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  1. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist's deadpool HOF

    Winner of the 2022 Jokers Pool is @The Old Crem. A maiden victory I think.
  2. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    The Jokers have been posted- its time to get picking. Please remember - 30 picks only, and they must be sent by PM. 1 week to get teams in, but they go early and your team is in, its extra points! Best of luck
  3. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    That's what I'm counting on
  4. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    There certainly could be a lot of drama in it, if I had time to keep up to date with the hits as they came in. Its a bit of a bugger to run it though, with the complicated bonuses, and above all the number of picks per team. I have cut it from 50 to 30 picks this year, so that should make it a little easier to run. To be honest, I would probably be better off passing the pool onto someone else, rather than trying to run this and the Hares. However, I would like to get it a little more settled before I do. I'll probably see how it runs this year, make a few more tweaks to it next year, then pass it over.
  5. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

  6. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    LIST OF JOKERS 6ix9ine Adrian Sutton Al Jaffee Al Pacino Alain Delon Alan Alda Alan Bennett Alan Ford Alex Delvecchio Alice Munro Andras Biro Andy Taylor Anne Baker Art Garfunkel Aston Barrett Bam Margera Barbara Young Barry Humphries Barry McGuire Bashar Al-Assad Ben Hillman Benjamin B. Ferencz Bernie Ecclestone Berry Gordy Beverley Craven Bill Hayden Billie Eilish Billy Connolly Billy Currie Bob Barker Brian Blessed Buzz Aldrin Caitlyn Jenner Carol Heiss Chris Spedding Christopher Lloyd Cleo Laine Cliff Richard Clint Eastwood Clive Barker Clive Wearing Colin Jeavons Concha Velasco Daniella Westbrook David Hockney David Letterman David Winnick Dawn Fraser Demi Lovato Dianne Feinstein Dick Van Dyke Dionne Warwick Donald Trump Dr Evadne Hinge (George Logan) Edie McClurg Eileen Derbyshire Elizabeth Kelly Emperor Akihito of Japan Eric Burdon Eric Idle Esteban Volkov Farokh Engineer Federico Bahamontes Francis Ford Coppola Francis Graham-Smith Francoise Hardy Frank Borman Frank Field Frank Field (meteorologist) Frank Gehry Frankie Miller Franz Beckenbauer Gardy Granass Gary Glitter Gene Chandler George Alagiah Ghislaine Maxwell Glynis Johns Gordon McQueen Gordon Pinsent Graeme Garden Harry Belafonte Henry Dickerson Henry Kissinger Henry Winkler Ian Black (Swimmer) Imelda Marcos Iris Apfel Jack Burke Jr. Jacques Delors Jake "The Snake" Roberts James Bolam James Earl Jones James Rolfe James Whale Jan Svankmajer Janey Godley Janis Paige Jayanta Mahapatra Jean-Pierre Leaud Jerry MacDonald Jimmy Carter Jiro Ono Joanne Woodward Joe Biden Joe Don Baker John Cannan John Castle John Cleese John Farnham John Hemingway John Morris of Aberavon Johnny Ruffo Jonathan Aitken Jonnie Irwin Joyce Randolph Jules Feiffer June Bland June Kenton June Spencer Justin Bieber K T Tunstall Karl Bushby Kate Keltie Kathleen Willey Keith Baxter Ken McNaught King Juan Carlos Of Spain Kodak Black Lavell Crawford Lawrence Gordon Clark Lee Trevino Lil' Wayne Linda Nolan Liza Minnelli Luis Aparicio Lynne Reid Banks M. Emmet Walsh Macaulay Culkin Maggie Smith Mark Rowley Martha Wash Merlin Griffiths Michael Crawford Michael Dunlop Michael Jayston Michael Parkinson Michael Rosen Michael Tilson Thomas Micky Dolenz Mikheil Saakashvili Milan Kundera Mohammed Al-Fayed Mutulu Shakur Nancy Olson Neil Harvey Nigel Starmer-Smith Noam Chomsky Norman Lear Ozzy Osbourne Pat Leahy