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  1. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    Indeed he is - and a unique hit at that!
  2. An Fear Beag

    MMMDP 2023

    Many thanks MPFC. As a small thanks for running the pool, I have matched your donation to Buttercups - we can at least make a slightly better world for goats!
  3. An Fear Beag


    Now this is interesting! I think this might be a good time to invoke Rule 2.1: " "The Hare’s Pool has always been extremely lenient when it comes to accepting “obits” and that will be continued. Unlike other pools, a QO is not used as a barometer of fame – the weeding out process is carried out before the game begins. Basically, anything that convinces the host that the person is actually dead will be accepted" On her Wikipedia page, the 3rd reference is a link to a YouTube video, OF HER ACTUAL FUNERAL SERVICE, made by the Marshall IslandsTelecommunications Authority. I think that's fairly convincing evidence that the woman is actually dead! (Either that or you have really gone out of your way to make a convincing fake video in the hope of bagging the hundred-odd points on offer, in which case you frankly deserve the points!) I will award you the points in the next update.
  4. An Fear Beag


    Far too early in the year to consider it disappointing in this pool - this pool only starts getting going in September. Last year, The Old Crem was in last place on 7th August, yet finished in 4th by the years end. At this time of year, disappointing is when you have racked up 6 or 7 hits for a mere 400-500 points!
  5. An Fear Beag


    It all seems to have gone very quiet around here. Unless of course a whole heap of obscure picks have carked it, but you scamps have not informed me! I will be doing my quarterly google search of all the names at the end of the month, but in the meantime please be a dear and check you own teams. These are the only names I have since the last update: 10th May: Rolf Harris 21st May: Ed Ames 24th May: Tina Turner Rolf Harris was, of course, the big hit with 17 teams selecting the antipodean nonce. However, his death has actually bugger all effect on the top of the scoreboard, as the highest ranked player to have chosen him was @The Old Cremin 20th place. Crem moves up to 6th as a result. Of more significance, is the fact the @theoldladyalso selected Tina Turner to go with her Harris hit, to ascend into 3rd place. Somewhat fittingly, Rolf Harris's demise also sees @Toastand @Hellenter the top 10. @John Keygets a first hit of the game with Harris, to finally enter the race properly, leaving only 8 players hiding in the showers, hoping the sports teacher won't notice. The top 10 is as follows - full scoreboard as always is on Page 1. Buffalo Phil (507 points) 7 hits [Ben Ferencs, Bill Butler, Gianluca Vialli, Guido Gorgatti, Hazel McCallion, Lucille Randon, Tim Keller] An Fear Beag (439 points) 6 hits [Gianluca Vialli, Lucille Randon, Mary Quant, Nigel Lawson, Ryiuchi Sakamoto, Tim Keller] The Old Lady (435 points) 5 hits [Betty Boothroyd, Gianluca Vialli, Mary Quant, Rolf Harris, Tina Turner] Wormfarmer (393 points) 4 hits [AL Jaffee*, Ben Ferencs, Bill Butler, Gianluca Vialli] Death Impends (358 points) 4 hits [Bert I Gordon, Billy Graham, Ed Ames, Lucille Randon] The Old Crem (322 points) 5 hits [Frank McGarvey, Gianluca Vialli, Mary Quant, Rolf Harris, Ryiuchi Sakamoto] Dying Probably (318 points) 4 hits [Betty Boothroyd, Harry Belafonte, Hazel McCallion*, Nigel Lawson] Salmon Mousse (300 points) 6 hits [Frank McGarvey, Gianluca Vialli, Denny Crum, Michael Lehrer, Natalie Fornasier, Tim Keller] Toast (291 points) 6 hits [Fay Weldon, Gianluca Vialli, Just Fontaine, King Constantine, Rolf Harris, Ryiuchi Sakamoto] Hell (286 points) 4 hits [Chaim Topol, Gianluca Vialli, Rolf Harris, Ryiuchi Sakamoto]
  6. An Fear Beag

    MMMDP 2023

    More lucky than good - I wanted to pick Munawwar Rana, but @gcreptilebeat me to it by about 30 seconds!
  7. An Fear Beag

    MMMDP 2023

    Here's a nudge! Women’s wrestling great Beverly Shade dies | Slam Wrestling
  8. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Is there any other type?
  9. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Congratulations @DevonDeathTripon an excellent and well-deserved victory - a proper squonking! Best of luck in the semi-final I just couldn't seem to get my mojo going in this years cup - 4 hits over 3 matches is a poor return and only the luck of the draw got me as far as I did.
  10. An Fear Beag

    MMMDP 2023

  11. An Fear Beag

    Deathlist Cup 2023

    Yes, that's her.
  12. An Fear Beag

    MMMDP 2023

    Beverly Shade for me please.
  13. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    While we are all here, lets bring this pool fully up to date by awarding points for the more eclectic pick of Dr. Evadne Hinge. Only three players selected the most obscure of this year's drag queen deaths, and all three shall be handsomely rewarded. Like Rolf Harris, Hinge did not have a "Personal Life" section of a Wikipedia page - however in this case it was because she did not have a Wikipedia page at all, a fact which has reaped a fine 5 point bonus. DR. EVADNE HINGE +2 Base Point +3 Unique DDP pick +1 Picked by 3 teams +5 (Hidden Bonus No. 7: "+5 if they don’t have an English Wikipedia page at the time of their death") +4 (Hidden Bonus No. 12: "+4 if 2023 is first year as a DDP pick") +15 TOTAL POINTS Hits for: Bibliogryphon (Bonus +1 Position 16 on list) Great Uncle Bulgaria (Bonus +1 Position 4 on list) Pedro67 (Bonus +1 Position 4 on list) @Great Uncle Bulgariais the big winner in this update hurtling up the leaderboard and into 3rd place, showing that a complete lack of comprehension of the picture rule is no barrier to success in this game. @Bibliogryphonmakes it up into the top 10. At the bottom, Mrs. Pedro's bragging rights did not last for long, as @Pedro67 strikes it big, while @Gooseberry Crumble is back in the familiar surroundings of the bottom. GCREPTILE +60 4 Hits BOOK +53 4 Hits GREAT UNCLE BULGARIA +44 5 Hits THE OLD LADY +43 3 Hits THEREWILLBEDEATHS7 +38 5 Hits AN FEAR BEAG +36 3 Hits WANNAMAKER +34 3 Hits BUFFALO PHIL +31 4 Hits BIBLIOGRYPHON +28 3 Hits CAPTAIN CHORIZO +26 4 Hits MARINISIA +24 2 Hits TOAST +23 3Hits TORVA MESSOR +22 3 Hits LIZ LEMON +22 2 Hits FUNERALOPOLIS +21 3 Hits THE UNKNOWN MAN +21 3 Hits PERHAPS +18 4 Hits PEDRO67 +16 2 Hits MSC +15 3 Hits CAPTAIN HEMLOCK +15 3 Hits THE OLD CREM +13 2 Hits TQR +11 2 Hits TRACY +6 2 Hits MRS PEDRO +6 1 Hit GOOSEBERRY CRUMBLE +4 1 Hit
  14. An Fear Beag

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2023

    For the record @theoldlady, I had a look at the picture you send a link to, and I would not have accepted it had it been posted properly. It is Harris at the British Book Awards, but there is nothing in the picture to suggest that he actually received an award.

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