpredictable 7)Loretta Lynn: Recovered from her bout of ill health now so unlikely to go this year 8)June Brown: I think she'll make 96 or 97 so not quite her time yet 9)Jimmy Carter: Will go this year sadly. Probably towards the end of the year 10)Tony Bennett: Has had Alzheimer's for six years so a strong possibility 11)Dick Cheney: Been 10 years snce his heart bypass operation so won't go on for much longer 12)QEII: Will make 100 I think 13)Harry Belafonte: Very frail and elderly 14)Mel Brooks: Still quite healthy but frailer than a couple of years ago 15)Mikhail Gorbachev: Won't be here by the end of the year 16)Bobby Charlton: Too early, probably 2024 or 2025 17)David Attenborough: National treasure here in Britain, hope he makes 100 18)Akihito: Too healthy at the minute  19)Leslie Phillips: Very frail for years and will probably go, but then he's gone on for this long so could make 100 now 20)Rosalynn Carter: Won't last much longer than her husband 21)Sandy Gall: Don't know if he has any health issues or not, elderly 22)Desmond Morris: 94 so elderly 23)Ted Kaczinsky: Hopefully a hit 24)Jean-Marie Le Pen: Same as above 25)Estelle Harris: Don't know her 26)James Whale: 71 this year and ill with terminal cancer 27)Cleo Laine: Gone ominously quiet recently 28)Bill Turnbull: Sadly not got long left. Seems a nice person  29)Jerry Lee Lewis: Very ill 30)Jacques Delors: Elderly and lost his wife in 2020 31)Denis Law: Not ill enough yet 32)Prunella Scales: Could last a few more years 34)Burt Bacharach: One of those you think have already gone 35)Stanley Baxter: Will last until he's between 97 and 99 37)Noam Chomsky: Could go but hopefully not 38)Bill Treacher: Same as above, but he suffers from ataxia 39)Norman Tebbit: An old Tory. Say no more 40)David Crosby: A good chance  41)Pelé: A definite 42)Michael Gambon: Hopefully not, he's a great British eccentric  43)Douglas Hurd: Another old Tory. See Tebbit 44)Silvio Berlusconi: Won't go yet, standing for President 45)Marianne Faithful: Possible but I think she'll make 2023 46)Milan Kundera: Don't know enough about him 47)Linda Ronstadt: Her average life expectancy with her condition is nearing the end 48)Jean-Luc Godard: See Kundera 49)Joss Ackland: Think he'll pass away this year 50)Shane McGowan: Not sure on this one
  15. Jeremy Corbyn

    Who Should Make the Deathlist in 2022?

    Maybe worth considering Dennis Skinner who has been uncharacteristically quiet for over 2 years now and will be 90 in six weeks time.

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