Patricia Routledge Paul Hogan Pete Davidson Peter Ackroyd Peter Marshall Peter Oosterhuis Phil Collins Pone Posie Parker Prince Andrew Prince Charles Prince Harry Princess Bajrakitiyabha Princess Mikasa Princess Yolande of Austria Randy Jackson Ray Anthony Ray Reardon Rhod Gilbert Richard Franklin Richard Hadlee Richard O'Sullivan Rob Burrow Robert Wagner Roberta Flack Rolf Harris Ron Baynham Roy Ayers Roy Clarke Ruby Nash Garnett Rupert de Larrinaga Rupert Murdoch Russell Grant Russell M. Nelson Ruth Buzzi Ryuichi Sakamoto Sam Bankman-Fried Sandi Toksvig Shane MacGowan Shannen Doherty Sheila Hancock Shelley Fabares Shelly Desai Sherrill Milnes Shirley Bassey Sidney Cooke Simon Cowell (Wildlife) Sly Stone Sonny Rollins Sophia Loren Stanley Baxter Steffi Graf Stephen Darby Stephen Fry Steve McMichael Stevie Nicks Ted Turner Teri Garr Thelma Barlow Thelma Houston Tim Bilton Tim Lobinger Timothy West Tom Baker Tom Oliver Tomiichi Murayama Tony Bennett Tori black Vanessa Redgrave Varavara Rao Violeta Chamorro Vladimir Putin Warren Buffett Wattie Buchan Willie Nelson Woody Allen Ysanne Churchman PREMATURE DEATHS Constantine II of Greece David Crosby Frank McGarvey Gianluca Vialli Gina Lollobrigida Ronald Blythe Shimon Baadani Soeur Andre
  7. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    It seems like only yesterday that the 2022 Joker's pool came to a conclusion, and here we are launching the 2023 edition. The principle is simple - just pick names from the list of 2023 DDP Jokers. The practice is anything but simple. There is a long complicated system of bonuses - half of which you get to see beforehand, the remainder remain hidden throughout the year, until they are revealed at the end. Once the deadline for submission has passed, I will then ignore the pool for most of the year, until eventually I am so bored at home that I will reluctantly give you an update. And finally when everyone has completely given up on the pool, I will declare a winner which people will be dubious about, but no-one will argue with because counting up the scores makes their brain hurt! I am told no-one every reads the rules, so I am going to put these important points up here - please take heed of them 1. TEAMS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO ME BY PM ONLY. ANY TEAM WHICH IS POSTED ON THIS THREAD BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, EVEN IF THEY HAVE ALSO SENT A PM. (This is because there are bonuses for unique picks) 2. TEAMS HAVE BEEN REDUCED THIS YEAR TO 30 PICKS, If you submit more than 30 names, your team will be the first 30 picks on the list 3. YOUR TEAM BECOMES "LIVE" AT MIDNIGHT ON THE DAY YOU SUBMIT IT. IF A PICK DIES BEFORE THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION, THEY WILL STILL SCORE. In fact if you do bother to read the rules, you will see that they can score a hefty bonus- so best to submit early. POOL RULES TEAM Choose 30 names from the masterlist below. All of these names were selected as "Jokers" in the 2023 Derby Dead Pool. Please also include 2-3 subs (In case any picks are found to have died before you submitted). Points are scored when one of you picks dies and receives a QO for DDP Nominate five of these names to be your wildcards. They will score double points on everything including bonuses. Entries must be sent by PM to me. No other method of entry is acceptable. Any team posted on this thread before the deadline for submission will be disqualified, even if they have also been sent by PM Your team becomes live at midnight on the day you submit it. An pick who dies between then and the deadline for entry submission will still score points. Picks who are found to have died before midnight on the date