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  1. An Fear Beag

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Thanks DI. For completeness sake, this article gives the date of death as February 17th Tomás Mac Síomóin obituary: Irish Marxist writer with a hatred of neoliberalism – The Irish Times
  2. An Fear Beag

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Thanks for that info Grim - I didn't realise that it added so much work. From now on, I will ensure that all of my theme picks are drawn from a list of native Irish speakers with at least 4 fadas in their name
  3. An Fear Beag

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    One for the list of the lost, where he will undoubtedly remain: Tomás Mac Síomóin, a pick on my Irish themed team, died back in February. Tomás Mac Síomóin: From One Bright Island Flown (culturematters.org.uk) I didn't have the slightest expectation that he would obit. He was mostly included to make work for Gcreptile with trying to find a photo, and getting the spelling of his name right . The latter was achieved by ignoring the fada (accent) wherever it occurred in his name. I do question though why he is listed in the "S" section rather than the "M", since Mac is the first part of his surname - typical anti-Irish discrimination
  4. An Fear Beag


    Time for a month update, I reckon. Hardly seems worth the effort though, given that the Reaper seems to have gone on the piss for most of the month. These are the deaths I have noted since the last update on May 2nd. I will hold off on updating the leaderboard until tomorrow, to give anyone an opportunity of pointing out any that I have missed. 3rd May: Norman Mineta 6th May: George Perez 9th May: Qin Yi 14th May: David West 29th May: Lester Piggott 30th May: Boris Pahor That's it. 6 deaths in a month! I know I've said that this game really only gets interesting in September, but come on guys- give me something to work with!
  5. An Fear Beag

    The 100 Club

    I look forward to the day when one of these old buggers turns 100 and DOESN'T become a centenarian. Hasn't happened yet, sadly. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. An Fear Beag


    Since it is now May, it is probably time for an update to brighten up your day. Lots of picks croaked it in the few days immediately after the last update, but it has slowed to a trickle since then. These are the deaths I have recorded since the last update: 5th April- Art Rupe 5th April - Nehemiah Persoff 6th April - Jill Knight 6th April - Tom Smith 8th April - Pastelle LeBLanc 12th April - Sonny Caldinez 13th April - Michel Bouquet 18th April - Chris Rimmer 19th April - Kane Tanaka 19th April - Mosharraff Hossain 21st April - Geoffrey Howlett 21st April - Mwai Kibaki That's all I've got- none since 21st April - if anyone has spotted any missed hits, please let me know (but be prepared for the inevitable tirade that you should have done it BEFORE I went to the trouble of this update). Two big name hits among that list, with Kane Tanaka and Tom Smith shaking up the leaderboard. Smith was the most popular hit so far this year with 11 players cashing in, but still a far cry from last year when he was on 22 teams. He was only Jokered on one team, but those double points have jumped @drol up into the lead. 6 teams had a Smith/Kanaka double, most notably @theoldlady who has ascended into second place, and @BuffaloPhil who jokered Tanaka to enter the top 5. The big faller this month was @Salmon Mousse who has dropped like a stone from 1st to 12th. 5 teams have entered the race this month, with @Great Uncle Bulgaria, @msc, @Thatcher, @WhoamI and @YorkshireBanker all registering their first hits. In addition, @TQR and @WEP got their first scoring hit to go along with their Gary Burgess nul points. That leaves only 4 players @DeathByArsenic, @Dying Probably, @etib80 and @LizLemon still awaiting their first hit as we enter the middle third of the year. Now that is done, I'll put my feet up and wait for the inevitable 5 hits in the next 2 days . Top 10 is as follows, full leaderboard is on page 1. Drol (403 points) 6 hits [Christos Sartzetakis, Gary Burgess, Thick Nhat Hanh, Tom Parker, Tom Smith* Vic Elford] The Old Lady (372 points) 6 hits [Gary Burgess, Jana Bennett, Kane Tanaka, Tom Parker, Tom Smith, Vic Elford] John Key (365 points) 6 hits [Christos Sartzetakis, Estelle Harris, Gary Burgess, Lata Mangeshkar, Mwai Kibaki, Tom Smith] Gcreptile (364 points) 5 hits [Jonathon Atherton, Kane Tanaka, Pastelle Le Blanc, Pau Riba, Silas Alexander] Buffalo Phil (352 points) 4 hits [Kane Tanaka*, Monica Vitti, Robert Durst, Tom Smith] Death Impends (336 points) 4 hits [Art Rupe, Carleton Carpenter, Kane Tanaka, Nehemiah Persoff] Kenny (328 points) 5 hits [Chris Rimmer, Gary Burgess, Russell Bishop*, Tom Parker, Tom Smith] ZZZ - Boring Predictable Team (291 points) 4 hits [Gary Burgess, Kane Tanaka, Tom Parker, Tom Smith] Wormfarmer (290 points) 6 hits [Art Rupe, Everett Lee, Francis Jackson, Gail Halvorsen, Gary Burgess, Guy Lafleur] BabyBlue (281 points) 5 hits [Dagny Carlsson, Jana Bennett, Kane Tanaka, Monica Vitti, Monique Hanotte]
  7. An Fear Beag

