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  1. Jeremy Corbyn

    Jacques Chirac

    Definitely not a landslide sadly, but Labour's excellent manifesto and our great team of campaigners will see us gain seats without a doubt; I reckon we'll get between 280-285
  2. Jeremy Corbyn

    Donald J Trump

    I am indeed fully behind Mr Sanders
  3. Jeremy Corbyn

    8. Jimmy Carter

    I think Rosalynn will go before him
  4. Jeremy Corbyn

    Johnny Clegg

    Such sad news, I was a big fan of his music. Sadly I can't say the same for his long lost relative Nick Clegg but that's for another time. Johnny was a music legend, me and Diane will miss him a lot when we drink our cans of Mojito on the train together. RIP
  5. Jeremy Corbyn

    Johnny Clegg

    The Grim Reaper is about to make a big mistate by choosing the wrong Clegg; why can't it be his long lost cousin Nick instead?
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    I predict that we will take every single seat that we contest in Brussels and every council seat in the locals bar one (Finchley), because they used to vote for the evil old witch Thatcher as their MP
  7. Jeremy Corbyn

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Don't worry everyone, Corbs is coming to the rescue and will save everyone from the dreaded Brexit
  8. Jeremy Corbyn

    John McCririck

    I have a feeling he has already died but there hasn't been an announcement yet. Diane told me earlier while we were sharing a can of Mojito on the train
  9. Jeremy Corbyn

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    My psychic powers tell me that he's going to live to 100, so he should be fine until 2021
  10. Jeremy Corbyn

    9. Pierre Cardin

    #Oh, Pierre Cardin.... Oh Pierre Cardin....# I wonder if he's a socialist?
  11. Jeremy Corbyn

    Whoopi Goldberg

    Not going anywhere, maybe one for 2025 or later but definitely not for 2020
  12. Jeremy Corbyn

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    Fiona should resign immediately
  13. Jeremy Corbyn

    What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

    For Lent this year I'm cancelling my Gerry Adams appreciation group loyalty card
  14. Jeremy Corbyn

    Robert Mugabe

    It's starting to look like he's immortal
  15. Jeremy Corbyn

    Political Frailty

    Sorry everyone Diane had my phone again

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