of submission will be replaced by your first sub, even if they were believed to be alive at the time of submission. Entries close at 23.59 on 8th February 2023. That's just over a week, so better get to it sharpish. POINT-SCORING +2 base point for a 'hit' PERMANENT BONUSES 1. + 3 pts if hit is a unique pick in DDP 2. +2 pts if hit is a Drop 40 pick in DDP -2 pts for every pick who is in the Drop 40 but survives the year. -5 pts if they were a Wildcard 3. +2 pts if hit is a deathlist Alumnus (i.e. They have appeared in a Deathlist from 1987-2023) If a pick is a DL Alumnus but survives the year, -1pt for every time they have appeared on the DL 4. +5 pts if pick is a solo pick in this pool. + 3 pts if they are only selected by two teams. +1 if they are only selected by three teams. 5. +5 if they die on their birthday 6. + 2 if they die on the first or last day of the month 7. If a pick dies between a team being submitted and the deadline for submissions , +1 point for every day or part of a day remaining before the submission deadline. 8. +5 if they die on 28th April, or 13th November 9. +5 if they die on St David’s Day (1st March), St Patrick’s Day (17th March) or St Andrew's Day (30th November), because celebrating a Saint’s day is an excellent way to mark a nations history, traditions and achievements, -5 if they die on St George’s Day (23rd April), because anyone who celebrates St George’s Day is a xenophobic racist. 10. +3 pts for an unnatural death 11. +5 if a player gets 2 hits in one day +10 if a player gets 3 or more hits in one day 12. +3 if they are the first hit in the game. +3 if they are the last hit in the game. 13. +1 for ending the longest gap between hits (+1 extra each time this happens i.e. first person to break the gap +1, second person to break the gap +2, etc ). 14. +1 for every person they guess in order from the first until they break the combo (+1 cumulatively each time this happens) [i.e. if #7 is their first hit they get 1 base point, if #19 is their 2nd hit they get 2 points, if #31 is their 3rd hit they get 3 points, but if #17 is their 4th hit then they're no longer eligible for this bonus] 15. -2 for the most hits in the pool. There is also an extensive set of hidden bonuses. These are top-secret. So secret that even I do not know them. Seriously! - I'm still waiting for Clorox to actually send me the rules . In total there are 15 hidden bonuses, which may be applied before, during or after the game is running. Some of these may be "negative bonuses" (others may prefer to call them penalties!) The hidden bonuses will be revealed at the end, or possibly before then if it suits me to do so. In addition, there is +1 for hits at certain spots on your list. Which spots they are, however, are hidden until they are scored. The games concludes at midnight on December 31st 2023. The results will be announced some time before 30th June 2025. Or possibly later. Any disputes/queries about bonuses, whether by me or another player, will be settled by our non-resident adjudicator @Clorox Bleachman. Some, all, or none of these decisions will be fair. In case of a tie at the end of the game, the following tie-breakers will be used: 1. Player with most hits 2. If equal, player with most wildcard hits 3. If still equal, player with most points scored by wildcard hits 4. If still equal, both players will be disqualified, and the title awarded to the third placed finisher! Everyone confused? Excellent! Good luck to all!
  8. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    The rules won't be slimmed down. In fact there will be more of them and they will be more complicated It will be slimmed down to the degree that there will be fewer picks per team.