    World's Oldest

    To be fair, I have looked like that after a few birthday celebrations in the past (minus the cuddly toys)
  8. An Fear Beag


    Thanks MariNisia. When @Wormfarmer does decide to raise his/her head, they might also like to mention that Art Rupe was also a hit for them (and DI). Sonny Caldinez was also a hit in this pool earlier this month. To be fair to @YorkshireBanker , he/she is probably still getting over the shock at having hit before December, so they are excused for their lack of notification
  9. An Fear Beag


    Thanks YoungWillz. Even by the lax standards of this pool, that won't qualify as a QO, but undoubtedly something will come in the next day or so.
  10. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Certainly significant for me in the DDP. Chances of a QO? I'm guessing that his lack of popularity was down to his obit risk.
  11. An Fear Beag

    Deaths of the Silver Screen III

    A quick google search tells me that you are correct (mostly). He was in The Game of Death which was unfinished at the time of Bruce Lee's death. Apparently Lee took a break from filming The Game of Death to order to make Enter the Dragon, but as he died shortly after the filming of Enter The Dragon, it was never finished. Fight scenes with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had already been shot before the break from filming. The original cast was to have included George Lazenby and Jackie Chan but their scenes were never shot. In 1978 the film was "finished" by adding 11 minutes of the original footage to a completely new plot. This footage included both Lee and Abdul-Jabbar. The film also included footage of Lee's body in a casket from his actual funeral, to show his character faking his own death! Even if you are not a film buff (and I'm not), it makes for interesting reading.
  12. An Fear Beag

    Deaths of the Silver Screen III

    Absolutely not trying to tell you how to run your own pool Biblio, but it would seem to me that there could potentially be a big advantage to anyone entering the pool late. If were announced tomorrow that an actor/actress who is not currently picked in this pool, had just entered a hospice, then a late-comer could put him/her in a team and get a quick hit in a week or two. In a pool where only three hits are needed, that could give them a huge head-start over the rest of the field.
  13. An Fear Beag


    Thanks msc. Jill Knight is the sort of relatively big name whose death would be immediately obvious to anyone in the UK who follows the news. However to anyone outside the UK (which I am), she would easily slip under the radar, were it not for this fine site. She definitely would not have stood out as a hit in a months time when I go to update the scores. So feel free to notify me of the Jill Knight's of this world, but you are ok for the really famous Pele's and Queens, and even for the "famous in deadpool circles for being on everyone's teams" Frank Field and George Perez types. However, since I mentioned Nehemiah Persoff two posts above yours, then
  14. An Fear Beag

    Political Frailty

    You didn't, by any chance, think to mention this in the , you know, Hare's Pool thread?
  15. An Fear Beag


    And just to prove my point, Nehemiah Persoff croaked it the day after I posted this, to be followed 24hrs later by Tom Smith The deaths have been noted, but you are still not getting an updated scoreboard!

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