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  1. dimreaper

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Should definitely be on next years list, although I don't see him passing until 2024.
  2. dimreaper

    Jean Marsh

    Quite a few members of the Upstairs Downstairs cast have passed away over the past 3 years. Christopher Beeny (Edward Barnes) - Jan. 3, 2020 Nicola Pagett (Lady Elizabeth Bellamy)- March 3, 2021 Brian Osborne (Pearce) Meg Wyn Owen (Hazel Bellamy) Prior to Christopher Beeny's death, the last cast regular cast member to die was Jenny Tomasin (Ruby) on Jan. 3, 2012.
  3. dimreaper

    41. Pelé

    When the families of Barbara Bush and John McCain announced they were suspending treatment, both died within 48 hours of the announcement.
  4. dimreaper

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Sandra Day O'Connor should be added.
  5. dimreaper

    World War II Veterans

    Was Lord Carrington the last surviving cabinet minister?
  6. dimreaper

    4. Bob Barker

    Just wanted to point out, the last two major 1923 celebrities to depart us were Bob Dole and Chuck Yeager, who passed dec. 5, 2021 and dec. 7 2020 respectively. Could the first week of December 2022 provide us with another 1923 hit? If so, I doubt it would be Kissinger.
  7. dimreaper

    Pat Robertson

    His appearance reminds me of John McLauhglin, host of the McLaughlin group. McLaughlin died when he was 89, but he hosted his show up until a few weeks of his death. I agree that he could go any time.
  8. dimreaper

    18. Emperor Akihito

    Great Insight. Queen had one in 2018, so he very well may last another several years.
  9. dimreaper

    Age at death - same as the year of birth

    Greek Mathematician Menelaus of Alexandria was born in 70 a.d. and died in 140.
  10. dimreaper

    Age at death - same as the year of birth

    Born in 1940, died at 40 (1980) - John Lennon
  11. dimreaper

    19. Leslie Phillips

    Apologies. To me the whole point of the deathlist is about big name public figures and celebrities. Not anyone who has a wikipedia page. I'll be more mindful in the future.
  12. dimreaper

    19. Leslie Phillips

  13. dimreaper

    19. Leslie Phillips

    I meant figures well known enough to warrant there own thread. Of these four, only William Russell has a thread, but even he has never had a spot on the official list.
  14. dimreaper

    11. Dick Cheney

    Given the political adds he ran this summer for his daughters congressional campaign, I'd consider him a safe drop from the '23 list. Regardless of his health history, he appears to have more than a year left in him.
  15. dimreaper

    19. Leslie Phillips

    It just hit me that as of 2022, Phillips and the Queen were the last living British public figures associated with the WW2 war effort. One could argue David Attenborough is of the same generation, but he didn't serve or volunteer during the war.

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