  9. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    A few last bits of house-keeping: Perhaps is deducted 2 point for the most hits in the game, and drops one place in the rankings. Annami is deduced 5 pints for being in 13th position. It does not affect their position. Gooseberry Crumble gets +10 points for being in last place. Unsurprisingly, they are still in last place, by a distance And so, a month after the pool has finished, but approximately 15 months ahead of schedule, I can declare that the winner of the Jokers Pool 2022 is : THE OLD CREM Congratulations @The Old Crem. Ultimately the victory came down to 2 things. The selection of Barbara Walters which lifted you above the 2 long time leaders, and your luck holding up after Clorox's decision to randomly remove one of the wildcards. Had the random selector chosen Pele, you were down to joint second. Had it selected Kane Tanaka, you were in a tie for first. Small margins eh? THE OLD CREM 152 23 Hits CAPTAIN CHORIZO 149 22 Hits PEDRO67 148 22 Hits LIZ LEMON 146 22 Hits BIBLIOGRYPHON 143 21 Hits THE OLD LADY 137 20 Hits MSC 133 21 Hits BOOK 131 22 Hits PERHAPS 130 25 Hits BUFFALO PHIL 129 22 Hits WANNAMAKER 125 19 Hits GCREPTILE 123 23 Hits ANNAMI 116 18 Hits HELL 111 17 Hits AN FEAR BEAG 110 21 Hits DOULTON 110 20 Hits SALMON MOUSSE 110 20 Hits JOEY RUSS 107 19 Hits GREAT UNCLE BULGARIA 107 17 Hits THE UNKNOWN MAN 99 16 Hits YOUNG WILLZ 99 15 Hits MARINISIA 89 16 Hits TOAST 86 16 Hits GOOSEBERRY CRUMBLE 67 10 Hits Thanks to everyone for playing, and look forward to seeing you all for the slimmed down 2023 edition (which should start in the next 48hrs)
  10. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    And now for a little controversy! As I was finalising everything last night, and about to declare a winner, I discovered this: The Old Crem Posted January 27, 2022 1. Tom Parker 2. Tom Smith 3. Tom Weiskopf 4. Susie Steiner - Wildcard 5. Ted Kaczynski 6. Rob Burrow 7. Rolf Harris 8. Rosalynn Carter 9. Nigel Starmer – Smith 10. Olivia Newton-John 11. Pele - Wildcard 12. Phil Collins 13. Pope Benedict XVI 14. Queen Elizabeth II 15. Shannen Doherty 16. Milos Zeman 17. Jerry Lee Lewis 18. Jimmy Carter 19. Joanne Woodward 20. Joe Kinnear 21. Johnny Ruffo 22. Julie Goodyear 23. June Brown 24. Kane Tanaka - Wildcard 25. Khaleda Zia 26. Lata Mangeshkar 27. Leslie Phillips 28. Linda Nolan 29. James Whale 30. George Alagiah 31. George Perez 32. Glynis Johns 33. Gordon McQueen 34. Harry Belafonte 35. Frank Field - Wildcard 36. Frankie Valli 37. Doddie Weir 38. Deborah James - Wildcard 39. Daniella Westbrook 40. Clare Marx 41. Bernard Cribbins 42. Bill Treacher 43. Bill Turnbull 44. Amy Pieters 45. Vicky Phelan – Wildcard 46. Janey Godley 47. Tim Bilton 48. Nehemiah Persoff 49. Tony Bennett 50. Barbara Walters @The Old Crem, one of the contenders had picked six wildcards at the started of the game. I never noticed it at the time, it was not picked up by anyone else off the masterlist posted, and in typical fashion, it was only discovered at the very last minute. Of the 6 picks, 5 had scored, with varying points attached, and the decision as to what to do would have an effect on the winner. I passed the decision onto @Clorox Bleachman. Firstly they decided that it was an honest mistake, so their was no question of disqualification. In their wisdom, they decided that the fairest thing was to pick a name at random to remove the wildcard status from. That name, randomly generated by Clorox, was Vicky Phelan. The other 5 remained as the wildcards. So what effected will that have on the winner? Stay tuned to find out!
  11. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    Now to reveal the all important hidden bonuses. I will stress at this point that I did not pick the bonuses - they were carried over from the previous competition. So if you have any complaints about the fairness of the bonuses, please feel free to direct them to the previous host(s), who will probably care even less than I do. Do feel free to complain to me if you feel that the bonuses have been applied unfairly or incorrectly. But be warned, I have just introduced a new "Hidden" bonus of minus 20 points for anyone who complains that the bonuses have been applied incorrectly of unfairly SECRET BONUSES 1. +1 if they were the first or last person to enter Young Willz (first) and Marinisia (last) 2. +1 if their list is alphabetical Doulton, Salmon Mousse, Book, Marinisia 3. +1 if they publicly revealed their teams Everyone, except Young Willz, Bibliogryphon, Msc 4. -2 if all their wildcards are listed at the top The Unknown Man 5. +1 for every misspelling in their entry The Old Lady (+1) Hell (+1) GUB (+1) 6. +3 if they were born before WW1 Kane Tanaka, Boris Pahor 7. +3 if their first name was John NONE - Clorox Adjudicated that Jean-Louis Trintignant did not qualify 8. +2 for a DeathList.net alumnus i.e. from 1987-2022 I think I revealed this as I went along - I certainly did towards the end! 9. +3 if they were born in 1942 or die at the age of 76 (Tom Weiskopf) 10. +5 if they were from Canada NONE 11. +5 if they are related to Batman in any way George Perez - allowed by the adjudicator Clorox for his work on some comic or other! 12. +5 if they were ever on SNL, HIGNFY or DID June Brown (Desert Island Discs), James Lovelock (DID), Bernard Cribbins (DID), Olivia Newton John (Saturday Night Live), Leslie Phillips (DID), Barbara Walters (SNL) 13. +2 if they were a bass player NONE 14. +2 if they were a world leader Christos Sartzetakis, Francisco Moralez Bermudez, Queen Elizabet II, Pope Benedict XVI 15. +2 if they were LGBT NONE 16. +1 if they were female Lots - I am sure you can figure them out yourself! 17. -3 if they were in prison at some point Christos Sartzetakis, Boris Pahor (Clorox adjudicated that Concentration camp counted as prison), Lester Piggott, Jerry Lee Lewis 18. -1 if anyone says any of the bonuses except the given six (Sadly none) PLUS BONUES FOR ANY PICKS AT POSITIONS
  12. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    PELE +1 Base Point +2 (DDP Drop 40) +2 (DL Alumnus +5 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Wildcard) An Fear Beag The Old Lady (Wildcard) Doulton (Bonus +1 Position 31 in list) (Wildcard) The Unknown Man Hell (Wildcard) Wannamaker (Wildcard) LizLemon (Wildcard) Perhaps Captain Chorizo (Wildcard) Salmon Mousse (Bonus +1 Position 31 in list) Book Toast Pedro67 (Bonus +1 Position 41 in list) The Old Crem (Bonus +1 Position 11 in list) (Wildcard) BuffaloPhil (Bonus +1 Position 6 in list) Annami Gcreptile (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Marinisia (Bonus +1 Position 35 in list) (Wildcard) Young Willz Bibliogryphon (Bonus +1 Position 36 in list) (Wildcard) Msc BARBARA WALTERS +1 Base Point +2 (DL Alumnus) +1 (Hidden Bonus) +5(Hidden Bonus) +9 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Bonus +1 Position 21 in list) The Old Lady LizLemon (Bonus +1 Position 21 in list) Perhaps (Bonus +1 Position 2 in list) Salmon Mousse (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Gooseberry Crumble GUB (Bonus +1 Position 5 in list) The Old Crem Annami (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Gcreptile Bibliogryphon (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Msc (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) POPE BENEDICT XVI +1 Base Point +2 (DDP Drop 40) +2 (DL Alumnus +2 (Hidden Bonus) +7 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: An Fear Beag The Old Lady Hell Wannamaker (Bonus +1 Position 5 in list)(Wildcard) LizLemon (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Perhaps Captain Chorizo (Bonus +1 Position 35 in list) Salmon Mousse (Bonus +1 Position 35 in list) GUB Book Pedro67 (Bonus +1 Position 43 in list) The Old Crem (Bonus +1 Position 13 in list) BuffaloPhil Annami (Bonus +1 Position 41 in list) Young Willz Bibliogryphon Msc That's it for the hits. 44 Scoring hits in total. In addition, we had 4 "hits" who did not get a QO and thus were non-scorers: Ayman Al-Zawahiri Fritz Pleitgen Louise Tobin Natty Wailer
  13. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    VICKY PHELAN +1 Base Point +1 (Hidden Bonus) +2 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Bonus +1 Position 47 in list) An Fear Beag (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) The Old Lady Doulton (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) (Wildcard) The Unknown Man LizLemon (Bonus +1 Position 29 in list) Perhaps (Wildcard) Captain Chorizo (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) Salmon Mousse (Wildcard) GUB (Bonus +1 Position 46 in list) Book (Wildcard) Toast Pedro67 (Wildcard) The Old Crem BuffaloPhil Gcreptile (Wildcard) Marinisia (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) (Wildcard) Young Willz (Wildcard) Msc (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) DODDIE WEIR +1 Base Point +2 (DDP Drop 40) +3 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ Wannamaker The Old Crem Young Willz (Wildcard) Bobliogryphon (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) CLARE MARX +1 Base Point +1 (Hidden Bonus) +2 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Bonus +1 Position 8 in list) Doulton (Bonus +1 Position 5 in list) LizLemon (Bonus +1 Position 5 in list) Captain Chorizo (Bonus +1 Position 6 in list) Salmon Mousse (Bonus +1 Position 6 in list) Book (Bonus +1 Position 8 in list) Toast The Old Crem BuffaloPhil Annami (Bonus +1 Position 8 in list) Gcreptile Msc (Bonus +1 Position 8 in list) JET BLACK +1 Base Point +1 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Bonus +1 Position 16 in list) Gooseberry Crumble Toast (Bonus +1 Position 35 in list) Young Willz (Bonus +1 Position 2 in list)
  14. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2022

    I think some mentioned that there might have been a few hits since the last update in September Let's get them out of the way, before we deal with the sordid issue of the final scores. ANTONIO INOKI +1 Base Point +1 (Ended longest gap between hits) +2 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ Captain Chorizo (Bonus +1 Position 2 in list) Doulton Gooseberry crumble Msc (Bonus +1 Position 2 in list) Sacheen Littlefeather had previously been awarded 1 point of breaking the longest gap between hits, with her death on 2nd October. Antonio Inoki died on 1st October so 1 point was deduced from the teams who picked Littlefeather. JERRY LEE LEWIS +1 Base Point +2 (DDP Drop 40) +2 (DL Alumnus) -3 (Hidden Bonus) +2 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Joey Russ (Bonus +1 Position 46 in list) (Wildcard) The Old Lady (Wildcard) Doulton (Bonus +1 Position 19 in list) The Unknown Man Hell Wannamaker (Wildcard) LizLemon Perhaps Captain Chorizo Salmon Mousse Gooseberry Crumble GUB (Bonus +1 Position 26 in list) Book The Old Crem Annami GcReptile Marinisia Young Willz (Bonus +1 Position 43 in list) (Wildcard) BILL TREACHER +1 Base Point +2 (DL Alumnus) +3 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: The Unknown Man Perhaps (Bonus +1 Position 3 in list) Pedro67 The Old Crem Young Willz Bobliogryphon LESLIE PHILLIPS +1 Base Point +2 (DDP Drop 40) +2 (DL Alumnus) +5 (Hidden Bonus) +10 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: An Fear Beag (Bonus +1 Position 21 in list) Doulton Hell Wannamaker LizLemon (Bonus +1 Position 41 in list) (Wildcard) Perhaps Captain Chorizo GUB (Bonus +1 Position 34 in list) Book Toast Pedro67 The Old Crem BuffaloPhil (Bonus +1 Position 49 in list) Annami (Bonus +1 Position 14 in list) Marinisia Young Willz Bibliogryphon (Wildcard) Msc
  15. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    How is the Julian Sands situation going to work out? Presumably if he is to score, he will need to be shown to have been alive when the round started at midnight, but died after that? If he is discovered dead by 3rd Feb, a sub will be allowed, but if he is discovered after that, then no sub? Good luck with that one

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